Get Over It
by Evelyn Black

I had a vision that day. Of her. Just after the call from Xander. Needed to find her. Knew she was somewhere in LA.

I found her sitting outside in the sunlight, drinking coffee. She looked like she'd never seen the sun before. Pale. Sad eyes. Hair shorter than the last time I'd seen her. If I would've seen her at night, I would have suspected her being vamped. Possibly by him. I walked over to her.


Buffy looked up at me, trying to force a smile on her face. "Cordelia. Hi." She took a sip of her coffee, looked back to me. "Sit down."

I sat across from her, studying her sad eyes. "What are you doing in LA?"

"Angel. I need to tell him... something. Maybe I should tell you." She looked as though she were about to break into a long story.

"Xander told me. What happened with.. with Spike."

A nod. Then, "Oh." She looks away from me. Looks at a couple sitting near us, smiling at each other. "Xander. He- he told you about Willow, then?"

I sigh. "Yeah. And Tara. Told me everything. Spike, Willow going power crazed... And the major-creepy stripping a guy of his skin thing. It was strange to hear from him. Was probably calling to tell Angel. At first I was scared, last time one of them talked to us was Willow, telling us you had..." I trailed off. Didn't want to say it.

"Died," she finished for me, closing her eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"Yeah. Buffy, are you alright? I mean, you're- you look like..."


"Well... Yeah. I just don't understand this, Buffy. I don't want to pressure you. But why him? Why sink to the level of Spike? You're so much better than that."

More tears. "I know, ok? I get that. I just... he was the only one to make me... feel something. With him, I was closer to death. Just a little closer to heaven."

I blinked. Couldn't take this pathetic-slayer thing. Time to go into high school bitch-mode. Maybe that would knock some sense into her. "Look, Buffy. You died. Ok? Like, a year ago. But you're back now. You're alive again. So you missed out on heaven. Big whoop. Alright? So you died. Get the hell over it!"

Buffy stared at me, those sad eyes melting me. "Once again, Cordelia Chase, your lack-of-tact astounds me."

I sigh, take her hand. "So you need to feel something? Fine. You don't have to fuck a vampire to do that."


I lead Buffy back to my apartment, unlock the door, let her in, closing the door behind us. I kiss her, running my hands through the short blonde locks. She moans into my mouth, pressing her body up against mine. She's ready to fuck right here on the floor.

But I break apart, shake my head. "Not here. Not like this."

I take her hand, bring her to my bedroom. We quickly undress each other, clothes falling to the floor.

"You sure you want it?" I ask her after another kiss.

"God, yes, Cordelia, I need-"

I break her speech, kissing her, letting her fall back onto the bed. I caress Buffy's breasts, softly, getting moans from her. Lick her nipples, slowly. A quick kiss, then lick my way down to her core.

You'd be amazed what Cordelia Chase can do with her tongue. I'm one of those girls who can tie a cherry in a knot with only her tongue. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Cordy? Big lesbo?" Fuck off.

I lick her core, long, slow. She mumbles something in pleasure. Another lick.

"Cordelia, please..." She begs, barely a whisper, hands clawing at the bed sheets.

One more lick. More begging. "You gonna stop screwing vampires?" I ask her, my fingers inches away from her clit. My other hand is massaging her one of her breasts.

"Yes, anything!" she screams out, pleading with her eyes.

I give in. I touch her clit, giving her what she wants, making her feel.

She comes, hard, not bothering to hold back her scream of pleasure. I kiss my way back up her body, reach her mouth, give her a kiss. "Did you feel it?" I ask her.

"I felt it." She gives a smile, genuine smile, no faking it. She moves into my arms, and I watch the beauty of a slayer close her eyes, smile still on her face.

I copy her smile. "I could get used to this..."