Buffy's Bitch
by Oric13

Buffy Summers was busy patrolling through one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries, she had already staked six vampires that evening and was about to call it a night. Walking towards the entrance of the cemetery she noticed something move by one of the larger crypts.

'Let's check it out and see if I can make it seven dusted vamps this evening.' Buffy decided while sneaking towards the crypt.

"Here vampy, vampy. Come and get it!" she called out while rounding the corner of the crypt; suddenly coming face to face with the figure she was stalking. Instead of a vampire though, she was faced with an eight feet tall, green slimy monster; with green glowing eyes and a sort of round mouth that looked like a hole with teeth.

"Ouch! You must be last year's winner in Sunnydale's ugliest monster competition." Buffy quipped while taking a step backwards. "I don't suppose you are willing to leave peacefully, so I can go home and prepare for my history test tomorrow and you can prepare for this year's ugliest monster competition?"

"GROAAAR!!" roared the beast while striking towards her with a big, clawed paw.

Buffy quickly ducked; barely escaping the claw, "Hmmm, I'm going to assume that means a big fat NO?" the blonde commented. "Well "Groaaar" to you too, buddy!"

Leaping forward, she kicked hard into the monster's (supposed) stomach, which seemed to have little effect on the green creature since it immediately backhanded her with its paw, throwing her a good ten feet backwards. Quickly jumping up, she proceeded to unleash a series of kicks & punches upon the beast; who staggered back slightly under the onslaught but managed to give another quick strike with its clawed paw. Buffy ducked and grabbed the paw that was coming towards her, using a combination of her slayer-strength and the force of the monster's own strike; she managed to lift the creature off the ground, over her back and against the crypt wall. Seeing the monster lying dazed on its back, Buffy pulled out a stake and jumped onto the beast. Who --with an unexpected speed for a creature that size-- drew up a leg and kicked her in the stomach, throwing her back. Then the green monster let out another big roar and jumped back on its feet, quickly running towards Buffy who was just standing up herself.

"Damn! So this is going to be one of THOSE days again!" she muttered as she watched the creature rush towards her.

She punched the approaching monster hard in the face, who bellowed loudly and grabbed her in a tight bear hug. Buffy felt the air leaving her lungs as the beast crushed her against its chest with an enormous strength. Struggling, she managed to free her arm that was still holding the stake and quickly stabbed it into the creature's left eye. It let out a cry of pain and released her. Buffy stumbled backwards and looked up at the monster. The creature let out a screech and suddenly a fountain of green slime came from its mouth: spewing on Buffy's face and her chest. Blinded by the slime she quickly leaped backwards and started to wipe the slime from her eyes.

"Ewww, he slimed me!!" Cautious for another attack she looked up and was relieved to see the green monster running away.

"Great," she sighed. "Couldn't he have run away BEFORE spewing slime all over my face and clothes!"

Pulling a handkerchief from her pocket, she began wiping away the slime as best as she could... Then she suddenly noticed a strange sensation on the parts of skin that had been covered with the slime, and let out a second sigh. 'I better report this to Giles; maybe this slime has some kind of weird side effect. If that's the case I better find out sooner then later... like suddenly turning green in the middle of class tomorrow. That would be just what I needed to make my rep as the school's freak complete!'

She proceeded to walk home, meanwhile contemplating the unfairness of it all and feeling very sorry for herself. 'If it isn't enough that I have to spend my --probably very short-- life hunting vampires... or that my boyfriend turned into a psycho-killer after I had sex with him; I also get slimed and almost killed by a big green ugly monster... Ohhh, the joys of being a Slayer...' As she passed the Bronze, Buffy felt a twinge of jealousy as she thought about all the girls and boys her age having a great time inside while she had to be busy outside: trying to make Sunnydale a safer place to live in.


Looking at the Bronze, Buffy saw Cordelia Chase coming out with some of her friends. While gazing at the beautiful, well-dressed brunette, she recalled how much her life used to be like Cordelia's until she became the Slayer. 'I really wish Cordelia and I could be friends, she can actually be kinda fun if she isn't worrying about her clothes and/or reputation at the time.'

When Buffy came to Sunnydale High for the first time she and Cordelia almost became friends but her hanging out with persons far below Cordelia's social standing (Xander and Willow to be precise) soon put a stop to that... and almost staking Cordelia the very same day, didn't help much either.

On the other hand, she had saved the cheerleader's life several times... that should count for something, shouldn't it? Things hadn't become any simpler lately, because she kept having erotic dreams about Cordelia; they had started a few months after she had come to Sunnydale and she kept having them on a regular basis... it was really starting to bother her! Sure, she had erotic dreams about classmates before, so that didn't bother her. For example, she also had some definite erotic dreams about Willow, so the fact that she was dreaming about a girl didn't matter much either. But at least she LIKED the other people she was dreaming about... but Cordelia Chase?! Sure: the cheerleader was unquestionably beautiful and gorgeous, and somehow always managed to look her best, but she was also an elitist bitch with about as much tact and sensitivity as a stampeding herd of buffalos.

Sighing loudly, Buffy contemplated her mixed feelings for Cordelia: sometimes she wanted to kiss the girl but most of the time she wanted to kick her -gorgeous- ass after yet another putdown against Willow, Xander or herself. While looking at and thinking about Cordelia, she suddenly felt a tingling sensation coming from the slime on her skin.


Talking animatedly with her (once again) friends, Cordelia Chase walked out of the Bronze. She felt great; with the use of some handy manipulation and gossip she managed to drag that little usurper Harmony down below her in the Sunnydale High social order (where that wannabe belonged) thereby reinstating herself once again as reigning social queen of Sunnydale High (it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it). After that it wasn't very hard to get Aura and her other friends back inline.

Having just ended a successful night of teasing boys and putting down some girls (that will teach those little bitches not to make fun of Cordelia Chase! Even if she's dating a social nobody like Xander Harris at the time) she now finally felt like she had recovered fully from the social downfall of dating Xander Lavelle (can you believe it!) Harris.

"Well, time to go home and get some sleep. I can't be expected to look this good without getting at least 8 hours sleep." Cordelia commented to her friends while saying goodbye to them.

"Goodnight, Cordy! I'll see you tomorrow at school. It was great to go bronzing with the whole group again, I really missed this." Aura said while waving goodbye and walking with Amber to her car.

"Yeah, Cordy," Harmony spoke hesitantly. "It's nice to go out together again... Well, goodnight."

"Goodnight, Harm... Oh, and by the way?" Cordelia said; raising an eyebrow and shooting a pointed look at Harmony's white pumps. "Never, ever, wear white shoes after Labour Day, hon."

Smirking as a red-faced Harmony walked away with the proverbial tail between her legs, Cordelia turned to walk to her car when she suddenly spotted Buffy on the other side of the street looking at her.

Being the fashion obsessive person that she is, Cordelia immediately noticed Buffy rather rumbled appearance (which she considered to be a really polite description for someone who's wearing torn clothes and is covered in some kind of goo). At first she felt concern for the girl who obviously had been in a rough fight, but that was quickly replaced with a feeling of anger and a touch of jealousy.

She couldn't help but feel that most of the problems she had to face the last couple of years were all because of Buffy Summers... hadn't the attacks on her life started when Buffy appeared? And wasn't her social fall caused because she had been foolish enough to date Xander Harris, which she never would have done if he hadn't been hanging around with Buffy Summers (only because of his association with Buffy had he become worthy of her attention). Yep, Buffy was to blame for most of the misfortune that had befallen her lately and now was a good opportunity to get back at her... Narrowing her eyes at her target, she started walking towards the Slayer.


Buffy was shaken out of her musings about Cordelia when she suddenly saw the subject of her thoughts walking towards her. The brunette cheerleader walked right up to her, standing very close.

"Dear, oh dear, oh dear..." Cordelia mockingly muttered as she raked her gaze up and down Buffy's body with her patented bitchy "take no prisoners" look.

A smirk appeared on the cheerleader's lips. "Well Buffy, as outfits go, this is even sad by YOUR standards!" Cordelia observed, as her smirk grew bigger by the second. "Torn halter-top and mini skirt; obviously aiming for the "skanky-ho, going through bad times" look, combined with a pair of black sneakers which don't even match the rest of your white-trash outfit... and to complete it all: a topping of "green slime ala big loser". On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm gonna have to give this outfit a -6."

The tingling sensation from the green slime suddenly increased, as did Buffy's anger and frustration. What the Hell is Cordelia's problem?! She'd saved the cheerleader's life several times and tried her best to become friends, and in return Cordelia insulted and shunned her! She also suspected the cheerleader had spread some vicious rumours about her shortly after she came to Sunnydale. Well, she had taken more then enough of Cordelia's crap!

Not seeing the dangerous glint in Buffy's eyes, Cordelia --who felt she was on a roll tonight-- continued her verbal attack. "So what's next? Wearing a big purple moo-moo, a pair of plastic slippers and then covering yourself in garlic sauce? I never thought I would say this... to anyone! But I think you just surpassed Willow in the bad taste outfits department and if that isn't bad enough, you--"

Cordelia's speech was abruptly interrupted by Buffy grabbing the front of Cordy's --very expensive Gucci-- dress. "That's it!" Buffy growled, "even though I saved your life more times that I can count, you constantly insult me any chance you get, and now you also insult Willow!?" Pulling Cordelia closer, she continued, "I've had it with your insults, you spoiled brat! I want to hear two apologies right now; one for insulting Willow and one for insulting me and after that I want to hear a polite "thank you for saving my life so many times, Buffy" from you!"

Cordelia, though initially a bit shocked by Buffy's reaction, quickly recovered. "Well Buffy, it seems that living on the Hellmouth can be handy on at least some occasions, such as this one."

"And why is that?" the Slayer inquired.

After removing Buffy's hands and carefully inspecting her dress for any damage, Cordelia looked up and continued, "Because now it won't be so hard for you to find out when it's freezing in Hell, at which time I will apologize to you and Willow!"

Buffy folded her arms in front of her and shot the cheerleader a little smirk. "Nice one Cordy, but you ARE going to apologize... right now!"

"And if I don't?" Cordelia replied while taking a nail file out of her purse. Shooting Buffy a haughty look, she calmly started to work on her nails.

Taking in Cordelia's nail-filing activities through narrowed eyes, Buffy said, "And if you don't... I'm going to take you into that alley over there, put you over my knee and spank your little Gucci-clad ass until you do!"

At that point, unnoticed by the bickering women, the last bits of green slime on Buffy's skin glowed and disappeared.


Halting her nail filing for the moment, Cordelia looked at Buffy with a mixture of shock, surprise and disbelief. "You're bluffing!" she replied in a challenging tone of voice.

Flashing the cheerleader a toothy grin, Buffy said, "I was so hoping you would say that, Cordy."

The next thing Cordelia knew, she was draped across Buffy's shoulders and taken into the alley.

The young slayer lifted the brunette from her shoulder and sat down on a garbage can. As she draped the pretty cheerleader across her lap, Cordelia finally recovered from her shocked silence and shrieked in indignation. "Let me go this instant, you bottled-blonde freak!"

Buffy listened to the agitated woman's ranting for a moment and shook her head in disbelief. "You REALLY should learn when to keep your mouth shut, Cordy."

Raising the girl's skirt, an aroused and angry Buffy revealed the cheerleader's perfect, round globes, which were separated by a small thong. "Nice thong, Cordelia!" she grinned.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing, you perverted little vampire floozy?!" Cordelia cried out as she tried (in vain) to wrestle out of the Slayer's grip.

Narrowing her eyes at her intended target, Buffy replied, "Something I should have done a long time ago!" and let her hand crash down on the invitingly, uplifted buttocks.


"Yowww!!" the cheerleader cried out in shock.

"This is going to hurt you more then me." Buffy quipped.


"OW!! Stop it, you little bitch!"

Licking her lips as she studied the --now pink-- globes with a hungry look, Buffy started Cordelia's spanking in earnest, letting down a swift volley of spanks.


"Ow! Ow! Ow! Owwwww!!!"

"Perhaps this will teach you to be a bit more kinder and tactful in the future!" Buffy chastised the young woman as she continued the punishment.



"And not treat your fellow classmates like dirt!"




"Well? How about it, Cordy?" Buffy asked the now sobbing brunette.

"I-I'm s-sorry," Cordelia sniffed, as she hung limply across the young blonde's lap.


"A-and I apologize for my behaviour towards you and Willow." She quickly added.

"That's better!" Buffy said with a satisfied voice. She allowed the chastised cheerleader to crawl off her lap.

Standing up, Cordelia quickly rubbed her red butt-cheeks while giving Buffy a chagrined yet apprehensive look.

Buffy issued the annoyed brunette a pleased look. "I hope you learned your lesson, Cordy?"

"Yes, I have..." Cordelia pulled her dress down and straightened it in the most dignified manner she could manage after just receiving a bare bottomed spanking like a naughty 8 year old.

Having composed herself, Cordelia's usual haughty expression returned to her face and she raised a questioning eyebrow at Buffy. "Are you quite finished with me now?"

Buffy grinned and gave her a "with-my-leave" gesture.

Cordelia turned and gingerly walked away. As she reached the end of the alley she turned back and shouted, "The lesson I learned was: do not give fashion tips to trailer-trash when you're still within their reach!" Having said this, she quickly ran away.

For a few moments, Buffy sat as frozen; astounded that Cordelia had the nerve to insult her again, right after the spanking she just got! Recovering from the shock, she swiftly leapt up and ran after Cordelia, utilizing her Slayer-speed.

Running out of the alley, she sprinted towards Cordelia's car and was just in time...


... to see Cordelia flip her the bird as she drove away.

Buffy couldn't help be somewhat impressed by the brunette's daring... there weren't a whole lot of people who would have the guts to insult an angry Slayer AND flip her off.

A feral smile appeared on the Slayer's face as she watched the "Queen C" mobile disappear in the distance. 'I guess Cordelia still needs to be taught a few lessons... Which I'll be more then happy to teach her!' Buffy silently considered. 'And perhaps while I'm providing Cordelia with some much needed discipline, I will have the opportunity to make some of the dreams I've been having true. After all, she still owes me for saving her life... and letting me play with those nice big tits of hers, seems like a small price to pay.'

Feeling a lot more cheerful then she did twenty minutes ago, Buffy started walking home... Whistling a jaunty tune while happily fantasizing about having her way with Cordelia's gorgeous body.

Absentmindedly she decided that tomorrow was soon enough to tell Giles about the slime monster... after all, if she feels this good, what could possibly be wrong?


Stepping from beneath the arch that marked the entrance to Sunnydale High, Cordelia Chase gazed around: taking in the grounds of the Sunnydale High school like a queen looking over her domain. Royally striding forwards she used a sharp look to send the nerds, geeks and other riffraff scurrying from her path (she didn't use her patented level 10 intensity look of course; she only used that look on those she considered worthy of it). Occasionally a particularly brave (or ignorant) passer-by would be belatedly in clearing the path for her. That foolish person would then be send off with the appropriate snide remark or nasty putdown.

With an indulgent smile, Cordelia accepted the awed and worshipful looks of the other students while making her way to the school building; softly humming Meredith Brooks' Bitch song as she walked along.

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

Then Cordelia-ing the chorus somewhat:

She's a bitch, He's a pover
I am rich... and I love it!
Gwyneth is thin; I am thinner...

As she neared the school building (leaving several distraught students in her wake) Harmony, Aura and the other joined her... and together they entered the halls of Sunnydale High.


"Hey, Cordy! Wait up!"

Turning her head, Cordelia noticed Scott Pullman trying to catch up with her. 'How about that... If it isn't Scott "I can't date you because you dated Xander Harris" Pullman. I wonder what he wants now!'

"Hello, Cordelia!" he gave her an adoring look, reminding her of her pre-Xander days. Pretending she didn't hear him, she calmly continued her conversation with Aura.

"Uhm," he finally continued, puzzled by the brunette's lack of response. "I was wondering... if perhaps you wanted to go out tonight? Seeing that it's Friday and all?"

Pretending to suddenly notice him, she looked towards him and quickly recoiled. "Oh. My. God!"

"What?! What is it?" the boy loudly exclaimed while looking around him, trying to figure out what caused her strange reaction.

"Those bulgy 10-sizes-too-big jeans are SO incredibly out that it isn't even funny anymore! You may as well put on 10-sizes-too-big shoes, stick a tomato on your nose and change your name to Bozo!"

Several students who were listening in on their conversation laughed as Scott's face turned to the colour of a tomato. "I-I-I..." he stuttered, trying to come up with a biting comeback.

"Scoot, Scott!" the cheerleader called out, while making shooing motions with her hands and issuing the embarrassed teen a look of utter disgust. "Get away from me before my expensive designer outfit somehow gets infected by your second-hand Wal-Mart pants!"

'Another one bites the dust!' Cordelia thought satisfied while watching Scott scamper away like the stepped-on little bug that he is, looking several inches shorter then before.

Issuing her audience a regal look, Cordy haughtily turned around and resumed her way --her flock respectfully trailing behind her.


"Still, that was Scott Pullman," one of her sheep intoned. "He's kind of a hunk, isn't he?" The girl looked at her queen for confirmation.

"Yeah, and his father is a senior partner at a prestigious law firm!" another girl brought up.

"Screw Scott Pullman!" Queen C replied. "I could pick up better dates then him on a Sci-Fi convention."

"Ouch!" the girls exclaimed in unison

"You were pretty nasty, Cordy." Harmony said, admiration sounding in her voice. "Where do you come up with those remarks?"

"It's a gift," Cordelia dryly replied, gazing in the mirror as she perfected her make-up. "In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the geeks, the Wal-Mart shoppers, and the forces of extremely lousy taste. She is the Shopper... And in this generation, naturally, that girl could only be me..."

Noticing that her friends were gazing at her with slack jawed expressions on their faces (not that that look was so unusual for them), the cheerleader sighed in exasperation. "Well, Duh! I'm kidding here! You didn't think that such a tacky line could actually be for real, did you?"

'Jeez! Oblivious much?!' Sighing again, she added a touch of eye shadow, and looked her reflection over in the mirror. "There! Absolute perfection!"

After having graciously accepted the admiring "oohs" and "ahhhs" from her friends, she strode out of the ladies room with the other girls following closely behind her.

As Cordelia and her groupies left, one of the stall doors opened and out stepped Buffy Summers. Quickly walking to the door, the blonde's eyes followed the group of girls, narrowing a bit as they focussed on the brunette cheerleader. The Slayer had heard Cordelia's little jibe about her calling and wasn't too pleased... 'What an incredible bitch,' Buffy thought angrily. 'I'm so gonna make you pay for that remark, Cordy...' Her eyes lowered to the May Queen's enticingly swaying behind. 'Nice ass though...'


The blonde Slayer sighed miserably. No matter how much she tried to focus on Mrs. Walker's History lesson; her thoughts kept returning to a certain brunette cheerleader... 'Damnit! This is getting freakish!' Buffy silently ranted to herself; very disturbed with her growing obsession for Cordelia. 'And I'm talking Hellmouthy freakish... As if those sex-dreams weren't disturbing enough; I now have to constantly think about her?!'

"Buffy! Buffy Summers!!"

Shocked from her reverie, Buffy blinked in surprise as she suddenly found herself looking at a very annoyed Mrs. Walker.

"I'm sorry, Miss Summers," Mrs. Walker sarcastically inquired. "Did I wake you from your nap?"

"No! No, I was just... thinking," Buffy quickly replied, feeling herself flush as she heard her classmates giggle. 'Great! This will really help me get rid of my reputation as the school weirdo.'

"Very good, I'm glad to hear that," Smirking slightly, the history teacher continued, "In that case you are of course aware of the subject we just discussed... and will have no problem telling me the answer to this question: Which person's dawdling and obsession with her wardrobe has been rumoured to led to her capture and her subsequent beheading?"

"Uhm... Cordelia Chase?" The answer was out of her mouth before she could stop it. As laughter filled the classroom, Buffy put her hands in front of her face and groaned. 'This is going to be a very long day...'


Buffy sighed in relief as she made her way to the library. It had been an extremely long day; she'd been almost unable to keep her mind of a certain brunette cheerleader, and the resulting daydreaming and inattentiveness to her classes hadn't exactly endeared her with her teachers --who were already sceptical about her academic interest.

Nope, it hadn't been a good day... but at least she was done with school for today. That thought alone made her feel a whole lot better.

Pushing open the double doors, she entered the library and saw Xander, Willow and Oz sitting at the big table and Giles standing by a stack of books. Looking up, they smiled and called out greetings.

"Hey, Buffy,"


"Hello, Buffy,"

"Hey guys!" she smiled back at them and took a seat in one of the remaining chairs. Letting out a blissful sigh as she comfortably leaned back.

"Rough day?" Willow smiled.

Making a sour face, Buffy replied, "Just a very long day, it seemed like it would never end."

"Hey! That's how I feel about every day of school," Xander remarked. "Just do what I do: empty your mind and wait for it all to be over."

"That would explain your grades," Giles absently noted.

"I'll stick with my theory that my low grades are a political thing," Xander protested, turning his attention back to Buffy he inquired, "So... anything new on the Slayer front?"

That question seemed to get Giles' interest and he momentarily drew his attention away from his books and focussed on his Slayer. "Yes, how did last night's patrol go?"

Buffy crinkled her nose as she thought about yesterday's slayage and the slime bath she received. Then her thoughts focussed again on the beautiful brunette whose round little butt she spanked, and her encounter with the green slime demon didn't seem that important anymore.


"Hmm?" she responded, lost in her thoughts about the cheerleader.

"Last night's patrol?" Giles reminded her.

"Oh, right! Well... the night started out pretty good with the slaying of six vamps... it sorta went downhill from there when I ran into this eight feet tall, green slimy demon."

"A new demon?" the watcher's interest was now fully aroused. "What did it look like exactly?"

"Uhm... Eight feet tall, green slimy demon describes it pretty well actually," Buffy recalled. "Nothing much else to say about it."

"I see..." Giles responded solemnly, obviously disappointed about this lack of detail. "And how did you fight it?"

"It was more like he fought me, instead of the other way around. For such a big thing, it was pretty damn quick... and packs one hell of a wallop!" the Slayer mesmerized. "If I hadn't been able to jam a stake in one of its eyes, things could have turned out very ugly... and that demon was plenty of ugly to begin with."

"But you are alright, Buffy?" Giles inquired, suddenly feeling a bit worried. "You seem a little... preoccupied."

"I'm okay, Giles... Not a scratch on me." Buffy told her watcher, giving him a reassuring smile. 'They didn't need to know about the slime shower I got from that thing,' she decided. 'I could just imagine some of the jokes I would hear about that... Besides, if the slime had some sort of side effect then I would have noticed it by now.'

"And what happened to the demon?"

"Luckily it ran away in the end... that was one big baddie!"

"Speaking of big baddies," Xander put in. "Did you see the look on Cordelia's face when you made that crack about her in History class." The young man's face seemed to lit up as he remembered that moment. He just wished he had be the one to say it.

"Not to take away the importance of any funny comments made about Cordelia," Giles interrupted. "But I think we should focus on this new demon right now."

Xander shrugged. "What about it, G-man? Nothing new there: we research new baddie, we find new baddie, Buffy slays new baddie, we party!"

"Yes... thanks for summing that up for us, Xander." Giles responded somewhat tiredly while cleaning his glasses. "I guess our work is practically done here."

"Exactly!" the young man shot the watcher a big toothy smile. "So back to the subject of Cordelia: anybody else noticed that she's particularly bitchy the last week or so? I personally describe her increasing moodiness to a bad case of Xander deprivation..."

"I think you're on your own with that theory," Willow mumbled as Xander went on another one of his Cordelia tirades; like what a bitch she was to dump him on Valentine's Day.

Buffy's thoughts were now once again focussed on Cordelia, and with a growing irritation she listened to Xander rant on about the cheerleader. He seemed a lot more interested in the May Queen now then when he went out with her. And frankly, it started to annoy her...

Uncomfortably shifting on her chair, she decided that the only way to get the cheerleader out of her mind was to go and see her. Being a girl of action, she immediately leaped up from her chair and walked to the exit; drawing the attention of everyone in room, even from Xander who halted his "I hate Cordelia Chase" speech.

"Where are you going, Buffy?" Giles asked surprised. "We still need to discuss this newest demon."

Buffy turned to face her watcher and shrugged, "I already told you what the newest baddie looks like; not much else to talk about, is there? Besides, it's not like we're busy talking about demons right now..."

"Well, actually," Xander quipped. "I think that Cordelia--"

"Oh, give it a rest, Xander," Giles interrupted him. "We still could need your help identifying the demon during research, Buffy... Is there something else you need to do?"

'Don't say you're going to see Cordelia!'

"I'm going to see Cordelia."

'Oh, crap!'

"Why do you want to see Cordelia?" Willow asked surprised.

"I, uhm, I want to apologize for that remark I made in class." Buffy quickly explained. 'Yeah, right!'

"No! Don't do that," Xander practically begged.

"She's probably home by now, her last class ended like fifteen minutes ago," Willow noted, ignoring Xander's plea and looking at her watch. "And with the way Cordelia drives; she probably entered the Chase Mansion eleven minutes ago."

"No, she always takes a long shower after P.E. to unwind," Xander suddenly mentioned, seemingly lost in thought. "A very long shower... Taking plenty of time to let the hot jets of water clean her tired, naked, sweaty, naked body... Making sure to clean every nook and cranny... every little bit of that gorgeous, naked-- Or so I've heard," he finished lamely, noticing the looks the others were giving him.

"Well, that was sort of disturbing," Oz broke the sudden silence.

"Yeah, I'll see if I can catch her before she goes home," Buffy absently replied while picturing a naked and wet Cordelia Chase. "Got to go, bye!"

The Scoobies watched amazed as the blonde Slayer practically ran from the library.

"What's up with her? I haven't seen someone so eager to see Cordelia, since..." Xander tried to find an appropriate comparison.

"Since you went out with her?" Oz deadpanned.

"Hey! I was never that eager to see Cordelia when I went out with her," Xander loudly objected.


Cordelia sighed blissfully as streams of water caressed her naked body. It was a good thing that Physical Exercise is the last of her classes, because she loved ending her day with a long, hot shower. While her classmates usually took a quick shower at best --eager to get home-- she really liked to take her time...

Twenty minutes later she stepped out of the shower, and grabbing a big white fluffy towel started to dry her body.

She felt glad that Harmony and the others hadn't stayed around to keep her company; there was a limit to the amount of time she could listen to them argue about which movie stars would make the cutest couple, and she felt that she reached that limit for today. In fact, she preferred to spend this time alone. It gave her the opportunity to reflect on things without the distraction of her cheerleader friends, the wannabe's and the Scoobies with their creepy Hellmouth related stuff (which she just knew was going to give her some early wrinkles); not to mention the bottled-blonde little bitch who leaded that band of losers.

"Buffy!" the cheerleader exclaimed in shock as she removed the towel from her face and unexpectedly found herself face to face with the aforementioned bottled-blonde bitch.

"Hi, Cordy," Buffy calmly replied as she took in the cheerleader's naked, damp body with appreciative eyes.

Noting the other girl's blatant visual explorations of her naked form, Cordelia hastily wrapped the towel around her body, covering herself up. Quickly recovering from her shock, the young brunette crossed her arms in front of her chest and shot the blonde her patented level 10-intensity glare. "What exactly is your problem, Buffy Summers?! Was that little exploration in the wonderful world of S&M from yesterday not enough? Now you have to start spying on me in the shower?! That's like totally--"

Cordelia abruptly stopped speaking, her mouth falling open in surprise as the other girl suddenly grabbed and pulled away her towel; leaving the cheerleader standing there completely naked.

"We never got to finish that little conversation from yesterday," Buffy said with a honey-sweet voice, slowly advancing on the cheerleader. "If I remember correctly: you called me trailer-trash... and we sorta left it at that since you were in such a hurry to leave."

"Now, Buffy..." Cordelia somewhat nervously replied as she backed away from the --now surely psychopathic-- Slayer. "When I called you trailer-trash, I meant that in the most affectionate manner."

Buffy shot the nervous brunette a wicked grin. Before the cheerleader knew it, she was dragged to a nearby bench and deposited across the Slayer's lap.

"Since the lesson from yesterday obviously didn't sink in; I'll be happy to give you a little reminder, Cordy."




"Goddamnit! Not again!"



Cordelia squirmed franticly on Buffy's lap as the Slayer smacked a steady beat on her buttocks. "Lemme go!! I'll sue you for every cent you've got, you perverse pygmy dominatrix wannabe!" the brunette screeched as she tried to wriggle out of the blonde's firm grasp.

Buffy's eyes widened at that insult and she brought her hand down harder and faster.


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Cordelia cried out, feeling like Buffy's hand was making permanent imprints on her butt. "I apologize for all the insults I said to you... ever!"

This seemed to satisfy the blonde, and after giving the cheerleader a couple of final spanks, she ended the spanking. While Cordelia remained lying across the Slayer's lap, trying to regain her composure, Buffy examined the cheerleader's glowing red buttocks. 'Ouch! I certainly did one hell of a job on her butt,' the blonde considered somewhat repentantly. Laying her hand on the soft twin globes, she gently started stroking Cordy's well-punished behind...

For several minutes, the cheerleader laid silently across the Slayer's lap, her eyes closed and a relaxed expression on her face as she allowed her nemesis to rub her painful bottom... Then, as the brunette suddenly became aware of the awkwardness of her position, she opened her eyes and quickly climbed of her classmate's lap.

Lightly blushing, she turned to face the amused blonde. "Okay, you beat my behind purple AGAIN! So I suppose you're one happy little Slayer... Can I please get dressed now?"

A smirk formed on the Slayer's lips. "We still need to have a little talk about this morning; when you were in the ladies room with your fan club, making fun of my calling."

"Jeez! Can't you take a joke?!" the cheerleader exclaimed. "You have to admit that as callings go, yours sounds pretty lame: One girl to stand against the vampires, demons and the forces of Darkness... Give me a break!"

'Oops! Wrong thing to say.' Cordelia considered as she saw Buffy narrow her eyes at her. 'Damn! I always figured she was going to go mental one of these days... but why does she have to go mental with me?! In the shower no less?! Couldn't she be more like a normal person and start shooting people with a high-powered rifle from a bell tower? I just can't catch a break, can I?'

As these thoughts rushed through Cordy's mind, Buffy backed her up against a wall. The blonde Slayer planted her hands against the wall on each side of the naked cheerleader, effectively trapping the brunette.

Closing her eyes, Cordelia braced herself for what was to come...

When a minute or so later nothing had happened yet, the cheerleader carefully opened her eyes a bit and peered through her eyelids at the Slayer; seeing that the girl was just standing there, she opened her eyes all the way.

With her eyes fully open, she now noticed that Buffy's eyes were moving across her naked body: lingering on her full breasts... then down to her neatly trimmed pussy... and back again to her breasts --and unless she was very much mistaking: those probing eyes were filled with lust.

Following the blonde's gaze, Cordelia felt her face flush red as she discovered that her exposed nipples stood out fully erect.

Standing here totally naked and exposed, while her classmate studied her charms from up close, Cordelia sorta felt like she should cover herself up. With lack of a towel she should at least put a hand in front of her pussy and cover her breasts with her arm... She just couldn't get herself to move though...

When she finally got some control over her limbs again, she still couldn't bring herself to cover up. Instead she moved her legs further apart and started rubbing her sore behind. Her blush increasing as she noticed Buffy's gaze immediately focusing on her now more exposed pussy. The cheerleader felt a sort of perverse pleasure by exposing herself like this to the Slayer; she was proud of her body and it gave her a rush of power each time she managed to captivate someone with her beauty... and Buffy was certainly captivated! The Slayer licked her lips, practically salivating as she stared at the cheerleader's puffy slit.

Standing there quietly rubbing her behind, Cordelia managed to remain silent for almost an entire five minutes (a new personal record) before the long silence became uncomfortable and she felt like she had to say something. "You are probably gonna take this the wrong way again, Buffy... but I think that you've seen "Women in Prison" one too many times."

Her words seemed to shake the captivated blonde awake. "I guess you still don't know when to keep your mouth shut, Cordy." Buffy replied, and planted her lips against Cordelia's: effectively silencing the dumbfounded brunette.

As Buffy's mouth connected with hers, it felt like an electrical current went through her body, making the cheerleader shudder in response. Her mind just seemed to stop working and unintentionally --almost automatically it seemed-- her mouth opened, inviting the Slayer's soft tongue into her mouth... and before she knew it, Cordelia Chase was actively engaged in the longest, most passionate kiss she'd ever experienced.

For what seemed like an eternity their tongues caressed and dipped into each other's mouths, as time appeared to freeze this moment.

Then suddenly the hot, moist mouth that seemed to be sealed to her lips was gone. The brunette cheerleader blinked in confusion as she looked around an empty locker room. No sign of Buffy anywhere.

It all seemed like a dream, if not for her swollen lips and sore behind. Mesmerized and shaking on her feet, Cordelia touched her lips. 'Mmmm... Definitely too many Women/Prison movies for her.'


'I can't believe I kissed her!' was Buffy's first thought as she practically ran home. 'I can't believe I didn't feel her up!' was her second. 'This would have been the perfect opportunity to find out how those perfect breasts would feel like in my hands.'

It bothered her all through dinner that she hadn't gone further with the beautiful brunette. Cordelia had been totally naked for God sakes! And it certainly seemed like the cheerleader enjoyed the kiss... 'I may never get an opportunity like that again!' she thought sullenly, as she moved her fork around in the casserole her mom had made. 'I literally had her in the palms of my hand...'

"Are you okay, honey?" Joyce asked her daughter for the fifth time that day. "You hardly touched your dinner."

"Hmm?" Buffy looked up from the plate of food she'd been staring at. "Oh yeah, I'm fine... Just a little tired I guess."

"Maybe you're coming down with the flu?" Giving her daughter a concerned look, Joyce lightly put her hand on Buffy's forehead and frowned, "Your temperature does seem higher then normal... perhaps I should make an appointment with your doctor?"

"That won't be necessary, mom," Buffy quickly replied. "I just need to catch up on some sleep... In fact, if you don't mind, I think I'll turn in right now," she added while getting up from her chair.

"Very well, sweetheart," Joyce responded. "But if you don't start feeling better in the next few days then I'm going to make a doctor's appointment for you."

Buffy shot her mom a smile and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight, mom."

"Goodnight, Buffy," Joyce smiled back.


Buffy let out another sigh as she twisted and turned in her bed, trying to find a comfortable enough position that would finally allow her to fall asleep. She'd been lying in her bed for hours now, but was still wide-awake. No matter how much she tried: she couldn't get Cordelia out of her mind... she kept thinking about the cheerleader and the kiss they shared. Whenever Buffy closed her eyes, there she was again: the bitchy brunette cheerleader, totally naked and still a little damp from her recent shower... she could taste their kiss on her lips again; and the way Cordy's hard nipples had felt as they were pressed against her body.

'Oh fuck, I'm never gonna fall asleep as long as that image keeps going through my head...' the blonde Slayer desperately considered. 'And I'll bet that if I manage to fall asleep; I'm just going to dream about her again.' Turning on her back, Buffy let out another deep sigh.

'Maybe a bit of Bronzing will get my mind of her,' she finally decided when an hour later she still wasn't asleep.

After using the bathroom she quickly put on her clothes and sneaked out her bedroom window; not that is was very late or even a school night, but just out of habit...


Entering the Bronze, one of the first sights that greeted her, just happened to be the very same gorgeous cheerleader who haunted her dreams... and look: her crush (or perhaps obsession is a better word) had brought a date. And not just a date: Michael Faraday, Sunnydale High's Star Quarterback. 'I have to hand it to Cordy: when she makes a comeback, she does it with a vengeance... The most popular guy in the entire school; every girl would love to go out with him and she managed to get him.' A stab of jealousy went through her as she watched the two of them slow dancing closely together. Disturbing enough, the jealousy she felt was directed at Michael for being with Cordy, not the other way around, which is how it should be...

'Yeah, this is really going to be helpful in getting my mind of Cordelia,' the Slayer considered while picking out a spot where she could watch the cheerleader and her date more closely. 'Am I in desperate need of extensive therapy or what?! I should just go home, or maybe slay some vampires, anything but sit here obsessing about a girl I'm not even friendly with.' Despite all her good intentions, she settled down and watched the good-looking couple interact, using her Slayer-hearing to listen in on their conversation.

While getting sugared up on moccas, she watched and listened as the star quarterback put the moves on Cordy, growing more agitated by the minute.

Sullenly listening to their happy bantering, Buffy suddenly perked up when Cordelia told her date that she had to go powder her nose.

Hyper from her sugar rush, the blonde quickly got up and followed the cheerleader into the ladies room.


Flushing the toilet, Cordelia opened the stall-door and almost got a heart attack as she found herself face to face (again!) with Buffy Summers. "Jesus Christ!! You AGAIN?! What is your childhood trauma?!" she called out in shock.

Buffy just grinned and pushed her back into the stall, closing and locking the door behind them. 'Oh God! What does she want now?'

"Relax, Cordy," the blonde purred. "I just thought... that it would be nice to continue were we left off."

For a moment the cheerleader seemed speechless... but that was quickly overcome. "Excuse me? Reality check! I'm on a date here, get it? And not just a date, but the biggest hottie in the entire school... and even if I were here alone, or with some loser --Xander springs to mind--, then I still wouldn't spend my time necking with you in ladies room... You must have me confused with Ellen." Having said this, Cordelia tried to move pass Buffy, but was quickly pushed back by the blonde.

Buffy narrowed her eyes and glared angrily at the cheerleader. "I'm gonna give you a choice, Cordy: I can either give you another spanking right now for that crack you made about my calling... OR you can let me play with those nice, big tits of yours and we'll call it even."

"So what's it going to be?"

Cordelia gaped at the Slayer in shock... then bit her lip as she hurriedly checked all her available options. 'I could try to make a run for it, but she'd probably catch me in no time... And I certainly can't get spanked here! That's just what I would need right now: a bare-butt spanking in a public restroom by a crazed Slayer with lesbian tendencies... That one is definitely in the Top Ten of Quickest Ways to Sink Ones Reputation... Damnit! I don't really have much of a choice here...' Making up her mind, she let out a long sigh, reached for the straps of her dress and pulled them down her shoulder. 'Only in this little shit-town on the Hellmouth do you experience this kind of freakish behaviour... Why couldn't daddy have bought a house in L.A. instead of in this vampire-invested-hole-in-the-ground-one-mall town?!'

Buffy smiled brightly as the cheerleader slowly pulled down her dress. The blonde's eyes widened a bit as Cordelia's bare breasts became visible. "Wow! No bra... Bold move, Cordy."

After hesitating for a moment, Cordelia pulled her dress down further until both her boobs were completely exposed to the blonde's lustful gaze.

For a couple of minutes long, the blonde Slayer did nothing except stare at the cheerleader's freshly exposed breasts... Buffy licked her suddenly dry lips when she noticed Cordelia's nipples stiffening. 'It isn't very cold here so that isn't the reason... Maybe Cordy isn't as reluctant in letting me play with her tits as she's pretending to be...' Grinning at the brunette, she beckoned her closer.

A blush covered Cordelia's cheeks as she saw the Slayer's knowing grin and pointed look at her erect nipples. This wasn't the first time her body reacted to the blonde, and the cheerleader wasn't too pleased that it happened again. Somehow she felt more exposed standing here topless in the ladies room of the Bronze then she felt earlier... when she was standing totally naked in front of Buffy in the girl's shower room at Sunnydale High. Letting out another sigh, the cheerleader took a few steps forwards until she stood between the Slayer's spread legs; her breasts only inches away from Buffy's face.

Slowly, almost tentatively, Buffy reached out and touched the two gravity-defying twin globes; gently squeezing the soft, yet firm flesh. She'd always been a bit envious of Cordelia's bigger breasts, and now she's finally holding the object(s) of her admiration in her hands... and she could play with them all she wanted! 'Well, I'm not letting this opportunity go to waste.' Eagerly she started kneading and caressing the supple flesh, a slight smirk formed on her lips when she heard a soft moan coming from the cheerleader.

After a while, Buffy moved her hands to the centre of the May Queen's tits and began playing with those big, pointy nipples... She flicked both nubbins with her index fingers, grinning at the cheerleader's light shudder. Taking them between her thumb and index fingers, she started moving her fingers up and down the enlarged nipples, like she was trying to milk the big-breasted brunette... Occasionally she gave the stiff nips a little pinch, eliciting a gasp from Cordelia's lips.

Even though no milk came out, Buffy played enthusiastically with the cheerleader's tits for five or six minutes, then she suddenly noticed that Cordy's legs were slightly shaking. Giving the brunette a bright smile, she put her hands on Cordelia's waist and pulled her closer.

"Sit down on my lap, Cordy," Buffy softly commanded. The cheerleader almost immediately obeyed and squatted down until she was seated on the blonde's lap.

Buffy smiled again. The bitchy brunette was getting a lot less defiant... And with the cheerleader being taller then herself and sitting on her lap; Cordy's breasts were perfectly positioned, right in front of her face... She could even use her mouth on them if she wanted! Which actually sounds like a pretty good idea... Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and gave each breast a couple of licks. Liking her idea more and more, the Slayer proceeded to give the cheerleader's tits an extensive tongue-bath...

Moving her tongue across every inch of those juicy jugs, Buffy finished up by licking several circles around Cordelia's left nipple before taking the stiff nubbin into her mouth. After softly sucking on it for a minute, she repeated the process with the right nipple... and then back again to the left...

She switched back and forth between the two succulent tits, suckling and nibbling on each nipple 'till the brunette was moaning and shaking on her lap. The cheerleader was approaching a climax, just by having her titties sucked! Letting the nipple slip from her mouth, she raised her head and captured Cordelia's mouth; tonguing the surprised, but cooperative brunette...

"Mmmm, I love those big, juicy tits of yours, Cordy," she whispered in the cheerleader's ear, before returning her mouth to those beloved breasts.

Cordelia could hardly believe it! Here she was: in the ladies room of the Bronze, in a toilet-stall, sitting topless on the lap of her classmate and adversary: the illustrious, Miss holier-than-thou, Buffy Summers. And as if that wasn't crazy enough... the current favourite in the "Bitchiest Slayer EVER competition" was sucking on her teats! And doing such a good job that she was about ready to cum!

"Oh Fuck, I'm cumming!!" Cordelia panted as she reached her climax. "Ohhh-h-h-hhh Buffy!! Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHH!!!!" Her head slumped down on Buffy's soft hair, and she held the blonde tightly as one of the most intense orgasms she ever experienced shook through her body.

Confused and embarrassed, Cordelia raised her head a minute later and sat back a bit. "I-I have to go now," the cheerleader stammered as Buffy continued to suckle on her stiff, sensitive nipples. "M-my date is w-waiting for me... I-if I'm not back soon he's gonna think I ditched him."

Somewhat reluctantly, the Slayer let the taut nipple slip from her mouth and raised her head to look at Cordelia, issuing the cheerleader a big, triumphant grin. "Fine, I'll let you go," Buffy replied after some thought. "Under one condition," she quickly added.

The cheerleader's face fell at hearing those three unsettling words. "Which would be?" she inquired reluctantly.

"I want you to jump up and down and jiggle those big tits for me." The Slayer grinned.

Cordelia's mouth fell open and automatically she looked down at her breasts, which were glistening with the Slayer's saliva, and then back at the blonde.

"Come on, Cordy..." Buffy's grin grew bigger. "Make those titties dance for me... after that you can go back to your date."

Red-faced and humiliated, Cordelia moved from the blonde's lap, took a few steps backwards, then started lightly jumping up and down; making her big breasts bounce and jiggle for the Slayer's amusement...

"Happy now?" the pissed-off brunette inquired after a minute or so of bouncing around.

Buffy nodded and smiled. "Thanks for the show, Cordelia."

"Fuck y--" Seeing a wicked smile appear on the blonde's face, Cordy quickly swallowed her angry words. "Don't mention it." She said instead.

Hastily the cheerleader cleaned herself up a bit. Then, pulling her dress back up, she straightened her clothes and opened the stall-door. Turning around, she shot Buffy a pointed look. "Really don't mention it! Not to anyone, I don't need to be branded a lesbo."

The blonde slayer just grinned. "Have fun on your date, Cordy."

"Yeah, right..." Buffy could hear the brunette mumble as she walked out the ladies room.


After playing around with Cordy, Buffy felt totally energized and decided to do some slaying.

The Slayer went directly to Restfield Cemetery, which is the biggest cemetery in town. She could always count on finding a couple of vamps for her to slay here... and this night wasn't any different; 5 vampires surrounded her the moment she went through the cemetery gates.

With a quick movement, Buffy grabbed two stakes from her pockets and twirled them around while issuing the vamps a big smile. "Come and get it, boys."

The vampires looked at each other for a moment then stormed in mass towards the Slayer. With practiced ease, Buffy staked the first two who reached her... then, doing a quick back flip, hit the next two vamps under their chins with her feet... Landing back on her feet, she shot the remaining vamp a nasty grin.

Looking around, the vampire noticed he was the only one of his little band who was still standing and took a quick assessment of his situation. 'Oh shit! I'm fucked now.'

That proved to be a very accurate assessment: Buffy closed in fast on the remaining vamp and floored him with two quick kicks and a upper cut, then went in for the kill... No stake ready, no problem! Reaching out, she grabbed the vamp's head and with a quick twist, broke it's neck; making it explode into a cloud of dust.

Seconds later, the two dazed vampires were back on their feet and stormed towards her from opposite directions... As they jumped at her, she quickly ducked and bashed their heads together. The two vamps lay once again dazed on the ground. She grabbed one, and after lifting him up in the air, threw him against the wall of a nearby crypt --breaking most of the bones in his body.

"I'd like to see Xena try that!" she proudly exclaimed.

Quickly moving to the other vamp --who was trying to stumble away-- she got out another stake and with one swift movement, ended its undead existence. Then, walking back to last --barely moving-- vamp, she helped him out of his misery.

'Five vamps dusted in under two minutes! This must be a new record!' Buffy happily considered, a bit surprised herself about the quick, easy kills.

She was about to search for vamps elsewhere, when she suddenly felt the presence of another vampire nearby... Hiding there by the Von Halstadts crypt.

"Hiya, Buff!" a cheery, familiar voice called out from the shadows. "Working off your sexual frustrations by beating up some unsuspecting fledglings?"

"Hello, Angel," she calmly replied as a smirking Angelus stepped out from the crypt's shadow. "Wearing those leather pants again I see... Is this a new image change or were you always a closet leather-boy?"

"Now now, lover," Angelus smirk grew bigger. "Just admit it: you love the leather pants."

Taking in the cocky vampire that carried her ex-boyfriend's face, she suddenly noticed that she didn't feel the same pang of pain & loss that she normally felt when running into Angelus. In fact, ever since feeling Cordelia up, she felt positively cheerful and upbeat... she hasn't felt like this since... well, forever!

"They're okay, Angel... but you really should consider owning more then one outfit."

The vampire's eyes narrowed a bit, and he stalked closer to the Slayer. 'Something doesn't feel right... Buffy doesn't seem the same depressed, mopey girl, I've come to love... to torment.'

"What's up with you, Buff? Been digging into your mommy's Prozac subscription again? You really should stop confusing those things with M&M's."

"Oh Angel... Still making up for your inadequacies in bed with lame-assed jokes I see." Buffy gave the vampire an understanding look and a sympathetic smile. "Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore! This is the 20th century and they have pills for your condition now; not Prozac but Viagra," she clarified.

Even without Slayer-hearing Buffy could hear Angelus grinding his teeth. She shot the vampire a sweet smile and continued, "However, my new found happiness is not drug induced... It's just that now I'm not dating you anymore, I've moved onto someone else; someone better looking --and certainly a better dresser."

Angelus eyes flashed yellow. "You're lying," he growled. "There's no way you'd get over me that easily!"

"You may be a legend in your own mind," Buffy grinned; enjoying that for a change she was leading in their verbal sparring match. "But let me tell ya: you still have a lot to learn about girls... Like finding their G-spot," she added as an afterthought.

Then the fight was on: with a roar Angelus launched a spinning kick at Buffy's head. Quickly ducking, Buffy responded with a hard punch in the vampire's stomach... With a loud grunt, Angelus fell back and landed on the ground. Buffy immediately pressed her advantage and jumped at the vampire with Mr. Pointy ready in her hand. Angelus anticipated her move and drew back his knees; kicking Buffy hard in the stomach as she tried to stake him. The vampire then jumped back to his feet and glared at the blonde Slayer. Something was definitely wrong; Buffy was playing for keeps, instead of trying to disable him, she was trying to slay him... Her weird cheerful behaviour, her supposedly new boyfriend and her newfound will to kill him... all totally out of character for Buffy. Something had changed her and he was going to find out what!

Noticing that Buffy was back to her feet and about to attack him again, he turned around and swiftly disappeared into the shadows.

"Hey!! Come back here!" Buffy called after him. "We're not finished yet!" She tried to follow him but soon lost his track.

"Lame-assed, cowardly, needle-dick vamp!" the blonde muttered angrily as she finally gave up the chase. She was still full of energy but there was no Angelus she could beat up, or any other vampires to slay... Looking around, trying to figure out what to do next, she noticed that she somehow had turned up in Cordelia's neighbourhood. Thinking about the cheerleader immediately made her juices flow and think of other ways to spend her excess energy besides fighting... 'I wonder if Cordy is back from her date yet,' the Slayer pondered. 'She might like some company... It must be lonely: all alone in that big house, with her parents away on travels all the time. She might be very... grateful if I keep her company,' Buffy then considered. 'Mmmm, yes... I think I'll pay a little visit to the Chase Mansion.'


Standing in front of the gates that marked the Chase's property, Buffy did a quick look around to check for any onlookers. Satisfied that she was alone, she checked to see if there were any security cameras or alarms guarding the property.

Finding no cameras or visible alarms, she waited a moment until she was sure that there was no one nearby then walked back a few paces and ran towards the gate.

Jumping up, she flipped right over it and landed on her hands and feet. Buffy remained crouched and listened closely if she hadn't tripped some sort of alarm... Hearing nothing, she quickly sneaked towards the house and started taking a quick survey of the place. She knew that Cordy's parental units were away, but they probably had a maid living there...

Considering her options, Buffy finally shrugged. 'The house seems pretty quiet to me... Besides, it's a big house and I doubt the maid's room is anywhere near Cordelia's. It's probably also well isolated, which means my chances are good that Cordy and I won't be disturbed... even if she gets a little loud.' A wicked smile formed on her lips as she considered some of the naughty things she had planned for the cheerleader that would make Cordy very vocal...

Having made up her mind, the Slayer started looking for a way in.

'There! An open window...' Using the vines that were growing against the wall, Buffy easily climbed up. It took her only a few seconds before she climbed through the open window and entered the Chase Mansion.

Looking around in the bedroom she just entered, Buffy was surprised to find out that through some stroke of luck she managed to end up right away in Cordelia's room.

'That saves me the trouble of having to look around the whole house,' she happily thought.

Her eye almost immediately fell on the big, canopy bed that dominated the room. Kicking off her shoes, Buffy leaped onto the King-- or rather Queen-sized bed. Jumped up and down a few times, then let herself fall back, noting with satisfaction the firmness of the mattress. 'That will come in handy tonight!'

'Now what would any normal Sunnydale High Student do, when somehow ending up in Queen C's bedroom?' Buffy pondered as she looked around the room. 'I know: check out her legendary wardrobe!'

With a big smile on her face, she scanned the room in search of the place where Cordelia kept her renowned attire.

Walking to one of the three doors in the room, she opened it and walked into the cheerleader's luxurious bathroom. Checking the second door, she noticed that it lead to the hallway.

'And behind door number three we have...' The moment she opened the third door, Buffy's mouth fell open as well.

'Wow! Her closet is at least twice the size of my room,' she thought in amazement, as she looked into Sunnydale's holy of holiest: Cordelia Chase's walk-in wardrobe.

Buffy checked out the seemingly endless store of clothing until her Slayer-hearing picked up on the faint noise of footsteps coming closer. Quickly closing the closet door, she silently waited for Queen C to grace her with her presence.


Cordelia let out a little yawn as she entered her room. Giving her bed a dreamy look, she started taking off her clothes while replaying her date in her mind.

Luckily Michael seemed to buy her quickly made-up excuse that she took so long in the ladies room because she was helping some poor girl who was going through some tremendous emotional problems (Hmmm, actually that was pretty much what really happened). So despite Buffy's interference, it turned out to be a great date after all. Proof for her that after her loser period (as she nicknamed her time with Xander and the Scooby gang): Cordelia Chase is finally back!

'Now if I can just get that blonde bitca of my... ehm, back then my life will be as close to perfection as it can get in this hellhole of a town.'

After putting on her favourite nighty, she went to the walk-in closet to pick out her outfit for the next day; a little ritual she always enjoys doing before going to bed.

Opening the closet door, she suddenly found herself staring straight into Buffy's eyes.

"Surprise!" Buffy called out while issuing the brunette a bright smile.

Cordelia didn't respond and just stared at the other girl... 'The most surprising element of this situation is not that that nut-job is hanging out in my closet,' the cheerleader silently considered. 'But that I'm actually not that surprised that she's in my closet.'

"You okay, Cordy?" Buffy inquired somewhat concerned, after their starring match had continued for a minute or so. "You seem kinda quiet; it's so unlike you."

"Juts reminiscing about the good old days," the cheerleader replied. "When you could open your closet with the secure knowledge that if anyone was hiding in your closet: it couldn't be anything worse then an axe-wielding maniac."

Buffy snickered. "You're a real riot, Cordelia."

Cordelia responded with a smirk. "Anyway... Listen Buff, hon, I think it's about time we had a little girl to girl talk --and I mean that in a definite non-lesbian way."

"Let's see..." the brunette pondered. "How do I put this to you delicately, but still in a way you can understand?"

Buffy mentally rolled her eyes but waited for the cheerleader to continue.

"It's great that you wanna get out of the closet, Buffy... Really, it is!" Cordelia said, giving the amused blonde an encouraging smile. "See! I'm all: Yay! Go, gay-pride! And I'm sure that a... good-looking girl like you will have no problem finding tons of girls --taking into consideration of course, that with your newfound gay status came a better dress-sense, but even if it didn't: there will still be one or two --maybe even three-- girls in Sunnydale High who would be happy to go out of the closet with you --or into a closet-- and do all kinds of naughty/naked/lesbian things with you... My point however is:"

When it seemed that Cordelia was finally about to make her point, Buffy stopped her inspection of Cordelia's many outfits and gave the cheerleader her undivided attention again.

"I am very not gay! Definitely, Totally not into the whole lesbian thing... So could you please go somewhere else, and with someone else out of the closet?"

The Slayer just smiled and started playing with the ribbons that held Cordy's flimsy nighty together.

Those hungry looks that Buffy's giving her scantly clad form were really freaking her out! Cordelia looked down at the blonde's hand (which was now practically in her cleavage) and nervously bit her lip. "You promised that if I let you play with my tits we would be even," she reminded the Slayer. "Well you played with my tits, so we're even now!"

"There's the door; don't let it hit you in the ass on your way home." Seeing a very unnerving smile appear on Buffy's face, she continued a bit uncertainly, "Or if you'd like something to drink before you leave, that's okay too... Might I suggest something decaf and sugarfree?"

"Not so fast, Cordy," Buffy told the cheerleader. "We might be even for the insults you made at my expense, but you still owe me big time for saving your life several times!"

"And you'll have to agree that letting me play with that cute little pussy you have there," the Slayer's hand skipped down to the cheerleader's panty-clad crotch. "Is a small prize to pay for saving your life..."

Cordelia shuddered slightly as she felt the blonde's fingers tickle her slit. "So let me get this straight --a word that by the way obviously doesn't refer to you-- if I let you diddle my slit, I'll have paid you for saving my life?"

"Mmmm, more like given me a down payment." Buffy answered.

"Oh, well, in that case... FORGET IT!!" Cordelia gave the surprised Slayer a quick push, making the blonde fall back in the closet. Throwing the door shut, the cheerleader made a run for it... She pulled open the door to the hallway, and ran towards the stairs. 'Now if I can just make it down the stairs, out the house and to my car; then I'm outta here!'

She made it about halfway down the stairs before Buffy caught up with her and carried her back to her room.

"Naughty, naughty..." Buffy playfully admonished the cheerleader. "This is no way to treat your guests." Carrying the wildly kicking brunette over to the bed, she sat down and proceeded to strip Cordelia completely naked... Once that goal was achieved, she draped the struggling cheerleader across her lap and started to spank her.



Cordelia quickly discovered that this spanking was different from the ones before; even though it stung quite a bit, it was much less painful... And as the spanking progressed, Buffy occasionally rested a hand on her sore buttocks, rubbing them a bit before smacking her butt again. She would never admit it --certainly not to that little blonde bitch-- but there was something about this situation that she found strangely arousing. Lying naked across a girl's lap, totally at her mercy, getting a bare-bottomed spanking... and the fact that Buffy is (admittingly) a very good-looking girl made it even harder to push down her growing arousal.

'Oh My God!! Buffy's weirdness is obviously rubbing off on me, if I get aroused by this!'

Picturing how she must look: draped naked across Buffy's lap, with her pink butt high in the air while the Slayer spanked her; Cordelia felt her nipples stiffen... and as the spanking continued she felt her juices starting to flow. Squirming on the blonde's lap, the cheerleader rubbed her thighs together as she tried to hide her growing arousal from the other girl. It was embarrassing enough getting spanked by Buffy, without her knowing that she was getting aroused by it.


A smile appeared on Buffy's lips as she sensed the cheerleader's growing arousal. 'Mmmm, it's good to have Slayer-senses!' Slowing down the spanking, she began rubbing the brunette's behind between spanks. 'Let's see how horny I can get you, Cordy...'

Feeling the cheerleader squirming on her lap and noticing Cordy's dripping slit; she sensed that Cordelia was ready for her next move. Slowly, almost casually, Buffy slid her left hand down Cordy's firm tummy... moving it bit by bit towards the cheerleader's hot V.

The brunette gasped loudly as Buffy's hand reached its target. Cordelia seemed about to say something, but as the words started to leave her mouth; Buffy flicked the cheerleader's swollen clit, and only a loud moan came out instead.

Encouraged by her moans and lack of protest, Buffy stroked her fingers across Cordelia's slit... occasionally moving her hand up and teasing the cheerleader's enlarged clit.


Cordelia was momentarily frozen as she suddenly felt Buffy's hand touch her pussy, she was about to let out a long string of obscenities directed at the Slayer when the blonde started playing dirty and flicked her clit; making all thoughts flee her mind as a surge of lust shot from her clit to her mind like an electrical current.

'I'm not getting aroused by Buffy's fondling. I am NOT getting aroused by Buffy's fondling!' the cheerleader silently chanted, as she felt her pussy getting wetter by the second.

'Damnit! This just isn't fair,' the cheerleader considered while Buffy played with her pussy. 'I'm so not gay! Everyone knows I'm into guys: tall, muscular, hunky guys... So why the Hell is that blonde diddling my slit turning me on so much?!'

'Okay, let's try this again: I'm not getting arous--' "OH FUCK!!" Cordelia exclaimed loudly, her eyes shooting open as Buffy unexpectedly inserted two fingers inside her virgin hole.

Then all thoughts were gone; her doubts didn't seem that important anymore as Buffy thrust her fingers in and out, and started finger fucking her pussy.

The cheerleader started to pant as Buffy smoothly drove her digits inside her dripping hole.

Feeling that she should at least utter some kind of protest, Cordelia managed to get out between pants; "What the Hell, do you think you're doing, psycho-girl?!"

"What does it look like I'm doing, Cordy?" was the Slayer's amused reply.

Not able to think of a smart comeback at this time, Cordelia just relaxed instead and surrendered for the moment to the blonde's skilful fingers.


"Why Cordy," Buffy breathed into the cheerleader's ear. "Your little pussy is all hot and moist... could it be that you're not as adverse to the "whole lesbian thing" as you pretend to be?"

"I-I..." the brunette stammered. "I was just thinking about Brad Pitt, another bottled-blonde according to Showbiz weekly."

Buffy snickered at the cheerleader's comeback. "Ohhhh, so I have nothing to do with your arousal?" The blonde slayer teasingly inquired while moving her fingers in and out Cordelia's hot little slit and using her other hand to squeeze and fondle the cheerleader's softly swaying breasts.

Cordelia moaned softly as Buffy's strong hands kneaded her globes and fingered her twat; cursing her body for responding so blatantly to the blonde's fondling.


"Mmmm, your little pussy is so wet, Cordy," Buffy whispered in the Cordelia's ear; the Slayer's husky tone made a shudder of lust go through the cheerleader's body. "And so incredible tight; I would almost think that you're still--" Buffy's words abruptly halted as her fingers encountered a thin, but unmistakable barrier. "You ARE still a virgin!" The blonde excitedly exclaimed.

"So what if I am," the brunette replied somewhat defensively.

"Oh... nothing. It's just a surprise; a very nice surprise," Buffy finished, sounding very pleased with her discovery.

Then for a while, nothing was said and the room was quiet, expect for the occasional grunts and groans coming from Cordelia and the sopping noises of Buffy's fingers thrusting in the cheerleader's wet cunt.


"Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH!!"

With growing delight, Buffy listened as Cordelia grew increasingly more vocal and aroused. Closing in on her orgasm, the brunette started pushing back her little ass each time she thrust her fingers inside Cordy's hot hole.

"Yes! Yes! YES! YES!" the cheerleader now openly called out.

"That's it, Cordy!" Buffy cheered the brunette on. "Move that ass! Fuck my fingers! You like my fingers inside you... You love me finger fucking that hot little cunt of yours, don't ya?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh!! Oh! OH!!!" the brunette groaned.

"Tell me, Cordelia! Tell me how much you love it!" Buffy growled in the cheerleader's ear. "Tell me or I'll stop!"

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm!! ... Nooooooo!" Cordelia called out as Buffy's fingers suddenly topped moving.

"Tell me how much you enjoy being fingered by me," the blonde repeated. "I want to hear you say it: in detail!"

"Ohhhhh, I-I l-love... your fingers... inside of m-me," the cheerleader stammered out, blushing hotly.

"Doing what?" Buffy prodded the embarrassed brunette; moving her thumb across Cordy's swollen clit as a bit of extra encouragement.

"F-f-fucking m-me," Cordelia groaned out. "Finger f-fucking my h-hot little c-cunt."

"That's a good girl," the Slayer grinned. "Here is your reward." With some difficulty, Buffy pushed an extra finger inside the cheerleader's tight twat and started fucking her in earnest; rubbing Cordy's stiff clit while moving her fingers swiftly in and out...

"Oh God! Oh GOD!!" the brunette cried out, "YES!! OH YES!!! OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMINNGGG!!!" she bucked wildly on the blonde's lap as an explosive orgasm rushed through her.

Buffy tenderly stroked Cordelia's hair as the cheerleader laid shuddering and spent across her lap; her other hand remained busy between Cordy's legs, drawing out the brunette's orgasm...

"Ohhhhhh Buffy.... Oh Buffyyyy," the cheerleader softly moaned.

"Yeah..." the Slayer drawled, while stroking the cheerleader's sensitive slit. "You definitely like me playing with your pussy."

"Ohhhhhhhh!!" was the only thing the brunette seemed able to reply.

Grinning widely, Buffy removed her hand and gave Cordelia a quick slap on her pink little fanny.


"Ouch!!" That seemed to shake the cheerleader awake.

Cordelia looked back indignantly at the blonde Slayer. "What was that for?"

Buffy just grinned in reply and lifted the cheerleader from her lap, sitting her down on the bed. "I want you to lay on your back and pull back your knees, so I'll have full access to your snatch."

Cordelia's blush returned with a vengeance, but she hurriedly obeyed the blonde's command... Lying back, she pulled her knees to her head and spread herself as widely as she could; her blush increasing as she noticed how open and exposed that left her.

Through lust-filled eyes, Buffy stared at the cheerleader's wide-open cunt for a full minute... Then she positioned herself between Cordy's legs and lowered her head to that scrumptious looking pussy.

Cordelia's mouth formed a silent O as she felt the Slayer going down on her.

Buffy lapped hungrily at the juices from Cordy's orgasm, which were still dripping from the cheerleader's slit... making sure not to let a single drop of the brunette's nectar get away.

After lapping up every single drop of girl-cum, Buffy looked up, her face glistening with the cheerleader's juices. "Mmmm, your pussy tastes delicious, Cordy!" she happily informed the brunette. Sticking a finger inside Cordy's slot, she moved it around and then held it in front the May Queen's mouth. "Here! Taste for yourself."

Cordelia stared at the glistening finger that the Slayer --without much preamble-- just shoved under her nose... Deciding that the best way to avoid another butt blistering was to obey the blonde in anything (no matter how demented or perverted her requests may be), she opened her mouth and sucked the finger dry of her juices... Once she completed her task, she gave the slayer a questioning look; Buffy shot back a smile and a wink before returning her head between the cheerleader's legs.

While Buffy's earlier efforts were mostly directed at lapping up the brunette's spilled juices, she now concentrated directly on the source: Cordy's open, glistening cunt. The May Queen's sense of style and propriety was apparent even when she's completely naked: Cordy's pussy hair was trimmed into a perfect reverse triangle... and underneath that was the cheerleader's perfect little slit! Eagerly, she pulled the swollen labia-lips further apart and examined the cheerleader's little treasure from up close. Totally engrossed, Buffy stared into the tight pink hole... then carefully stuck a finger deep inside the brunette's deep, hot tunnel.

A small gasp escaped Cordelia's lips as the blonde stuck a finger deep inside her and probed around in her virgin hole. It seemed like Buffy wanted to feel and explore every inch of her pussy...

The Slayer moved her finger around in the tight hole, then pushed in deeper until she encountered Cordy's hymen. After feeling and probing the thin barrier, she pulled her finger out and shifted her attention to the cheerleader's engorged clit that peeked out from underneath its hood.

"Ahhhhh, it's so cute!" Buffy cooed softly as she grabbed the little nubbin between her thumb and index finger and started playing with the tiny bundle of nerves.

Cordelia almost made a backwards somersault when Buffy pinched and tugged at her sensitive clitoris. "GODDDDD!!!!" she cried out as a combination of pain and pleasure shot through her body.

Wide-eyed she stared between her legs at the Slayer, who gave her a sheepish smile.

"Sorry," Buffy said before returning her attention to the cheerleader's slit.


Cordelia could see her alarm clock from where she was lying, so could say with absolute certainty that Buffy had just spend an entire hour studying and exploring her cunt --inside and out-- keeping her the entire time at the brink of orgasm!

Finally she couldn't take it anymore and began begging the Slayer for some release. "Damnit, Buffy!! Don't be such a little bitch and let me cum, you little clit-tease!"

The Slayer smirked at the cheerleader's attempt at begging. 'Cordelia is the only person I know who can make begging sound like insults...' However, she decided to take some pity on the horny brunette, and give her the release she so desperately needed.

Sticking out her tongue, Buffy gently caressed the cheerleader's swollen slit, getting a happy little moan from Cordelia in response.

She slowly stroked her tongue back and forth across Cordy's pussy: swiping it across her folds and dipping between the inner lips, meanwhile hungrily lapping up every drop of honey that dripped from the cheerleader's pussy. The Slayer moved her mouth up and took Cordelia's thick clit between her lips, hungrily sucking and nibbling on it for a couple of seconds before moving back to the cheerleader's slit.

"Mmmmmm! Oh yeah... that's the stuff! Lick my pussy, Buffy! Tongue-fuck my little slit!" the cheerleader happily crooned.

With steadily increasing speed, Buffy's tongue flicked across the brunette's swollen lips and probed inside her sopping slit... As her tongue moved faster and faster, the cheerleader went crazy with lust, bucking and shaking so wildly on the bed that it almost seemed like the brunette was in need of an exorcist.

"Ohhhh! Oh! Oh! OH YES!! OHHH!!! YESSSSS!!!!" Cordelia cried out in ecstasy. "I'm cumminggggg!!! I'm fucking CUMMINGGGG!!!!!" with a loud cry, she drenched the blonde's face with her juices.

Buffy's took the shaking brunette's clit in her mouth and sucked hard!

"Ohhhh fuckkkk!!!" the cheerleader groaned as an explosion of pain and pleasure made her loose consciousness.


As Cordelia came out of her post-orgasm blackout, she discovered Buffy lying beside her, playing with her tits... and the Slayer was totally naked! 'When did this happen?' the brunette thought confused while staring at the blonde's beautiful body. Automatically, her eyes started moving across Buffy's naked form, taking in the young woman's fit physique... her eyes widening a bit when she focused on the Slayer's slit and noticed that Buffy was completely bald down there. 'I'll bet she did that just to prevent people from finding out if she's a real blonde or not,' the cheerleader cynically speculated

Looking up, Cordy's face turned a bright red when she caught the Slayer's look and became aware that Buffy had caught her checking out the other girl's naked body.

"It's okay, Cordy," the Slayer smirked. "You are welcome to look," she added while sensually sliding her hands across her naked form. "In fact: you're welcome to do a lot more besides looking." Buffy finished, cupping her firm breasts and pinching her nipples as she said this.

Smiling reassuringly at the suddenly bashful brunette, Buffy grabbed Cordy's right hand gently and laid it on top of her abdomen.

Somewhat hesitantly, the brunette began to slide her hand across the Slayer's firm stomach, softly stroking the soft skin beneath her fingers... Her first experiences with touching another woman weren't disappointing... the unique texture of soft skin that covered the firm muscles underneath. 'It feels... kinda nice,' Cordelia decided.

Looking up, she noticed Buffy giving her an encouraging smile. Feeling braver, Cordelia slowly moved her hand up, until she was touching the blonde's firm, apple-sized breasts. Despite her initial hesitations about feeling up another girl, she did feel kinda curious... She sometimes wondered how it would be like to make it with another woman.

Cordy watched with interest as Buffy's small, pink nipples turned fully erect the moment her hand touched the Slayer's tits.

A heady rush of power and excitement went through her as noticed the effect she was having on the other girl. She hadn't expected Buffy to become so obviously aroused, just by her touching the blonde's boobs.

A smile crept across the cheerleader's lips and she started to slide her hand across the Slayer's pink-tipped globes... Her smile growing as she heard an excited moan coming from the blonde's lips.

She pushed herself up until she was sitting up straight, and then moved her other hand to the Slayer's tits: cupping both the firm, round globes... She jiggled them around for a bit, feeling their weight in her hands as she played with them.

'Very nice,' the brunette smiled to herself as she studied the blonde's breasts. 'Especially those perky pink nipples of hers...' she flicked her thumbs across the erect little nubbins, bringing forth another loud moan from the aroused Slayer. 'Mmmm, I guess her tits are as sensitive as mine judging from her moans...'

Taking each of the erect little knobs between her fingers, she started pinching and pulling on the cute pink nibs; making small surges of pain and pleasure shoot through the appreciative blonde's breasts.

"Mmm-Mmmm... Yesss!" Buffy groaned. "Play with my tits, Cordy... Ohhhh, yes! A little harder... Don't worry: I like it rough... YES!! Like that!"

With a big smile on her face, the cheerleader roughly pulled and twisted the blonde's stiff nipples... After all, if Buffy gets off on pain, then Cordelia was more then willing to help the blonde along.

'It's payback time for that little stunt she pulled in the Bronze!' With that thought in mind, she yanked hard on the Slayer's nipples; pulling them towards her until Buffy's stretched tits resembled a pair of ice-cream cones... Letting go, they jumped back to their original shape and she repeated the process over and over again.

"YES!! YESSS!!! That's it, Cordy!" Buffy cried out. "Twist my nipples! Torture my tits, you little bitch!"

Cordelia's eyes narrowed and she pulled even harder at the blonde's tits.

After letting Buffy's titties bounce back and forth for five minutes in a row, the brunette was ready for something else. Grabbing a breast with each hand, she roughly kneaded the firm globes. With a certain delight she watched as the tit-flesh bulged between her squeezing fingers. Hanging out with Buffy definitely increased her kinkier side... Speaking of Buffy: Judging from her red face and loud panting, the blonde is getting close to an orgasm.

'Let's see how hard I can make the blonde bitca cum!'

She let go of the Slayer's tits and gave them a couple of quick slaps, making each globe jiggle wildly and turn bright red.





Bending over, she took one of the stiff pink nipples in her mouth: sucking and nibbling hard on the rigid little button. She began switching back and forth between the Slayer's tits, using her hand to play with the nipple that wasn't in her mouth.

"Yes! Yes! YES! YES! OHHH YESSS!!! MAKE ME CUM HARD!!!" Buffy yelled out as she reached her climax.

Cordelia bit down on the Slayer's sensitive nipple in response, tugging at the little knob with her teeth.

"CORDYYYYY!!!!" Buffy bucked wildly on the bed as she finally climaxed.

The brunette watched with a strong sense of satisfaction as Buffy's powerful orgasm left the blonde gasping on the bed. 'Not bad for a first time,' she told herself.


Once the rush of excitement went down, a wave of embarrassment hit Cordelia. 'Oh Shit! What the Hell just happened here?! I just can't believe some of the depraved things we did here...' the cheerleader thought in shame. 'Wait! Scratch that! I can't believe the depraved things I did here; I have no trouble believing it from Buffy... Damnit! I always knew that that blonde menace over there has a bad influence on me.'

Sitting up on the bed, Cordelia quickly pulled up a sheet to cover her nudity. Looking up, she noticed the Slayer watching her movements with interest.

As soon as their eyes crossed, Buffy smiled impishly at the suddenly shy brunette and beckoned her closer.

The cheerleader raised a questioning eyebrow at the blonde. "What? You got what you came for, so I'm assuming we're done here..."

Buffy shook her head and shot the apprehensive brunette a wicked smile. "Nope, first it's time for you to return the pussy-lickin' favour, Cordy... I'm really curious if that sharp tongue of yours is as good at eating pussy, as it is at dealing out jibes and insults."

"W-w-what?" Cordelia stammered. "But I just made you cum only a couple of minutes ago! What's the matter with you?! Are you insatiable or something?"

Instead of replying, Buffy pushed the brunette on her back and parked her butt over the stunned cheerleader's face. Positioning her slit above the girl's mouth; she impatiently waited for Cordelia to start using her much feared tongue...

Nothing happened however, and the Slayer grew more impatient by the second. "I'm waiting, Cordelia."

"And you can just keep on waiting," the cheerleader replied from underneath her. "Because I'm not licking your slit, that's like... totally unhygienic!"

"You know... I saw this beautiful handcrafted, thick leather belt hanging in your closet, Cordy," Buffy casually remarked. "I'll bet that I could give your ass quite a workout with that heavy belt."

There was about a minute of silence, then the cheerleader let out a long, deep sigh. "You know... You really are a mega-bitch, Buffy Summers!" Cordelia called out exasperated.

Seconds later, the Slayer felt a soft tongue caress her slit... letting out a blissful little sigh, she spread her legs further apart, getting ready to enjoy the feel of the first oral sex she ever received. 'Mmmm, oh yeah... She just needs a little push now and again.'

With plenty of reluctance, Cordelia began licking the Slayer's cunt... Not really sure how to begin, she started stroking her tongue with broad swipes across the swollen labia-lips, lapping at the juices that dripped from the blonde's entrance.

The Slayer's snatch didn't actually taste that bad, the cheerleader grudgingly admitted to herself. She'd expected to encounter a sour taste, but Buffy's pussy actually tasted kinda sweet.

Gradually getting over her initial distaste of licking a girl's cunt, the brunette began using a little more finesse and started moving her tongue in little circles around and across the Slayer's hot centre.

"Ohhhhh... Mmmmm... That feels soooo nice," Buffy happily crooned. "Keep going, Cordy... Lick my cunt!"

The dark-haired cheerleader obediently skipped her tongue across the blonde's mons, dipping in between with the tip. Moving to the Buffy's puffy clit, she twirled around it and gave it a couple of quick flicks before moving back to the Slayer's swollen labia.

Reaching down, Buffy started playing with the brunette's big tits meanwhile enjoying the first-rate pussy licking the cheerleader was giving her. 'Ohhhh yes, this is fucking wonderful!' the Slayer said to herself. 'I would have made Cordelia give me head a long time ago, if I'd known what I was missing...'


Moving up and down, the Slayer started to hump Cordelia's pretty face; growing increasingly aroused from the special tongue-lashing the cheerleader was giving her.

Cordelia used her fingers to spread open the Slayer's folds, and drilled her tongue deep inside Buffy's bald little slit.

"Yessssssss!!!" Buffy hissed loudly as Cordy's talented tongue probed her pussy and the brunette started twirling it around.

The cheerleader tongue-fucked the Slayer's slit hard and fast while using her fingers to tug and twist the blonde's clit.

Removing her mouth from the Slayer's soaked little snatch she replaced it with a couple of fingers, which she roughly shoved inside --bringing forth a loud cry of pleasure from the other girl's mouth.

Buffy was now clearly approaching another orgasm and while she finger fucked the panting blonde, Cordelia focussed her oral efforts solely on the blonde's clit... She flicked her tongue swiftly against the stiff little nubbin, before taking it in her mouth and sucking HARD.

"FUCKKKKKK!!!!!" Buffy cried out, almost leaping right off the bed as an incredible climax made her body convulse...


"Holy fuck..." the blonde blissfully sighed while lying down beside the brunette. "That was incredible, Cordy!" she leaned over and kissed the cheerleader's soft lips.

After a slight hesitation, Cordelia accepted Buffy's tongue in her mouth and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

When they finally separated, Cordelia pulled the satin sheet over her naked form. Smirking at the watching Slayer, she leisurely rested her head on one of the thick pillows... Letting out a happy little sigh as her eyes slowly closed.

Leaning on her elbow, Buffy propped her head up with her hand and gazed longingly at the tired brunette.

Cordelia was totally worn out after servicing the Slayer for the better part of the night. And once she was covered up and lying comfortably, it didn't take her long to doze off.

With a tender smile, Buffy watched the exhausted brunette's relaxed features for a while as she slept... Then, snuggling under the satin sheet with the cheerleader, she wrapped her arms around the sleeping beauty's soft, naked body and rested her head on Cordy's full, pillowy breasts. 'Now this is the life!' the Slayer happily thought, a look of utter contentment on her face as she drifted into a deep slumber.


It was already early in the afternoon when Cordelia finally woke up. One of the first things she noticed was that except for herself, the bed was empty. It seemed Buffy had left...

The cheerleader stretched and yawned. She still felt a bit tired. Not so surprising when taking into account that Buffy kept her busy for most of the night... Even when they finally went to sleep, she was still awakened a few times later by a horny Slayer playing with her naked body. 'I swear she's like totally insatiable!'

A note on her nightstand explained that Buffy needed to be home when her mom called her for breakfast, or else her mother would freak out if she found out that her daughter wasn't there. The blonde also wrote that she had to help her mom with the gallery the entire weekend, so she -unfortunately- had to wait till Monday before seeing Cordelia again...

Then, the note suddenly got a lot more disconcerting:

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with you, Cordy... I'll drop by your place after school, so you can work off the debt you owe me by giving me additional "payments".

Enjoy your weekend.



'I guess that I should consider myself lucky that mega-bitch didn't demand some early morning nooky before leaving, since she already seems to regard me as her own personal little sex slave.' Cordelia thought to herself upon reading the note.

'Sooo, Buffy? You think that you can just break into my house anytime you like and just expect me to get naked and spread my legs for you? Well, psycho-girl: Guess again... Cordelia Chase is nobody's bitch!'

Picking up the phone, she pressed down on one of the speed dials. "Hello, Sunnydale Security? This is Cordelia Chase... I'm gonna need an immediate and SERIOUS security upgrade here."


Cordelia just finished her breakfast (or rather lunch) when she saw on the security monitor a van from Sunnydale Security approaching her driveway; she opened the gates and went outside the house to meet the security crew.

A large, burly man stepped out of the van and approached her. "Miss Cordelia Chase? Bill Manley, foreman and part owner of Sunnydale Security." They shook hands and he continued, "I heard you have some kind of security emergency?"

Cordelia nodded. "I need to upgrade our current system to the best security system you have available, and I need it installed by Monday."

The foreman was surprised by the young woman's request. "A complete overhaul? By Monday?" he let out a deep breath. "I'd have to pull some men from their other jobs, and it would mean a lot of overtime, which isn't cheap... If you let me start on Monday, I could have it finished before the week is over and it would cost about fifty percent less."

The cheerleader shook her head. "I'm dealing with sort of a stalker situation here, Mr. Manley," she replied. "And I'd like this to be ready when that person shows up at my house again."

"Have you thought about just calling the police on your stalker and see if they can't get a hold of him?" Bill asked.

"The situation is... kinda complicated," Cordelia replied. "And frankly: I wouldn't expect the police in this town to be able to get a hold of their own asses using both hands... even if you gave them a map and a video with instructions on how to go about it."

Bill burst out laughing. This girl seemed to share his less then high opinion of "Sunnydale's Finest". Once he managed to catch his breath, he smiled at the brunette and nodded. "I'll get my men right on it, Miss Chase." He learned not to ask too many questions since working in Sunnydale. If any town needed a lot of home security it was this one... and if she wanted to pay double to get it done this weekend, who was he to argue?


Cordelia didn't have the peaceful weekend she might have wished, due to endless sounds of construction, but it was worth it! With a strong feeling of satisfaction, she strolled next to the foreman as he explained the workings of her new security system.

"And we also installed several motion detectors around your property," Bill continued. "It will be impossible for an intruder to trespass on your grounds without being detected."

He pointed at the high fence, which guarded the Chase's property. "This is one of the best defences against intruders you have right now, Miss Chase: Your fence is just far enough away from the public road to allow us to make it into an electrical fence. My men have spend the most of the weekend grounding the entire fence and making sure to hang plenty of warning signs around it... There's now enough electrical current on it to make even the craziest stalker think twice before attempting to climb it."

Cordelia giggled as she pictured the look on Buffy's face when the Slayer came back for some more "payment" and unexpectedly got a bit of much needed shock therapy instead. 'DON'T fuck with Cordelia Chase, you butchy little bitch! And in this case: I mean that literally.'

The foreman led her to a steel cupboard, and opened it. Pointing at a control box inside, he explained, "And there we have the heart of the entire security system: the Sentinel 2000! It turns the electricity of the fence on and off when needed, it also makes sure that the motion detectors don't react to a squirrel or a bird... And when it detects an intruder: this little box warns the police and our security office."

"In this short amount of time, you can't do any better then this security system," Bill remarked. "Unless of course you'd like to add an alligator filled moat," he added laughing.

"Hmmm, could you give me a rough estimate on what a moat with alligators would cost?" the cheerleader inquired, recalling some of the amazing things she'd seen Buffy do.

Bill smiled at the brunette's remark. "Trust me, Miss Chase: this is house is pretty damn well secured," he reassured her. "It would take at least some kind of superhuman to break in here now!"

'Yeah...' the cheerleader somewhat nervously thought. 'And that's exactly what I'm worried about!'


Glancing into the mirror, Cordelia pouted her full lips; admiring the perfect job she'd done with her lipstick. 'Of course: with this face, how could you go wrong?' she figured as she carefully re-applied the rest of her make-up.

Seeing movement in the reflection she observed her friends from the cheerleading team ("her flock" as she liked to refer to them) entering the ladies room. The cheerleaders formed a half circle around Cordelia, nervously shuffling their feet as they waited for their leader to grant them her attention.

Ignoring their looks and polite coughs, Cordelia finished applying her eye shadow and once again admired the end result in the mirror.

Finally, tired of waiting, Harmony stepped forward and tapped the brunette cheerleader on her shoulder.

Letting out a tired little sigh, Cordelia turned around and raised a perfect eyebrow at the nervous blonde. "What is it, Harm?"

"Jessica Jones was at the Bronze Friday night, and she claims that when she went to the ladies room, she overheard Buffy Summers and another girl --who sounded remarkably like you-- going at it with each other," Harmony rushed out. A little bit slower she continued, "Now normally, I would right away consider this to be one of Jessica's sick little fantasies, but she seemed pretty sure of herself... So I really have to ask this: Did you have, like, sex in the restroom of the Bronze with Buffy "the Psycho" Summers?"

Cordelia felt her stomach turn as she listened to Harmony's question. 'Damn it! This certainly is a wonderful way to start another week of school!' The cheerleader angrily thought. 'Did I go through all the trouble of salvaging my reputation and social standing, just to see it all go to Hell again by being outed by that nosy bitch for having lesbian sex with a social outcast?!'

'Well, not in this lifetime! Besides, nothing really happened...' she told herself. 'So she fingered my slot, felt me up a bit and we gave each other head... So what?! That doesn't make me a lesbian; it doesn't even really count as sex. It's not like we fucked each other.'

Steadying her emotions, she put her familiar bitchy faŤade on and fixed the group of cheerleaders with her level 10 intensity glare. "Read my lips: I did NOT have sex with that woman, Buffy Summers!"

Stumbling back at the intensity of Cordelia's gaze, the cheerleaders seemed satisfied with her answer and quickly left the room.

Cordelia turned back to the mirror and frowned. 'Whoa! Did I just channel President Clinton here?' Sighing, she put away her make-up and left the ladies room. 'Only on the Hellmouth...'

She'd handled that situation pretty well, but as the cheerleader walked to her next class, a nagging thought kept popping up in her head. 'If that airhead Jessica Jones could figure out that there is something going on between Buffy and me, then it isn't so unlikely that someone else could do the same!'


"It is Cordelia Chase who is the Slayer's new love." Druscilla suddenly exclaimed, after breaking from her trance.

"What?!" Angelus stared in disbelief at his Childe, not sure if he heard her correctly. In his quest to find out who Buffy's new lover was, he had to retrieve one of Buffy's hairbrushes (with hair) from his old apartment to give Dru something to focus on, and THEN listen to her prattle on for an entire hour about the stars and Miss Edith, just for her to tell him that the bitchy cheerleader --of all people-- was Buffy's new love interest?! This could almost be considered funny if he wasn't so extremely pissed off right now.

"That doesn't sound quite right, Dru," his other, currently disabled, Childe remarked. "Are you sure that your... lines --or whatever-- aren't crossed, luv?"

The brunette vamp narrowed her eyes at the two very sceptical master vampires. "The stars never lie to me, Spike... You and daddy should know that by now."

Angelus issued Druscilla an incredulous look. "So you are telling me that Buffy's new flame is... a girl?! And not only is she dating a girl but she's seeing none other then Cordelia Chase? Those two were at each other's throats for as long as I've known them! How in the Seven Hells is this possible?!"

"Isn't it obvious, peaches?" Spike responded, a big grin covering almost his entire face. "Apparently, she wasn't as impressed with your sex-techniques as you initially thought... One night with you and she decided: It's girls only from now on! You turned the little chit into a ravin' dyke, mate!"

A few chuckles and snickers could be heard from several of the fledglings and minions who were hanging around their masters, but then a hushed silence fell upon the room as Angelus turned to Spike: game-face on and looking extremely pissed.

He took a couple of angry steps towards the crippled vamp but was quickly stopped by an intervening Druscilla. "Now, now, boys! Don't bicker... It's no fault of daddy that the nasty Slayer doesn't want him anymore." Closing her eyes, she turned her head to the ceiling, muttering and moaning softly to herself. Opening her eyes, she continued, "It's the slime of the Xargos demon that brought her and the cheerleader together."

"A Xargos demon!" Angelus exclaimed, his argument with Spike momentarily forgotten. "I've heard that such a demon has come to Sunnydale, so it is a possibility I suppose... On the other hand: the slime couldn't have affected and increased her feelings for Cordelia if she didn't possess strong feelings for the cheerleader to start with..."

"I just can't believe it!" Angelus continued after considering that option. He shook his head in wonder. "I know she harbours feelings for the redheaded witch, but for the bitchy cheerleader? I always assumed that any strong feelings she has for Cordelia were feelings of dislike..."

"Well, it seems you were wrong," Spike gleefully concluded, breaking the sudden silence in the mansion. "This kinda makes you think, doesn't it? The Slayer obviously into girls AND into the poof... Now Angelus, I'm not saying that you resemble a girl in anyway, but apparently--"

"Only finish that sentence if you want to end up in something worse then a wheelchair, Spike!"


Cordelia walked through the hallways on her way to the cafeteria when suddenly the door to a supply closet opened and a hand pulled her in.

"What the Fu--" the cheerleader exclaimed in shock, her words abruptly muffled by lips pressing down on hers.

"Buffy?!" Cordelia called out as she recognized those lips and the blonde they belonged to. "Listen, we really need to talk... I heard from Harmony th-- Mmmphhh!" Her words were once again cut off, this time by Buffy's tongue entering her mouth.

Except for her tongue, the Slayer also used her hands on the cheerleader's body. Hands that did so many things to her and moved so fast that there seemed to be at least four of them.

Before Cordelia was fully aware of it: her top was pushed down and her bra gone, disappeared in the same mysterious manner as her panties.

A bit disoriented, Cordelia stared down at Buffy's head; her eyes growing bigger as she watched the blonde dipping her face inside her cleavage.

The Slayer's breathing was noticeably heavier as she moved her mouth back and forth between the cheerleader's topless tits. Switching from one erect nipple to the other...

"It seems that the blood previously occupying your brain is now occupying... certain other places of your anatomy," the cheerleader muttered, a little breathlessly herself.

Cordelia felt her legs being gently nudged further apart, and then a hand moved between them. As two fingers slid inside her and started to finger fuck her, the brunette gave herself over to Buffy's hungry mouth and groping hands; leaning back against the door, she allowed the Slayer to ravage her.

Buffy grinned as she sensed the cheerleader's swift surrender. Moving her body back a bit, she allowed herself the time to fully take in and appreciate the beauty of Cordelia's exposed body... The brunette looked so incredibly hot, standing there red-faced and embarrassed: her dress pulled down at the top, fully exposing her big breasts... and the underside of the dress pushed up to her waist, revealing the cheerleader's sweet, delicious tasting little cunt to her eyes.

'If only all schooldays could be like this,' the blonde thought longingly as she continued to feel up the brunette. 'Wait a minute... Who says all schooldays CAN'T be like this?' After all: Cordelia owed her plenty for all the times she had saved the cheerleader's life, which meant that she pretty much owned the beautiful brunette.

The cheerleader let out a low stifled moan, as Buffy's fingers got increasingly busy in her slit; she was shaking so hard now, that if the blonde would pull away her fingers, she'd probably fall to the ground... Now there's something to think about; she certainly never imagined when she was on her way to the school's cafeteria, that a few minutes later she'd be leaning against a supply closet door where the only thing which kept her from falling would be Buffy's fingers frigging her slit.

Peeking out from under her eyelids, she watched the blonde grin at her, like the Slayer was somehow aware that she was watching, and thinking about her...

"Oh yeah... that feels good, doesn't it, Cordy?" Buffy asked the cheerleader. "It feels good to have my fingers inside of you... bringing you to that orgasm you so desperately need right now."

Cordelia felt herself blush and tightly closed her eyes... Seconds later, she felt the Slayer's hot breath on her ear, as the blonde moved her face close to hers and started whispering in her ear. "It's okay, sweetie," Buffy told her, almost tenderly. "It's okay to like it, to love it even... You're a healthy, good-looking young woman, so it's only natural that you enjoy your pussy being played with."

The cheerleader felt her right nipple being pinched and let out a small gasp.

"And let not forget your tits," Buffy continued. "Those big juicy jugs of yours... I just love the way they jiggle on your chest while I finger fuck your little slit... I swear: I could just suck on those babies for hours at a time and still not get tired of them."

Cordelia grunted as she felt the Buffy's hot mouth envelop her left breast.

The Slayer suckled happily on the cheerleader's teat for a while... then raised her head to whisper more dirty talk in the cheerleader's ear. "Mmmm, that was yummy," she huskily whispered. "But let's focus on your sweet little pussy for now... because you have such a wonderful tight little cunt, Cordy. That tastes so delicious! I can hardly wait for you to shoot your yummy juices all over my fingers so I can taste you again..."

"Would you do that for me, Cordelia?" the Slayer sweetly inquired, while thrusting her fingers faster and deeper inside the cheerleader's slit. "Would you cum for me, so I can lap up your sweet juices?"

A long lustful moan was the brunette's only reply.

Buffy pressed her thumb against the cheerleader's erect clit, and rubbed the stiff little nubbin.

"Cum for me, Cordy!" the Slayer hissed into the other girl's ear. "Soak my fingers with your sweet girl-juice!"

The friction on her clit, the fingers in her slit, and Buffy's dirty talk worked Cordelia over the edge. With a stifled cry, she obeyed the Slayer's command and came all over the blonde's thrusting fingers. "OOOOoooooohhhhhh!!!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! Oh! Ohhh!" she kept on grunting, as Buffy continued to push her fingers up her dripping wet cunt.

The Slayer abruptly pulled her fingers out and licked them clean... then stuck them back inside the cheerleader's snatch and continued fucking her... Then pulled her fingers out again and repeated her previous actions... Occasionally, the blonde would kneel down and replace her fingers with her tongue; she kept on doing this till the brunette was completely drained.

Cordelia felt like she was about to faint from the overwhelming sensations that the blonde's tongue and fingers were bringing her, when suddenly: the fingers and tongue were gone from her pussy... Without Buffy's fingers to hold her up she slowly slid down to the floor --just like she thought she would-- until she was on her knees in front of the blonde, still panting from her multiple orgasms.

With a satisfied smile, Buffy licked each of her fingers clean --savouring Cordy's fresh flavour-- while at the same time closely studying the recuperating cheerleader.

As Cordelia recovered from her orgasm, the Slayer gently stroked the cheerleader's long brown hair, running her fingers through the silky strands... Noticing the brunette looking up at her, Buffy shot --the still heavy breathing-- Cordelia a bright smile. "You just happen to be in the perfect position for our next game," she cheerfully informed the cheerleader.

"And what game would that be?" Cordelia inquired warily.

The blonde's smile grew bigger as she reached down and pulled up her mini-skirt, revealing her panty-less and hairless crotch to the cheerleader's eyes. "It's called: Satisfy the Slayer With Your Mouth."

"I'll bet it's mostly you who likes to play that game," the brunette muttered before bringing her mouth down to the Slayer's bald cunt.

Buffy looked down pleasantly surprised as the cheerleader started lapping at her pussy without the need of any further prodding. 'Good! She's learning already...' Closing her eyes, the Slayer silently enjoyed the wonderful feeling of that soft tongue stroking and tickling her slit.

'Oh yeah! Cordelia has a natural flair for licking pussy,' Buffy thought blissfully as the tip of Cordy's tongue circled her clit and gave it a couple of quick flicks. 'She's so fucking good at it!'

The blonde's hands returned to Cordelia's head and resumed their play with the cheerleader's beautiful brown locks.

Cordelia buried her face deeper in Buffy's cunt and suckled and nibbled at the Slayer's folds.

It took only a few minutes of Cordelia's expert treatment to make the blonde's slit soaking wet.

"Mmmmm! Yesssss!! You're such a talented little pussy-licker, Cordy!" Buffy sighed happily and patted the cheerleader's head.

Cordelia looked up to shoot the Slayer a laser-like glare, before resuming her oral duties.

The cheerleader quickly lapped at Buffy's increasing wetness, licking up every drop of the Slayer's secretions. Once that task was completed, Cordelia jammed her tongue deep inside Buffy's tight hole and began tongue fucking the blonde with quick, hard jabs.

"Ohhh! Mmmm! Oh! Mmmmm!! OH! Ohhhh!!" Buffy felt her orgasm build up inside of her, like a dam ready to explode. "Ohhh Cordy! Oh yessss!" the Slayer called out. "That feels sooo good! So fucking good!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me, you little bitch!! Stick that long talented tongue of yours deep inside my cunt!"

"YESSSS!!! Like THAT!! Fuck me!! FUCK ME!!!" Shaking on her feet, Buffy pressed the cheerleader's face against her cunt as she felt her orgasm wash over her. "YESSSSSS!!!!!"

With her face pressed against the Slayer's snatch, the only way to prevent getting drowned in the blonde's juices was to lap it all up as quickly as she could. 'This isn't entirely normal either,' Cordelia pondered as she swallowed down what seemed like a half a gallon of girl-cum. 'What the Hell is going on here?! Is she, like, half part Slayer and half part geyser?'

Finally though, the stream of secretions ended, and Buffy let go off her face. "Could you've possibly been any more louder?" the cheerleader wryly commented as she moved her face away from the Slayer's dripping slit. "I think there are still some people on the other side of the school who may not have heard you."

The Slayer smirked and blew the brunette a kiss. Buffy then playfully tousled Cordelia's hair before issuing the cheerleader another command. "Clean my pussy, Cordy."

They looked into each other's eyes, and for a moment, there seemed to be sort of a staring contest going on between the two girls... then Cordelia returned her mouth to the blonde's pussy and started cleaning Buffy's shaved little slit with her tongue.

With her hands on her hips and her legs spread apart, the Slayer looked down smiling at the dark-haired head bobbing between her legs. Just watching Cordelia using her tongue on her pussy turned her on again, combined with the feeling of that soft, yet raspy little tongue dipping between her labia-lips, made her want to rip the brunette's clothes off, lay her across that table and fist that beautiful bitch until she came like never before!

'Take it easy, remember: baby-steps.' Buffy told herself.

She didn't want to scare Cordelia off by being too aggressive. So she had to hold back the strong, sometimes overwhelming feelings she felt for the cheerleader, and that wasn't always easy... Certainly not in those long, boring classes where she spend a lot of her time staring at the brunette, while she longed to fuck the cheerleader right there on her desk...

Besides, Cordelia is still a virgin, in which case fisting: never a good idea.

Unaware of Buffy's thought process, Cordelia meticulously licked up every drop of the Slayer's juices, cleaning the blonde's slit inside and out.

After licking the Slayer's slit so clean that it was shiny from her saliva, Cordelia pulled Buffy's mini skirt down and got back up again.

She quickly put her clothes back in order and worriedly checked her face with her compact mirror. 'It's a good thing I'm using waterproof cosmetics!' It didn't take her more then a minute or two to repair the damage Buffy's cum-bath had done to her face. 'I now know who I want with me if I ever get lost in the desert.'

Retuning her mirror and mascara to her purse, she turned to face the amusedly watching Buffy, and shot the blonde an impervious look. "Now if you don't mind: I'm going to the cafeteria to eat my lunch."

The sound of a bell could suddenly be heard.

"It seems lunch break has just ended," Cordelia noted disappointedly.

"Then it's a good thing you just finished eating me," Buffy grinned.

Cordelia glared at the blonde for a moment, then turned around; she was about to open the door, when Buffy drew her in for a quick hug (and felt her up in the process). "I might be by after school to receive further "payment" from you," the blonde whispered in her ear.

Turning her head, Cordelia returned the Slayer's smirk with one of her own. 'Oh really? We'll just see about that!'


"Excellent move, Buffy," Giles complimented the Slayer. "Now try some kicks."

Buffy followed up with a couple of powerful high kicks aimed at the punching pads that watcher held in front of him.

The force of the kicks made Giles stumble backwards and cringe despite the thick padded protection he was wearing.

"Y-yes, very good, Buffy." The elderly watcher quickly stepped out of the Slayer's reach. "I think that's enough training for today... you seem to be in excellent shape."

"See! I told you I was fine," Buffy triumphantly said, doing a bit of mock shadowboxing while dancing around the watcher.

"And it would appear you are correct," Giles calmly replied while watching his Slayer bounce around. "However, it is my duty as your watcher to make certain that you're all right... especially after a dangerous encounter like your recent battle with the slime-composed demonic entity."

Buffy gave her watcher a fond smile. "And I appreciate you "watching out" for me, Giles... but like I said: I'm feeling fine. Better then fine actually, I haven't felt this good in ages."

"Yes..." Giles said, sounding a bit puzzled. "I've noticed the extra-ordinary amount of stamina you have today, and the training session doesn't seem to have affected you in the slightest."

"You haven't seen anything yet," Buffy smiled. Winking at the older man, she leaped forwards and flipped all the way to the other side of the library. When she reached the end, she back-flipped until she was standing beside the watcher again.

"Ta-daa!" the blonde called out while thrusting her arms in the air like an Olympian gold-medal winner. "What d'ya think about that?"

"Impressive," the librarian nodded. "I'm sure the vampires will agree should you repeat that on your next patrol."

Buffy grinned in response. "I know, I know... Slaying is not a joking matter, Buffy," the blonde said, doing a reasonable impersonation of the watcher's voice. "It is a sacred duty. While performing it, it's considered most unwise to clown around with your opponents --and there are few things more hazardous then unnecessary acrobatics during a battle."

"I'm glad to hear that at least some of the advice I've given you seems to stick," Giles retorted wryly. "Now, if you would also follow that advice then that would solve a lot of our problems."

"Oh, don't be such a stuffy duffy, Giles." Buffy admonished her watcher. "And I do follow your advice... well, most of the time anyway."

Giles coughed politely in response to the Slayer's statement.

Buffy pulled a face at the obviously sceptical librarian. "Nevermind!" she huffed indignantly.

They smiled at each other.

"Hey... where's the gang?" Buffy asked, suddenly aware of her friends conspicuous absence. "Willow and Oz are usually already here by the time we start my training and Xander always shows up during... once he gets out of detention."

"Willow is doing some research for me," the watcher replied. "Yesterday I received a message from a colleague, he mentioned that he came across a website which he suspects belong to a powerful clan of vampires," Giles explained while removing the padded suit he had worn for additional protection. "This particular clan is renowned for their use of modern equipment, and if that website is truly theirs then it might contain some very useful information about the workings of this clan... like their strategies and their current hierarchy."

The watcher let out a sigh of relief as he stripped away the last piece of the hot, confining suit. "Anyway, I've asked Willow to investigate the matter since I don't know a bloody thing about computers... She looked the site up and discovered that its very well protected --which doesn't really surprise me... She now wants to chop into the website--"

"I think you mean: 'hack into the website'," Buffy helpfully interrupted.

"Whatever," the old-fashioned watcher shrugged. "And apparently she needs to use her computer at home for that, something about not enough megahorses--"


"Okay, not enough Megahertz on the contraption we have in the library," Giles finished.

"So Willow went home?"

"Yes, and Oz went with her."

"What about Xander? Did he go with them as well?"

"No, but I gave him a picture with the insignia of the clan and asked him to compare it with the crests on some of the larger crypts on Restfield cemetery, to see if there are any matches."

"Why? What's that gonna accomplish?"

"Nothing. But he kept going on and on about Cordelia, and I wanted some quiet time to myself."

"So you send him out on a wild goose chase?" Buffy giggled. "I'm impressed, Giles. That's totally wicked of you."

"Thank you, Buffy." The watcher took a light bow. "I learned from the best," he continued dryly, indicating the smiling Slayer.

Buffy's smile grew bigger when it suddenly occurred to her that with her friends otherwise occupied, she now had the perfect opportunity to pay Cordelia another visit. She felt herself getting aroused again, just by thinking about the beautiful brunette.

"You know," the blonde said while inching her way to the door. "Some quiet time sounds like a good idea; I think I'll try that myself for a change."

Giles raised a questioning eyebrow at the suddenly fidgeting Slayer. "Really? I never took you for the quiet-time type."

"Well..." Now it was Buffy's turn to shrug. "You've got to try anything at least once before knowing if you like it or not... Right?"

"Right." A small smile appeared on the watcher's lips. "See you tomorrow, Buffy."

"Bye, Giles!"

Pushing through the doors, Buffy left the library quickly behind her.


Rupert Giles stood in front of the window, a thoughtful expression on his face as he watched Buffy run across the school's courtyard. The young Slayer moved so fast that she'd left the school grounds and was out of his sight in a matter of seconds.

Sitting down at the large table, he replayed their after-school training session in his head. Buffy had been faster, stronger and more energetic during this latest workout then he'd ever seen her before. Her current burst of power could just be a natural development of her Slayer abilities... but that wouldn't explain the blonde's unusual behaviour in the last couple of days, though.

He started thumping his fingers on the table's surface as he searched his memory for a possible curse or spell that would explain both his Slayer's newfound strength and her strange behaviour.

After considering every possibility and scenario he could think of, Giles slapped the palm of his hand on the wooden surface. 'This is ridiculous! I'm reading way too much into this situation and getting all worked-up over nothing. There's probably a very reasonable and logical explanation for Buffy's increased abilities... as for her strange conduct lately: mood swings and erratic behaviour are perfectly natural for a teenager.'

Putting all worries about Buffy out of his mind, the watcher went back to cataloguing his newly acquired shipment of Demonology books.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, in a large impressive, yet somewhat neglected looking mansion: a small group of vampires had come together --and Buffy Summers was very much on their minds right now.

Two master vampires and several other high-ranking members of Clan Aurelius were gathered in the basement and watched with interest (and a sense of relief) as the third master vampire present -Druscilla- finally got to the last stages of the lengthy magic ceremony she was performing.

Standing in front of a large black cauldron, the vampire-witch used both hands to weave a series of intricate symbols in the air while chanting a magic spell:

"Spirits who see, hear and know all,"
"Hear these words and obey my call..."
"Find me the Slayer called Buffy Summers!"

Picking up the hairbrush Angelus had brought her, she pulled a few strands of hair from the bristles and dropped them in the cauldron.

Immediately the boiling potion inside started to swirl around, displaying a wide variety of colours.

Waving her hands above the cauldron, Druscilla completed the final part of the spell:

"Use now this essence from the person I speak,"
"and search this world to find the one whom I seek."
"Then magick this brew, so we can see,"
"her every move and every word,"
"Wherever she may be!"

Angelus and Spike, together with some of the braver (and more curious) vamps, stepped closer to the cauldron and peered intently inside, waiting for the spell to take affect.

"You really think this will work, luv?" Spike questioned. "I thought that vampire magick only works when the sun is down."

"This is no vampire magick, my darlin' Spike," Druscilla answered while dancing around the crippled vamp. "It's just an ordinary Wicca spell that Miss Edith whispered in me ear last night." The vampire got a dreamy look in her eyes and smiled to herself. "Miss Edith has been such a great help... she'll be getting extra crumpets at our next tea party... they'll be filled with jelly, and there'll be sweets afterwards, and--"

"That's nice, Dru," Angelus interrupted. "But as long as it helps me find out what Buffy is up to; I don't care if it's Santa Claus himself who told you the spell."

The brunette hissed at her Sire. "Bad, bad daddy! You know that even mentioning that mean old man gives me nightmares..." For a moment the female vamp pouted, then her eyes narrowed. "As punishment daddy will get no tea and crumpets for an entire week."

Angelus rolled his eyes and was about to say something when Spike suddenly spoke up.

"Keep your eyes on the game, mates... I think our lil' kettle is starting to stew."

The surface of the brew began to shimmer... Slowly, the silhouette of a person could be made out.

As the vision improved, the three vampires got a clear view of the Slayer running down the streets of a posh neighbourhood.


Buffy's quick jog came to a screeching halt when she reached the entrance to the Chase's property and saw several new signs planted near the gate --the lightning bolt and a warning on them indicating that the fence was now under heavy electrical current.

The Slayer's mouth fell open when she noticed a separate sign on the gate itself. It had a life-sized picture of her face on it. There was a red circle around her head and through it ran a red diagonal bar, underneath it was the text: "No Buffys allowed!"


Cordelia Chase leisurely leaned back in her comphy lawn chair. 'Ahhhh, this is the life! Just what I need in these times of stress,' the cheerleader happily thought. 'Relaxing in a comfortable chair while picking up some rays, combined with the occasional dip in the swimming pool... and best of all: no fake blondes around demanding sexual favours!'

'The only thing missing is a nice cold drink.' Cordelia was about to ring for the maid, when she remembered that Rosita was currently in Mexico, visiting her relatives, and wouldn't be back for another week.

'Looks like I'll have to get my own drink.'

Sighing, she stood up and walked to the house.


Carrying a small tray that held a glass and an ice-cold bottle of diet-coke, Cordelia returned to the terrace and walked back to her chair. Then she saw something that caused her to halt to a complete stop.

In her previously occupied chair sat the familiar form of Buffy Summers, wearing a tank top, tight shorts, a pair of sunglasses and nothing much else... and on the table next to the Slayer lay the beat up, crumbled, but still recognizable form of the Sentinel 2000 control box.

The cheerleader let out a small gasp as she stared at what remained of her high-priced alarm system. "Well, that certainly was money well spend!" Cordelia sarcastically spat out, while giving the battered box a scornful glare. 'I really should have gone for the alligator filled moat!' she then considered.

Cordy looked at Buffy again, and the blonde returned her look with an obvious smirk. 'On the other hand, if I'd gone for the alligators: Superbitch would now probably be sitting there wearing a pair of brand-new alligator boots with a matching purse beside her.'

However, any thoughts about her alarm system or the Slayer's attire were quickly forgotten when she noted somewhat anxiously that Buffy was giving her a little signal to come nearer. The Slayer didn't say anything, but still had that annoying little smirk on her face as she beckoned her closer with her index finger.

With feet that suddenly seemed to be made out of lead, Cordelia shuffled towards the other girl until she was standing right next to the blonde Slayer.

Buffy looked at the drink Cordelia was still holding and held out her hand. With a resigned look on her face, the cheerleader put down the tray and handed her Coke to the grinning girl.

The smiling blonde teasingly licked her lips, put the bottle at her mouth, and emptied the entire bottle in one long draught.

Putting the bottle on the small table next to her, Buffy let out the first sound she'd made so far: a satisfied sounding "Ahhhhhh!"

The Slayer then took off her sunglasses, shot the cheerleader a pointed look and invitingly patted her lap.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. Letting out a weary little sigh, she leaned over and laid herself across Buffy's lap. 'Here we go again.'


It didn't take long for the cheerleader's punishment to start. With a determined look, Buffy let her hand crash down on Cordy's barely covered buttocks.


There was a sharp intake of breath from the brunette, but that was Cordelia's only response. 'Oh well, I'm sure I'll get more of a reaction very quickly,' the Slayer silently predicted, and followed with a quick series of spanks.


"Ow! Ow! Owwww!!" the cheerleader cried out.


"That was very naughty of you, Cordy," Buffy calmly told the brunette while letting more spanks rain down on the girl's upturned buttocks. "Putting in a high-tech alarm system while I was away..."



"It would almost make me feel a bit unwelcome."

"No, really?!" Cordelia sarcastically bit out. "What tipped you off? That picture of you on the gate, saying: "No Buffys allowed!" maybe?" The brunette's snide remark was quickly followed by another cry as Buffy landed a couple of particular hard spanks on the cheerleader's rosy-red buttocks.


"I have to admit... that was pretty funny," the Slayer replied, a touch of admiration sounding in her voice.


"Owwww!! Ouch!!!"

"I was sorta wondering how you got that sign made so quickly," Buffy continued thoughtfully; she let her hand rest on the cheerleader's behind and gently stroked the warm, silky skin.

"Actually... I had that sign made almost half a year ago," Cordelia replied, a smile on her face despite her painful behind. "together with a "No Xanders allowed!" and a "No Willows allowed!" sign... they were just lying around in my closet ever since, waiting for the perfect time to be used... I was hoping to surprise you and the other scoobies with them when you showed up for the prom, but this was nice too."

For a long moment Buffy stared down in disbelief at the beautiful, but oh so infuriating girl on her lap. "Thanks for sharing, Cordy!" she told the brunette. "Only a bitch like you could come up with something like that! I now feel a whole lot less guilty for spanking the tar out of you."


"Yeah, right!" Cordelia grunted. "Like you feel anything resembling guilt when you spank my bare behind... I think you're confusing lust with guilt here, Bunny... and just for the record: I'm not the only bitch around here!"

SMACK!!! "First of all, it's Buffy NOT Bunny!" SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!!

"But you make a good point," Buffy conceded with a smirk. "I do enjoy spanking that cute little ass of yours..." the blonde halted the spanking and placed her hand between the cheerleader's spread legs. Pulling aside the string, she rubbed a finger across Cordy's wet entrance and stuck it inside. "Almost as much as you seem to enjoy lying naked across my lap, getting your butt blistered."

Cordelia moaned softy as Buffy started fingering her dripping slot. Then, as the blonde's words sunk in, quickly stifled the moan. "No, I DON'T!!" she protested hotly.

"You don't?" Buffy asked mockingly surprised. "Hmmm, then explain this to me, Cordy... why does your pussy always get wet when I spank you?"

Cordelia felt a mixture of embarrassment and arousal at the Slayer's words.

"Admit it, little Miss May Queen... you love my hands on your body, even when I'm using said hands to redden your behind." Buffy added a second finger and started finger-fucking the brunette at a rapid pace.

"No, I don't." Cordelia repeated, slightly breathless from her growing arousal.

"Come on, Cordy... Say it!" Buffy encouraged the cheerleader, her fingers moving faster. "Tell me how much you love me touching you... playing with those big tits and this tight little cunt."

"In your dreams, mega-slut!"

The Slayer's eyes narrowed at this latest insult. "Suit yourself, Cordy." Buffy said, her voice cheerful even though she felt mildly disappointed about the cheerleader's continuing denial. "In that case, I'll just get to work on your butt again." She pulled her fingers from the cheerleader's snatch and resumed the spanking.



Buffy looked down at the brunette's glowing red behind and smiled. To borrow an expression from her mom: the cheerleader was now one well-punished young lady...

Lying quietly across her lap, and allowing the Slayer to stroke her painful bottom and play with her dangling breasts --without any objections or the usual snide remarks-- Cordelia seemed chastised and obedient (well, for the moment at least).

'Better take advantage of this rare situation,' Buffy told herself. Helping Cordy off of her lap, she stood the cheerleader in front of her and issued the brunette a bright smile.

"Stand there, put your hands behind your neck and slowly turn around," she ordered.

Buffy noticed the cheerleader giving her a dirty look, but Cordelia did as she was told; putting her hands behind her neck she made a slow twirl.

"Nice!" Buffy complimented, while raking her eyes across Cordelia's tanned, trim body.

The beautiful brunette was dressed in nothing more then a skimpy, emerald-green bikini. The bottom consisted of a small piece of cloth in the front (that was only barely adequate to conceal the cheerleader's triangle of hair) and a string in the back, which seemed to be specially designed to show off Cordy's round, perfect little butt. Meanwhile, the bikini-top --which was filled to the bursting point-- was fighting a losing battle with constraining Cordelia's ample bosom. It seemed like the brunette's big breasts were going to be falling out of those too small cups at any moment now... something to which Buffy was most eager to lend a helping hand.

The Slayer's mouth turned dry as her eyes fully took in this picture of perfection, and the familiar, intense feeling of desire for the cheerleader rose up again.

"Very nice!" Buffy finally concluded in an almost worshipful tone.

Cordelia smirked at the blonde's comment but didn't say anything.

With a slightly trembling hand, Buffy reached out for the string that held the skimpy top together, noting with satisfaction that Cordy obediently kept her hands in place, even though she was about to expose her tits. After savouring the heady mix of power and lust she felt at this, she untied the top and let it slide down.

Instantly, the cheerleader's breasts sprang free, lightly bouncing as the top dropped to the ground.

The Slayer took the newly freed mammaries in her hand and happily played with the brunette's bouncy twins for a while... Looking straight into the cheerleader's eyes, she gave each of the erect nipples a quick pinch & pull, listening with delight at the small grunt coming from Cordelia's lips... Buffy lightly tugged and twisted the brunette's nipples some more and noticed a deep red flush appearing on Cordy's face.

After having her way with the brunette's boobs, Buffy moved her hands down to the cheerleader's small waist. A few seconds later, the green bikini bottom joins the green top on the ground.

Buffy felt a sense of completeness now she had Cordelia completely naked in front of her again. With her eyes fixated on the brunette's neat triangle of brown curls, she played her hands across the cheerleader's firm, beautiful body...

The blonde's roving hands slowly but surely made their way down towards the May Queen's centre... Finally meeting there, they petted and played with the brunette's soft patch of fur.

Buffy got up from the chair and, after moving the cheerleader a few steps backwards, kneeled in front of her and moved her face only inches away from Cordy's slit. Placing her hands back on the cheerleader's crotch, she used both hands to spread apart the brunette's labia-lips and peered inside the well-exposed opening.

Using her eyes and fingers, the Slayer took her time to study and explore every inch of the scrumptious pussy before her, enjoying the sweet nectar that flowed from the cheerleader's tight tunnel...

She interrupted her investigation of Cordelia's private parts to look at the cheerleader's face and saw the brunette glaring down at her; Cordy's glare seemed to hold a mixture of annoyance, incredulity and arousal.

Giving the brunette a wink, Buffy moved her hands to the girl's waist and slowly turned her round 'till she was looking straight at the cheerleader's beautiful behind.

She placed her hands on Cordy's round buttocks and started stroking the two well-defined, firm globes.

"You've got a wonderful tight little ass, Cordy," Buffy commented to the cheerleader. "It's a shame that I've got to spank it so often."

Cordelia ignored the compliment and the little jibe, standing stoically while the blonde Slayer fondled her from behind.

"Let me see that beautiful butt a little better... bend over and touch your toes."

Buffy wasn't entirely sure but she thought she saw Cordelia make an obscene gesture her way. Maybe she just imagined it, because the brunette obediently leaned over and presented her ass... On the other hand, Cordy did seem a bit more pissed off and also quieter then usual.

Maybe a refreshing dive in the pool would improve the cheerleader's bad mood, the Slayer considered. It would certainly cool of the Cordy's red butt... She also could use a nice, cool swim herself since she was feeling plenty hot right now... first though, she wanted to play a little more with Cordelia's magnificent body.

"Mmmm... very good," Buffy told the brunette while patting her on the butt. It was better then good actually, bending over like this the cheerleader's round butt resembled a delicious looking, juicy red apple... one that she would love to sink her teeth in.

She gazed deferentially at this spectacular sight before issuing her next command, "Now I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks, so I can get a better look."

"God! Could you possible be a bigger perv?!" the cheerleader called back over her shoulder.


After getting a bit of "encouragement" from Buffy, Cordelia bowed her head down again and --without any further commentary-- reached back and pried apart her buttocks.

Buffy felt an increasing heat in her groin as she stared at both of the cheerleader's exposed openings. It's already incredibly arousing to see all of Cordy's charms uncovered and up-close, but to have Sunnydale High's most popular girl hold herself open like this made the whole experience almost unworldly...

Hastily unbuttoning her cut-off's, she slipped a hand inside and placed it on her throbbing centre. After giving her clit a few gentle rubs she inserted a finger into her dripping pussy and started fingering herself, meanwhile inspecting the brown-haired beauty's cunt and asshole.

Leaning closer, the Slayer stroked her left hand across the cheerleader's upturned buttocks while her right hand remained busy between her legs...

Slowly she moved her hand lower until it was caressing Cordy's slit. She then stuck out a finger and dipped it inside Cordelia's moist little cunt.

A gasp came from the cheerleader and a grin appeared on the Slayer's lips when she noticed just how wet her reluctant lover already is. 'Despite Cordelia's many protestations, she always seems to be soaking wet when I feel her up.'

In the same pace that she used to finger-fuck herself, Buffy started sliding her finger in and out the cheerleader's sopping slot.

She waited until they were both pretty worked up, then pulled out the finger covered with Cordy's juices. Buffy circled the well-lubricated finger around the brunette's little pink asshole a couple of times, then pushed it inside.

"HEY!!!" Cordelia cried out, when with one quick thrust the blonde stuck an entire finger up her ass.

The cheerleader leapt forwards, dislodging Buffy's finger from her butt. Turning around, she shot a glare at the infuriating blonde. "Keep your fingers out of my ass, bitch! This is were I draw the line."

Buffy smirked at the annoyed brunette and stood up. "I think we both need to cool off a bit," she told the cheerleader while pulling her hand from her cut-offs. "Let's take a quick dip in the pool."

Cordelia looked down at her own nudity, then --with a look of uncertainty-- eyed the few pieces of clothing which the Slayer was still wearing. "It looks to me like you're wearing a bit much for swimming."

Buffy shot back a smile. "You may undress me," she said with a haughty voice that sounded remarkably much like Cordelia's.

The cheerleader's eyes narrowed as she glared at the blonde. "What am I? Your slave?"

Instead of responding, Buffy just smirked and stared at the brunette.

Cordelia got her 'bitch' on and stared back with full intensity... However, she soon got tired of this staring contest and felt herself becoming flustered. The knowledge that the Slayer could kick--or rather spank her ass anytime she wanted made her a bit uncomfortable and feel like this whole staring match was pretty much meaningless: If Buffy really wanted her assistance in undressing then she hadn't have much choice but to do what the blonde wanted... either that or probably get another spanking, and she certainly wasn't in the mood for that!

Issuing the smirking girl a look of utter disgust, Cordelia stepped closer and began removing the blonde's tight tank top. Buffy didn't help a whole lot, but with a lot of tugging she managed to pull it off over the Slayer's head, thereby freeing the other girl's firm, apple-sized breasts.

'She obviously changed before coming over here,' Cordelia silently observed. 'Because I certainly would have remembered if she wore this outfit at school.'

For a few seconds the cheerleader stared at her adversary's pink-tipped tits, then quickly kneeled down and tugged at the Slayer's shorts --trying to complete her task as quickly as possible.

With a hard pull she yanked the cut-offs down to the blonde's knees, and found herself staring straight at Buffy's bald snatch. Glancing up, she saw the Slayer smiling down at her.

"I've a feeling this ain't gonna be the last time you'll be down on your knees staring at my cunt, Cordy."

Cordelia's cheeks and ears turned a bright red. Looking down again, she pretended to cough in her hand, "Ugh-Bitch-ughhh!"

"Very smooth, Cordy." Buffy chuckled from above her. "Now get to work again on getting these cut-offs off of me."

The brunette started tugging on the shorts again and managed to quickly pull them down the blonde's legs. Lifting the Slayer's feet one by one, she removed the cut-offs and laid them on the table.

Having completed her task, Cordelia glanced up again at the smiling blonde.

"That's a good girl," Buffy told the cheerleader while giving her a little pat on the shoulder. "As a reward I'll make you cum after our little swim."

With a fluid motion, the cheerleader got up on her feet. Straightening to her full length, she folded her arms across her chest and scowled at the smaller blonde. "You know, Buffy... It's one thing that you spank my ass and make me lick your pussy, but I could really do without those little pats and the condescending remarks; I'm not your fuckin' bitch!"

The Slayer's eyes sparkled angrily and she folded her arms in front of her, mimicking the cheerleader's pose. "I don't think YOU of all people should complain about condescending remarks, Cordy... NOT when you're the Queen of condescending remarks on Sunnydale High --and possibly of the entire state of California," Buffy heatedly retorted. "As for not being my bitch... well, wrong again!" With those three words, the Slayer put one hand on Cordy's backside and placed the other behind her head, and drew the stunned brunette in for a kiss.

Conquering the cheerleader's lips, Buffy put all the passion, anger, lust and love she felt for Cordelia in this one kiss. The lip-lock lasted for several minutes and it didn't take long before Buffy felt the tall brunette starting to respond and return the kiss. Encouraged by the cheerleader's response, the Slayer removed the hand that was holding the other girl's head and lowered it to join with the hand on Cordy's butt.

With both hands conveniently on the brunette's behind, Buffy began kneading Cordy's firm, round buttocks, immensely enjoying the feel of those well-muscled globes in her hands combined with the sensation of the cheerleader's soft lips pressing against her own.

When their lips finally parted they were swollen from the kiss and the bewildered brunette had to hold on to the Slayer due to her trembling legs.

Once Cordelia had regained some of her strength and could stand on her own again, Buffy took a step back and watched the confused cheerleader with a somewhat smug smile on her face.

Still a bit dazed from the Slayer's words and the subsequent kiss, Cordelia silently gazed at the blonde's exposed body. 'At least Buffy is as naked as me for a change,' she pondered absently while studying her nemesis' nude form. 'She may be a bitch queen from hell, but she's also got one hell of a body.' Cordelia grudgingly admitted to herself. 'I have to give her credit for that."

Meanwhile, Buffy was performing her own little study of Cordy's naked body and thinking the exact same thing. The smile on the blonde's lips grew bigger when she noticed the brunette's distracted look.

Cordelia squealed in surprise when the Slayer suddenly scooped her up and carried her to the pool.

With the cheerleader in her arms, Buffy leaped into the pool, shouting: "GERONIMO!!"

The brunette only just managed to call Buffy something that questioned the blonde's parents' marital status before both their heads were submerged.


A blonde and a brown-haired head popped up from beneath the water's surface at almost the exact same time; the light-haired one was smiling while the dark-haired coughed and spit out a mouthful of water.

Buffy paddled merrily around the coughing brunette while the cheerleader regained her bearings. "Did you say something to me right before we went under?" she asked once Cordelia was breathing normally again.

Cordelia responded to the blonde's question with an innocent look. "Nope, nothing."

Buffy smirked at the cheerleader. "Hmmm, I must have imagined it then."

The brunette smirked back and began to swim a lap around the pool. The Slayer followed closely behind her, and soon they were swimming side-by-side...

When they completed their twentieth lap, Buffy slowed down and nodded at the diving board that was installed at the far end of the pool. "Do you use that often?"

Cordelia followed the Slayer's look and managed to shrug while keep on swimming. "Not really, I usually just swim laps... besides, diving results in out of shape hair."

Buffy giggled and started making her way to the end of the pool.

Pulling herself from the water, the Slayer climbed on the diving board and walked to the end.

Cordelia stared in amazement as the blonde jumped up and down on the diving board, going higher and higher, then propelled herself up. After doing a triple somersault in the air, the Slayer dived straight down into the cool water.

"Show off!" the cheerleader muttered, feeling both jealous and awed at the same time. Looking around, she waited for Buffy to pop her bottle-blonde head above the water...

Cordelia started scanning the pool a bit more anxiously when a minute later the Slayer still hadn't surfaced.

The brunette let out a startled yelp when she suddenly felt a hand between her legs that goosed her from behind. Wide-eyed she turned her head and wasn't really surprised to find herself looking straight into Buffy's smiling face.

"Why you little..." Cordelia pounced on the smirking Slayer and used the only weapon available to her: tickling. With impressive skill she tickled the blonde's sides, belly and armpits, turning the mighty Buffy into a giggling schoolgirl.

When the Slayer finally got a small pause to catch her breath, she quickly dived under and swam behind Cordelia, then retaliated in much the same manner; the only difference was that besides tickling her she also took the opportunity to feel up the cheerleader whenever she could.

At first Cordelia put up some token resistance, tickling the Slayer back and splashing water in the blonde's face. She also escaped Buffy's arms a couple of times (with a little help from Buffy herself) and swam around the pool while the other girl chased her... Gradually she resisted the blonde's advances less and less... then when Buffy caught her for the third time, she allowed the Slayer to have her way with her (she was getting horny herself and figured the blonde had earned it by now).

With her arms spread out she floated in the water while her classmate's naked body pressed against her back and Buffy's small, yet strong hands were busy at her front --one hand playing with her tits while the Slayer's other hand diddled her slit...

Cordelia was really getting worked up now and was close to cumming when the Slayer suddenly decided she wanted to continue somewhere dryer.

"Let's get out of the pool," Buffy whispered as her hands reluctantly moved away from the brunette's big breasts she'd been fondling. Without waiting for a reply, she took the cheerleader's hand and swam towards the pool stairs.

"There are towels in there," Cordelia mentioned as she climbed out off the pool, pointing at a small closet that was cleverly build into the terrace.

"Nice," the blonde observed, while retrieving two large white towels from the cupboard. "and handy as well."

Walking back to the cheerleader, Buffy handed her a towel and shot the brunette an impish smile. "I do you and you do me," she told her while rubbing the soft cotton across Cordy's very appealing curves.

"Are we talking about drying each other off here, or getting each other off?" Cordelia questioned with a smirk.

The Slayer's smile grew bigger and she gave the cheerleader a wink. "One thing at a time, Cordy."

After they towelled each other dry, Buffy sat down on one of the comphy lawn chairs and pulled the naked cheerleader down on her lap. She put her arms around the beautiful brunette and pulled her in for a kiss.

The cheerleader seemed remarkably pliant and accepted the kiss without any objection. When Buffy returned her hand between Cordelia's legs and slid a finger inside her, she discovered why --the brunette was soaking wet, and Buffy didn't think it was because of the pool water. 'Mmmm, it seems our playtime in the pool did more then just improve Cordy's mood,' the blonde noted with appreciation. 'It also made her horny as hell.'

With one hand busy between the cheerleader's legs, the Slayer moved her other hand to the brunette's big breasts and fondled each of them in turn. 'I really love playing with Cordy's big tits," Buffy thought for at least the twentieth time in a week. 'You'd think that just about anything would get boring if you would do it a lot of times, but I don't think that's true in this case,' she considered while she kneaded the firm flesh and rolled the cheerleader's stiff, swollen nipples between her fingers.

While lowering her head, Buffy raised the brunette's right breast until her mouth could reach the rock-hard nipple. She swirled her tongue around it a couple of times, and then took the red knob into her mouth, lightly biting down on it. Hearing a moan of pleasure coming from the cheerleader, she sucked the entire nipple into her mouth and hungrily sucked and nibbled on the stiff nubbin.

Cordelia groaned in reaction to the combined stimulation of Buffy's mouth on her breasts and the Slayer's finger in her slit. "Ohhhh, Mmm-Mmmmm... OH!!! Ohhh yessss!!" Arching her back, she pushed her breast further into the blonde's devouring mouth.

"Godddd!!" Cordelia cried out as the Slayer abruptly added a second finger in her pussy, while at the same time rubbing her clit. "Mmmmm... Ohhhhhh... that feels soooo good," the brunette delightfully purred. With a blissful smile on her lips, she closed her eyes and let the blonde's thrusting fingers and skilful mouth bring her closer and closer to a very much-needed orgasm. 'I suppose that being Buffy's bitch has its perks... Not that I'm going to let Dominina over there, get away with treating me like her bitch, of course,' she quickly told herself. 'But for now, there's now harm in letting her have her wicked way with me... It's not like I have much of a choice anyway.'

While her fingers fucked Cordelia's cunt at a steadily increasing pace, Buffy started stroking her thumb across the cheerleader's clit, making the brunette shake on her lap.

"Ohhhhh GOD!!!" '...and she's certainly wicked,' the cheerleader silently added. Unable and unwilling to hold her orgasm back any longer, she started humping the Slayer's fingers in earnest.

The Slayer let Cordy's nipple slip from her lips when the brunette started riding her fingers. She replaced her mouth with her hand and watched with relish as the normally haughty cheerleader bounced uninhibitedly up and down her lap, the brunette's big tits bouncing in sync as she enthusiastically fucked herself on Buffy's fingers.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhh! Oh! OH! OH! Ohhhhhh!!!!" Cordelia panted loudly as she started to cum.

Buffy sensed the brunette's impending orgasm and pinched her clit and nipple just as she came.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Cordy climaxed with a loud yell and shot her juices all over the blonde's hand; and if it wasn't for Buffy's other hand (and quick reaction) she probably would have fallen off of the Slayer's lap. She moaned softly as the blonde's fingers continued to slide in and out her slit (though thankfully, a lot slower and gentler then a minute ago). With a smile of total gratification on her face, she snuggled into the Slayer's lap and enjoyed the blonde's tender ministrations.


In a mansion about a mile away, loud cheering, whistling and applauding could be heard.

"The Slayer really did that bitch good," was the general consensus among the vampires as they talked about the incredible show they're watching.

"ENOUGH!!" a booming voice suddenly interrupted their chatter.

The gossiping group of vamps became instantly silent and they gazed nervously at their irate leader.

"This spell is suppose to be about information gathering," Angelus angrily berated his clan. "This is NOT a fucking peepshow!"

The entire group did a quick step back as Angelus demonic features replaced his human face. "Now get the fuck out of my sight!!"

The vampires shuffled their feet uneasily, looking at each other and then back at the master vampire.

"NOW!!!" Angelus roared.

The group instantly recoiled and scampered up the stairs.

Five seconds later, Angelus and his two kin were the only ones left in the basement.

"Alone at last," Spike chuckled. "You sure know how to clear a room, Angelus... What happened to your great idea to involve the others in the clan in your campaign against the Slayer?"

"My plan didn't entail that bunch of louts gawking at my ex-girlfriend," the dark-haired vamp sneered.

"And your ex-girlfriend's girlfriend," the bleach-blonde vampire grinned. "Let's not forget about her."

Druscilla stopped any reply of Angelus by letting out a tired moan. "Ohhhhh... it's getting harder to keep a hold on the magic, my darlin' boys... Can I let the vision of these naughty, naughty girls go now?"

"Uhm, can you hold on just a little bit longer, Dru?" Spike asked. "I think we could use a bit more information."

"I believe you may be right for once, William," Angelus said with a smile, deep in thought while staring in the cauldron. "We're already learning all sorts of... interesting things about sweet innocent Buffy."

"Yeah, like that bit when she spanked the cheerleader's arse." Spike smirked at the older vampire. "I guess we now know who wore the pants in your relationship with the Slayer, eh peaches?"

Angelus drew his eyes away from the two naked girls in the cauldron's reflection and glared at his impudent Childe. "Maybe it's time I give you another lesson about showing your Sire the proper respect, Spikey."

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, mate," Spike said with a grin. "Take a peak at Dru's Technicolor Slayer Soup instead: Look's like the action is about to continue.


Buffy smiled at the comfortably resting young woman on her lap. Cordelia lay cuddled in her arms with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. Looking like this, the cheerleader didn't seem very bitchy.

The brunette opened her eyes and gazed back at the blonde. "So... anymore depraved activities planned for today, or was this it?" she sniped at the Slayer.

Buffy smirked. Of course, once Cordelia opens her mouth, any doubts about her bitchiness instantly disappeared.

'There's still more to come, Cordy," Buffy informed the brunette. "Like myself for instance," she added with a grin. Cradling the naked girl in her arms, she slowly stood up and walked towards the nearby sunning bed (she had her eye on that bed for almost an hour now, and could hardy wait to try it out with the cheerleader).

With a glint in her eyes that showed the anticipation she was feeling, Buffy laid the somewhat dazed brunette down on the stretcher.

"And now what?" Cordelia curiously asked.

Buffy issued the brunette a wicked smile. "Just lie still for now, and I'll take care of the rest."

The Slayer took a step back to get a good view of the stretched out cheerleader... After considering Cordy's pose for a moment, she stepped closer again and leaned down. Putting her hands on the cheerleader's thighs, she spread the cheerleader's legs until each of the girl's feet were dangling down the sides of the sunning bed.

Stepping back a pace, the blonde surveyed her work. The eye-catching scene before her made her mouth water. What a picture Cordelia made, lying there totally naked with her legs spread apart --the cheerleader's glistening cunt clearly visible between her widespread legs.

Still, there was room for improvement. Retrieving another towel from the hidden cabinet, she walked back to Cordelia, made her lift her ass up and put the folded towel underneath.

She took a step back again and judged the effect of the towel beneath the brunette's butt. Absolute perfection! The towel lifted Cordelia slightly up, making her pelvis jut out and making it appear like the cheerleader was being presented for sex... which, of course, she was.

Buffy crawled on the stretcher and kneeled between the brunette's widely-spread legs. Dipping her head down, she buried her face in the cheerleader's cunt and licked up the leftover juices of Cordy's previous orgasm.

"OH!!!" Cordelia exclaimed in surprise and pleasure as the blonde started eating her out. "I... Ohhh! I thought it was-- Mmmm... your turn to cum now?"

The Slayer slowly lifted her head from the scrumptious pussy she was enjoying. She stared at the cheerleader through intense green eyes and slowly, sensually licked her lips. Resembling very much a feline predator.

Cordelia swallowed nervously when confronted with the hungry look the Slayer was sending her.

Seeing this brought a roguish smile to the blonde's lips.

Raising herself up on all fours, Buffy slowly crawled across the cheerleader's nude body 'till she came face to face with the anxious brunette. She lowered her face until their noses touched. The May Queen closed her eyes and let out a tiny whimper, which made a surge of lust shoot through the Slayer's body.

"I'm getting to that now, Cordy," she whispered in the brunette's ear. Buffy lowered herself until she was on top of the cheerleader -missionary-style- and rubbed her clit against Cordy's cunt.

The Slayer closed her eyes as she enjoyed the wonderful friction against her clitoris, each movement sending sparks of lust to her brain.

The sudden chafing against her crotch caused the cheerleader to open her eyes and stare with amazement at the unbelievable sight of Buffy Summers humping her pussy. "Just when you think you've seen it all," she muttered to herself.

Buffy opened her eyes and glared down at the brunette. "No commentary please; it's kinda distracting."

The cheerleader seemed just about to say something, but instead closed her mouth and silently watched as the blonde rubbed up against her. 'She's the one riding me like a horny dog, and I'm suppose to be the bitch in this relationship?!' Cordelia, however, made sure to keep this observation to herself.

Closing her eyes again, the Slayer let out a contented little sigh as the constant stimulus against her clit brought her swiftly to a much-needed orgasm... A smile appeared on the blonde's lips as she imagined that she's fucking Cordelia right now, giving the stuck-up, funny, tactless, beautiful brunette a good, hard fucking with a strap-on dildo... 'Which is exactly what my beautiful and snobbish little bitch needs.'

While picturing herself ploughing the cheerleader's virgin cunt with the biggest fake cock she could get her hands on, Buffy felt her orgasm approaching. A deep-red flush crept on the Slayer's cheeks, and she started humping the brunette's bush more urgently.

"Oh! Oh! Oh God!! Ohhhh!! Oh yes!! YES! YES!! OHHHHHHH!!!!"

After shouting out her climax, Buffy gradually moved slower --drawing out her orgasm as long as she could. Feeling a lot more fulfilled then she did fifteen minutes ago, the blonde sat up and stretched her arms, a lazy smile on her face as she gazed into the cheerleader's eyes. "Mmmmm... that's one."

The Slayer slid a hand between her legs and pushed two of her digits inside her still dripping slit, moving them around while Cordelia watched her with wide-open eyes. Giving the cheerleader a little wink, she pulled the girl-cum covered fingers back out and brought them to her mouth; her face a picture of enjoyment as she carefully licked and sucked every drop of her own secretions from her fingers... She smacked her lips after she finished with her little 'snack' and put her fingers back in her pussy... pulling them out again she this time offered her cum-drenched digits to the cheerleader's mouth.

After a slight hesitation, Cordelia took the Slayer's fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. She watched somewhat amazed as the blonde fingered her slot again and lapped up the juices.

Having cleaned her fingers, Buffy stuck them in her cunt once more, but this time returned the sticky digits to Cordy's mouth instead of her own. She really got off on the depravity of the situation: switching between drinking her own pussy-juice (which she never done before) and feeding her juices to the cheerleader.

What an incredible turn on to watch Cordelia lick her fingers clean!

She repeated the process several times until the two of them had drank most of her juices and she was getting in the mood for another kink.

Buffy crawled up the cheerleader's naked body again and squatted above the cheerleader's breasts. She slowly lowered herself... Twisting a little to the side, she managed to bring her pussy down straight on the May Queen's left nipple.

A shudder of delight went through the Slayer as the thick nipple slipped inside her slit. With careful movements, she moved her cunt up and down the erect nubbin and started riding the cheerleader's left tit.

Feeling both shocked and aroused by the wickedness of this scene, Cordelia simply watched in wonder as the blonde used one of her breasts to get herself off. "This just gets better and better, doesn't it?" she couldn't help but comment.

"Not for you, it will," answered the slightly irate Slayer. "Because one more wisecrack and you'll be across my lap again, getting another spanking."

"Okay, okay, I'll keep my mouth shut," Cordelia hastily exclaimed, not in the mood for a second spanking on her still somewhat sore behind.

"That's good," Buffy moaned while fucking herself faster on the cheerleader's hard nipple. "Because you're mouth will be plenty of busy, soon enough."

Cordelia swallowed nervously while pondering the Slayer's words.

With a look of total rapture the Slayer grinded her little butt on the brunette's breast, moaning with delight as the stiff nubbin penetrated her deeper. She slid a hand down her belly and put in on her clit --rubbing her little love-button as she rode the cheerleader's tit.

Within five minutes of frigging her clit and riding Cordy's left tit, Buffy felt another orgasm rapidly approaching. She moved her free hand to her breasts and pinched her rock-hard nipples. With one hand stroking her clit and the other playing with her tits, she used her strong legs to push herself up and down on the brunette's big nipple.

"Mmmmm.... Yesssssss!!" she hissed excitedly and started humping the cheerleader faster, franticly rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples at the same time.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!" With a last loud yell, Buffy slumped down on the naked brunette, panting heavily as she recovered from her orgasm.

"That's two," the Slayer groaned, and wasted little time in parking her butt on the cheerleader's pretty face.

"Now eat me." She firmly ordered.

Cordelia silently stared at the Slayer's glistening snatch for a moment, and then got to work. She stuck out her tongue and began lapping up the blonde's sweet secretions.

Swiping her tongue across every inch of Buffy's bald little cunt, and even across her thighs, Cordelia did a thorough job of cleaning up every drop of the girl's delectable juices she could find.

Drinking down the last few drops of pussy-juice, the cheerleader smacked her lips. Buffy's pussy tastes pretty good, she had to give the blonde bitca credit for that as well. Sticking out her tongue she flicked it a few times against the Slayer's stiff clit, making the blonde groan in response. Then she circled around the taut button and plunged deep inside Buffy's wet, hot hole.

"Ohhhhh!! Soooo good!" Buffy happily crooned.

Cordelia let the tip of her tongue vibrate and probed every inch of the Slayer's tight channel, absently noticing that the blonde seemed to like this (judging by the way she was humping her face).

With the use of her expert tongue, it took the brunette less then five minutes to transform the Mighty Slayer into a panting, moaning and shaking girl...

"Oh Fuckkk! YES!!! Eat my cunt!" Buffy cried out in ecstasy and pressed the cheerleader's face against her crotch.

Having suddenly a little trouble breathing (due to her face being firmly wedged in Buffy's snatch), Cordelia decided that bringing the blonde off was now one of her top priorities. She started thrusting her tongue in and out the Slayer's slit as quickly as she could while rubbing the blonde's clit with her nose.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Godddd!! I'm coming again!! I'M GOING TO CUM FOR THE THIRD FUCKING TIME!!!!" Buffy loudly announced.

'Great! Thanks for sharing that with me,' Cordy absently thought, while shuddering from the incredible sound volume of the blonde's passionate exclamation. 'For such a small girl, she sure makes one hell of a racket! It's a good thing there's plenty of distance between us and my neighbours' property...'

Thinking back to this afternoon, it suddenly occurred to the cheerleader what she needed to bring Buffy over the edge. She grabbed the Slayer's firm buttocks in each hand, pried them apart, and with one quick thrust inserted her right middle finger all the way inside the blonde's tight asshole.

"I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!" the Slayer shrieked instantly.

Cordelia was well aware of that; because the moment Buffy came her pussy start spilling a flow of juices like a leaky faucet. 'My God! Where does it all come from?' the cheerleader thought amazed. 'Well, at least now I don't have to get myself another Coke,' she considered while drinking down the stream of secretions.

'And that's three," Buffy sighed with a satisfied smile. Climbing down from the cheerleader (which -in turn- brought a sigh of relief from Cordelia), she laid beside the brunette and started stroking Cordy's long beautiful hair while gazing down at her.

Cordelia raised an eyebrow at the Slayer's somewhat strange behaviour, which brought a grin to the blonde's face.

"You were wonderful, Cordy," Buffy smiled. "Now aren't you happy that I helped you discover your hidden talent at eatin' pussy?" she teased the brunette.

Cordelia responded with a grimace. "You mean like I seemed to have helped you bring out your inner bitch?" she retorted wryly.

The Slayer smirked and playfully tapped the brunette's nose. "Tsk! Remember, Cordy: You are the bitch here."

The cheerleader narrowed her eyes, which only seemed to increase Buffy's mirth. "Do I need to give you another reminder who's in charge here, sweetie?" she inquired innocently.

Cordelia sighed in defeat and shook her head.

"Good," Buffy smiled while stroking her hand across the brunette's naked form. "Because it would be a shame if I had to smack your little butt so soon again."

'Yeah, I'm sure you'd feel really sad about that,' Cordelia thought to herself.

"Sooo, are you ready for the next round?" Buffy asked with a grin.

The cheerleader's eyes widened in alarm.

"Don't worry, Cordy," the Slayer reassured her. "It's just that since you did me so well, you deserve a little reward."

Cordelia looked on curiously as the blonde grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion from the nearby table and poured a generous amount of lotion in her hand.

"Just lie back and relax," Buffy said soothingly and started rubbing the cream all over the cheerleader's tanned skin --making sure to pay extra attention to Cordy's big breasts and her slit, which she coated with a triple layer of the vanilla-scented lotion.

Cordelia moaned from all the stimulation the Slayer was giving her tits and pussy and spread her legs a little further apart, inviting Buffy's hand between them.

The silent invitation didn't go unnoticed by the Slayer. A second later, her hand was on top of the cheerleader's cunt and she immediately slipped two fingers inside.

The brunette grunted at the abrupt invasion but spread her legs even wider to accommodate the Slayer's hand.

Buffy grinned at the cheerleader's obvious enjoyment. Her grin grew bigger when she noticed Cordelia looking at her through her eyelashes.

She gave the brunette a little wink. "Play with your tits for me, Cordy," she ordered her.

Cordelia obediently brought her hands to her chest and began fondling her breasts while the Slayer diddled her slit.

This erotic sight made Buffy bring her free hand to her own pussy. She played with Cordy's cunt and her own for a while, before issuing another command. "Turn around, sweetie,"

The cheerleader looked at her a bit puzzled, but after a moments hesitation turned around onto her belly.

"Good girl," Buffy teasingly praised the brunette and gave her a playful smack on the bottom.

Instead of protesting, the cheerleader just moaned in response.

Grabbing the bottle of suntan lotion again, she squirted another dose of the cream on her hand and started applying it to Cordelia's back, legs and buttocks.

She rubbed the oily substance in 'till every inch of the brunette's beautiful body was glistening with the lotion.

Once that task was completed, the Slayer lifted Cordy up and positioned the naked, tan girl on her hands and knees on top of the stretcher. With a smile she surveyed the cheerleader's unintentionally lustful pose: totally naked, on all fours, her trim body glistening from the suntan oil... 'Mmmm! Could there possibly be anyone more appealing then this?'

Buffy kneeled down behind the brunette. While staring between the other girl's legs at her dangling breasts, she started fingering both their pussies again.

The cheerleader's big breasts have quickly become her two most favourite toys, and it wasn't long before Buffy couldn't control herself any longer and just had to feel those two perfect tits in her hands again.

Lying on the brunette's back, she reached around and took both the dangling globes in her hands, softly squeezing the firm flesh between her fingers.

Cordelia felt the stiff pebbles of Buffy's nipples press against her back while the Slayer fondled her tits and let out a low moan.

"You like that, do ya?" the blonde grinned, and began toying with the cheerleader's rock-hard nipples, rolling the taut buttons between her thumb and forefinger and giving them a little pinch.

Feeling incredibly horny now, Cordelia moaned with appreciation as the gentle torture of her tits went on.

While fondling Cordy's boobs, Buffy rubbed her pussy against the brunette's slick buttocks and humped the girl's ass until she'd worked up a sexual frenzy in both herself and the cheerleader.

Panting heavily, Buffy let herself slide down Cordy's back until she was kneeling behind her again. She immediately reinserted her fingers into the cheerleader's snatch and continued finger fucking the beautiful brunette.

Her lotion-lubricated fingers slid in and out Cordelia cunt like a pair of well-oiled pistons, which --in combination with staring straight at the brunette's round little butt-- reminded her of something else she had planned for the cheerleader.

Placing her free hand on Cordy's firm buttocks, she started stroking the cheerleader's ass. Making sure to keep the brunette distracted by diddling her slit. After continuing this for a minute she slowly let a finger slide inside Cordy's crack, moving it closer and closer to the cheerleader's tight little asshole... then, with one quick push, she shoved the oily digit all the way inside the brunette's back entrance.

Cordelia drew in her breath at this unexpected invasion.

Buffy got herself ready to grab the brunette in case she planned to bolt, but the cheerleader just shuddered and moaned a little, and kept her position.

The Slayer smiled with satisfaction and started moving her finger back and forth, going gradually faster.

When it seemed like the cheerleader had adapted to the finger inside her butt, Buffy pulled it out and then pushed two fingers back instead.

Cordelia grunted in surprise and tried to dislodge the blonde's digits. But Buffy had anticipated that move and swiftly moved her hand from Cordy's pussy and wrapped it around the cheerleader's waist, keeping her in place.

The brunette groaned as the Slayer pushed her fingers deeper inside her but didn't try to move away again.

Buffy smiled and let go off Cordy's legs. Her smile grew bigger when she moved her hand back to the cheerleader's pussy and discovered just how wet and aroused her classmate already is because of her.

"Mmmmm, you're so wet, Cordy..." Buffy purred while slowly sliding her index and middle fingers in and out the brunette's bunghole. "And so incredibly tight."

"I won't be tight for long if you keep this up," Cordelia managed to get out between groans. 'Damn! I swear that bitch is getting more depraved by the second,' the cheerleader told herself.

The Slayer snickered in response.

With quick, hard thrusts she moved her fingers in and out the cheerleader's rosette while using her other hand to play with Cordelia's clit. 'Cordy's getting close now,' Buffy noticed as she listened to the brunette's rapid breathing and increased wetness. 'Time to try for three,' she decided with a wicked smile.

Cordelia mewled in protest when a third finger was abruptly added in her ass. She tried to move away but Buffy held her firmly in her grasp again and pushed the three fingers deeper inside.

"Loosen up those ass-muscles, Cordelia... I know you can take it!" she encouraged the cheerleader, and pushed her fingers in half an inch deeper.

Cordelia shuddered as her tiny asshole was stretched further open by the Slayer's probing digits and tried to relax.

"That's it, Cordy! Relax that ass!!" the Slayer cheered, moving her hand away from the cheerleader's pussy to her give her an encouraging pat on the butt.

"Almost there, baby. Just a little bit further..." With that, Buffy plunged her fingers all the way inside.

"Fuck!!" The cheerleader whipped up her head and grunted in discomfort as the Slayer's digits mercilessly invaded her ass. Beads of sweat rolled off of her forehead, but as Buffy placed a hand on her pussy again and started stroking her clit, the pain of those three fingers up her butt slowly turned to pleasure.

Her body shook with a combination of lust and discomfort when Buffy's fingers began fucking her again.

"It's a shame you can't see my fingers filling up your cunt and asshole, Cordy," the Slayer exclaimed with a note of satisfaction. "It's really an amazing sight to behold."

At another mansion, the three vampires who were watching the proceedings with a combination of awe and arousal totally agreed with the Slayer's words.

The blonde's fingers inside both her holes now really started fucking her fast and hard... A moan of pleasure unwillingly escaped her lips.

"Yeah! You like that, don't ya?" Buffy growled as she plunged her fingers in and out the cheerleader's butt. She sat back a bit and watched with delight as Cordelia pushed her butt backwards and fucked her fingers.

"That's it!! Take my fingers up your ass, you little slut!" Buffy panted excitedly. "God!! I love seeing ya like this, Cordy! On all fours, like a bitch in heat, getting fucked in both your holes... I only wish I could record this moment."

"So do I," a certain bleached-blonde vampire muttered to himself.

Buffy's words only made the May Queen push her ass back faster and faster against the blonde's thrusting fingers, grunting and groaning loudly, totally overcome with lust as an incredible orgasm was almost upon her.

"Your ass is MINE, bitch!" she heard the Slayer say just before she screamed out her orgasm.


The image in the cauldron abruptly blinked out as Druscilla suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor.

Still dazed by the amazing show they just witnessed, the two master vampires didn't move and stared in shock at their fallen kin.

Spike let out an -unnecessary- breath of relief as his princess lifted her head and groggily looked around. "Couldn't hold the magic any longer," she mumbled. Moaning and muttering to herself the exhausted vamp closed her eyes again.

He wheeled towards his fallen goddess to help her up when his path was suddenly blocked by his Sire, who -he noticed- is looking even more full of himself then usual (if such a thing is vampirely possible).

"Don't you bother, Spikey," Angelus smirked while lifting Druscilla up in his arms. "I'll take care of Dru; you can make yourself useful somewhere else... I think the boys need someone to help them sort the dirty laundry into whites and coloured."

Ignoring the look of pure hatred Spike was sending him, Angelus turned his back to the disabled vampire and carried his Childe up the stairs. "Have fun alone in the basement working on the laundry, boy!" he called back over his shoulder. "I'll be upstairs in my room, entertaining myself with your dark goddess; watching Buffy and the cheerleader together has given me some ideas."

"Mmmm, that sounds naughty, daddy!" Druscilla delightfully replied, clapping her hands together like an excited child.

Spike could hear his Sire chuckle while he carried his burden to his room. Undoubtedly laughing at him. The blonde vampire's demonic face sprang to the surface and he slowly rose to his feet.

'No, not yet,' he told himself and dropped back into the wheelchair. Holding back the overwhelming urge to jump up the stairs and throttle the smug git. 'I don't think I'm strong enough to beat him yet... I can walk again, and I've got a lot of my old strength back; but it will take just a bit longer before I'm fully recovered and ready to kick His Royal Bastard's Butt... Then I will have my Dru back!'

Putting his asshole of a Sire out of his mind, Spike steered his wheelchair back to the cauldron and glanced inside it. A wicked smile appeared on his face as he thought about the display he had witnessed here. 'That was some show the Slayer and her girlfriend had put on... If not for the presence of the ponce and the others, I'd have given them a standing ovation!'

Spike stroked his hand across the thick bulge in his trousers while replaying the images in his mind. 'The spanking, the fondling and the fucking... It's given me a whole new level of respect for the Slayer.'

He wondered what the blonde was doing now, and if she's still busy with the cheerleader.


"I take it there's nobody else in the house?" Buffy questioned while playing with the brunette's big nipples.

Cordelia nodded.

"No parents, no maid?"

"No... neither my parents or the maid will be back for at least another week."

"Excellent timing," Buffy smiled. She gave Cordelia another quick kiss, and lifted the cheerleader up in her arms again. "I've got some nice ideas how we can spend the week together..." she told the brunette while carrying her to the manor. "For instance: we still have to think of a way in which you can make it up to me for having that new alarm system installed... AND for that sign with my picture you put on the gate."

"How about we just forget about that?" Cordelia suggested.

The Slayer smirked and ignored the cheerleader's sour reply. "I think we're gonna have lots of fun together while finding out what kinda "favours" you can for me to repay me for that little stunt you pulled." Unknown to the May Queen, a wicked smile formed on Buffy's lips. "For example: I've always wanted a lap dance, which seems like a pretty good place to start... What d'ya think, Cordy?" the blonde cheerfully asked.

The cheerleader just whimpered in response.


Standing by her open locker, Cordelia unfolded the little note she had found inside. She already had a pretty good idea from who the note came, and as she started to read it: her hunch proved correct.

Hi Cordy,

I just read on the announcement board that Mrs. Walker is absent for today, which means that we both have fourth period free.Sounds like the perfect opportunity for us to get a little "closer". J So when 4th period starts I want you to meet me in the boiler-room.

Don't be late and DON'T wear ANY underwear.

If I have to wait a second longer then five minutes and/or you're wearing any undergarments, I'll spank that cute little butt of yours again.




Cordelia felt her heartbeat increasing and her nipples stiffen as she finished reading the note. 'Yeah, that sounds like Buffy alright.'

Noticing the early signs of arousal she felt just from reading this note, she couldn't deny that the blonde was having a definite effect on her. Okay, so it wasn't like she had really hated, or even disliked Buffy's sexual advances when they started. but now she was actually starting to look forward to the nasty things Buffy did to her, and had her do -in return- as "repayment".

'Like the depraved things she made me do this week after school.'

A tremor of lust went through her body while thinking back to the "after-school curriculum" Buffy had come up with for this week.

Monday, she'd been too tired to give Buffy the lapdance that she wanted so much, and the blonde had eventually settled for a quick finger-fuck before going home. But the next day, right after school, the Slayer had shown up at her house again, and this time there was no getting out of it: she had to deliver. or better said: had to put on a performance. It was time for the striptease/lapdance her classmate had requested.

Buffy had it all planned perfectly; she had searched through Cordelia's closet until she found the perfect outfit for the May Queen to wear: an expensive Armani suit: skirt, blouse and blazer (an outfit Cordelia had nicknamed her "businesswoman of the nineties" look), and underneath that a garter belt and a pair of nylons combined with a black lace bra and panties. She'd also picked out the music, and the place she wanted Cordy to perform the lapdance: her parents' living room.

Encouraged by Buffy's threat that she would take a belt to the brunette's behind if the cheerleader didn't put on a sexy enough show, Cordelia had done her utmost best to arouse and excite the Slayer any way possible.

So to the music of the CD Buffy brought with her, the May Queen had done a slow, sensual striptease in combination with a lap dance (which had been nothing less then whorish).


Once the music started in the living room, I took a deep breath and stepped inside the room, carrying a small briefcase (a prop that Buffy had come up with at the last minute).

The blonde was seated in the middle of the living room, on a straight-back chair, and smiled at me as I entered the room. With a sexy strut, I walked up to the Slayer and blew her a kiss.

Standing in front of her, I dropped the briefcase and kicked it away. Then started moving to the music.

For several minutes, I did my most sexy dance-moves for the blonde. Then it gradually became time to take something off. After loosening the buttons, I shrugged off my blazer and twirled it around in the air before depositing it on a nearby chair.

After performing a long, gyrating dance for the blonde, I knew I had to lose another item of clothing. I opted for my blouse: with slow, sensual moves, I unbuttoned and stripped it off. Revealing my black lace bra that both encased and showed off my tits.

I smiled as Buffy's eyes immediately focussed on my bulging breasts. I thrust my chest out as far as I could and shook my upper body, letting the twins bounce around a little --making the blonde hungrily lick her lips.

To the beat of the music, I danced around the Slayer. closer and closer, until I stood right in front of her. With one swift movement, I took off my skirt and threw it on the same chair that already held my blazer and blouse.

There was a moment of silence as the song ended, and I took that time to strike a pose for Buffy. Dressed in only shoes, a garter belt, a pair of nylons and lace underwear, I placed my hands behind my head and stuck out my chest. Using my "bedroom eyes" I fixed the blonde with a smouldering, sexy look, followed by a little pout.

The Slayer stared back at me through eyes filled with lust. Her hands, which were grasping the armrests, tightened --making the expensive hardwood chair creak in protest.

Her reaction to my little display caused a grin to appear on my lips. Giving Buffy a little wink, I continued to dance.

After teasing her for a few minutes longer, I danced closer. and then started sliding my body against hers. As I rubbed up against her, Buffy got really into her little game and began stuffing dollar bills in my garter and panties.

I felt my face turning red from this bit of added humiliation that the blonde had come up with, but I continued stroking my body against hers as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. I even started rubbing my panty-clad butt against her crotch, which caused Buffy to start pushing 5-dollar bills down my panties (making sure to fondle my pussy at the same time).

Getting ready for my next move, I took a deep breath and then, leaning back, I threw my legs up in the air --until my feet practically reached my shoulder-- then twirled around until I was facing Buffy and lowered my legs again.

The Slayer seemed duly impressed by my manoeuvre and issued me a bright smile. Looking down at my ample cleavage that smile quickly turned into a smirk. Pulling out a twenty from her purse, she stuffed it between my pressed-together tits.

"Now take off your bra, and show me those big jugs of yours," she grinned.

I felt my blush increasing, but reached back and unclasped my bra. Slowly, I lowered the cups until both my boobs were fully revealed to the blonde's lustful gaze.

A second later, Buffy buried her head in my cleavage and rubbed her face against my tits (something the blonde is particularly fond of doing).

My tits weren't my only body-parts getting attention from the Slayer: since the normal rule of lap dancing (the lap dancer may touch the client, but not the other way around) obviously didn't apply here, her hands were pretty much all over my body.

Finally lifting her head, Buffy shot me a bright smile and pushed another twenty inside my cleavage.

The blonde's desire for my breasts was pretty obvious, so to turn her on I made sure to fully explore that advantage. I let the twins bounce lustfully around and used both hands to play with them under the Slayer's watchful eyes. Then lifted each red-tipped globe to my mouth and gently sucked on both rock-hard nipples in turn. Noticing Buffy's hypnotized look, I let the nipple slip from my mouth and shot the blonde a sexy smile.

Scooting a little closer, I placed a hand under each breast; cupping the firm flesh in my palms, I offered my tits to the Slayer's salivating mouth. She instantly opened her mouth and sucked one of the hard, red nipples inside. Buffy lovingly nursed on it for a while, and then switched to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. The blonde switched back and forth between each nipple until both nubbins were hard as pebbles.

Time to continue the show, I decided. Letting myself slide backwards, my nipple slipped from the Slayer's mouth and I got off from her lap.

I started dancing again.

Facing the blonde, I cupped both my breasts and fondled them while moving to the music. Then, I slowly slid my hands up. over my tits, to my face. I played with my hair for a while, before moving my hands higher; clasping them together, I raised both hands until they were high above my head.

I held this position for about a minute; softly swaying to the music. then gradually went into a sort of belly-dancer routine.

Buffy absolutely loved it! While feeling me up, she kept shoving money down my panties or hooking it in my garters.

When the next song started, Buffy pulled a fifty from her purse, showed it to me, and then folded it double before shoving it down the front of my panties. "Now show me some snatch," she ordered me with a smile.

I took a deep breath, then hooked both thumbs in the waistline of my panties and slowly pushed them down my legs --exposing my pussy to the blonde's eyes.

Buffy wasted little time with feeling up my exposed cunt. She immediately slid a hand between my legs and gently stroked the little patch of hair. After that, she played with my clit that was peeking out between my labia-lips.

Once she had me panting loudly, and shaking on my feet, she skipped her fingers down and shoved three digits inside my dripping cunt.

Buffy proceeded to finger-fuck my pussy until I was on the brink of an orgasm. then suddenly halted.

Red-faced and breathing heavily, I shot her a pleading look.

Buffy smiled and gave me a little wink. "Fuck yourself on my fingers, Cordy," she ordered me.

As I obeyed and started riding her fingers, the tiny blonde moved her free hand to my breasts and begins fondling and squeezing the firm flesh.

The feeling of her fingers plunging deep inside my cunt combined with the attention my tits were getting, quickly brought me to a shuddering climax.

A little later, after recuperating a bit, I finished up my performance: I started dancing again. and after a minute moved to undo the garter belt. But before my hand even touched it, Buffy quickly ordered me to keep the garter, nylons and shoes on; she told me that she liked watching me dance around with all my charms on display, but still wearing a bit of lingerie.

Obeying the blonde's orders, I kept the garter belt, nylons and shoes on, and danced for her a little more.

As the last song on the CD ended, I slowly lay back on the coffee table. Holding my legs together, I raised them until both feet were pointing straight up. then, gradually, I spread my legs wide apart into a perfect split (cheerleader practice REALLY came in handy here!).

Buffy's eyes practically popped out of their sockets as she stared at my wide-open slit. Less then a second later, the blonde leaped out of her chair, tore off her clothes, and jumped me.

After ravaging me completely, our "session" finally ended with both of us naked, on top of mom's expensive, designer coffee table --doing a sixty-nine.


Then the following day -on Wednesday- Buffy once again showed up at her house. This time the blonde made her put on a fashion show. The Slayer wanted her to model a selection of her most sexy outfits and lingerie. At first, this seemed to be a lot less humiliating then the lapdance/striptease of the day before. But, of course, Buffy wouldn't be Buffy if she didn't come up with something to increase the level of humiliation.

It seemed that the blonde found out where Mr. Chase kept his video camera and, unlike Cordy's father who never used it, decided to put it to good use by filming his daughter doing a series of lewd poses in various sexy outfits.

At first Cordelia balked at being filmed in such a compromising way but Buffy could be very convincing when she wanted to. So it wasn't long before she was doing her little fashion show while the blonde filmed her. Even though she knew that by letting the Slayer tape her like this, she'd be handing Buffy yet another way to pressure her into doing the blonde's bidding.

'And yesterday, Buffy came up with yet another humiliating act for me to perform: ordering me to masturbate myself while she watched.'

Buffy had wanted to film that as well, but she'd made clear in no uncertain terms that wasn't going to happen. After almost an hour of trying to coax her, the Slayer finally relented and settled for just watching while she draped her legs over the armrests of the lawn chair and started diddling herself. Though as compensation for not filming her, she had to follow the blonde's instructions while playing with herself. which basically meant that at a certain point she had to fuck both her cunt and asshole with three fingers in each hole while Buffy gleefully watched.

'Oh yeah. Buffy really likes making me put on a show for her.' Cordelia knew she should be enraged by the humiliating acts the Slayer had made her perform, but instead she got wet just by contemplating the kind of lewd sex-acts the blonde would come up with next.

Hell, she even started to take pleasure in Buffy treating her as her bitch and (God help her!) enjoys getting bare-bottomed spankings from the dominating blonde.


Hearing her name being called out shook Cordelia from her thoughts about the Slayer. She looked up and saw it was Harmony who had called out to her, the blonde cheerleader waved and headed in her direction with the rest of their group following close behind.

Closing her locker, Cordelia quickly stuffed the note in her purse and met up with her friends.


"So he wanted me to give him a blowjob because, and I quote: This was already our third date and he bought me dinner."

"To which I replied: First of all, it would have to be at least our tenth date before a Neanderthal like you can expect any action whatsoever. Secondly, buying me a hotdog does not constitute a date. Thirdly, as far as I'm concerned you can go blow this fuckin' hotdog you freakin' loser! And then I threw the hotdog in his face," Aura recalled with relish.

The group of cheerleaders snickered and Cordelia gave Aura a pat on the back. "You go, girl!" she smiled.

The May Queen was suddenly distracted when she saw some familiar faces coming around the corner.

Her heart rate increased when she discerned one very familiar face. that of Buffy Summers. The blonde Slayer came walking down the hall together with her usual group of friends consisting of Xander, Willow and Oz, and was heading into her direction.

As the Slayer's group got closer, Cordelia noticed that the blonde had a mischievous gleam in her eyes, which she found to be somewhat unsettling.

Buffy and her gang were just about to pass them by when the blonde suddenly stepped sideways, straight into Cordelia's path. and gave her a quick kiss right on the lips while bumping into her.

"Don't forget about our little "appointment" in the boiler room, Cordy," Buffy quickly whispered in the shocked cheerleader's ear before continuing on her way; shrugging off the astonished looks her friends were sending her, and the various insults the flock of cheerleaders hurled after her.

"Watch out were you're going, loser-girl!" Aura called out to the blonde.

"Learn to walk, spaz!" Amber shouted.

"Yeah!" Harmony added her two cents.

"What was that all about, Cordy?" Aura questioned. "It sorta looked like she bumped into you on purpose and then kissed you!"

"She probably contracted some kind of disease, and is now trying to pass it on to me," Cordelia explained a bit distracted while trying to gather her frazzled nerves. "I'm not sure, I haven't finished reading "The workings of a psychopath's mind" yet."

'So this is how my life is going to be from now on: Most popular girl in school, yet sex-slave to a girl who is considered to be a social-outcast in the very same school,' the brunette considered wryly while walking with her friends to their next class. 'What a load of fun, I can hardy wait to see how this cute little arrangement with Buffy is going to work itself out.'


Fourth period just started and Cordelia was hurriedly making her way to the boiler room. She probably shouldn't have wasted precious time talking to Harmony while Buffy was waiting for her.

Reaching her destination, she looked around for a moment. then grabbed the doorknob, and was about to enter when she suddenly remembered another part of Buffy's instructions. The blonde wanted her to go commando, as in no underwear.

Cursing to herself, the cheerleader turned around and headed for the ladies room.

Getting into one of the stalls, Cordelia raised her top and unhooked her bra. After removing it she put it in her purse. Then, she reached down and pulled up her skirt. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she quickly pushed them down and off. The skimpy piece of underwear was then quickly reunited with her bra inside her purse.

After straightening her clothes, she left the stall and checked herself in the mirror. Cordelia lightly blushed when she noticed that her large nipples stood out clearly underneath the sheer, almost transparent fabric of her top. 'Damn, I really wish I'd worn a different top for today,' the brunette considered as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. 'I can even make out my areolas through the fabric.' She looked down at her short skirt that, now she wasn't wearing any panties, suddenly seemed a bit on the short side. 'A different skirt would have been nice too.'

The cheerleader suddenly recalled that she had to hurry to make it to her "appointment" on time. Being late would definitely earn her another bare-bottomed spanking from Buffy. With that thought in mind, she quickly rushed out of the ladies room and headed back to the boiler room.

As she practically ran back, Cordelia noticed that without the support of a bra her large boobs were obscenely swaying back and forth beneath the fabric of her top.

She wasn't the only one to notice this.

As the brunette passed a couple of football players in the hallway, their eyes instantly focussed on her bouncing breasts.

'If this was a cartoon then their tongues would be on the floor right about now,' Cordelia thought amused while observing the young men's lustful stares at her tits.

"Down, boys!" she told the jocks.

Breathing a little heavier, Cordelia reached the entrance to the boiler room again. After making sure that no one was around to see her go in, she opened the door and went inside.

"You took exactly one minute longer then allowed, Cordy," a voice purred from the dark shadows of the cellar. "And I gave you plenty of time to get here without being late."

As Cordelia's eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she observed Buffy stepping from the shadows, walking towards her.

"I needed time to remove my underwear, as you so kindly requested," the cheerleader protested while giving the small blonde a beseeching look. "Besides I'm hardly late; a minute isn't that much."

"Oh, I think it's plenty late when you're getting a spank for every second that you're over time," Buffy corrected her. "Which means 60 spanks on your little tush, Cordy," the Slayer added with a smile.

Cordelia made a face. "Sixty spanks for being one lousy minute late?! I'd hate to find out what you would have done to me if I hadn't shown up at all."

"I wouldn't." Buffy grinned.

"Now there's a shocker," Cordelia sarcastically noted.

The Slayer laughed.

"How about we find out if you don't deserve some additional punishment, Cordy?" Buffy questioned with a smile. "It's already pretty obvious that you're not wearing a bra." The blonde lustfully eyed the brunette's big tits and prominent nipples, clearly visible from beneath her white shirt. "Now lets see if you've been a good girl and removed your panties as well."

"Raise your skirt, Cordy," Buffy ordered. "And show me some snatch."

Despite everything she had already experienced with Buffy, the blonde's lewd request still made her cheeks flush red with embarrassment. Blushing brightly, Cordelia reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt --slowly raising it until her pussy was fully exposed to the Slayer's eyes.

Buffy's little pink tongue peeked out of her mouth and wetted her lips as the brunette's bush came into view. "Very nice," she complimented the cheerleader. "I'm happy to see that you're learning already."

Cordelia stuck her tongue out, bringing a smile to the Slayer's lips. "I'll be sure to put that tongue to good use in a couple of minutes, Cordy."

Buffy's smile grew bigger as the brunette instantly sucked her tongue back in.

"Hmm, I think I would now like to have a good look at those nice, tight buns of yours. Turn around, Cordy."

Cordelia lowered her skirt and slowly turned around, facing away from the blonde.

"That's a good girl."

"Now place your feet apart. wider. that's perfect! Keep it like that, Cordy." Cordelia could clearly hear both pleasure and excitement in the Slayer's voice. "Now bend over as far as you can while raising the back of your skirt."

Taking a deep breath, Cordelia obeyed the blonde's instruction. Bending over, she reached back and raised her skirt until the fabric was resting on her back. Her blush increased as it occurred to her that the Slayer had now a great view of not only her bare butt, but also of her swollen vulva, which was peeking out between her widely-spread legs.

She gasped when she suddenly felt a hand on her butt that slowly slid down and cupped her sex. A laugh sounded when Buffy discovered her wetness.

"My, what an eager little beaver we have here," Buffy mockingly said while sliding a finger inside the cheerleader's cunt. "You're obviously impatient to get started, Cordy. Well, don't worry: So am I!"

She flicked Cordelia's stiff clit and let out another laugh when the cheerleader squeaked loudly in surprise. Moving her hand back up, she stroked the cheerleader's firm, silky buns.

"Mmmm, I can hardly wait to get to work on that beautiful butt of yours," Buffy told the brunette, and gave the object of her admiration a little pat. "That's one fine piece of ass you have there."

"God! Could you possibly be more rude?!" Cordelia exclaimed. Feeling mildly disgusted with Buffy for treating her like a piece of meat and with herself for getting off on it.



"Sure I could," Buffy grinned and gave the brunette's buttocks another spank.


"Now lets not have anymore outbursts like that, young lady," she admonished the cheerleader. "Or I'm doubling your number of spanks."



"Am I making myself clear, Cordy?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the brunette submissively replied.

Buffy felt a flame of lust ignite in her groin when she heard those two little words. A big smile broke out on her face.

"That's a good girl," she cooed happily while stroking Cordelia's downy cheeks. To reward Cordy's well-chosen reply, Buffy tenderly fondled and caressed the cheerleader's charms for several minutes.

When Cordy started shaking on her legs and was clearly approaching an orgasm, she quickly yanked her hand away from between the brunette's thighs and helped the cheerleader upright.

"Why did you stop?" a disappointed and disgruntled Cordelia asked.

"You're not allowed to cum yet, Cordy," Buffy smirked. "I'm the Alpha girl here, so I get to come first."

"You really like to rub my nose in that, don't you?" the cheerleader asked annoyed.

The Slayer's smile grew bigger and she sensually slid her hand across her body, ending at her crotch, and started rubbing tiny circles there. "Your nose, your mouth, your pussy and your tits. there's lots of you I like to rub in this."

Cordelia felt herself blush brightly red. "You're so nasty," she muttered.

"Things are going to get a lot more nastier then this, Cordy," Buffy grinned. "Let's start with you taking everything off except for your shoes and stockings."

The brunette quickly started disrobing. She managed to find a clean spot to place her clothes, and soon stood before the blonde practically naked.

"Mmmm, you look so yummy," Buffy huskily said. "Now show me some sexy poses, you sexy thing," she added with a teasing smile.

The cheerleader chewed on her bottom lip as she considered the Slayer's request. then started striking several erotic poses, all aimed on pleasing the blonde.

Buffy smiled with delight as the brunette posed in front of her. Posing naked, except for a pair of high-heeled shoes and stockings, Cordelia looked like she belonged on the cover of Playboy or Penthouse magazine. The Slayer's stare slowly raked over every inch of Cordelia's exposed, nubile body. She noticed the goose bumps on the cheerleader's arms and legs (an obvious result from the relatively low temperature in the cellar) and Cordy's red-flushed cheeks --indicating the combination of embarrassment and arousal the cheerleader was feeling.

Buffy's gaze then focussed on the brunette's big stiff nipples, which stood out prominently from her large firm breasts. The blonde licked her lips before lowering her eyes to the soft and inviting-looking small tuft of hair above the cheerleader's slit. 'Cordelia looks so damn delicious: I could just eat her up!' The Slayer smiled to herself. 'Well, actually. I do plan on "eating" her later. But first, she gets to eat ME.'

Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her panties down and off; then sat down on a straight-back wooden chair she'd already selected earlier for this very purpose.

Buffy pulled up her skirt and planted her feet on the seat of the chair --flashing her bare beaver to the cheerleader's eyes. She beckoned the brunette closer with her index finger, and then pointed at her slit.

"Time to put that talented tongue of yours to work, Cordy," Buffy grinned.

The May Queen stepped closer and slowly sank to her knees in front of the blonde. She lowered her lips to the Slayer's snatch and started pleasuring her adversary's pussy the way Buffy had taught her to: by French-kissing the blonde's bald slit.


"Okay, I've just checked ALL the school's usual hangout spots," Xander announced as he strolled back into the library. "No sign of Buffy anywhere."

"And I looked around outside," Oz said, coming in right behind Xander. "She isn't there either."

"Did you check the ladies room, Willow?" Giles questioned, as the young redhead entered the library with her boyfriend.

The hacker nodded. "I went to all the girls bathrooms in the school, even the ones that aren't even near our last class, she's isn't in any of them."

"Strange," the watcher noted, putting down the book he was reading. "Usually, whenever an hour of class drops out Buffy tends to spend it here. She didn't say anything about where she was going?"

"Not really," Willow said. "She just said that she had to go do something."

Giles nodded thoughtfully. "Well, I'm pretty certain she hasn't left school grounds. Ever since someone painted the words "Honk if you think I'm a Nazi-Troll" on the back of his new car, principal Snider has been watching the exit like a hawk --hoping to catch students sneaking off during breaks or free hours."

All eyes turned to Xander at the mention of the "Snider's car incident".

"Hey! What are you all looking at me for?" Xander returned their stares with a wide-eyed look of innocence. "Why do you automatically assume it was me who went Michelangelo on the Nazi-- I mean, the principal's car."

"I did see you buying a can of paint," Willow reminded him.

Xander shrugged. "I'm planning to repaint my room."

"Then why did you bring the canister of paint into school?" Willow questioned. "I saw you putting it in your locker."

"When I got home I suddenly noticed that the colour didn't really match my furniture, so I decided to return it after school."

His explanation was greeted by a series of sceptical looks.

"You could probably drive Snider's car through the holes in that story," Oz dryly remarked.

"Quite so," Giles stated. "But I didn't call this meeting to investigate who vandalized Herr Snider's car."

The watcher thought for a moment before asking his question. "Have any of you noticed anything. out of the ordinary with Buffy's behaviour in the last week or so?"

The scoobies looked at each other.

"I did notice she's been kinda distracted lately," Willow said.

"Yeah, then the next moment she suddenly transforms into little Miss Cheerful," Xander told the watcher.

Willow nodded. "I can't remember seeing Buffy ever this upbeat, not even before the whole Angelus thing."

Giles mulled this information over for a while then turned to look at Oz. "Have you perhaps noticed a difference besides the ones already mentioned by Willow and Xander --anything that doesn't coincide with Buffy's normal behaviour?"

Oz shrugged. "Apart from seeing her kiss Cordelia, not really."

There was a long moment of silence. then everyone started questioning the stoic teen.

"Did you just say that you saw Buffy kissing Cordelia Chase?" an astounded Giles asked.

"You saw that too?" Xander called out. "I thought it was just my wishful imagination."

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow squeaked.

"Ehm. yes," Oz answered all their questions at once.

"When on Earth did this happen?" Giles questioned amazed.

"This morning in the hallway," Xander answered before Oz could. "She bumped into Cordy and kissed her right on the lips."

Oz nodded. "That's about it."

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow called out again.

The three males looked at the bewildered redhead for a moment, and then continued their conversation.

"So without a clear motivation or any warning whatsoever, she just walked up to Cordelia -in the middle of a crowded hallway- and kissed her?"

Both teens nodded.

"And how exactly did Miss Chase react to this?"

"She looked like she was watching a pack of pink tutu wearing vampires burst into the school, and start performing the Nutcracker," Xander reminisced with a big grin.

". while she's being kissed by Buffy," Oz added.

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow repeated again.

"Uhm. are you feeling okay, Willow?" Oz asked somewhat concerned.

"I'm fine and very much okay," the hacker babbled; still busy taking in this unexpected news about her friend. "That's me: feeling perfectly dandy and totally straight!"

Giles, Xander and Oz looked at each other, and then shrugged.

"Even though some of Buffy's recent conduct seems rather odd, I'm not entirely convinced that it warrants any great concern," Giles said after a long period of silence. "However, I believe it might be prudent to keep a close eye on Buffy in the next couple of weeks, just to be on the safe side. Though I consider it most likely that this is just an period of erratic behaviour she is going through -like plenty of normal teenagers do- there could be something supernatural going on."

"Normal teens don't usually step up to Cordelia Chase in the middle of a crowded hallway and kiss her on the lips," Oz pointed out.

"That's a good point," Giles conceded. "But that may very well have been Buffy playing a little joke on Cordelia. Aside from that one kiss, I can't imagine anything else going on between those two."


"YES!! Eat me, bitch! Eat that pussy!!" Buffy encouraged the cheerleader while humping the brunette's face. "Tongue my cunt and suck up my juices!"

'What a kick to have Miss Popularity naked on her knees before me, giving me head!' the blonde blissfully considered while gazing down at brown-haired head busy between her legs. Reaching down, she tenderly stroked and petted the brunette's beautiful auburn locks.

"You're such a good little cunt-licker, Cordy," Buffy happily moaned. "You eat pussy like a fuckin' pro."

'Yeah, like YOU would know the difference,' Cordelia thought to herself. 'Exactly how many people have licked your pussy?' Yet despite that cynical thought she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of pride from her ability to please the blonde. With new vigour she concentrated on her pussy-licking duties.

The Slayer gasped as Cordy's tongue deeply penetrated her and vibrated against the slick walls of her pussy while the cheerleader's nose rubbed her clit. 'Damn, that girl is soooo incredibly GOOD!'

Buffy moaned loudly as she felt her third orgasm approaching. "Mmmm! Ohhhhh yessss!! Yes! YES!! Tongue-fuck me good, Cordy! Stick it deep inside me, you little slut!! I wanna feel that talented tongue of yours licking my ovaries!"

Cordelia plunged her tongue faster in-and-out in response, making the blonde shake wildly on the wobbly wooden chair as her climax hit her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!" With a loud cry, Buffy thrust her pelvis up --grinding her crotch into the cheerleader's face as she came. then, once her orgasm subsided, she slumped back down on the chair.

"That was great, Cordy!" Buffy complimented the brunette once she got her breathing somewhat back to normal.

"Glad you enjoyed it, Buffy," the cheerleader told her. "Now may I get back to my feet or should I get started on your fourth orgasm?"

"This will do for now," Buffy grinned, and stroked Cordelia's brown locks again. "You're turning into one well-trained, and -lets not forget- well-dressed, little sex-slave," she noted satisfied.

The May Queen narrowed her eyes slightly, but -acknowledging the truth in the Slayer's statement- she otherwise didn't respond.

Smiling brightly, the Slayer seated the -mostly- naked brunette onto her lap. Putting her arms around her, the small blonde wasted little time in claiming Cordelia's lips with her own.

While exchanging a passionate kiss, Buffy freed one of her arms from the embrace and started fondling the cheerleader's firm supple breasts.

The blonde smirked when she heard a satisfied little sigh coming from Cordy's mouth. She broke off the kiss and beamed up at the beautiful brunette--her beautiful brunette!

"Okay, Cordy." the Slayer said thoughtfully. "It's your turn to cum now, but you also have a spanking coming. which would you prefer first?"

"Ohhh, the agony of choice," Cordelia drawled while pondering the question.

Buffy smiled. "So. how do you wanna play it? Orgasm first or your spanking?"

"Couldn't you give me both at the same time?"


"You know, like you've done before," Cordelia said, referring to the night at her house a week ago. "You can diddle my slit with one hand and use your other hand to spank me."

"That sounds like a great idea, Cordy," Buffy smiled delightedly. "Brains as well as Beauty."

The cheerleader smirked.

"Come on, sweetie, lie yourself across my lap and raise your little butt as high as you can."

"Yes Ma'am," the brunette answered politely and draped herself over the Slayer's lap.

"Good girl!" Buffy praised the cheerleader, once the brown-haired beauty lay sprawled across her lap.

With her bottom raised up high and her legs spread apart the May Queen was ready to receive her punishment on her upraised butt and some well-deserved pleasure between her widely-spread thighs.

The Slayer slowly slid her hand across the cheerleader's protruding buttocks, caressing and stroking both the firm downy globes, before moving her hand between the May Queen's muscular thighs and tickling her fingers across the brunette's mons.

Cordelia let out a loud groan as the blonde's fingers found her clit and played with the aroused bundle of nerves. Her groaning turned into a low moan when the Slayer's fingers abruptly released her clitoris and plunged inside her cunt.

"You like that, baby?" Buffy whispered in the brunette's ear while sliding two fingers in-and-out the cheerleader's slick passage.

"Uh-huh!" Cordelia grunted in confirmation.

"Good! Time for your spanking to begin then," the Slayer smiled. Sliding her left hand underneath the brunette's belly, she replaced the digits of her right hand that were diddling the cheerleader's slit with three fingers from her left hand. "Now Cordy, since both my hands will be occupied with spanking your ass and finger-fucking your pussy, I won't be able to hold you down on my lap. So I need you to grab the legs of the chair with both your hands and hang on tightly while I spank you. Can you do that for me, my little slave?"

"Mmmm. yes ma'am," Cordelia moaned, and quickly reached down to grab a hold of the wooden legs.

Buffy let out a moan of her own as she raked her eyes across the perfect picture that the naked cheerleader presented. "Mmmm. you look so cute, Cordy! Draped naked across my lap, with my fingers up your snatch. Offering me that beautiful bubble-butt for punishment and your sweet little pussy to play with. I only wish I could take a photo to preserve this moment," the blonde giggled.

"Would you please get on with it?" the now red-faced brunette called back over her shoulder.

"Okay, here it comes, sweetie," Buffy smiled, and let her hand crash down on the brunette's round buttocks.



"Mr. Harris, would you PLEASE refrain from using MY books as an instrument for squashing flies?!"

"But Giles," Xander whined. "It's been buzzing around my head for 15 minutes now, and this book was the only thing handy."

"I don't care. You DO NOT use a priceless thousand year-old manuscript to kill an insect!" Giles responded as he yanked the book away from the careless teen. Hugging the leather-bound tome to his chest, as if protecting a defenceless infant, he hurried to the book cage and carefully put it away.

"Well, it did say something about "Best ways to kill bugs" on the cover," Xander muttered.

Giles manage to hear that while walking back to the table and shot the boy a withering glare. "That's because it was written by a Vampire Prince, who -by the way- was referring to killing humans."

"Sounds like a bestseller to me," Oz joked.

"Actually, it did sell very well among vampires and other members of the Demon community," Giles said as he sat down again.

"I think this is some special kind of Hellmouth fly," Xander observed as he ducked another close flyby from the annoying insect. "That buzzing little bastard seems to have targeted me personally, and--"

All eyes turned to Willow as the redhead suddenly jumped up from her chair.

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!"

"Ehm, Will? I think we're past that point already," Xander told his friend. "Besides, I." He abruptly stopped speaking as he saw the fly that had been bugging him, land less then a feet away on the table.

Moving carefully, he pulled his Chemistry book (which was still encased in its original packing) from his backpack and raised it high above his head. 'Finally getting some use out of this book!' the teen thought as he smashed the book down hard upon both fly and table.


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Three."


SMACK!!! "Fifty-Four."


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Five!"


"Just five more, Cordy," Buffy told the loudly panting brunette. "You're doing great."

"Not as "great" as you are doing," the red-faced cheerleader shot back. "Now go on, I really need to cum!"

Buffy giggled and brought her hand down again.

SMACK!!! "Fifty-Six."


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Seven."


Buffy let her left hand play with the cheerleader's swollen clit while her right hand crashed down on Cordy's upturned buttocks again.

SMACCKK!!!! "Fifty-Eight!"

"Ohhhhh yesssss," Cordelia hissed, her hands tightened around the chair legs as she felt her orgasm approaching.

'She's getting close now!' Buffy stuck three fingers inside the brunette's wet snatch and plunged them swiftly in-and-out.

SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Nine!"

"OH!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH!! OHHHHHH!!!!"

SMACCKK!!!! "Sixty!"

"YESSSSS!!!!" Cordelia hissed. "I'm so close now! SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!"

Shaking on the Slayer's lap, she pushed her ass up as high as she could. "GIVE ME MORE!! I NEED MORE!!!" she begged the blonde.

Buffy was more then happy to give it to her.


"YES! YES!! Yesssssssss!!!" the cheerleader crooned lustfully while riding Buffy's plunging fingers and raising her butt to meet the blonde's firm hand. "Spank my little ass, Buffy! SPANK IT HARD!!"

"With pleasure, Cordy!"


"I'M COMINGGGGG!!!!!" Cordelia screeched --bucking wildly on the Slayer's lap as an incredible orgasm rushed through her entire body.


"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH!!" the brunette panted while the aftershocks of her orgasm (and the Slayer's spanks) made her tremble and shake.


Buffy gave the May Queen some final spanks, then ended the spanking and removed her fingers from the cheerleader's soaking snatch. She raised the sticky digits to her mouth and slowly licked them clean. savouring the sweet taste of the cheerleader's pussy-juice while watching the brunette's glowing red ass with a strong sense of satisfaction.

Not only did she come THREE times but she also got to bring the proud cheerleader to a mind-shattering orgasm by diddling her slit and spanking her ass. 'I'm really loving these little play-dates with Cordy!'

The Slayer tenderly stroked the brunette's round buttocks while Cordelia recovered from her climax, occasionally bringing her hand back between the cheerleader's thighs to scoop up some of her delectable juices.

Once Cordelia composed herself she quickly climbed off the blonde's lap and started rubbing her red and sensitive behind.

"Ehm. can I get dressed now, or do you want me to get you off again?" she shyly asked while glancing at the blonde.

'Spank my little ass, Buffy. Spank it hard??!' the cheerleader thought back mortified. 'Damn! What was I thinking?! Buffy's sure as Hell isn't going to let me forget I said that!'

Cordelia shot another covert look at the Slayer, and the big satisfied smirk she saw on the blonde's face seemed to verify that thought.

"You may put your clothes on, Cordy," Buffy grinned. "You've been a very good girl, so you deserve some time off."

Trying to avoid Buffy's gleaming green eyes, the cheerleader quickly collected her clothes.

"We better make sure that no one finds out we were. spending time together, down here," she said while getting dressed. "So after I leave, you should wait a few minutes before following me."

The Slayer smirked in response. "I have a better idea: why don't I leave first? Then you can wait here for as long as you deem necessary to safeguard your precious reputation."

Getting slowly back to her old self, the cheerleader responded to the blonde's suggestion with a disgusted glare. "Because this hellhole of a school is parked right on top of our -oh so handy- Hellmouth."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Buffy inquired puzzled.

"Hello? Isn't it obvious?" Cordelia exclaimed. "I know the Sunnydale routine by now: the moment you leave, some creepy creature --that has made this cellar into his comphy apartment (young, tasty humans and Hellmouth only a skull-throw away)-- will jump out of the shadows and make me its next meal. Well, I'm not falling for that one again!" the brunette concluded. "You're suppose to be Supergirl here, so you can wait here with whatever Horror movie rip-off has made this cellar its home, and I'll go to the cafeteria and eat some lunch --instead of becoming lunch."

Buffy started laughing. "Okay, Cordy: you can leave first," she said amused.

"Great!" the cheerleader replied satisfied while walking to the door. Opening it, she shot the blonde a last look. "If someone has to deal with creepy monsters. better you then me."

Since the brunette quickly left the boiler room: she didn't see the Slayer flip her the bird, but she did get to hear the blonde's sarcastic "Gee, thanks Cordy!" being called after her.


The Slayer chuckled as she heard the cheerleader's high heels tapping loudly against the stone tiles --indicating that the brunette didn't waste much time in creating a vast distance between herself and the boiler room.

"Either Cordelia is getting overly paranoid, or she's read too much Stephen King novels," Buffy said to herself. "A monster making the boiler room Sunnydale High into its apartment. yeah, right! I know some weird stuff happens in this town, but that's just crazy."

"I couldn't agree with you more," a deep, ominous voice from behind her said. "I've lived in this cellar for over a decade now, and I still haven't seen any monsters."

"Exactly!" the blonde exclaimed. "that girl is on the fast track to total paranoia; I mean it's n--" Buffy abruptly stopped speaking and quickly turned around.

She found herself looking straight at a tall, dark figure. At least 8-feet tall, he hovered menacingly above her. Mostly concealed by a black, hooded robe, which was tied together with a string of silver skulls, she could barely make out its face. and wish she hadn't. The glowing red eyes and fang-filled mouth weren't exactly reassuring to look at.

"Well, fuck, me!" Buffy slowly sounded out.

"What, AGAIN?" the dark shrouded figure replied with surprising wit.

"Oh, this is just great!" the blonde exclaimed. "I'm being dissed by some cellar-dwelling creature."

"I prefer the term: Subterranean-American," it said as it stalked closer.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Okay, just one quick question before I kick your ass."

Now the creature rolled its eyes.

"Why didn't you just come out and attack us when we were. uhm," a light blush covered the blonde's face. "busy together."

"And interrupt this unexpected show I was treated to? This cellar doesn't exactly have an extensive entertainment centre, you know? I have to make do with this one lousy transistor radio I got from some janitor I ate."

"Besides." a slender, forked tongue slipped out of the creature's mouth, and it licked its lips. "One of you girls will be enough to feed me for an entire month."

These last words were barely spoken, when the creature suddenly leaped towards Buffy --its clawed hands outstretched and aimed at the Slayer's throat.


Everything suddenly seemed to go into slow motion as the hooded figure attacked her. She could see the creature's claws slowly descending, inch-by-inch, towards her throat.

Several thoughts went through her mind as Buffy considered her current situation. The first thought being: 'This is beyond weird.' And the second thought: 'Hey, I'm not wearing any underwear.'

It then occurred to her that instead of philosophising about this latest predicament, she'd better get ready for action. Quickly reaching out, she grabbed the creature's wrists and let herself fall back while pushing her feet into its stomach. As a result the monster was propelled to the other side of the cellar, mostly by the force of its own attack but with a little help from the Slayer's kick.

With a loud bang it connected with a sturdy oak table, which apparently wasn't sturdy enough as it broke in several pieces the moment the creature crashed into it.

The moment the monster hit the table, Buffy was already on her feet and charging towards the creature, intending to finish it off while it's still dazed from the fall... Unfortunately, the creature wasn't dazed at all and, getting to its feet just as quickly as the Slayer, it charged towards her as well.

They met each other about halfway: Crashing into one another they fell down again and rolled across the floor while pounding each other. Buffy managed to get up first and --obviously not a big supporter of the saying: Never kick an enemy when he's down-- started to unleash a series of kicks and punches on the prone monster.


Though dazed and confused by the ferocity and power of this tiny human's attack, Behenometh managed to recover enough of his senses to kick the girl's legs out from under her and get back to his feet.

Only barely standing, he was once again attacked by the human girl. This time he was ready though. As she aimed a flying kick at his head, he quickly ducked and grabbed the girl's leg, then threw her in the same direction where he himself just got thrown a minute ago.

With a sense of satisfaction, Behenometh watched as the pesky human collided with the remains of the table with a gratifying crash. He hissed as the girl climbed back to her feet and approached him again.

'Instead of running away she dares to attack Me again?! Her death shall be a slow and painful one.'

"I'LL FEAST ON YOUR FLESH AND SUCK THE MARROW FROM YOUR BONES!!!" Behenometh bellowed as he brought his claws into play and leapt towards his opponent.


"Feast on this, buddy!" Buffy replied while kicking her right leg up and planting her feet squarely against the creature's nose -- making him break off his attack as well as breaking his nose.

The creature stood still and felt his painful nose while glaring at the Slayer with a mixture of anger and amazement. "How dare you assault Behenometh, you puny human?!"

"Actually, the question is: How dare you assault the Slayer, you sucky loser?" Buffy retorted while launching another attack.

"The SLAYER?!" Behenometh called out surprised as the blonde leapt towards him. Quickly ducking, he grabbed her and hurled her towards the other end of the room. "Well, that explains a few things."

Buffy twirled around in the air and landed on her feet. "So you've heard of me?" she smirked while stalking the creature, searching for an opening to attack.

"I've heard the legends," Behenometh growled back. "Though these legends neglected to mention what an irritating, overbearing, little bitch you are."

Buffy shot the monster a glare that would have made Cordy proud. "Oh! You're SO gonna pay for that remark!"

The corners of Behenometh's mouth drew back, exposing rows of sharp, yellow teeth the size of small daggers, as he issued Buffy his twisted version of a smile. "Bring it on, short stuff!"

As the Slayer launched her attack, kicking and punching at the tall creature, Behenometh retaliated by slicing at her with his warped fingernails.

His razor-sharp claws moved so fast they appeared to be a blur (sort of reminding Buffy of the movie 'Edward Scissorhands'), even with her enhanced slayer-abilities she could barely avoid being sliced-and-diced by the creature.

Buffy quickly back flipped until she was out of Behenometh's reach. Looking down, she hurriedly checked to see if she's missing any body parts... letting out a sigh of relief when she appeared okay apart from a couple of cuts and scratches. Her sigh of relief turned into a gasp of despair when she suddenly noticed that even though she might have escaped relatively unscathed, her clothes weren't as lucky. In fact, her clothes were goners.

With horror-filled eyes she watched the shredded remains of clothing, which once made-up one of her favourite outfits, fall away from her body to the floor, leaving her naked except for her shoes.

Buffy balled her hands into fists and glared up at the creature who was watching her with an ever-increasing smug smile on his face.

Behenometh raised his hand to his mouth in pretended shock. "Ooops!"

Exactly one second later, Buffy smashed a wooden chair (the same one she had been occupying a bit earlier) into Behenometh's smirking face.

Behenometh bellowed angrily. With one fell swoop of his arm he slammed the Slayer several feet away. As the blonde jumped back to her feet, he immediately charged her.

Buffy beat him off with a karate kick to his chin, then turned around and quickly ran into the opposite direction -- Behenometh following closely behind her.

After running around the entire cellar, Buffy felt him starting to gain on her, so she quickly decided on a plan of action. Heading straight for one of the walls, she waited until she had almost reached it before leaping up against the stone surface and walking a couple of steps straight up to the ceiling. As she was about to loose her footing, she did a quick back-flip and landed precisely behind Behenometh just as he crashed into the wall.

While the creature lay dazed from the crash, Buffy jumped on him, grabbed his head and - with a quick twist - broke his neck. A look of total astonishment appeared on Behenometh's face... then his skin slowly started to meld away, until only a tall skeleton wrapped in a cloak remained.

"Don't fuck with me!" Buffy told Behenometh's final remains.

Several seconds later, the skeleton itself dissolved as well... leaving only a long, black cloak behind as last proof of Behenometh's existence.

After congratulating herself on another slaying well-done, Buffy began to examine her shredded clothing to see if she could salvage anything. However, it soon became painfully clear that there wasn't even enough of the fabric intact to dress a Barbie.

Sighing, she looked around for anything at all that she could possibly use for clothing. Finally, her eyes fell to Behenometh's black cloak. Though she wasn't very keen on wearing anything that has just been worn by--what ever the Hell that was--she realized she didn't have many options. She could either wear the cloak, or wear nothing at all... And with her only change of clothing in her gym locker at the other side of the school, that wasn't much of a choice. It's not like she could go out there naked, with an entire school full of people walking around.

Buffy picked up the cloak and started putting it on. 'At least this way I can tell people that I'm trying out my Halloween costume.'

Pulling the cloak close around her, she lifted up the hem and headed for the doorway. About halfway to the door the many silver skulls decorating the cloak began to glow. Gradually the entire cloak became enveloped in the same glow, and then... disappeared, leaving Buffy completely naked again.

For a long moment, the Slayer stared open-mouthed at her naked body.



The three men gaped at Willow.

"Whoa... Willow! I don't think I've ever heard you use the F word before."

"Well, it seemed appropriate for this situation," the redhead pouted. "I can't believe Buffy actually KISSED Cordelia Chase."

"Really?" Xander replied. "I have no problem believing it... or picturing it... several times in a row... in slow motion... with sound effects: lotsa grunting and moaning."

The hacker glared at her childhood friend before continuing her rant. "First it's you and her in the broom closet and now it's Buffy KISSING with her in the hallways?!" Willow kept emphasizing "her" as if she was referring to the Queen of All Evil herself. "I'm damn close to revoking both your "I Hate Cordelia Chase" club memberships!"

Giles politely coughed, and Oz actually went as far as to raise an eyebrow at his girlfriend. "Uhm, Will? You're starting to sound just the tiniest bit jealous here."

"Jealous?!" The redhead looked back indignantly. "ME?! I'm not jealous! Why should I be jealous?! Just because that rich bitch is busy sinking her mangy claws into both my best friends, luring them in with her skanky clothes and her surgically enhanced boobs, doesn't mean I'm freakin' JEALOUS!!"

"Willow!" Giles called out shocked.

Oz reacted by raising his eyebrow again, earning himself a new, personal record for most facial expressions emoted in one day. "Ouch."

"Mroowww!" Xander commented.

"Okay, maybe just the tiniest bit."


Meanwhile, Willow's nemesis, blissfully unaware of being the centre of the Scoobies' discussions, entered the school's cafeteria and looked around with the appropriate combination of superiority and disdain.

Her presence was immediately detected by her "Cordettes", which prompted her 2nd in command to enthusiastically wave a hand in the air and call her over. "Yoo-hoo, Cordy! Over here!"

For a long moment, Cordelia stared at the waving blonde, clucking her tongue in disapproval at Harmony's use of the term "Yoo-hoo" (which, in her opinion, only a yahoo used), not to mention the neon-blue colour nail polish that blemished her friend's fingernails (which, even from this distance, made her eyes water).

'Oh well... these are just two of the many reasons why she's second in command of our little group.'

Putting on a gracious smile, she waved back and headed for the cheerleaders' table.

The girls chirped out greetings while cramming closer together to make room for their leader.

Cordelia regally sat down and granted her flock a dazzling smile. "So... what have you girls been up to in my absence?"

"We were just discussing who currently deserves the title for Hottest Hunk in Showbiz," Amber answered. "So far we've narrowed it down to: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck."

Cordelia nodded solemnly. "A vital and comprehensive issue, which has gone unspoken for far too long." A condescending smirk threatened to appear on her lips, but with a bit of effort she managed to keep a straight face. "Well... my vote goes to Brad Pitt. He's more mature then Leonardo, and better looking then Ben Affleck."

Aura nodded. "Excellent decision, Cordy; I picked him as well."

"I personally prefer Leonardo," Amber noted dreamingly.

"Yeah, Leonardo does it for me as well," Harmony said.

"It's Ben Affleck for me," another girl chimed in.

"Brad Pitt. Best-looking piece of man-candy there is," Natasha said with a look of longing in her eyes.

"I'm more a Ben Affleck kinda gal myself," Ebony joined in the discussion.

The cheerleaders kept arguing about which star was most worthy of the "Hottest Hunk" title until the bell rang and they had to go to their respective classes.

Busy talking with Harmony and Amber while they headed for their English class, Cordelia looked up annoyed when her path was suddenly blocked by Xander and Willow.

While both Harmony and Amber stood momentarily stunned at the audacity of these two nobodies to stand in their way, Cordelia fixed the two Scoobies with an icy glare and followed up with a disdainful sniff.

"What is this? Did someone put a bus stop on this spot when I wasn't looking? Move you two!"

"Relax, Cordy, we just need a moment of your time to ask you something," Xander said.

"Not interested. Now run along back to your cosy little library--or to whatever place the hotspot for geeks is these days." Cordelia became suddenly aware of the baleful glares Willow was sending her way and frowned. "And what exactly is your problem? Did Wal-Mart stop selling the granny underwear sets of fifty you love so much?"

Willow's green eyes flared up and she took a step forwards. "Listen you skanky bit--"

"Whoa! Retract your nails, ladies!" Xander hastily signalled for a truce with his hands. "We really need your help, Cordy. It will only take a moment."

Cordelia sighed. "Oh, very well! Here goes... Xander: visit a gym and never wear that shirt with those pants. Willow: apply your make-up in front of a mirror and with the lights ON from now on. Oh, and stop wearing headwear from the Bozo the Clown collection. Back to Xander: when using deodorant, make sure you use something that costs more then a buck and isn't sold at the local pet store."

Xander and Willow stood frozen in disbelief while Cordelia, Amber and Harmony exchanged high-fives.

Cordelia turned to face the two dumbfounded teens again and shot them a smirk. "There. Wasn't that helpful from me?"

"No, what would be helpful is when you finally get that exorcism, which half the town is been saving up for with a special "Free Cordelia" fund," Xander wryly replied.

Willow, meanwhile, still stood as frozen; her mind racing as she franticly tried to come up with a good comeback, or at least something coherent to say.

"Now, what I wanted to say, before we were so rudely interrupted by one of your multiple personalities: we need to have a talk about Buffy..." Xander shot Cordelia a smirk that was almost equal to one of the May Queen's. "I thought we might want to do that in private, but if you have no problem with including your good friends Amber and Harmony in the conversation..." Xander's smirk grew bigger as he indicated both girls, "then neither do I. I'm sure they can keep a secret."

Cordelia's expression became a bit sour once she heard the B word mentioned, and didn't get any brighter after Xander concluded his little speech. Turning to face her two best friends, she noticed they were looking at her with curious eyes, their noses twitching a little as if they were sniffing this situation for potential gossip material.

Thinking quickly, the brunette shot them both a bright smile. "Amber, Harm, you gals better go ahead without me. I'll do my good deed for this millennium by helping out these poorly dressed individuals - who I hardly know - and catch up with you later."

"Hmm," Xander commented, "you seemed to know me pretty well in the broom closet when--"

"Let's go!" an annoyed Cordelia hurriedly interrupted him, and she quickly dragged the two Scoobies into an empty classroom. Giving her astonished friends - who hadn't moved yet - a quick wave and smile, she closed the door behind them.

The May Queen peeked through the little window in the door until she saw Harmony and Amber walk away. With a scowl on her face, she turned her attention to the patiently waiting Xander and Willow. "Now, what's so damn important to actually make you two crawl from the dark recesses of the library of weirdness and crash my carefree, yet fashionable existence."

Xander rolled his eyes and sighed. "Oh, how I've missed your flair for the dramatics, Cordy... We only wanted to ask you if you know what's going on with Buffy."

"Buffy?" Cordelia suspiciously eyed the two Scoobies. "Why should I know anything about Buffy? Creative-with-Stakes Summers hangs out in your little band of misfits, so why are you asking me?"

"Wellllll," Xander drawled, "For some bizarre reason, you've been the most important thing on Buffy's mind in the last couple of weeks. That sounds like a pretty good reason to start with."

"Oh, Please!" The cheerleader snorted derisively. "You can't hold me responsible for whatever the hell goes on inside Buffy's mind. That girl is a freakin' wet dream for psychoanalysts!"

"I've also heard you've been spending a lot of time with Buffy lately."

"Vicious rumours spread by the army of gossips that inhabit this school!" Cordy vehemently replied.

Ignoring Cordelia's many protests, Xander continued unperturbed, "And thirdly, that kiss you two shared in the hallway this morning."

The brunette narrowed her eyes. "We didn't share a kiss! She kissed me!! And once again directing you back to my earlier answer: Who the hell knows what goes on inside her head? For all I know that could've been part of another lame-assed prophesy where she has to kiss a girl to prevent the opening of the Hellmouth -- or something equally ridiculous."

Letting out another -deep- sigh, Xander started massaging his temples. "So what you're saying is that you have no clue whatsoever about what's going with Buffy?"

"Well, Duh!"

Having reached his quota of his ex-girlfriend's "radiant presence", Xander grabbed Willow's hand and slowly backed away to the door. "One last question: do you have any idea where Buffy could be right now? Because we haven't seen her since Mrs. Walker's History class dropped out."

The May Queen blinked a couple of times before innocently replying, "Nope, not a clue."

Xander nodded. Dragging Willow with him, he left the classroom and closed the door behind him.

"Did you believe her?" he asked the redhead while they hurried to their next class.

The Witch/Hacker shook her head.

"Me neither," Xander agreed, "she seemed a little too defensive... and when she said that she didn't know where Buffy could be, she was clearly lying... There's definitely something going on between the two of them."

Noticing Willow's lack of response, he frowned. "And what's up with you, Will? You've hardly said a word during our audience with Queen C, and you're not very talkative right now either."

The redhead abruptly stopped walking and looked back at her surprised friend. "Cordelia, you have no clue whatsoever PERIOD. THAT'S what I've should have said to her!" Turning around, she started running back to the classroom where they left the cheerleader.

Xander watched open-mouthed as his friend headed back to find Cordelia... then quickly started walking after her. "Uh, Will? It's a little bit late for a snappy comeback. Besides, Cordy is probably already on her way to her own class right now... Will? WILLOW!"


The door to Sunnydale High's cellar slowly opened and a blonde head peaked out through the opening. After having spent several long hours in the basement, Buffy's patience had finally run out. Since most of the classes had ended by now, she decided it's safe enough to try to get her spare set of clothes from her gym locker.

After making sure that no one was around, the Slayer stepped into the hallway and hurriedly headed for the gym.

Instinctively holding an arm in front of her bouncing breasts and covering her shaved slit with her hand, she ran through the empty corridors. Even though she often had to hide out in an empty classroom or another convenient hiding place whenever a student or a staff member got too close, she still made pretty good time and gradually approached her destination.

As Buffy neared the hallway that lead to the gym and the dressing rooms, her slayer-hearing detected several voices. Breaking off her quick sprint, she tiptoed the last couple of yards and peaked around the corner.

Chagrined, she counted at least seven students standing together in a group; talking to each other and inadvertently blocking her way to the girls' locker room. Her eyes narrowed when she detected among those seven students a very sexy-looking Cordelia Chase talking animatedly with the school's star quarterback Michael Faraday.

Watching the good-looking couple interact, the Slayer noticed several things which caused her already strong feelings of jealousy and anger to increase. One of these things being that they really looked good together and, unlike most other jocks, Michael seemed a really nice guy. But this just irked her. What pissed her off most was discovering that Cordy had removed her bra again, and the slutty manner in which the brunette was flaunting her big braless breasts at her boyfriend-to-be. With great success, apparently, since the young man's eyes were more often focussed on the cheerleader's chest then her face.

'How DARE she show off her tits to anyone besides me WITHOUT my permission!' Buffy furiously thought. 'Cordelia Chase belongs to ME and so does her tits!'

Occupied by her feeling of resentment, the blonde only slowly became aware that Michael's eyes had stopped focussing on Cordy's chest and were now looking straight at her! She suddenly noticed that in her anger, she'd left her hideout and started walking towards Michael and Cordelia.

As the dumbfounded male gaped at her and blinked, Buffy used her slayer-speed to duck away in the other hallway.

From her new hiding place, she focussed her enhanced hearing to listen in on Cordy's and Michael conversation.

"What ARE you staring at?" an annoyed sounding voice inquired. Definitely Cordelia.

"I-I... I could have sworn I just saw......"

"Saw what? Don't tell me you've just seen Jesus and are now a reborn Christian, because--"

"No! No! Nothing like that, it's just... This is gonna silly but I could have sworn I just saw Buffy Summers standing there... err... totally naked." Michael finished the last part of his sentence in a whisper.

Cordelia was silent for a while before replying, "Hmm, I think I'd almost preferred it if you saw Jesus instead. Or, even better, ME, totally naked... Hallucinating about other naked girls is never a really good start for a new relationship."

"Trust me, Cordy: I would have preferred seeing you naked as well."

That seemed to appease the brunette. "Maybe you will, sometime soon, IF you are a very good boy."

Buffy could hear the quarterback gulp and, in her mind's eye, could see his erection jump up to salute Cordy's words. 'Not if I got anything to do with it!' she grimly decided before going in search of a better hiding place.


It took nearly an hour of waiting before all the students left and Buffy was finally free to leave her hideout and sneak into the girls' locker room. Even though her slayer-senses had told her as much already, she still felt a sense of relief when she saw that the place was empty. She had sort of been afraid that one of the "Cordettes" would have caught her entering the locker room buck-naked.

'I don't think I could have lived with that humiliation!'

After taking a long shower, which helped to sooth her frazzled nerves, Buffy padded back into the locker room and towelled herself dry. And once she'd brushed her hair, put on a new set of clothes, and reapplied her make-up, she felt a whole lot better.

A lot more cheerful then before, the blonde checked herself in the mirror one last time and then left the locker room

However, most of that cheer went out the door when she bumped into someone on her way out. Someone who she instantly recognized as Michael Faraday -- the little horn-dog who kept hitting on HER Cordy, and who was now snooping around the girls' locker room for God knows what reason.

They stared at each other... Or at least: Michael stared, Buffy more glared.

"Buffy? Uh... what are you still doing here?" Michael finally asked.

"Since this is the girls' locker room, I think the question should be: What are you doing here?"

That question seemed to baffle him for a couple of seconds. Then he honestly replied, "I saw something... strange a bit earlier and decided to go back and see... um... if I would see it again.

Buffy smirked when she realized what it was that he hoped to see again. 'Fat chance of ever seeing me naked again... Your girlfriend's chances of seeing what you saw are about 100% better.'

Thinking of the two of them together as a pair rekindled the Slayer's jealousy and anger. She narrowed her eyes at the quarterback and stepped closer, invading his personal space.

"Actually, Michael," she said with a deceptively sweet voice, "it's kinda convenient that we bumped into each other like this, since we need to have a little talk."

Michael blinked and stared at the strange behaving girl. "We do?"

"Yes, we do."

"About what?"

"About a mutual friend of ours: Cordelia Chase."

"Really?" Michael answered after a long moment of silence, "I didn't know you are one of Cordelia's friends, or vice versa. But, even if you are: why do we need to have "a little talk" about her?"

"Because I want YOU to stay away from her," the blonde stonily replied.

He gaped at her. "Are you kidding me?"


There was another long period of silence while the two of them stared at each other. Buffy's silence being mainly because she's waiting for Michael's reply while Michael's silence had more to do with him trying to figure out what the hell Buffy's problem was.

Finally, his baffled brain managed to come up with a reply, "Is this about Cordelia and me dating?"

"Yes, it is."

Michael took a deep breath. "And why, exactly, don't you want us to date?"

"Because Cordy belongs to ME!" The blonde's eyes flared. "Which means you have to keep your grubby paws off of her, got that?"

'Well, I didn't see THAT one coming... Buffy Summers and Cordelia Chase lesbian lovers?! Holy Shit!! I feel like I'm in some sort of pornographic version of 'Saved by the Bell' with Summers here starring as Jessie, since she sorta resembles Elizabeth Berkley in 'Showgirls', and Cordelia playing the part of Kelly Kapowski!'

It took Michael an entire minute to digest this latest bit of info, and he was able to ask, "Excuse me, but if Cordy "belongs" to you, then why is she dating ME?"

Buffy grimaced. "Apparently, she is under the impression that she's allowed to. I'm going to have a little "talk" with her as well and explain to her that she isn't."

'Wait a minute... what am I thinking here?!' Michael sighed and rolled his eyes. 'No matter how big a turn-on it is to picture Buffy and Cordelia together: she's probably making this all up. This IS Buffy Summers we're talking about: she's the only person in this school who's more disturbed then Principal Snider... well, maybe she AND lunch-lady Doris.'

"Right... listen, Summers. Why don't we just forget this conversation ever happened and let Cordelia decide who SHE wants to date, and leave it at that, okay?" Giving the blonde a small, pitying smile, he started to turn away but was stopped by Buffy's reply.

"No, NOT okay. I told you to stay away from Cordy AND I MEAN IT!"

Sighing, he turned to face her again. "Oh, you do? And what happens if I don't stay away from Cordy and continue to date her?"

Buffy took a step closer, invading his personal space again. "Then I'll kick your ass."

"YOU are going to kick MY ass?!" Michael slowly repeated, making sure he heard THIS correctly.

"That's right," was the blonde's curt reply.

'This is getting way too weird... even for this town! First, I'm pretty sure I saw Buffy Summers walking naked in the hallway. Then, a little later, I bump into the very same Buffy Summers a few yards from the place where I saw her naked. And now she starts threatening ME to stop seeing MY girlfriend, only because SHE wants my girlfriend as well?!'

"Okayyy, let's see if I've got this right: YOU are going to kick MY ass if I don't stop seeing MY girlfriend who YOU want to date?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up," the Slayer smirked

He looked over his own muscular 6'7" physique and then gazed down again at Buffy's tiny 5'3" frame. "Seriously, though... what happens if I don't stop dating Cordelia?"

The blonde's eyes narrowed again. "I'll kick you ass."


Hours later, he still wasn't sure what exactly happened at that point; but he suddenly found himself upside down, hovering several feet above the floor while being pressed against the wall, and looking straight into the face of a very pissed off Buffy Summers.

"I'll. Kick. Your. Fucking. Ass." Buffy slowly sounded out. "And after the ten seconds it will take me to do that: I'll mount your fucking head on my bedroom wall. Capiche, moosehead?"

He only managed to squeak and nod in assent.

Then, he's suddenly on the floor again, and waxing that floor with his butt as Buffy bowled him about 25 feet down the hallway before he bumped into a row of lockers.

Open-mouthed and rubbing his ass, he watched the blonde walk away, ignoring him as she strolled passed him.

'Okay, that's it! When I get my football scholarship and go to college, it's DEFINITELY going to be in another state!!'


Feeling riled up by her tete-a-tete with Michael, Buffy decided to skip her usual visit to the library in favour of heading straight for Cordy's house.

After leaping the tall fence again, she quickly made her way through Mrs. Chase's meticulously landscaped garden and climbed onto the terrace. Buffy immediately spotted Cordelia lying stretched out in one of the lawn chairs, and smiled when she saw that the cheerleader was completely naked.

'At least Cordy has obeyed my order not to wear any clothing at home while waiting for my visit,' she noted with satisfaction. 'Good, then maybe I'll go a little easy on her this time.' Recalling the way Cordelia had been all over the star quarterback, she made a face. 'Then again: maybe I won't.'

The Slayer soundlessly sneaked towards the brunette till she was standing at the foot end of the cheerleader's chair. While studying Cordelia's tan, naked body, which glistened from the abundantly applied suntan oil, Buffy softly stroked the palm of her hand across her rock-hard nipples poking out from beneath her shirt. 'Mmmm, no matter how many times I've seen Cordy naked already, I still get a thrill whenever I see her luscious, perfect, nude body again.'

After taking her time to visually examine all of the cheerleader's charms, Buffy decided to make her presence known; though she suspected that the brunette had probably already spotted her, seeing that she was blocking the other girl's sunlight.

"Hi, Cordy!"

As she suspected, the cheerleader wasn't the least bit startled by her greeting.

"Hello, Buffy," the brunette calmly replied, giving her a little smile. "Back for more nasty sex-play?"

The Slayer smirked at Cordelia's casual commentary about their sexual relationship. But that smirk quickly disappeared when the blonde sternly reminded herself that she's supposed to be angry at the brunette.

Folding her arms in front of her, she fixed the cheerleader with a glare. "I'm very upset with you, Cordy."

The May Queen at first didn't respond, then sighed and took off her sunglasses. "Oh? And what did I do now?" she questioned in a tired tone of voice.

"You forgot who you belong to," was the Slayer's clipped response. "You've been a bad little bitch, Cordy."

"'Scuse me?" Cordelia said, getting beyond annoyed now. "Listen, blondie: I've licked what you wanted me to lick, kissed where you wanted me to kiss and you've given me more intensive vaginal examinations then my own gynaecologist... I doubt if Sunnydale High's Prom Committee is giving out an award for "Best Lesbian Sex Slave" this year, but if they do then I'm a freakin' shoo-in!"

Once again, an involuntary smile crossed the Slayer's lips. 'Heh. She does have a funny way of putting things.'

"Your... um, performance is first-rate, Cordelia. I wasn't talking about that."

"Then what are you talking about?"

Buffy felt her earlier feelings of anger and jealousy making a quick comeback. "I'm talking about you and a certain Star Quarterback."

"Why are you bringing Michael up?" Cordelia asked puzzled.

"I heard about your date for this evening..." Buffy began before turning silent.

"What exactly were you planning on doing with him tonight, Cordy?" she suddenly inquired, an accusing tone in her voice. "Were you going to let him play with those nice big tits of yours?"

"Maybe... that sort of depends on how tonight's date will go... What's it to you?" the cheerleader shot back.

"You belong to ME and I don't want you seeing him. In fact: I told him as much."

"WHAT?! What did you say to him?!"

"I told him that you're mine and I didn't want you going out with him anymore... oh, and to stay the fuck away from you."

"Are you NUTS?!?!" Cordelia practically bellowed, then quickly lowered her voice when it occurred to her that it probably wasn't a good idea to annoy an already irate Slayer. "What the HELL gives you the right to tell MY boyfriend to back off?!" she continued in a harsh whisper.

"I don't want his grubby hands on your tits!" Buffy angrily replied. "These," her hands cupped and squeezed Cordelia's bare breasts, eliciting a yelp from the stunned brunette. "Are MINE! And from now on I will be the only one who gets to play with them."

Buffy released the cheerleader's tits and gave each globe a quick slap.



"And if I see you dating --or even just being overly friendly with boys-- that cute ass of yours is gonna get it."

"Please tell me you're kidding?!" a shocked Cordelia called out.

"Nope," Buffy replied matter-of-factly. "Consider this fair warning, Cordy: If I see you do as much as flirt with a boy, or another girl for that matter, I will use that heavy belt of yours to give your bare behind such a thrashing that for the next couple days, whenever you sit down, you'll be reminded who your little butt belongs to... namely ME!!" The blonde's eyes narrowed. "In fact... I think I'll give you a dose with the belt right now, just to let you know I mean business."

Cordelia stared open-mouthed at the blonde. "NOW you're kidding, right?"

As answer a wicked smile appeared on the Slayer's lips. With a quick movement she reached out and grabbed a hold of the cheerleader's left earlobe.


By applying some mild pressure and yanking on Cordy's ear a couple of times, Buffy got the cheerleader out of her chair and led the yelping girl into the house, and then up the stairs to her room.

Upon entering the cheerleader's room, the Slayer released Cordelia's ear and, with a few well-placed spanks against the brunette's behind, directed her to the big canopy bed.

Buffy positioned Cordelia kneeling face down on the bed and ordered the brunette to place her arms in front of her and clasp her hands together. When the cheerleader obeyed, she grabbed a silk scarf from the nightstand and tied the end of it around Cordy's wrists.

"What the Hell are you doing now?" Cordelia loudly exclaimed.

"I'm binding your hands in preparation for your punishment, Cordy," Buffy calmly explained.

"Well, DUH!! I'm not talking about your latest kink, "Mistress" Buffy," the May Queen acidly responded. "I'm talking about you using my very expensive, one-of-a-kind, Chanel scarf to tie me up with! If you're gonna be playing bondage-girl then at least have the courtesy to use your own cheapo scarf, you fuckin' Philistine!"

The blonde grinded her teeth, counted silently till ten, then loosened the silk scarf and replaced it with the one she was wearing. "You do realize that you're gonna pay for this latest example of your special brand of "tact"?"

"Whatever!" Cordelia insolently replied.

The Slayer narrowed her eyes but said nothing more while tying the cheerleader's wrists together... Once Cordy's hands were tied, she fastened the scarf to the headboard.

Taking a step back, she surveyed the satisfying scene before her: Rich, elitist, Valleygirl Cordelia Chase kneeling naked on her bed with her hands tied to the headboard and her ass up in the air, ready for any kind -and amount- of punishment she decided to dish out!

Buffy felt a familiar tingle in her loins as she stared at the brunette's invitingly uplifted, round bottom. 'There'll be time for that later,' she told herself. 'First I need to teach Cordy a couple of valuable lessons, among which making her understand once and for all, who she belongs to... A dozen strokes with the belt on her bare ass should drive that message home.'



Grinning at the red handprint that now decorated the cheerleader's butt, Buffy headed for Cordelia's walk-in closet and retrieved from there the beautiful, handcrafted, leather belt she'd admired a couple of days before.

"I'm gonna whip your naughty behind twelve times with this belt to remind you who your ass belongs to, Cordy," Buffy told the brunette while taking position behind her. "And, as punishment for your snooty attitude, you will count out each stroke of the belt and thank me for it."

"WHAT?!" Cordelia called out infuriated. "There's NO WAY I'm thanking you for whipping my ass, you mentally-deprived midget!"



"Make that FIFTEEN strokes with the belt!" the now very annoyed Slayer told the cheerleader. "Anymore insults and I'll add another three strokes. Also, any stroke with the belt that you DON'T call out or thank me for, WON'T COUNT! So suit yourself if you don't wanna thank me, since it's your butt that's on the line... literally!"

Buffy noted with satisfaction that Cordelia was uncharacteristically silent after her little speech and seemed to be seriously considering her words. Lightly stroking her left hand across the brunette's firm buttocks, she said, "Now brace yourself, Cordy... because it's time for your punishment."

With that, Buffy drew her right hand back, and let the belt land on Cordelia's uplifted butt.





"One... T-Thank you."

Buffy grinned and lifted her arm for the second stroke.



"T-two... Thank you."


"Ouch!!! Three... Thank you, Buffy."




"Ahhhh!!! T-Thirteen... Thank you, Ma'am!"

Delighted by Cordy's sudden politeness, Buffy made the next stroke a lot softer.


"Ohhh!! Fourteen... Thank you, Ma'am!"


"OH!!! F-Fifteen... Thank you, Ma'am!"

Breathing a little heavier then usual, Buffy inspected the work she'd done on Cordelia's ass. The cheerleader's formerly bronzed and unblemished cheeks were now covered with a series of red welts, making her butt look like piece of modern art.

Impressed by her own handiwork, she muttered, "Wow... that's one well-punished behind," and stroked her hand across the beaten buttocks, which brought a sharp gasp from the still kneeling brunette.

Amused by Cordy's reaction to her touch, the Slayer petted the brunette's buttocks some more, secretly revelling in the small gasps and pants coming the May Queen's mouth. Slowly, inch-by-inch, her hand drifted lower... until, finally, she reached the cheerleader's moist centre.

When Buffy's probing fingers detected Cordelia's swollen labia-lips, fully erect clit, and increasing wetness, a self-satisfied smirk appeared on her lips. "Looks like you've been enjoying your little butt-warming, Cordy," she teased the brunette.

Groaning in mortification, the cheerleader buried her head deeper in the bedcovers. Hoping she could hide away in there. Her groan of shame abruptly changed into a groan of lust when the blonde inserted three fingers in her slit. Fingers which could only enter her tight pussy this easily because of her arousal, she noted shamefully.

Despite her shame, Cordelia couldn't stop a series of groans and grunts coming unwillingly from her lips when the small blonde brought her free hand around to play with her clit while finger-fucking her with the other hand.

The feeling of the Slayer's fingers pounding her cunt with the added sensations of two fingers lightly pulling and pinching her clit, made her crazy with lust. Unable to stop herself, the brunette began pushing her pussy back onto the blonde's thrusting fingers.

A blush crept across her cheeks when she heard Buffy's little snicker. "You really love my fingers up your little snatch, hey Cordy?"

The cheerleader's only response was an especially loud moan and humping the Slayer's fingers even faster.

"Atta girl! Ride my fingers," Buffy giggled.

And that was exactly what she did. She moved her ass back and forth and rode the blonde's fingers until stars appeared in front of her eyes, specks of saliva flew from lips, and she could feel an amazing orgasm approaching...

Then, suddenly, Buffy's fingers were yanked away from her pussy and, as a result, the feeling of bliss in her nether regions started to diminish.

"Noooooo!!!" Cordelia cried out when she felt herself coming down from her incredible sexual high. "Don't stop!! Please! Keep going, Buffy!"

The blonde giggled again. "I don't think so, Cordy... The thing is: your punishment isn't over yet. I still have to make you pay for your last batch of insults, and for the way you showcased your big braless breasts in front of your ex-boyfriend."

"I thought that was what that LONG and PAINFUL ass-whipping was for?" the cheerleader complained.

"Nope," Buffy cheerfully replied while petting the brunette's buttocks. "That was to remind you who your ass belongs to, and to give you a little attitude adjustment."

"Nice to know you're keeping score," Cordelia grumpily remarked. Rubbing her thighs together she tried to hold on to her arousal.

"Yup, and now it's time to continue your punishment," the Slayer smiled, and untied the scarf binding the brunette's hand together. "Lie on your back and spread your legs, Cordy."

After hesitating for a moment, the cheerleader complied and turned over on her back. Looking into the blonde's eyes, she slowly spread her legs, exposing her dripping pussy to the Slayer's heated stare.

"Loving the view, Cordy," Buffy smirked, and began stripping off her clothes. In a matter of moments the blonde stood completely nude, having disposed of her clothes in record-time (not counting the job Behenometh did of undressing her a bit earlier today). Keeping her gaze directed at the cheerleader's wet cunt, the Slayer rubbed her own damp pussy.

While playing with herself, Buffy noticed Cordelia's hand sliding towards her own pussy... and they both pushed a finger inside their slits at the exact same time. A couple of seconds later, they were sliding their fingers in-and-out of their cunts completely in-sync with one another.

Watching each other, both girls frantically fingered their dripping slots.

Cordelia moved her free left hand to her left tit and started kneading the soft flesh. A good example invites imitation, so Buffy did the same. Moaning loudly, the two girls pinched and pulled at their erect nipples and frigged their dripping cunts.

Pushing her breast up to her mouth, Cordelia popped the nipple inside and started sucking on the stiff knob while her right hand kept busy between her legs.

Buffy looked down at her own, smaller breasts and then back up to the cheerleader nursing on her own tit. "Show-off," she muttered.

Still a long way off from her own orgasm, Buffy noticed that Cordelia was quickly approaching hers. Remembering that the cheerleader still had a bit of pain coming to her before pleasure, she stopped playing with herself and jumped onto the bed next to Cordy, visibly startling the brunette. Quickly grabbing a hold of Cordelia's wrists, she interrupted the cheerleader's masturbation session by raising her arms high above her head and retying both wrists with the scarf to the headboard.

"So... that's much better," the Slayer grinned while gazing down at the loudly protesting and struggling cheerleader. "Time for your punishment, Cordy." With that, the blonde knelt above Cordelia face and lowered her pussy to the brunette's mouth.

"This is my punishment?" asked a muffled voice from below her. "I have to lick your pussy again?"

"There's a little more to it," Buffy said while staring down at the cheerleader's big tits. Swinging her hands downwards, she gave both globes a quick slap.



"To remind you who your titties belong to: I'm going to give these beauties a little hand spanking until you make me cum."

"You've got to be kidding me?!"


"Nope... So I suggest you get to work on my pussy, Cordy."

"Wait! Why can't I use my hands to help bring you off?"

"Well, duh!" Buffy imitated the May Queen. "Because it's more fun this way."


"Owww!!! Bitch!"


"Ow!! Owww!!! I'm sorry! I'm Sorry!!"


"Better put your tongue to work, Cordelia, because I can keep this up a hell of a lot longer then you can."

The cheerleader quickly followed that advice and started stroking her tongue across the Slayer's slit.



"Mmmmm!! yessss..." SMACK!! SMACK!! "Lick me, bitch!" SMACK!! SMACK!! "Eat my pussy!" SMACK!! SMACK!!

"Ow!!" Cordelia grimaced as two more stinging slaps were delivered onto her tender breasts. She'd been licking the Slayer's cunt for almost 15 minutes now, but the petite blonde still didn't seem to be nearing her orgasm. 'Just my luck that the one time Buffy manages to keep from coming is the very time that she's torturing my tits till she cums!'

The cheerleader let out another yelp when the Slayer pulled and pinched her nipples again. Apart from spanking her tits, manhandling her nipples seemed to be on Buffy's all-time favourites list as well.


"AH!!!" Another two slaps struck her sensitive tits. She hoped that her boobs could take the amount of punishment Buffy was dealing out without bruising.


"OHHH!!!" The crazy thing was that besides the pain she felt from the mild tit-torture that the Slayer was putting her through, she was also feeling a quickly increasing sensation of lust in her loins.

"Ohhhhhhh!!" This time the blonde just grabbed her breasts and began roughly kneading the soft, pliant flesh between her fingers.

Despite the sparks of pleasure she felt through the pain, Cordelia still wanted to bring Buffy off as soon as possible. Concentrating most of her efforts on the Slayer's clit, she twirled and vibrated her tongue around and across it. Judging from the many yelps of pleasure this brought from the blonde, her new strategy was a big hit.

"Oh! Mmmmm... Oh yeah!!! Work on my clit, bitch!"

Creating a vacuum with her lips around the blonde's clit, the May Queen started suckling and nibbling on the little bundle of nerves as if her life (or her tits) depended on it.


"OH!!! OH!!! OHHHH!!!! OH!!! OH!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" With a loud screech the Slayer came, drenching the brunette's beautiful face with her juices.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss... That was great, Cordy," Buffy sighed happily while waiting for the cheerleader's nimble tongue to finish the thorough and very pleasant cleaning job it was doing on her slit.

Feeling finally satisfied, Buffy raised herself up from her kneeling position above the brunette's face and sat down between the May Queen's wide-spread legs. She smiled when her eyes fell upon the cheerleader's centre and detected the overflowing arousal present there. Stroking and tickling her fingers across Cordy's mons, she licked up the girl-juice her fingers collected, bringing forth an appreciative moan from the brunette.

The Slayer snickered softly when she saw Cordelia spreading her legs further apart and lifting her ass up a bit, clearly inviting the blonde's fingers back in for another visit.

"You want me to play with your pussy again, Cordy?" she teasingly inquired.

"Mmmm... Yes, please."

"Well, okay then... but first you need to assume the proper position for a fucking."

The cheerleader opened her eyes and gazed down the length of her body at her widely-spread legs and uplifted ass. "Looks to me like I'm pretty damn well positioned for a fucking," she remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blonde.

"Guess again, Cordy: The proper position for you to be in during a fucking is on all fours... like a bitch," Buffy added with a wicked smile.

Cordelia made a face and glared the grinning blonde. 'Uh-oh... Sounds like she's in one of THOSE moods again.'

Unimpressed by the cheerleader's glare, Buffy gazed back without flinching. "So... how about it, Cordy? Do you wish to cum?"

Chewing on her bottom lip, Cordelia thought this over. Was another orgasm --no matter how good it was-- really worth suffering further humiliations from the Slayer?

She mentally shrugged, 'Oh well, screw it! It's not like Buffy's gonna let me go if I say no, anyway,' and nodded in response to the blonde's question.

"Good," Buffy smiled. "Then let's get you back into your previous position."

With a little help from Buffy, Cordelia turned onto her belly and drew her legs up beneath her. Once again, she's kneeling naked on her bed with her ass in the air and her hands tied to the headboard.

"Mmmm, I really love seeing you in this position, Cordy," Buffy told the cheerleader while stroking her -now red and welted- ass again.

"Really? I never would have guessed," the brunette sarcastically responded. "Now would you PLEASE make me cum?"

"Don't worry, little Miss Tact; I'm working on it."

At that very same moment, Cordelia felt a soft hand touching her pussy. First the fingers cupped her mount and gently caressed every inch of her slit... Then, after a couple of minutes, they slid down to her clit where the nimble digits began doing their special brand of magic on the stiff little knob...

The cheerleader moaned happily as the Slayer expertly fondled her pussy. 'At least there are some benefits that come with being her bitch.'

Cordelia's moans steadily increased as Buffy brought her closer and closer to a much wanted orgasm. The blonde then began switching back and forth between working on her clit and driving a couple of fingers into her cunt.

"Yes... Yes... YES! MORE!!" Cordelia grunted while pushing her pussy back onto the Slayer's thrusting fingers. Instead she got less as Buffy abruptly pulled back her hand.

"NO!! Don't stop!!" the cheerleader called out anxiously while wiggling her butt at the blonde. "Keep finger-fucking my pussy, Buffy!"

Despite her lewd invite, Buffy only tickled her slit a bit -- keeping her on the edge, but not doing anything that could trigger a climax.

Once again cheated out of her orgasm, the brunette shot an angry glare across her shoulder. "Why the Hell won't you let me CUM?!" she practically growled.

"You need it bad, don't you, Cordy?" asked Buffy with an annoyingly innocent look on her face.


"You REALLY need to cum."

"YES!! Damnit!! I REALLY need to cum!"

"Okay, I'll let you cum," Buffy smirked. "But first you have to say: Mistress Buffy, your bitch needs to cum. Please let me cum, Mistress."


"You heard me."

"You fucking bitch!"

Buffy smacked her hand against the brunette's upraised bottom.

"Nope, you're the bitch here, Cordy," she taunted the cheerleader. "And calling me names isn't going to help you cum."

"Speaking of names," the blonde thoughtfully continued. "Thanks for bringing up the phrase "Mistress Buffy" I have a feeling you're gonna be using those two words a lot from now on."

"Screw you!"


"Maybe later."

"Okay, then screw me!"


"Only if you ask nicely," the Slayer grinned.

"Please! I really need to cum, Buffy," Cordelia begged.

"Then say the words, sweetie."

"It's too humiliating!" Cordelia cried out. "Please don't make me say those words."

"Come on, baby," Buffy cooed in the cheerleader's ear. "It's not that bad, you can say it... It will be our little secret and I'll make you cum really hard if you do."

"PLEASE!!" Cordelia tried again.










Buffy followed up the last spank with a teasing little tweak of Cordy's clit.

"Ohhhhh!!! M-M-Mistress B-Buffy, you-- your... bitch n-needs t-to cum... P-please make me cum, Mistress!"

"There you go! That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Returning her hand between Cordelia's legs, Buffy grabbed the cheerleader's stiff clit with her thumb and forefinger and rolled the tiny nubbin between her two fingers.

"GOD!!! Yessssssss!"

Licking her lips, she pushed three fingers inside Cordelia's wonderfully tight pussy... Once she got a smooth finger-fuck rhythm going inside the brunette's hot box, Buffy slid her other hand up across Cordy's taut belly and quickly reached her second goal: the cheerleader big tits.

After fondling each of the mammaries to her heart's content, she focussed her attentions on the stiff, red nipples that crowned each of the cheerleader's firm, rounded globes. Buffy pinched and pulled each of the taut little treasures in turn, listening with delight to the little whimpers of pain and pleasure this brought from the brunette.

The three fingers fucking her pussy combined with the mild torture of her titties quickly brought Cordelia back to the point close to climax she had reached three times before in the last hour.

"Yessssss!! Feels so good..." she muttered, arching her back in pleasure. "So fucking good..."

Sensing that the brunette is getting close to cum, Buffy quickly added a fourth finger inside Cordy's cunt and used her other hand to rub the cheerleader's clit.

"Oh GOD!!!" Cordelia screeched out. "Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-oh-GOD!!! YESSS!!!! I'M COMINGGGG!!!!"

Shaking wildly on the bed while Buffy's fingers pounded her cunt and frigged her clit, the cheerleader rode out her lengthy orgasm.

With her head resting on the bed for support, Cordelia took long, deep breaths while recovering from her orgasm. Buffy's body rested on top of hers, the Slayer's stiff nipples pressing again her back, while the blonde leisurely played with her boobs.

"So... did you enjoy our little session, Cordy?" Buffy casually inquired.

"Part of it, yeah," she just-as-casually replied.

The Slayer giggled. "Well, I did have to teach you a little lesson first before getting to the really good stuff."

"By the way... did you happen to catch the gist of today's lesson, Cordy?"

"Um... not really, what was that?" Cordelia carefully asked.

"That you're mine!" the blonde suddenly growled in her ear. "You. Are. My. Bitch!" Buffy accented each word by pinching her nipples. "These are mine, and," the Slayer's hand slid down her belly and grabbed her pussy, "this is also mine! Got that, Cordy?"

'Oh, Fuck... I am so screwed!' the cheerleader said to herself after hearing Buffy's possessive words. Swallowing nervously, she turned her head to face the blonde and give her a submissive little nod. Seeing the lust-filled look in the Slayer's eyes, she mentally added, 'Literally!'


Two fuck-filled hours later, Buffy held her sticky fingers (which had entered just about every orifice Cordelia possessed) in front of the cheerleader's face and barked out a short command, "Lick them clean."

Without uttering even a single word of protest, Cordelia opened her mouth and obediently lapped the blonde's hand clean.

"Yeah, that's my girl! You're such a good, little bitch," Buffy cooed while stroking the brunette's behind.

Not even that little jibe got a reaction from the cheerleader, the blonde noted with a certain amount of satisfaction. 'Maybe I've finally fucked her into submissiveness.'

Smiling to herself, she got up from the bed and carried the worn-out cheerleader to the shower.

After having taken a wonderfully long shower in Cordelia's large and luxurious shower stall and then towelled the two of them dry, Buffy carried the brunette back into her bedroom and laid her out on the bed.

She quickly got dressed and then spend another fifteen minutes playing some more with Cordy's stretched out, defenceless body.

"See? I told ya I'd make you pay," Buffy whispered in the cheerleader's ear before leaving.


Still lying nude and spread-eagled on her bed, Cordelia let out a deep sigh. She felt completely dazed after the treatment the Slayer had given her.

Maybe she should just stop fighting it and give in completely... allow Buffy to take her cherry, which was probably what the blonde is after, and become the Slayer's bitch.

After all, there are worse things in life then spreading her legs for the beautiful blonde on command and letting her have her way with her.

However, these submissive thoughts quickly vanished once the throbbing pain in her butt required her attention. While rubbing lotion on her painful behind and sore tits, the brunette began thinking back at all the depraved and humiliating things Buffy had made her say and do. This little trip into memory lane caused any feelings of resignation and submissiveness to be quickly replaced by anger, indignation, and a surge of pride.

She mentally steeled herself. 'Damnit, NO! I'm Cordelia Chase and I will not be bested by that blonde, butch-dyke bitch!'

Tapping into that special source of energy she hadn't used since that last big sale at Sax's, Cordelia leapt out of bed and quickly got dressed.

While putting on her make-up, she started thinking of a battle plan.

'First, this situation calls for a bit of damage control... Maybe I can turn her psycho scare-my-boyfriends-away tactics to my advantage...' Grabbing her phone, she pressed down on one of the speed-dials and waited for the phone to be picked up at the other end.


"Hey Harm!"


"I could be better... did you hear about the latest incident at school today?"


"Yeah, that Summers girl went totally psycho again... Or, as our school's counsellor likes to put it: Poor Buffy had another one of her "episodes"."


"Hmm... Right! I totally agree... I've said it before, and I'll say it again: she's the freakin' poster-girl for reform school."


"It's all pretty hush-hush, but I've heard that after she assaulted Michael, she went into the gym, took off all her clothes, and sang ALL verses of The Star Spangled Banner before going home."


"Even worse then Roseanne Barr."


"Yeah, I know! Despite her nudity, several football players fled the gym."


"Well, I thought they were testing out the emergency sirens, but you might be right: it could have been Buffy."


"Yeah, and now they're doubling her medication."




"No kidding? She came on to you as well?"




"Bye, Harm... Oh, and remember: let's keep Buffy's latest "episode" our little secret. We don't want to be the cause of anymore embarrassment for the poor girl, now do we?"



'Knowing Harmony, she will make certain that rumours of Buffy's latest leap into insanity will be all over the school by Monday,' Cordelia concluded satisfied as she hung up the phone. 'Any little bit of credibility Buffy might have had will be pretty much gone by then.'

A smile appeared on the cheerleader's lips. 'Time for phase two!'

She grabbed her car keys from the dresser and stormed out of her room. Less then a minute later she was driving her car towards Sunnydale High.


Tiptoeing to the twin doors, the brunette peered through the glass and was relieved to see only Giles sitting there. Luckily, even a nerd like Willow and a loser like Xander had better things to do on a Friday night then hang around in the school library. Of course, just about everyone has better things to do then that... everyone, except for Giles that is. Good ol' reliable Giles!

'Thank God for stuffy, bookwormy Watchers with no social life!'

With a determined look on her face, Cordelia threw open the doors and marched inside the library, visibly startling a tea-sipping Giles.

"C-Cordelia?" the watcher stammered surprised.

'Damn! I really wish it didn't have to come to this.'

She took a deep breath and walked up to the watcher.

"We need to have a little talk about Buffy."


After having told Giles most of what had happened between her and Buffy in the last two weeks, a red-faced Cordelia stared at an equal red-faced watcher while awaiting his response.

"A-Are you serious?!" The watcher finally managed to get out after a very long and uncomfortable silence.

"Hey! Do I look like I'm kidding?!" the annoyed cheerleader responded. "Like I'd really show my face in here if it wasn't an extreme emergency. I'm not joking around here and I'm not crazy either, and you better believ--"

Giles held out a hand, halting the word-flood he sensed was coming. "I-I am not questioning your sanity, Cordelia... It's just a tad difficult for me to believe that Buffy would... behave in such a manner."

"Perhaps you'd like to see some of the bruises that little bitch put on my behind?" the May Queen inquired stonily, while shooting the Watcher an icy glare.

The librarian turned even more flustered then before as his eyes inadvertently dropped to the cheerleader's nether regions before quickly glancing up again.

"N-no, that won't be necessary." Removing his glasses, he pinched the bridge of his nose, taking a few moments to collect his thoughts before focussing his eyes again on the brunette. "You said that this... situation started Thursday a week ago?"

"Yes, that's when she started to act really weird... Well, weirder than usual, that is," Cordelia began to recap, satisfied that the watcher finally seemed to take her serious.


After a long shower, Buffy strolled back into her bedroom. Even though the sun was already down, it was still pretty hot in her room so she didn't bother putting on a bathrobe.

Instead of getting dressed right away, she threw herself naked face down on the bed. Closing her eyes, the blonde pressed her face into the freshly washed sheets; smiling as her enhanced sense of smell was instantly bombarded by the delightful scent of the lavender/vanilla fabric softener that her mother used. After having breathed deeply of the enticing scent, Buffy turned over on her back and began replaying today's events over in her mind; as usual her thoughts focussed mainly on a certain buxom, brunette cheerleader.

The moment that the visual image of Cordelia Chase appeared in her mind, Buffy's hands -- spread out above her head -- gradually gravitated towards her naked body. Once the blonde Slayer started touching herself, the image of Cordelia in her cheerleader outfit transformed into the image of a buck-naked Cordelia Chase lying on her back with her legs pulled back, holding labia-lips open for Buffy's visual inspection.

Groaning softly, Buffy spread her legs wide and placed her right hand between her thighs, softly stroking her swollen slit and clit. Her left hand quickly moved to her left breast, pulling and pinching her swollen nipple and squeezing the firm flesh.

As the blonde's arousal increased and her little masturbation session intensified, the images in her mind turned progressively more pornographic. She pictured Cordelia kneeling naked before her, a devoted expression on the May Queen's face while she used her deadly, much-feared tongue to tenderly lick her pussy... Then she's suddenly in the girls' locker room, spanking the brunette's bare behind while the other girls of the cheerleading squad stand around them. The pretty young women are watching the spanking of their leader with shocked and aroused expressions on their faces. Apprehension soon followed once the cheerleaders realized that they would each get a turn across her knee...

Pumping three fingers in her sopping slit while roughly kneading her tits, Buffy's fantasy became even kinkier: She's in the gym and judging from the huge crowd on the bleachers and the cheerleaders cheering on the sideline, it looked like their basketball team at long last made it to the finales of the state championship. But instead of a game taking place on the floor, there's only Cordelia and herself, sitting totally naked on a mat in the middle of the gym.

Gazing around at the numerous onlookers, Buffy knew that she should be mortified about being naked in front of a crowd of strangers, but instead she felt more aroused then she'd ever felt before. Looking down, her eyes trailed across her naked body -- taking in her rock-hard nipples with an amused smile and giving them a little tweak. The audience seemed to approve of that, judging from their cheers. She then noticed a long, thick fake cock protruding from her crotch: a strap-on dildo. It was damn near a foot long. After giving the fake phallus a little feel, Buffy smirked and turned her eyes towards her naked lover.

Apparently, the shame and self-consciousness that Buffy lacked was still abundantly present in Cordelia. The brunette blushed brightly as she covered her large breasts with an arm while using her free hand to protect her pussy from the crowd's leering looks. When her eyes met Buffy's, the embarrassed cheerleader hung her head in shame... But only for a second or so, because when Cordelia detected the big fake cock towering out between the blonde's muscular thighs, her eyes grew wide and her head snapped up to look at Buffy's face again. It didn't take her long to decipher the look of lust in the Slayer's penetrating green eyes. Blushing even harder then before, the cheerleader attempted to create some distance between herself and the horny blonde by quickly backing away. Her attempt to escape was short-lived when a second later Buffy's hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her back.

"Nuh-uh, Cordy," Buffy admonished the naked cheerleader. "Time to stop being a tease and to become a woman."

"Not here!" Cordelia groaned mortified while trying to cover up her exposed body.

"Yes, here!" Buffy grinned. "Now stop trying to hide your beautiful body from our fans, and spread those legs."

The cheerleader bit her bottom lip while her eyes darted back and forth, searching for a way out of this mess.

The Slayer's eyes narrowed and she slapped the brunette's butt in warning.

SMACK!!! "Owww!!"

That little bit of discipline Buffy dealt out to the disobedient cheerleader was greeted by a round of applause.

"Listen up, Cordy. I want you to spread your legs and pull your knees back all the way to your shoulders. And unless you want another spanking in front of all these people, you better obey me right now."

The crowd loudly cheered at Buffy's words -- especially the bit about the spanking.

Sensing that the blonde wasn't kidding around and knowing that she couldn't expect any help or sympathy from their audience, Cordelia closed her eyes, drew in her breath, and slowly pulled back her legs while spreading them wide. As her well-groomed and glistening cunt became exposed to Buffy and a couple of hundred strangers, another loud cheer sounded through the gym, accompanied by several loud whistles.

Buffy smirked when she saw how wet and aroused the cheerleader's cunt already was. Despite her apparent reluctance, Cordy seems to be as horny and ready for this as she is.

With a possessive gleam in her eyes, Buffy reached out and stroked two fingers back and forth across the brunette's nether lips before shoving them up to the hilt inside the May Queen's wet, hot box. "Mine!"

Cordy gasped at the sudden intrusion and the audience once again applauded.

After finger-fucking the furiously blushing brunette for several long minutes, Buffy decided that the cheerleader was as ready for her "cock" as she's ever gonna be. Licking her lips in anticipation, she placed herself between her lover's legs and positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance of Cordelia's cunt; sliding it up and down the moist cleft, she lubricated the silicone rod with Cordy's juices.

Leaning forward, Buffy grabbed a hold of the cheerleader's hips. She could hear the crowd of spectators draw in their collective breaths. Then she gradually pushed her hips forward... Looking down, the Slayer watched spellbound as Cordelia's pussy-lips parted for the thick silicone stick, making it appear as if they flowered open to make way for the large dildo that slowly went into her -former- nemesis' virgin cunt.

Cordelia gasped and groaned as more and more of the big, fake cock entered her tight passage.

Holding tightly onto Cordy's hips, Buffy drove the strap-on inside her lover until the fake phallus encountered a barrier. Judging from the grunt of pain that escaped the cheerleader's lips, Buffy figured she'd reached the brunette's maidenhead. After giving Cordy a comforting pat on the butt, she pulled back until only the tip of the dildo was inserted into her lover's slit, and then slowly pushed forwards again. Drawing back each time the phallus head bumped into Cordelia's hymen and then pushing in again just before the fake cock completely left the cheerleader's cunt, Buffy soon got into a steady fuck-rhythm that got them both really worked up and their pussies sopping wet.

A minute ago it had been possible to hear a pin drop in the large hall; now a low drone of murmurs resonated through the gym. Despite being busy with more important matters, Buffy's super hearing picked up some bits of conversation:

"I really thought she was gonna take the cheerleader's cherry with one single thrust... Hmmm, guess I owe you fifty."

"Double or nothing says the blonde's gonna fuck the brunette up the ass after she takes her cherry."

"You're on, buddy!"

"Wow! This is a hundred times better then some lame-assed basketball game!"

"Um, aren't you, like, the captain of the basketball team?"

"Yeah... So what's your point?"

"This is freakin' hot! I hope you're getting all this on tape, dude!"

"Dude! Weren't YOU supposed to bring the camera?!"


"Eh heh heh, this is cool!"

"Huh huh heh huh, yeah cool! Who ever said that crossovers suck ass?"

"Uh, you did, Butthead."

"Shut up, Beavis!"

Shutting out everything else, Buffy concentrated solely on giving Cordelia the fucking of a lifetime. Still sliding the strap-on in and out the May Queen's receptive slot, she let go off Cordy's waist and used one hand to diddle the cheerleader's clit while using the other one to play with the brunette's big boobs.

Cordelia seemed to REALLY get into that. The soft grunts and groans that escaped the cheerleader's lips changed into a steady panting and she started moving her hips to meet the dildo each time it slid into her. Then slowly, almost tentatively, Cordelia opened her eyes and looked up at Buffy.

The Slayer's green eyes stared deeply into the brunette's hazel ones; her gaze signalling a silent question to the cheerleader. A question which Cordelia had no trouble deciphering the meaning of.

Nervously biting her bottom lip, Cordelia gazed down between her tits at the large dildo sticking out crudely from the Slayer's crotch, fucking her tight pussy. The in-and-out motion of the thick strap-on while it plugged her virgin cunt was almost hypnotic, and one of the most arousing sights she'd ever seen.

She then knew what she wanted right now... more of Buffy's big cock! As much as the blonde was able to give her.

"YES!!" With lust-filled eyes she looked up to meet the Slayer's gaze again. "Do it! Take me, Buffy," the cheerleader urged while folding her legs around the blonde's waist and pulling her closer. "Take my cherry and make me yours!" Her words were greeted with a thunderous applause and loud cheers from the audience, but she didn't care about that at the moment.

Buffy's eyes lit up. To say that she's happy to comply would be a huge understatement. Returning her hands to Cordy's hips, she leaned down to plant a long kiss on the cheerleader's luscious lips. "Ready, baby?" she whispered.

Cordelia braced herself and let out a little whimper before nodding.

The moment the brunette nodded her assent, Buffy retracted her hips until the dildo almost left the cheerleader's snatch... Gazing down at her naked lover, and taking in Cordelia's wet and ready pussy, huge heaving breasts, and those big beautiful brown eyes which were filled with lust, she couldn't wait a second longer to claim this beauty as her own. With one quick thrust, the Slayer drove her cock deep into Cordy's cunt; not stopping until the silicone dick was buried up to the hilt inside the cheerleader's tight slot.

Cordelia gasped and grunted as the Slayer's strap-on made short work of her virginity and blushed when she heard the crowd cheer. She'd almost forgotten about them, apparently that wasn't vice versa. She felt her embarrassment return tenfold when the cheers were followed by a standing ovation. But her feelings of shame quickly faded away when Buffy began working that big cock in and out of her cunt, and when the blonde returned her nimble fingers to her tits and her clit she forgot all about their audience.

Smiling down at the gorgeous, loudly panting and moaning, May Queen, Buffy pinched one of the cheerleader's erect nipples and gave her clit a little tweak. Her smile grew bigger when she saw what kinda effect this had on Cordelia: the brunette cooed with delight and pressed her heels into Buffy's back while urging the blonde to fuck her harder.

Giving the beautiful cheerleader a good, hard fucking was something for which Buffy needed no additional encouragement. Lifting her hips up high, she plunged the phallus deep into her lover's wet and wide-open cunt, and soon developed a fast, steady fuck-rhythm which had Cordelia panting with pleasure. With gleaming eyes, the Slayer watched the brunette's big tits bounce and jiggle back and forth each time she pounded the silicone prick into Cordelia's wet pussy.

As their fucking grew more intense the crowd started chanting, "In! Out! In! Out! In! Out!" as if conducting their coupling. Meanwhile, each thrust of the dildo was also accompanied by Cordelia's loud grunts. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

Suddenly, without any warning, Buffy moved backwards, letting the strap-on slide out of the cheerleader's cunt with a loud pop.

Opening her eyes in surprise, the dazed brunette gazed up at the Slayer. "Don't stop!" she protested while giving the blonde a pleading look.

"I don't intend to," Buffy smirked and smacked the May Queen's behind. "On your hands and knees," she ordered.

For the first time in her life, Cordelia obeyed without question and positioned herself on her hands and knees. Moving her thighs apart, the brunette arched her back -- presenting the blonde behind her with a great view of her wet and swollen sex.

"Good girl," Buffy muttered, and gave the cheerleader a couple more spanks on her bare ass. Cordelia shuddered with delight and arched her back even more. Grabbing a hold of the dildo, Buffy positioned the tip against the cheerleader's dripping slot and pushed the entire length into her lover's opening with one quick thrust.

"GOD!!! Yessssss!" Cordelia crooned with delight as Buffy's big cock seemed to fill her entire being. Impossible though it seemed, her pleasure grew even more intense when the domineering blonde reached beneath her to grab both her boobs and started kneading the firm tit flesh and pinching her rock-hard nipples while fucking her hard from behind. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!" she cried out each time the Slayer's strap-on pounded her tight pussy.

The scent of Cordelia's arousal and her cries of pleasure awakened the predator in Buffy. Letting go of the cheerleader's tits, the Slayer stroked her left hand down her lover's belly and started diddling Cordy's clit while using her right hand to spank the brunette's firm round butt.

SMACK!!! "Oh!"

SMACK!!! "Mmmm!!"

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! "Ahhhh!!"

"You enjoy getting it from behind, on all fours like a bitch, don't ya, Cordy?" Buffy whispered excitedly into the cheerleader's left ear.

SMACK!! SMACKK!!! "Ohhh! Yessss!!!"

The Slayer smirked. Her little bitch sounded close to cumming. "Good! 'Cause that's what you are: MY bitch! And from now on..." Buffy waved at the crowd cheering her on, "everyone knows it!"

SMACK!!! "Oh!"

"Now I wanna hear you say it!"

SMACK!!! "Ahhh!"

SMACK!!! "I'm your bitch!"

SMACK!!! "Good!" SMACK!!! "Now use my name!" SMACK!!!

"Ohhhhh!! I-I'm B-Buffy's bitch?"

SMACK!!! "Not bad, Cordy." SMACK!!! "Now say it harder!"

"I'm Buffy's Bitch!"


"I'M BUFFY'S BITCH!!!!" Cordelia Chase cried out as she came in front of an audience of more then a thousand strangers.

Another standing ovation shook the gym hall.

Still shaking from her orgasm, Cordelia lowered her arms down on the mat and rested her head on them. With her ass sticking up in the air like this, Buffy continued to pound her pussy with the same breakneck speed as before.

Buffy's lips formed a smug smile as she gazed down at Cordelia's moaning and shuddering form. Taking Cordy's virginity, claiming her, and making her cum felt freakin' amazing, but doing it front of a crowd of people made it even better. Fucking the beautiful brunette, taking her cherry and declaring the cheerleader her bitch in front of a large audience seemed to make it official somehow, sorta like a marriage. Just thinking about it made a surge of lust shoot through her body. This, combined with the sensations coming from the base of the dildo rubbing against her clit, brought her rapidly closer to her own orgasm.

Leaning down, she rubbed her hard nipples against Cordy's back while grabbing a hold of the brunette's big tits again, and really started giving it to her. Every time she drove the dildo into the cheerleader's snatch, the end of it pressed into her clit, igniting a jolt of pleasure in her crotch.

"Oh Fuckkk! Yesssss..." Buffy blissfully moaned. Wow! What an incredible feeling... Which isn't referring only to the stimulation of her clit, but also to the power trip she gets from fucking the bitchy, beautiful, stuck-up brunette with a big strap-on dildo -- all things considered, it's pretty similar to the feeling of power she gets from slaying vamps. Smiling to herself, Buffy pinched and pulled Cordy's large nipples, bringing forth little grunts of pleasure and pain from the cheerleader. That managed to turn her on even more. As she approached her climax, Buffy suddenly spotted some familiar faces in the crowd, cheering her on.

Willow waved and smiled at her. "Give it to her HARD, Buffy!" she yelled. "The bitch has it coming to her; she's made me miserable throughout most of my school years. If anyone needs to get the stuffing fucked out of them, it's her!"

"Yeah! You go, Buff!" Xander cheered while doing his infamous Snoopy dance. "I never got past second base with her, and if anyone gets to pop the Ice Queen's cherry, I'm glad it's you!"


The blonde's eyes grew wide when she recognized her mother's voice, and a second later she spotted her mother standing on the sideline. "Mom!" she squealed with a definite note of panic in her voice. "What are you doing here?"

A very stern looking Joyce Summers frowned at her very naked daughter. "Same as everyone else in this town seems to be doing: watching my little girl performing a live lesbian sex-act with a classmate in front of several thousand strangers."

Buffy felt herself blush a bright-red, but despite the embarrassment of having her mother watch her, she couldn't get herself to stop fucking Cordelia. "Um... I can explain, mom."

Joyce raised a questioning eyebrow at her daughter.

Looking straight ahead while gnawing on her bottom lip, Buffy tried to picture the kinda lewd spectacle they must be presenting to her mom and the rest of their audience. In her mind's eye she saw herself, naked as the day she was born, fucking an equally naked Cordelia doggie-style in the middle of the school's gym, cheered on by a crowd of strangers.

"Okayyy, I've got nothing," she finally admitted in a defeated tone. Cringing in advance, Buffy glanced sideways and shot her mother a covert look to see how, exactly, she's taking this. But to her great surprise, her mom looked more amused then angry.

"Uh... you're not upset with me, mom?" Buffy asked with a meek, little voice.

"Welllll," Joyce said with an exaggerated drawl. "You will have one helluva spanking coming to you when you get home, young lady." Seeing her daughter's dumbfounded, wide-eyed look, Joyce burst into laughter. "Oh relax, honey. I'm not angry with you. In fact, I'm proud that my little girl has grown into such a beautiful, confident, strong young woman."

Those words and the dazzling smile her mom send her, brought a glow of delight to the blonde's face. Smiling back at her mom, Buffy pounded the dildo into Cordelia's receptive cunt even more vigorously then before. "So you're not even a little mad about me fucking Cordelia and making her my bitch?" she questioned between pants, while fondling the brunette's wildly swinging breasts.

"Not at all, sweetheart." Joyce winked at her daughter. "Maybe being your slut and getting spanked on a regular basis will teach that big-titted bitch some manners."

"Ouch!" Buffy giggled. "You tell it, mom!" Her mother's uncharacteristically lewd remark somehow managed to make her feel even more aroused (something she didn't think was humanly possible). The sparks of pleasure the Slayer felt each time the dildo rubbed against her clit grew closer apart, and as she fucked the former May Queen faster and faster the numerous pleasure jolts gradually became one long orgasm.

"That's my girl! Stick it to the bitch!" Buffy heard her mom call out, triggering one of the biggest orgasms she ever had. "Buffy? Are you coming?" Joyce then asked, accompanied by a hard pounding sound.

"Buffy? Dinner is ready. Are you coming?"

"FUCK!! YEAH!!!! I'M COMING, MOM!!!!!" Buffy cried out as she came.

"Whoa! Tone it down a notch, honey." Buffy heard her mom say through the closed bedroom door, sounding a bit put off. "A simple "yes, mom" would have sufficed," Joyce added before she walked away.

Sitting up in her bed, Buffy wiped the sweat from her brow. Looking a bit mortified when she recalled what she'd been dreaming, and feeling very grateful that her mom hadn't opened the door to peek inside her room. 'Wow! Mucho Bizarro! This one definitely belongs in the Top Ten of both the Creepiest AND Most Erotic dream category.' The Slayer giggled to herself. 'I think this is the kinda dream that would've made Sigmund Freud's head explode.'

After running to the bathroom to freshen herself up a bit, Buffy quickly got dressed and headed downstairs for dinner. Perhaps if her mind hadn't been occupied with erotic thoughts about Cordelia Chase, she would have noticed the tall, dark figure sitting in the tree near her bedroom window.

Wiping his hands clean on some leaves; Angelus stuffed his cock back inside his pants and zipped up. While he enjoyed the unintentional show his former lover had just given him, the vampire was less then pleased by the numerous times she'd called out the cheerleader's name while friggin' herself.

'Right! That pretty much settles it: she's definitely under the spell of a Xargos demon, and totally fixated on Cordelia Chase. Which means that as long as the cheerleader is around, I'll just be another vampire to Buffy -- one she'll happily stake... Too bad, I'd hoped it wouldn't be anything more then a crush, or maybe even a simple love spell; I could've worked with that.'

'Oh, well!' Angelus shrugged. 'Cordy's a bitch, and now she dies.'

"Time to get rid of the competition," the master vampire muttered to himself as he jumped to the ground and disappeared into the night.


"It was awful! I could see my life flashing before my eyes... and let me tell ya: I can't believe some of the outfits I used to wear... What was I thinking?!"

Giles cleared his throat again. This was the sixth time that Cordelia got sidetracked while telling about her ordeal with Buffy in the alleyway behind the Bronze. Luckily, most of the time, a polite cough was sufficient to get the cheerleader to refocus her attentions on her story.

"Anyhow, after the bottle-blonde bitch beat my behind red and I apologized to her, she finally let me go and I got the hell outta there."

"What happened the next day?" Giles questioned.

"That's when she practically jumped me in the girls' locker room, and... well, you know the rest."

The watcher nodded thoughtfully. Frowning slightly, he folded his hands together and searched his brain for any kind of spell or mystical creature that could be responsible for Buffy's current condition, as well as any sort of magical solution that could turn the Slayer back to normal. 'The difficulty is finding out HOW she got this way, once I know that I can start looking for a cure.' He poured himself another cup of tea and took a sip, hardly noticing that the beverage had turned cold during Cordelia's lengthy story. 'Maybe it's another love spell gone wrong... Or perhaps--' His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Cordelia's voice, who'd quickly become bored with watching the librarian think.

"I know it's hard, Giles, but we have to face reality here: Buffy has finally lost it." The cheerleader put a comforting arm around the watcher's shoulder. "Now, we both knew this was gonna happen sooner or later -- I, personally, was betting on sooner... I mean, all the signs were there: violent and erratic behaviour, repeated lapses in her judgement and fashion sense... It all indicated the same thing: this girl is ready to crack at any moment!"

Giles stared blankly at the cheerleader. 'I think I feel a headache coming on.'

The brunette didn't notice the watcher's blank stare, or simply ignored it as she went on, "So we all knew that eventually Buffy would become a permanent resident of Sunnydale Mental Hospital... It's hard to accept, I know. Believe me, Giles. Deep inside," Cordelia tapped herself on the chest, "I'm hurting as bad as you are... But look at the bright side!" Cordelia gave the librarian an encouraging smile. "Macy's stated that outfits with belt buckles are going to be in this year, so when Buffy is wearing that straightjacket she'll finally be up-to-date fashion-wise... And at the very least you'll finally have some good ideas on what to get her for her birthday: a free subscription to MAD magazine; a coupon for a fulfilled hour of electroshock therapy; a family-sized bottle of valiums; or, if you're in a bind, maybe a few dozen rolls of rubber wallpaper."

The watcher removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose again. 'Make that a full-grown migraine...'

He halted any further commentaries from the cheerleader by raising a hand. "I need you to think closely, Cordelia... When this all started. Was there anything out of the ordinary you noticed about Buffy? Anything besides her strange behaviour?"

"Let's see... I noticed that her choice of outfit was extremely poor taste. Even for Buffy standards it was--"

"Yes, yes!" Giles quickly interrupted, fearing another lengthy lecture about the Do's and Don'ts of fashion. "Anything besides her fashion sense you could tell me about?"

"Well... I also noticed that she was covered with some icky green slime," the cheerleader suddenly recalled, shuddering at the memory. "That's a bit out of the ordinary, even for Buffy, isn't it?"

"Yes, I believe it is," Giles dryly responded. "You are sure about this? It's a green slime she was covered with?"

"Hey! It's pretty hard to be wrong about something like that," Cordelia replied, sounding a bit miffed. "It wasn't like she used the wrong brand of moisturizer. No, her clothes and skin were covered with a bright-green glowing goo!"

"It glowed?!" Giles exclaimed, looking up in shock.

"Yes. I haven't seen a spectacle like that since Harmony went to a new hairstylist and came back looking like one of the Supremes."

The watcher stared open-mouthed at the brunette, before abruptly turning around and walking into the book cage.

"Hey! Rude much?!"

"I believe I know the cause of Buffy's weird behaviour!" the watcher called excitedly from the cage.

"Her weird behaviour for the last two years, or just the last two weeks?" Cordelia called back.

Giles came out of the cage, carrying a large leather-bound book, and shot the cheerleader a dirty look. "Buffy told me she had an encounter with a large green, slimy demon... unfortunately that describes about 50% of the entire demon species. What she didn't tell me was that the demon sprayed her with slime!"

"Um, why wouldn't she tell you that?" Cordelia asked. "That sounds to me like a pretty important detail."

"Quite so..." After thinking for a moment, Giles continued, "I'm not sure why she didn't tell me that... Maybe it just slipped her mind, or perhaps she was embarrassed... It could, however, be somehow related to the effect that the slime is having on her."

"And how does this slime affect her exactly?" the cheerleader questioned. "Besides turning her into a dominating, Cordelia-obsessed bitch with lesbian tendencies."

Sighing in exasperation, Giles opened the book and started leafing through it. "That's what I'm about to find out... Ah! Here's the chapter I'm looking for."


The Xargos demon, an inhabitant of the Xargos dimension (from which it gets its name) is, an extremely rare creature that is entirely composed of slime.

The combined sightings of this demon on the earthly plane can be counted on two hands, but each of these sightings has made a great impact (especially on those whom the demon came in contact with).

A Xargos demon wields great strength in its frightening body, and despite its plumb and ungainly appearance it has much greater speed then an ordinary human. If you are unlucky enough to encounter one of these fierce creatures, and you are unable to escape, then know that the only sure way to kill a Xargos demon is to cut off its head and burn both head AND body. If either the head or body remains intact for an extended period of time then the demon is able to grow a new head/body. Which means that cutting of its head, and neglecting to do anything with the body parts, could possibly result in having to deal with TWO Xargos demons at a later time.

A warning to those trying to chop the Xargos demon to pieces: beware the slime that spews from its mouth!

An important fact about the Demon is that it has the ability to spit out a slime that works as a destructive acid against most other species of demons... the effect it has on humans is quite different however: Strangely enough, it is reported to have an effect somewhat similar to that of a powerful love potion/spell, but WITH the added effect that the infected person's strength and agility will be gradually increased to several times that of a normal human. And unlike a love potion/spell the effect of the slime is practically irreversible.*

Several documents recounting the effects of the slime on the "victims" of the Xargos demon describe their behaviour thusly: Once infected with the slime of the demon, the subject will appear normal right up until the point that he/she encounters the very first person that he/she has strong feelings for. Once that happens, these feelings (even those deeply hidden) will begin to surface until they are released in their full uninhibited intensity... and the stronger these feelings get the more the infected person will be compelled to act on them.

In the few documented cases these feelings usually consisted of a very strong dislike/hatred or of a very strong attraction/love. However, whether it is hate or love that the victim of the slime is feeling, once he/she has had physical contact with the focus of their feelings then these feelings will stay strong and guide his/hers actions until one of them dies.

BEWARE: The infected person's increased strength combined with his or hers obsessive behaviour can create extremely dangerous situations. Such a person should be handled with great care while searching for an antidote!*

*See for the ONLY known antidote: "Magister Montro Mentalla's Magical Antidotes, Volume IV"

"Damn, that thing is ugly!" Cordelia muttered while peering over the watcher's shoulder at the picture of the demon. "If anyone ever needed an emergency visit from the Avon lady, it's him." The cheerleader shook her head in disgust. "So where's this "Magister something-something Magical Antidotes, Volume IV" book that's mentioned?"

"I have no idea," Giles replied, deep in thought. "Unfortunately, I only have the volumes one, two and three."

Looking at the watcher, Cordelia raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "Why, what happened? Forgot to pay your membership fee to the Creepy and Obscure book-of-the-month club?"


'Maybe I was a bit too hard on her,' Buffy thought to herself for the 67th time in the last 15 minutes. After diner she'd gone back to her room to think some more about Cordelia Chase, and what her next step should be with her somewhat reluctant lover. 'Okay, so my pet cheerleader needed an attitude adjustment, but I could have easily settled for another bare-bottomed spanking instead of whipping that amazing ass of hers raw.'

Throwing Mr. Gordo in the air, Buffy watched the stuffed pig twirl around a few times before its nose touched the slightly discoloured spot on the ceiling she was aiming for, and then drop down into her arms again. 'Sure, Cordy can be a real bitch, but let's be honest here -- so can I... And she's been very cool about the lesbian thing between us, which is pretty damn new to us both; she deserves some consideration points just for that.'

Parking Mr. Gordo on her belly, the Slayer stretched her arms above her head and sighed. 'Besides, if I'm gonna be totally honest here then I also have to admit that Cordy was sorta entitled to be pissed off about me ending it with her and Michael. After all, I never actually told her that I wanted anything more then just sex from her, so it shouldn't have come as a big shocker that Miss May Queen figured she was free to go out with Michael and let him sample her goodies...'

Sitting up so quickly that Mr. Gordo got catapulted to the other side of the room, she said to herself, "Let's face it, Buffy: You're gonna have to find a way to make it up to her."

The blonde pursed her lips and considered what to do... 'I know! I just need to make her see that the end of her relationship with Michael is actually the beginning of something much better: a real relationship between the two of us. Not just sex. And the best way to show her that I mean business is to take her out on a date: dinner, movie, dancing, the whole enchilada!'

Happy with her decision and the prospect of taking the beautiful brunette out on a date, Buffy bounced over to the phone and reserved a table for two on eight o'clock, Saturday evening in Sunnydale's finest restaurant. In any other town, calling one day in advance would probably have been too short notice to get dinner reservations in a quality restaurant, but due to Sunnydale's high mortality rate and its citizen's lack of enthusiasm to go out after dark, there was still a table available. Who knew that living in the murder capital of the U.S.A. had benefits besides cheap housing?

After making the dinner reservation, Buffy dialled Cordy's number to inform her of their plans. She frowned when no-one picked up. Cordelia isn't the kinda gal who lets her phone ring repeatedly without rushing to pick it up. So no answer could only mean that the cheerleader was out. The question is: where? Unfortunately, she didn't have Cordy's mobile number, which would have made finding out a whole lot easier.

'She wouldn't dare to keep her date with Michael, would she?' The blonde considered this for a moment, before shaking her head. 'Nah, not even Cordy would have the nerve for that... and even if SHE did, I'm pretty sure Michael doesn't.'

The Slayer perked up when the obvious answer occurred to her. 'I know! She's probably out bronzing. It's not like there's much else to do in this town.'

After changing into one of her most seductive outfits, Buffy headed out for the Bronze. As her pace quickened into a fast jog, the blonde kept herself busy by mentally planning out her date with Cordy. Buffy felt sure that if she shows the cheerleader a really good time on their date she'll become a lot more affectionate. Her lips curled into a wicked smile as she pictured how "affectionate" Cordelia might be after a great date together.

The blonde Slayer felt as if her life was finally coming together. 'It's incredible how much difference it makes to have someone to love in your life. I can really see a future for Cordy and me... Sure, she might need a little convincing now and then to show her that I'm perfect for her. And God knows that girl needs a strong hand more then anyone else on this planet... but considering that I'm more then happy to provide Cordelia with all the discipline she needs, that's not a problem.'

Buffy grinned to herself. 'Nope, that's REALLY not a problem, since Cordy enjoys getting her butt tanned about as much as I enjoy giving it to her... Yup, we're perfect for each other..." The Slayer shook her head in amazement. 'Whoa... I'm really starting to fall for her. There's just so much about her I love. Besides the obvious, like her incredible beauty and body, there's her quick wit, her loyalty, her stubbornness and her intelligence... She isn't just the one-dimensional, ditzy, fashion-obsessed valleygirl a lot of people take her to be.'


"... So after headbutting her, I kicked that blonde bitch in the shins and ran off," Cordelia triumphantly finished her story. "And that's how I managed to purchase this beautiful, black silk number from the March Madness Sale at Sax's."

After pouring another generous splurge of scotch into his tea, Giles made to put away the silver flacon. Looking at the cheerleader he promptly changed his mind and took a long swallow from the flask before putting it aside. 'That's better!' he considered, feeling somewhat strengthened. "That was a... fascinating tale, Cordelia. However, I fail to see the relevance it has to our current situation."

The cheerleader shrugged. "I just thought I'd brighten the mood a bit, since our research is getting us nowhere."

Giles sighed. 'I'm sure that deep down she means well,' he told himself again. Putting as much reassurance in his voice as he could, he said, "I'm sure we'll find a way to cure Buffy eventually... it's just going to take a little time."

Cordelia silently contemplated the watcher's words. Wondering if a cure still existed, and in case it does: will Giles be able to find it? 'Probably, Giles is great at figuring out stuff like this. Knowing him he'll have Buffy back to normal before the end of next week.' Surprisingly, this didn't cheer her up the way she thought it would. 'I wonder what she'll be like after she gets cured...Will she remember what happened between us, or is she gonna go all amnesia-girl like Xander after his little stint with hyena-possession. And what if she remembers... Will that really change anything between us, besides the obvious awkwardness we're gonna feel towards each other, or will we just go back to ignoring one another like nothing happened -- the Sunnydale way of dealing with things?' Cordelia frowned. 'And which would I prefer? A Buffy who dislikes and ignores me, or a Buffy who... loves me...?'

"Ugh!!" The cheerleader threw her hands up in disgust. "All this thinking and worrying is gonna give me wrinkles!" she exclaimed. She then noticed Giles staring at her. "Uh... sorry, did you say something?"

"I just said that research will go a lot quicker if the others help out; especially Willow is good at finding things out with that contraption of hers."

"Nuh-uh!" Cordelia quickly nixed that idea. "I don't want any of the others to know about my little "situation" with Buffy."

"Really, Cordelia," Giles said, sounding somewhat exasperated. "I understand that this is a rather awkward situation for you, but it's of the utmost importance that we find a solution as soon as possible."

"I'm very much aware of that," the cheerleader coolly replied. "Believe me: if anyone wants to find a quick solution to this mess it's ME! You think I enjoy being Buffy's little sex-slave?!" she questioned irately. 'Yes, I do.' a nagging, little voice inside her head said. 'SHUT UP!' Cordelia told that little voice.

"Please." Giles held out a calming hand. "I'm not implying anything except that we could really use the others' help while searching for a way to cure Buffy. And I'm sure that Xander, Willow and Oz will use the utmost discretion concerning your... newly formed relationship with Buffy."

For a long moment, Cordelia considered the watcher's words then stubbornly shook her head. "Aren't you, like, the number one watcher guy in the world who knows all these old languages and ancient texts, and who's got thousands of musty old books about demons, which you've practically got memorized? Isn't that why they choose you to be Buffy's watcher? So I really don't see why we need the others. Somehow, I can't picture Oz's research skills and Xander's donut-fetching skills unlocking the secret to Buffy's cure, and I seriously doubt that Willow is gonna find an antidote for Xargos demon slime lying around on the internet." The brunette took a deep breath and continued, "Besides, I remember you telling Buffy that in the good old days, Slayers weren't allowed to have friends because it distracted them from their calling. So normally you'd have to do the research job on your own anyway." Feeling she'd got her point across, Cordelia issued the librarian a triumphant look.

Giles smiled slightly. "Good point, well put," he acknowledged, "but these aren't normal circumstances, and--"

"No, because under normal circumstances, I would have already had Psycho-blonde thrown in a reformatory, where she belongs, and I'd be telling my story on Sally Jessie right about now," Cordelia commented.

Rubbing his temples, Giles let out another deep sigh. "What I'm trying to say is that under normal circumstances this could already be considered a dangerous situation, but with a Slayer involved..." The watched shuddered a little. "Let's just say that things could get really bad. We need to get the others involved. Not just to help with researching a cure, but also so they're forewarned about Buffy."

Cordelia made a face. "Well, I'd still prefer it if we kept the Scoobies out of this. It's bad enough that I had to tell you; I really don't want anyone else to know that I'm Buffy's bitch and are required to service her slit on a daily basis."


The second she entered the Bronze, Buffy went on the lookout for Cordelia. However, after wasting several minutes trying to find the cheerleader in the throng of people, she became aware that even with her enhanced eyesight it was difficult to spot a particular person in the dark and crowded club.

Considering what to do, the Slayer finally decided that the quickest and easiest way to search the busy nightclub was from above. So she swiftly climbed the catwalk and started pacing back and forth while gazing down into the crowd.

Buffy right away detected Xander, Willow and Oz sitting at their usual table but Cordelia wasn't with them -- not that she'd expected the cheerleader to sit with her friends, of course, but it would have been nice if she did. After looking around some more, she suddenly spotted the cheerleading squad, sitting together like they usually do. Her heartbeat increased as she checked out the cheerleaders' individual faces while searching for the familiar features of her lover... Disappointment flooded her system when she failed to detect her beloved brunette among the group of girls. Squinting her eyes she tried to get a better look, but eventually had to admit to herself that Cordelia just wasn't there.

After pouting for a while, the blonde eventually came to the conclusion that she's not going to find Cordy standing way up here. Climbing back down again, Buffy hesitated for a moment before heading over to the cheerleader's table, which she considered to be the most likely place to find out about Cordy's whereabouts; unfortunately it was also the place where she least of all wanted to be. In fact, she'd rather face a pack of rabid vampires then this particular pack of cheerleaders. 'Oh well, the things you do for love...'

As she got closer, Buffy noticed that the cheerleaders and their dates were excitedly talking among each other. 'Looks like the hens have found some new tasty bit of gossip to cackle about,' she thought amused. 'Mmmm... they seem really into it, so it must be good. I wonder which unfortunate person's reputation is being ripped to shreds right now.' Buffy tried using her slayer-hearing to listen in on their conversation but the loud music made that impossible.

When she neared the Alpha girls' table, one of them saw her coming their way and elbowed the girl next to her, urgently whispering and pointing in her direction; the other girl repeated this with the girl sitting next to her, and so on... Soon most of the cheerleaders where either staring at her or busy whispering with each other.

'What's their problem?!' Buffy thought irritably. When she finally reached their table all the cheerleaders had stopped talking (something she'd always considered to be physically impossible) and were staring at her with smug smiles on their faces.

With an increasing sense of suspiciousness and dread, Buffy glanced around the table at the circle of self-satisfied faces pointed her way. The Slayer waited for someone to speak... but when almost a minute passed without anyone saying a word, she quickly got tired of playing mute. "Hey..." she shot the cheerleaders her brightest smile, "have any of you girls seen Cordy around?"

Buffy's smile faltered a bit when her question was met with total silence. "Or have any idea where she could be right now?" she tried again.

This time her question was greeted by several giggles and snickering from the group of girls. Any trace of a smile on Buffy's face was now gone. Clenching her fists at her side, the Slayer resisted the almost overpowering urge to slap the superior looks of those smug bitches' faces. "Is there something funny I'm missing here?" she asked through clenched teeth.

The cheerleaders glanced at each other, looking like they were desperately trying not to laugh.

"Hey, Buffy!" Harmony suddenly called out. "You think you could maybe sing all verses of The Star Spangled Banner for us? Then we might tell you were you can find Cordy."

Buffy looked on with astonishment as the entire group burst into laughter at that very lame joke. 'What the fuck?! Is THAT suppose to be funny?!'

"Does this mean that you don't want to tell me where Cordelia is?" The Slayer watched stoically as the cheerleaders and their dates started laughing even harder... for about fifteen seconds, then she was pretty much fed-up with it.

Unclenching her fists, she grabbed the underside of the table and lifted it up: spilling the numerous drinks and bows of pretzels that littered the table onto the cheerleader's dresses and into the laps of their dates.

A satisfied smile appeared on the blonde's lips when the cheerleaders & jocks annoying laughter turned into cries of dismay accompanied by several loud curses. "There ya go! Not so funny now, is it?!"

Letting the table drop back to the floor with a loud, resounding thump, Buffy looked around triumphantly while casually wiping her hands. The Slayer then searched around the table, glancing at the several shocked faces staring back at her until she spotted Harmony.

Reaching over and grabbing the front of Harmony's outfit, she pulled the blonde cheerleader towards her and slowly lifted her off her feet. "Now, let's try this again: Where's Cordelia?"

"Hey! Listen up, you blonde freakshow..." Harmony's date, a big burly football player, had overcome his initial shock and stomped over to her in the most threatening manner he could manage. "I don't know what the fuck you're on, but if you don't get your hands off my date right now, I will--"

"No, I will," Buffy calmly replied while directing her left fist into the football player's face, knocking him back unconscious into his seat. With a jovial smile on her face, Buffy once again turned her attentions to Harmony and shook the blonde back and forth a bit. "Cordelia. Where... is... she?"

"I DON'T KNOW!!" Harmony squeaked. "Last time I spoke with her she called me from her house."

Buffy issued the blonde a suspicious look. "When was that?"

"A-About three hours ago!" the cheerleader gasped.

'That must have been right after I left,' Buffy concluded. Glancing up at Harmony, she shook her a bit more for good measure. "And what did you two talk about exactly?"

"N-Nothing much... about clothes and school... the usual."

"Don't - Fucking - Lie - To - ME!" Buffy bit out, shaking the blonde back and forth with every word.



'That fucking BITCH!!'

With effort, Buffy managed to push down the anger she could feel boiling up inside her.

"Ohhhhh! NOW I get your little Star Spangled Banner joke!!" Buffy dropped Harmony back in her seat. "Ha! Ha! Very funny!" She shot a penetrating glare at the each of the cowering cheerleaders. "If I hear any of you repeat that bogus rumour, your daddy's gonna have to pay for a SECOND nose-job! Got that?!"

The cheerleaders and their dates collectively nodded their agreement. They looked like they're considering ducking beneath the table for cover, and would have, if Buffy hadn't just demonstrated why that isn't such a good idea.

"Um, Buffy?"

The moment she heard someone behind her say her name, the Slayer twirled around and raised her fists. She relaxed somewhat when she saw Willow, Oz and Xander standing there.

"Hey, guys!" she cheerfully greeted them; as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on and she hadn't just turned over a table on a flock of cheerleaders.

The three Scoobies tentatively smiled at the Slayer... or at least two of them did: Oz more looked like he's watching some TV-show he isn't particularly interested in.

Willow followed up by giving the blonde an awkward, little wave. "Hi, Buffy!"

"Buffster!" Xander cheerfully called out while casually stepping behind Willow, getting ready to use the redhead as a human shield in case Buffy felt like throwing a couple more punches.

"Hey," Oz said. Nodding at the dishevelled cheerleading squad, he questioned, "What's up with the slightly rumpled Alpha girls?"

Buffy glanced behind her, then shrugged. "Oh... nothing much. We got into a little argument, so I turned the table on them."

"Don't you mean: turned the tables?" Willow corrected.


"Oh!" the redhead said, her eyes widening as she stared at the large wooden table.

Feeling a bit more relaxed, Xander glanced around him and suddenly noticed that half the people in the Bronze were watching them. "Okay, not that I don't enjoy watching a good catfight," he said. "But does anybody else notice that we... well, mostly Buffy, are drawing more attention then the band. Sure, the band pretty much sucks, but still..."

Oz calmly looked around and nodded. "If I remember correctly: club rules are that after you turn over a table and punch someone out, it's time to finish your drink and call it a night."

The Scooby Gang quickly made their way to the exit, and got into Oz's van.

Driving away, Oz first headed for Buffy's house since her place is closest by. Glancing to his right, he saw that the Slayer was quietly staring out the window. "Did I hear you say you were looking for Cordelia?" he asked conversationally.

The second Cordelia's name was mentioned, the blonde seemed to undergo an immediate transformation. She suddenly perked up and looked at him expectantly. "Yes, I am!" Buffy said excitedly, "Any idea where she is?"

Oz shrugged. "Devon mentioned earlier at the Bronze that he saw her car in the school's parking lot. So I guess it's possible that--"

"Stop the car!" Buffy called out without even waiting for Oz to finish his sentence.

Raising an eyebrow, the young werewolf showed some mild surprise at the Slayer's request but stepped on the break without any questions.

Before the van came to a complete halt, Buffy had already stepped outside and closed the door behind her. "Thanks for the ride, Oz! I'll walk the rest of the way," she called through the open car window, and then waved goodbye at Willow and Xander. "'Night, guys! I'll see you tomorrow."

About two seconds later, the Slayer disappeared into the darkness while the two passengers of the van gawked after her (Oz meanwhile checked his fuel gauge and considered refilling his tank tomorrow).

"Okay, this is getting beyond weird!" Xander called out while staring in the general direction the Slayer had gone. "If Buffy keeps ditching us for Cordelia Chase, she must be in serious danger... of becoming an honorary member of the Cordettes. We should tell Giles about this and ask him to put an end to this madness." He looked at the other occupants of the van for support.

Oz merely shrugged while Willow nodded fervidly. "I suggest we speak to Giles first thing in the morning," she said. "Maybe he's got a clue about what's going on with Buffy."

"My guess?" Xander speculated, "MAJOR case of PMS."


It was already way past midnight when Cordelia left the library behind her and headed for the students parking lot. The cheerleader wasn't in the best of moods. Eventually, after Giles pointed out what could happen if, for example, Xander would to make some kinda sexual advance at her with Buffy present, she'd finally given up and gave the watcher her consent to fill the others in.

'So by tomorrow the entire Scooby gang will be in the know about me and Buffy. That's just great! Just when I thought dating Xander Harris would be my absolute low point of High school humiliation, it seems I have yet to reach rock bottom.'

"Fuck!" she exclaimed loudly, angrily kicking an empty soda-can away. This just showed how distressed she felt. Because under normal circumstances, she would never have risked damaging her expensive Gucci shoes with such a pointless act. 'Could my life possibly get anymore fucked up then this?!'

Of course, it's never a good idea to ask yourself that question... especially when you're living in Sunnydale.

"Why so upset, Cordelia?" a honey-sweet and eerily familiar voice behind her suddenly inquired. "Has Versace announced that they're only going to be producing men's wear from now on?"

Her blood seemed to turn to ice as she recognized to whom that voice belonged. And ice instead of blood would not be so bad right about now, because that voice belongs to Angel. Or rather his evil counterpart: Angelus.

To Be Continued...