Cordy's Crush
by faithful_chickie

"Oh god, Buffy! Help me! Please!" The beautiful brunette cried out as the floating scalpel came closer.

Buffy struggled desperately with the straps. Marcie seemed to have both of them tied very securely to the thrones. If she didn't get loose soon, Sunnydale students were going to take the memory of the May Queen to their graves. "Marcie, listen to me. You can't do this. You know it's wrong."

Laughter filled the air, before the slayer's head snapped back from the force of a blow. "What are you going to do Buffy?! Slay me?!" Marcie's voice became bitter. "Tsk. Tsk. Always interfering... Trying to help save everyone... even people like Cordelia. You should have stayed out of the way." She paused briefly, before hissing the question. "What does it get you? Nothing! You're so noble and brave... but soon you'll just be dead!" The scalpel waved toward the terrified cheerleader. "After I finish with Cordelia of course."

"Nooohooo! Please don't do this." The cheerleader cried out and looked toward Buffy. "Save me, please!... Buffy..." She sobbed as the instrument cut cleanly into her cheek.

Buffy saw her opportunity, now that their captor was distracted. She reached onto the tray of medical instruments that had been unwittingly bumped next to her.

Cordelia whimpered, tensing up for another attack, but it never came. Buffy had cut herself loose and jumped to her feet. "See I told you that you couldn't do this!"

"How are you going to fight me, you moron?! I'm invisible." The scalpel turned and slashed at the slayer.

Cordelia immediately screamed.

"Shhh!" Buffy turned toward her, irritated. "Cordy, be quiet!"

"Okay." Sniffling, the cheerleader watched horrified as the small blonde was hit with a right hook that sent her tumbling over a chair. Cordy wanted to cry out again when Buffy stumbled to her feet. There was some blood on the little slayer's lips.

Reaching up, Buffy's fingertips brushed over her mouth. She pulled them back and saw the blood. "Okay! That's it!" Buffy suddenly spun around and swung. There were some clattering noises and then the curtain came down.

Cordelia's mouth fell open as the petite blonde did a backhandspring and a kick, sending the shrouded figure staggering off the stage. Oh my god! How'd she do that?! The cheerleader gazed at Buffy in wonder, while the slayer undid her bindings.

"It's okay, Cordy. Looks like we'll live."

As soon as the last strap was unfastened, the brunette threw her arms around Buffy. "You saved me! Thank you!" Still crying, she clutched the smaller girl with relief. She didn't want to let go. Buffy would protect her. With Buffy she was safe.

Coughing uncomfortably, the little slayer gently disentangled herself from the grateful girl. Their eyes locked, and Cordelia slowly leaned forward, pressing her lips to her hero's. Oh God!

With a moan, the cheerleader awoke. She was at home in bed, having that same dream. A dream in which she kept reliving the traumatic events from three days prior. Only in her version, her and Buffy kiss.

Bringing her hand up, she brushed a few dark tresses from her sweat- drenched forehead. I don't understand. I'm not gay. Am I?

Trembling, she stepped from her bed and moved toward her closet to select something for the school day. She tried testing her question by thinking about kissing any of her female friends. Eww! No! See, I'm so not gay! Then she stopped and thought about kissing Buffy Summers. Mmmmm... A tingly sensation passed over her. Okay, so maybe with her... but just Buffy! Which is totally okay, because she's some kind of superhero... or extraterrestrial or something... in fact, she may not even be a girl at all... which would make these totally not gay thoughts. Cordelia reasoned with a nod of her head.


Scanning her wardrobe, she searched for something especially alluring. Her and Buffy had a class together that day so it wouldn't hurt to look nice. The girl did save my life. She gave a wistful sigh as she settled upon a short black leather skirt. Buffy had complimented her on it when they'd first met.

That was back when Cordelia was considering blessing Buffy with her friendship, but then the little fool had to go and ruin her chances by hanging out with losers.

Naturally, being so popular, Cordelia had to cast Buffy aside. Obviously the girl was mental. It also didn't help that she noticed all eyes weren't on her when the tiny, cute blonde was around. Some were admiring Buffy, instead of just her. Enough was enough. Sure Buffy Summers was okay looking... maybe even pretty, but that was no reason for people to suddenly lose their heads and forget who was the reigning queen. Buffy had to go!

And as the head of the most popular click at Sunnydale High, it was Cordelia Chase's duty to cast her down. She made sure that the cupie doll soon had the social status of a leper... and she had done so with great relish.

Had she not been so aggressive about destroying Buffy's reputation, she could have hung out with the little wonder girl anytime she wanted. Buffy Summers certainly was cute enough, dressed well and had all the other qualities required to be in the way popular crowd.

Nothing but regret filled the class queen as she prepared for another empty day with her empty friends. None of them were heros. None of them had ever saved anyone from anything. But Buffy had saved her... probably from a horrible death or at least a nasty disfigurement.

Buffy even looked cute doing it! Cordelia smiled as she remembered. Sighing again, she tossed the chosen outfit to her bed, and headed back to her closet to pick out shoes.

"Oh!" The brunette exclaimed excitedly when she spied a pair of boots that looked similar to ones Buffy often wore. Dressing quickly, she raced out the door. If she hurried, she could peek into the library and see if the little cutie was there yet. For some reason Buffy always hung out with the creepy librarian.

Just seeing the bubbly blonde gave her butterflies. Of course, they wouldn't speak to each other. They never did.

Buffy even looked uncomfortable when Cordelia had tried to thank her. After it had happened, the slayer merely escorted her out and waited for her to get into her car. Then she simply turned on her heel and left.

Cordelia Chase hadn't stop thinking about her since.


Rushing into her English class early, Cordelia took a seat in the back. That was the best place to keep an eye on the whole room from. And she was certainly aching to have some quality "Buffy watching" time.

This morning when she had checked the library for Buffy, her favorite blonde was totally MIA. Which was a major annoyance, considering that Buffy wasn't in yesterday either. Cordelia had spent the whole day in a funk. She was having superhero withdrawals. Buffy better just be late! I mean really! How much school does that girl think she can miss anyway? The cheerleader's mind started to wander. I wonder what she's doing.

Xander waved his hand in front of Cordelia's face. "Hey, was anyone sitting here?" Picking up the lone book, he moved it to the floor.

She wanted to say yes. She had been saving that seat. Buffy almost always was the last to come into class. All Cordy would have to do is move the book once the bell rang. Then that would be the only place that Buffy could sit.

But here dunder-head Harris had to spoil it. Of course, she couldn't say the seat was taken then he'd know she'd saved it for Buffy when she moved her book.

Growling under her breath, she turned away glancing back at the door. The bell rang, and true to form the chosen one stumbled in right after with some lame excuse.

"Just take a seat Miss Summers." Ms. Miller merely shook her head. She was use to Buffy being continually tardy, but she couldn't bring herself to drop the girl from her class. There just was something about her that she liked.

Cordelia's eyes were glued on the disheveled but still gorgeous blonde as she scurried to a desk. Setting her book bag on the floor, she turned and gave a little wave.

The cheerleader excitedly lifted her hand to return the acknowledgement, but noticed Xander nod his head and smile. Buffy was waving to him not her. Blushing, she quickly dropped her hand down. For the first time in her life, she was envious of Xander Harris.

Buffy did a double take. She could have sworn that when she waved at Xander, Cordelia had waved back. Now that's just weird. The blonde shrugged and turned back toward the board.

At least I have a good view of Buffy's profile from here. Studying every detail, she could find no flaws. Even that little bumpy thing on Buffy's nose now seemed perfect. She leaned forward, sighing and doodling names in her notebook. Buffy has an interesting name... sort of... okay no, but she makes her name interesting. Without realizing it Cordelia had begun to scribble Buffy Summers, B. Summers, Buffy Anne Summers, B.A.S., Buffy Chase, Buffy Anne Chase, Cordelia Summers.

Xander squinted, trying to read what the bitchy cheerleader was writing while staring at his best friend. Probably some nasty lies... I'm still not sure that saving Cordy was the entirely humane thing to do. He scowled and dropped his pencil close to her desk. Reaching down slowly to retrieve it, Xander glanced in Cordelia's notebook.

His eyes quickly scanned the doodles, stopping on the name Cordelia Summers. What the heck?! Xander fell from his chair. The class burst into laughter as the desk landed on top off him.


"Hi Xander. How's your head?" Buffy chuckled as she peered over at Willow. "I was just telling Wil about your accident in Ms. Miller's class."

"Okay, now that was entirely not my fault." The teenager held up hands, gesturing. "There were extenuating circumstances involved... weird extenuating circumstances." He spoke slowly, trying to give his words greater emphasis.

Buffy and Willow both raised their eyebrows. "Okay?"

"Buf, did you see what I was doing right before I fell?"

"Um... I don't know. I give up... Trying to look at Cordelia's chest?" Both of the girls burst into laughter.

"No! I so wasn't looking at Cordy's chest. Hey, this is serious." The girls bit back their giggles, and Buffy motioned for Xander to continue. "I was trying to read what Cordelia was writing about you."

"And what makes you think that she was writing anything about me?" The slayer made a face.

"Only because she was staring at you." He waved his hand as his two best friends suddenly went quiet. "It gets weirder. Do you want to know what Cordelia was writing?" Xander paused before announcing. "She was doodling Buffy's name and her name... with Buffy's last name. It was really strange." He shook his head. "Cordelia Summers... Okay, so tell me. What's up with that?"

Both Willow and Buffy had become extremely subdued. Confused by Xander's disclosure, they merely exchanged a puzzled look before Willow finally piped up. "Xander, she had to know that you were being nosy and did it just to mess with you."

"Yeah." The slayer quickly agreed with a laugh. "I mean what else could it be." Her and Willow chuckled loudly.

"That she wants to marry Buffy?!" The small red head guffawed, but the statement struck them all as so disturbing that the laughter immediately ebbed.

Xander rushed to fill the awkward silence. "Yeah, that's probably it." He paused then suddenly grumbled. "That mean-spirited superficial princess! After Buffy just saved her, she's going to try and pull some gag on us?!" Shaking his head, he took a seat next to the girls. "See Buffster, I told you that saving Cordelia Chase might be rash."

The pretty little slayer shrugged, smiling at Willow when Giles wandered in carrying several books. "Have you two found anything yet on the prophecy?" The librarian barely lifted his head. "Hi Xander. Help the girls, please."


Cordelia lingered at her locker wondering why she hadn't seen Buffy in the hall yet. I know that Buffy has a fifth period class today. Scowling, she changed books and slammed the locker shut.

Xander stood on the other side, smiling. "Ugh! What do you want Harris?" Her tone was coated with contempt.

"The question here is, what do you want?! I mean, Buffy goes out of her way to help you... possibly save your life, and how do you repay that?! By trying to pull some prank on her!" Xander's eyes gleamed.

"Get out of my way!" The cheerleader nervously glanced around at the forming crowd of observers.

"No Cordy! I think you should explain to me what your problem with Buffy is. Besides your obvious jealously for her, tell us what your other issues are. Some of us would like to know." He blocked Cordelia's escape as the nosey onlookers crowded in.

The class queen could feel her panic becoming palatable. She didn't want to say anything bad about Buffy Summers... not anymore, but now everyone was staring and expecting her to. Anxious, Cordy pushed at him. "Xander, let me by. Move!"

The teenage boy chuckled at her distress. Teasing Cordelia Chase was still fun sport for him. Unfortunately, it was cut short by a hand on his shoulder, one that tugged him aside.

"Xander, what are you doing?!" Buffy asked irritably.

Cordelia glanced at the little blonde, her embarrassment now ten- fold. Without a word, she rushed away from the group. The cheerleader didn't trust that she could maintain her composure. And once again Buffy was rescuing her.

Sheepishly, Xander smiled at the petite slayer. "I was just trying to find out what Cordelia's nefarious motives were this time. Thought we could just nip this in the bud."

The crowd had begun to disperse as Buffy pulled Xander aside. "And you thought that by cornering her in the hall and having a confrontation that you were solving some pressing problem?!" The slayer sounded definitely agitated. "Are you sure this doesn't have more to do with you getting laughed at in English class today? Maybe you're blaming Cordelia just a little too much."

"No." He was quick to deny, causing Buffy to raise an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe. But she's up to something, Buffy. I know it, and it involves you."

"Really?" The little blonde's tone was condescending. "Well, I'll just deal with that great evil when it comes. In the mean time, leave Cordy alone."

Xander nodded, appropriately chastised.


"Summers!" Snyder barked, rushing into the gym. The other students watched as Buffy was yanked from the stands by the coach.

Putting down her cup, Cordelia edged closer to the commotion, but all she managed to make out was the last part. Apparently, Buffy had earned herself Saturday detention. The head cheerleader grinned as she took her seat again next to her group.

"What did the freak do now?" Harmony asked, before announcing to the others. "Buffy Summers is always in trouble."

"Shut up, Harm." Cordelia glanced back toward Buffy, ignoring the horrified gasps from her friends.


Pulling her jacket tighter around her small frame, Buffy rushed up the steps trying to shield herself from the downpour.. Ugh! Saturday detention! Why me?! The pretty little slayer shivered as she entered the air-conditioned building and rushed into the classroom.

"Miss Summers, glad you could make it. Take a seat." Mr. Whitmore gestured to the one remaining seat.

Buffy let out an exasperated sigh when she noticed Cordelia watching her. Oh great! Now Cordy's going to tell me that I look like a drowned rat or something. She quickly took her seat trying to avoid eye contact with the cheerleader. What's Cordy doing here anyway? She never has detention.

"Will everyone please start today's assignment? The essay question that Principal Snyder would like you to answer is written on the board."

Buffy clumsily dug through her bag, searching for a pen.

"Miss Summers is there a problem?" Mr. Whitmore looked at the disheveled little blonde causing her blush to deepen.

"Um... No." The slayer grinned sheepishly, sitting still.

"Here." Cordelia offered her a pen.


"Sure." The cheerleader held her breath when Buffy's fingers brushed against her own. She looked up and gazed dreamily into the clearest, most perfect green eyes that she'd ever seen and mumbled. "Anything."

"What?" Buffy pulled back, suddenly spooked by Cordelia's strange behavior. She dropped the pen, but quickly leaned to pick it up bumping heads with the brunette. "Ow!" Rubbing her noggin, she peered up at the cheerleader.

"Sorry." Cordy awkwardly looked away, completely embarrassed by her own giddiness.

Frowning slightly, the slayer turned back toward the board and began doing the assigned essay. With an occasional stolen glance in the cheerleader's direction, Buffy confirmed her suspicion. Cordelia Chase is staring at me! Why?!... Maybe Xander's right.

Buffy turned around and looked pointedly at the popular brunette, daring her to make a comment. The little slayer definitely wasn't in the mood for Cordy's sniping but was prepared to handle it head on. "What?!"

Flipping her hair back, Cordelia did the only thing she could and that was to act bitchy. "Excuse me?! What's your problem now?!"

"You're staring at me." The little blonde suddenly felt foolish as all eyes fell on her.

"As if!" The class queen snorted loudly. "Geez, Buffy! Full of yourself much?!"

Red faced and amid much snickering and jeers, Buffy turned back to face the blackboard. That's it! Next time, I'll let Cordelia Chase and her snob-mob have it!... They'll be sorry that they messed with a slayer, I swear! The little blonde fidgeted as she heard the ridicule. Someone toward the back of the room was accusing her of being a dyke. Tears stung her eyes, but she didn't turn around.

Cordelia froze when she heard the newest rumor being started. It was a horrible lie, and it was all her fault.

"Yeah dude, you missed it. Buffy Summers was totally checking out Cordelia." Larry laughed shoving Mitch as the boy returned from the bathroom and took his seat.

"No?! Really?"

A few more wisecracks peppered the air, before the room eventually settled down.

Cordelia peeked at Buffy guiltily, noticing how the little blonde sat up and stiffly faced forward. She was behaving as if none of the teasing bothered her. But Cordelia knew differently, if for no other reason then experience. Of course, the cheerleader's experience was from the other side of a taunt.


When detention finally ended, the slayer rushed from the room and out of the building. She had to see if the rain had let up. There was no way that she could sneak back into her house soaking wet, not after she promised her mother that she was only going to the mall and that Willow's dad was driving them.

Buffy's face fell as she stood at the edge of the walkway, gazing out at the horrendous storm. There obviously was no prospect of it slowing anytime soon. Great! Now I'm totally screwed! The exhausted little slayer dropped her books to the ground and sat down heavily next to them.

"Ha! Tough break, Summers." Several of the kids from detention ran past laughing. "We'd offer you a ride, but we don't give rides to losers!"

Buffy mumbled more to herself then them. "That's okay. At least I won't be vamp food!"

Watching from her car, Cordelia waited until she saw the last of the students leaving before starting the engine. From her vantage point, she could see the pretty little blonde sitting by herself looking rather dejected.

Slowly, she pulled up and poked her head out. "Hey!"

Buffy refused to turn, thinking that Cordelia had come back for one last parting shot.

"Buffy! Hey, over here! Are you deaf?!" The cheerleader glanced around impatiently. She didn't want anyone to see her.

"What?!" Green eyes locked with hers, as Buffy repaid her with a glare before snapping. "Did you forget something especially nasty that you wanted to say?!"

"No. I was going to offer you a ride." For a moment Cordelia was certain the angry little blonde would refuse. When Buffy moved cautiously toward the car, her heart jumped. Cordelia flung open the door, smiling. "Hurry up, you're getting soaked."


The slayer settled in and stared straight ahead. "Thanks."

"Yeah. Sure."

Buffy eyed the cheerleader suspiciously. "Why are you giving me a ride?"

Cordelia shifted uncomfortably in her seat before mumbling, "It's the least I can do after you saved me."

"Oh." The slayer turned to look out the window. Neither girl really knew what to say.

They arrived at the Summers' residence much too soon for Cordelia. She had just worked up the nerve to start stealing peeks at the little blonde's lovely legs, and now the ride was over.

With a disappointed sigh, the cheerleader pulled to a stop. "I guess I'll be seeing you."

Buffy turned and gave her a strange look as she climbed from the sports car. "Yeah, I guess." Slamming the door, she headed up the walkway without a backwards glance.

Cordelia sat watching her, enjoying the adorable way that Buffy strolled along. The pretty blonde seemed to have a little bounce to her step. She smiled as she waited to see the cutie disappear inside.

Buffy frowned, anxiously searching her purse. When they pulled up, she'd noticed her mother's vehicle gone, and it looked like she had forgotten to take her keys. Damn!

Setting down her bag, the slayer walked to the side of her house. She would have to get in through her window, but for some reason Cordelia hadn't driven away yet. Buffy turned to wave, hoping the nosy brunette would finally drive off. She couldn't let the school gossip see her jump right onto the roof.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you locked out?" Cordelia had unrolled her window and poked her head out.

Cursing under her breath, Buffy nodded. "Yeah, but it's okay. My mom should be home soon."

"Come on then get back in." Opening the car door, the cheerleader gestured for Buffy to hurry up.

Hesitantly, the slayer made her way back over. "No, really I can wait."

"Don't be ridiculous. It's totally pouring. Get in." Cordelia smiled as Buffy obeyed. "You can just come back to my house and wait there."

"What's gotten into you, Cordy?" The slayer teased, peering over at the brunette. "You're almost being nice."

"Yeah? Well, don't tell anyone." Cordelia smirked at the pretty little blonde. "I have a reputation to protect, you know."


"Mmmm... These are really good, Cordy." Buffy grabbed another mini- quiche from the tray. "Are your parents going to get mad about this mess?" The small slayer gestured to the kitchen. Pots and pans were strewn all over, along with several empty wine bottles.

"Nope. They're out of town, and the maid will be back before them." The cheerleader laughed as she opened another bottle of wine. "More?"

Buffy held out her glass for Cordelia to fill. "I have to admit this is kind of fun." She took a big sip of wine and giggled. "What should we do now?"

"You better call your mother before you're too drunk." Pulling away the glass, Cordelia led the tiny blonde to the phone. "Here." Buffy gave her a silly smile as the brunette dialed the number for her. "Now act sober."

"Okay. Sober. Got it." The slayer nodded her head, giggling.

Oh my god, she's so cute. Cordelia grinned at the drunk little blonde. Holding the phone, she pulled Buffy onto her lap and whispered to her. "Ugh! You're drunk already, aren't you?! Listen, just say what I tell you to, you goof."

The slayer giggled louder, leaning her head against the cheerleader's shoulder. "Okay... What you say... hehehe... I mean, whatever you say... Cordy... hehehe... Uh-oh, mom?" Buffy paled slightly. "No, that's just Cordelia.... um, I'm going to stay over. Okay. Okay. See you tomorrow."

Buffy handed the phone back, grinning. "Now what?"

"More wine, Buffy?" Cordelia's eyes sparkled.


"I think..." Buffy giggled and pointed. "You're drunk."

"Yes, I am, and so are you. Come here, cutie." Cordelia pulled the small blonde back into her lap and gazed down at her. "You know, I never did properly thank you for saving my life."

"No, you did... didn't... didn't thank you... no me... hehehe... What were we talking about?" Buffy closed her eyes and leaned back. "I'm cold." She shivered and wrinkled her nose, smiling up at Cordelia. "You think I'm cute?"

"Yes. Totally." The cheerleader grinned at her. "Do you want me to prove it?"

"Yes." The slayer squeaked gleefully. "Prove it!"

Cordelia crushed her lips to Buffy's. Oh god! Slowly, she opened her eyes to find the little blonde staring at her. "Buffy, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have."

"Um... I... I should go." Buffy tried to stand but found her legs were way too wobbly.

"No, Buffy come on. You don't have to leave. Besides, you can't go home like this." The prom queen nervously led the little slayer toward the stairs. "It's okay. Let's just go to bed."

"Nooo! There'll be no... no bed... or going to bed." Sputtering, Buffy jumped away from her.

Cordelia suddenly felt panicked. What if Buffy tells?! My reputation will be ruined! The cheerleader had to think fast. Pointing to the stairs, Cordy mustered up her bitchiest voice. "You better do what I say! Or I swear to god, I'll tell everyone Buffy Summers is a big lesbo!" Arching an eyebrow, Cordelia took in Buffy's expression of disbelief before adding. "Who do think they'll listen to... you or me?!"

The slayer's bottom lip quivered. "You wouldn't?!" Tears filled her big green eyes as she stumbled away from the cheerleader. "Cordy, I thought we were becoming friends."

Buffy's shaky tone tugged at Cordelia's heart, but she had come too far to turn back. "Get upstairs, now!"

For a moment, the small slayer stood in defiance eyeing the front door. Cordelia held her breath; her threat was merely a bluff, but luck appeared to be with her. Buffy lowered her head and marched unsteadily up the winding staircase.

"That right. Tonight, your ass is mine." Cordy followed, hardly able to conceal her excitement.

"I don't understand." The tiny slayer sobbed uncomfortably as she faced the cheerleader. "I guess Xander was right." She lifted her eyes and glared. "What humiliating thing are you going to do to me?"

"First of all, tell me what you are. I know you're not a normal girl." Cordelia casually circled her prey, leisurely eyeing all of the cute little blonde's assets.

With her chin up, Buffy announced. "I'm the slayer."

"The slayer? So what's that... some kind of superhero?"

"I guess." The blonde stared straight ahead as Cordelia crossed the room and sat on her bed.

"Okay supergirl, take off your clothes." The cheerleader stretched out enjoying Buffy's pretty blush. "Come on. I gave you enough to drink; it should be easy."

Slowly, Buffy slipped off her shirt and jeans. "There." She folded her arms over chest and gave a teary-eyed look to the tall brunette.

"Everything. Your bra and panties too." Cordelia demanded breathlessly.

With a sigh, the little slayer removed her underwear. "Now what?"

"Come here." Smirking, the class queen patted the bed. She waited patiently until Buffy was lying next to her, then she leaned in and slowly kissed her. Mmmm... Buffy's delicious. Cordelia lifted her head and gazed down at the slayer. "See, it's not so bad."

The little blonde remained quiet, staring impassively at the cheerleader.

"Fine, be that way." Mumbling, Cordy bent her head and gently kissed Buffy's breasts.

To the slayer's horror, her nipples instantly stiffened. It was all Buffy could do to stifle her moans. As angry as she was, Cordelia's pouty lips felt magnificent.

When the brunette ran her tongue over the pretty pink peaks Buffy finally gave up and let her whimpers of pleasure be heard. Grinning, the cheerleader caught the nipple between her teeth and lightly bit it.

"Oh god!" Buffy arched up, tangling her hands into the long dark hair.

The brunette was beside herself with excitement. She was getting to do it with a super hero. How hot is that?! Telling herself this was a golden opportunity, Cordelia got up the nerve to travel down Buffy's body and between her legs.

She had never done anything like this, with girl anyway. No stranger to oral stimulation, the prom queen called upon her vast experience of receiving. Only this time she'd do all the things she wished the boys had done with her.

Tenderly, Cordy kissed the inside of Buffy's thighs. Listening to the little blonde's sighs, she smiled before very lightly running her tongue along Buffy's wet slit.

The slayer moaned and spread her legs wide. Cordelia was going to go down on her. She couldn't sanely pass this up. Panting, Buffy peered down as Cordelia Chase licked her. Omigod! With eyes as big as saucers, the petite teen watched.

The most popular girl in school was kissing her pussy... licking her... devouring her. "Ahhhh..." Buffy murmured and pulled the cheerleader against her, eager for more. Everything Cordelia was doing, felt amazing. "Yes, please."

The brunette reveled in her power. Fabulous little Buffy Summers was begging for her. Letting her eyes fluttered shut, she dove in, burying her tongue deep into the tiny slayer.

"Oh yes... omigod, Cordy... mmmmm... that feels soooo... gooood!" Groaning, Buffy squirmed under her. "Pleaseeee..."

Lifting up, the pretty brunette moved to the slayer's swollen little clit. Protruding and begging for attention, the nub was delicately sucked between Cordelia's lush lips.

More whimpers erupted from the blonde beauty as she fell back against the bed. Her whole body trembled violently as an intense orgasm rumbled through her. Out of breath, Buffy merely gasped and sobbed slightly. "Ohhhhhh... oh god..."

After several minutes of gentle kisses, Cordelia paused and peeked up at Buffy. "You like?"

"Mm-hmm." The little slayer wore a satisfied and sweet smile. Her eyes still closed, Buffy nodded, slowly relaxing.

"Wow!" Cordelia crawled up next to her, planting kisses all along the cute blonde's neck and cheeks. Squeezing the small girl in her arms, the cheerleader happily announced. "I want to be your girlfriend."


"What?!" Buffy wiggled out of her arms. "You wanna... huh?!" Quickly, Buffy began searching for her clothes, despite Cordelia's protests. "I really have to go. I'm sorry."

"Wait one minute! You're not going to just use me!" The cheerleader shouted throwing one of Buffy's shoes. "I won't let you!"

"Cordelia, none of this was even my idea." Still a bit unsteady on her feet, Buffy sat on the floor to finish dressing. "I'm not gay!"

Now it was Cordelia's turn to cry. "But I thought... I thought that you liked it."

"I did. It's just... well, I have a lot to do. You know, being the slayer and all." The little blonde rose to her feet. "Cordy, can you drive me home... please."

"Drive yourself!" Cordelia threw her car keys at Buffy and rolled onto her stomach, sobbing.

"Oh geez." The small slayer mumbled under her breath before going to comfort the cheerleader. "Cordelia, I didn't say we couldn't be friends. I like you." She gently caressed the brunette's back, rocking her as she spoke. "I have boyfriend and well, be realistic... how would we date? Hmm?"

Quieting, the prom queen peered up at her. "In secret. Come on Buffy. I know you really liked that, and I did too. You taste amazing."

Buffy blushed again and looked away. "So what if I did? That doesn't mean anything."

"Fine. It doesn't mean anything. Here." Cordelia took the keys from Buffy. "I'll give you a ride home."

Neither one spoke during the short trip to Buffy's house. Getting out of the car, the little slayer turned back and awkwardly said goodbye.

Cordelia merely waved her hand. "Whatever. Bye Buffy." As soon as the car door was closed, she sped off.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Buffy cursed silently to herself. Why me?


Taking her seat next to Willow and Xander, Buffy reluctantly jabbed her jello. "What is this stuff?"

"Green flavored." Xander replied before immediately changing the subject. "Hey, has anyone noticed how weird Cordelia has been?"

"Yeah." Willow snickered, whispering. "I heard she got dumped by this extra hot guy who she was madly in love with."

"Really? Wow!" Xander responded, neither teen noticed the slayer's especially pale complexion. "Who would dump Cordelia Chase? I mean, sure she's a bitch, but look at that body. Umph! They'd have to be crazy or stupid." He observed. Grabbing Buffy's jello, he asked. "Buffster, you gonna eat this?"

"No. Suddenly I don't feel so good." The little blonde quickly left the table.

"Hey, was it something I said?" Xander called out while Willow shrugged.