by Femvamp

Rage. That was all Willow Roseburg felt anymore. That was all she wanted. All she needed. Rage. When she had killed Warren she had thought the rage would leave her but it hadn't, it only grew inside of her. It consoled her, it egged her on, it promised her the world.

As she walked down the dark streets of Sunnydale saw the town in a new light. The people were so pathetic, she had devoted her life to saving them, protecting them, now all she saw was how dead they were. They were nothing, even vampires were more alive then these pathetic creatures.

These humans walked around like the dead believing they were alive. Believing they ruled the world. While the whole time the world laughted at their stupidity. How many times had the world nearly ended? How little did they know about vampires, demons, and witches.

They were nothing.

Vampires were better then these mortal humans. Most vampires when they killed they killed to survive. Humans killed for fun, for sport. Yes vampires were soulless creatures, but the same could be said for many humans.

Willow raged at the injustice of it all. Tara was dead. All because some bastard of a human thought he was a god. He was nothing. He was pathetic. He was dead.

Now she would kill his two little buddies. They would feel her pain. They would feel her rage.

Cordelia felt weightless. It was an interesting feeling. She briefly wondered if she was in heaven. It really didn't matter though. The Powers had sent for her, and she knew she would do what they asked.

"Cordelia, we have a mission for you."

Cordelia heard a voice that seemed to be nowhere and everywhere all at once. It was kindof nerveracking.

"What no, hello Cordelia? No, how was your trip, Cordelia? No, sorry we turned you into some goddess thingy but we will explain Cordelia?"

"A champion needs you help Cordelia?"

"What champion?" Cordelia asked, "And why me?"

"The darkness has consumed her. She must be saved before her soul is forever tainted."

"And you brought me up here, or wherever here is to tell me this? Why didn't you just send me a vision or something. Angel could have saved her. That's his job you know."

"The Vampire with a soul has a different destiny." The voice said simply.

Cordelia knew that the voice was right, annoying but right, "Alright, what do I have to do?"

"You must stop the rage."


"We bind your powers so you can not hurt yourself or others."

Willow screamed in rage. It had been a trap. Giles was back and he brought with him six powerful witches that were binding her powers. She couldn't let this happen.

"I'll get you for this old man." Willow screamed.

"We bind your powers so you can not hurt yourself or others."

Willow screamed again and tried to throw a fire bolt at Giles only to find that the fire barely left her fingers before it fizzled out.

"It's working." Willow heard Buffy say to Giles.

"Yes." Giles said simply.

"We bind your powers so you can not hurt yourself or others."

Willow felt the rage build up in her but could not find a release. Jonathan and the other one were still alive and that made her blood boil. She had to kill them. The rage demanded it.

Willow screamed as she felt the binding of her powers take hold. It was like being suffocated. She couldn't breathe. With a last bit of effort she tried to fight the binding but the witches were too strong.

Willow screamed in rage as the world turned dark.

Cordelia thought she felt herself pacing, but since she really didn't have a body at this point she wasn't sure if she was pacing. It didn't really matter though.

"So you want me to un-piss someone off."

"The rage is destroying her soul."

"Souls aren't really my thing." Cordelia said matter-of-factly.

"You are the only one who can save her, Cordelia." The voice paused, "It is your destiny, it is your calling. You are the cleanser of souls."

Cordelia didn't say anything for a moment. It felt right to her. Just like it felt right when that demon guy Chip had told her about her ascending to a higher plane. Something about what the stupid voice was telling her sounded right.

"Alright who is it that I have to cleanse?"


Willow raged at the injustice of it all. It just wasn't fair. She was trapped in a small room with a single window too high and too small for her to sneak out of. They had put her their for her own good. At least that is what her friends....her former friends had told her.

Giles had just left after trying to convince her that the path she was on would lead to nothing but badness. He pleaded with her to stop her quest for vengenous. He knew it was just a matter of time before she found a way out. Even without magick Willow was a force to be reckoned with.

And their day of reckoning was at hand.

Willow would get her revenge. They would all pay.

"Hello Willow."

Willow jumped at the voice. She was so deep in thought that she hadn't heard the door open or anyone come into her prison. She sat up from the bed she was laying on and took a double-take when she saw who was standing there.


Cordelia looked around the almost empty room. The only things that were there were a bed and a desk and chair. There was a single ceiling light that made the room look even emptier then it was.

"I'd ask what a girl like you is doing in a place like this, but we both already know."

"What do you want Cordelia?" Willow asked angrily.

Cordelia watched with a small amount of interest as Willow's eyes turned black and saw the dark power inside of her try to get out. Cordelia saw everything that went on inside Willow's body. Every heartbeat, every jolt of magic that was trapped inside her body, every thought of revenge. Cordelia searched Willow's body for her soul but only saw darkness so black that it was like mud. Mud oozing though her system destroying everything that was good about her, destroying everything that made Willow....Willow.

"Such anger...such hate." Cordelia said sadly, "I put some of it there didn't I?" Cordelia paused, "When they told me you were the one I was to help, I couldn't believe it."

"What couldn't you believe, Cordy?" Willow spit out angrily, "That little ol' pathetic me could become so powerful?"

"Powerful?" Cordelia asked, "You can barely stand up. You have no power."

Cordelia watched as Willow jumped to her feet with every intention of killing her. However after stumbling to the ground with a thud Cordelia bent down and whispered in her ear.

"Where's you power now, Willow? It has abandoned you. It has found you unworthy." Cordelia watched Willow as she watched Cordelia's hand turn glowly, "Me on the otherhand...."

Cordelia took a step back as Willow lunged at her, "While you were drowning in your own need for power, some of us were fighting the good fight."

"I..." Willow mananaged to stand up but said nothing more.

"You what, Willow?" Cordelia asked, "You pretended to fight for the good but all you cared about was yourself. You used to call me selfish but look at yourself. Look at what you have become."

Willow didn't say anything at first. Cordelia wondered if she had even begun to reach the witch. She was about to say more when Willow spoke in barely a whisper.

"He killed Tara." Willow then looked at Cordelia with anger and hate, "And I will make the world pay."

She then lunged at Cordelia screaming out her rage.


Cordelia caught Willow in mid flight and dragged her kicking and screaming back to the bed.

"That's it. No more miss nice goddess."

Cordelia then put Willow over her knee.

"This is for your own good."


Willow screamed as Cordelia hand it her backside. How dare Cordelia do this to her. She was spanking her like she was a little baby.

"I'll kill you."



Cordelia really had no idea what she was doing. When she had agreed to this she had no plan to actually strike Willow. She wasn't exactly sure why she was doing it. It just felt like it was the only way. So she continued to spank Willow.


Cordelia litteraly felt Willow's rage begin to leave her body. Each time her hand smacked Willow's butt, Willow let go a little more. Cordelia felt herself begin to glow and as her hand came down on Willow a fifth and then sixth time she felt Willow go into something that could only be described as an orgasm.

"Shhh Willow." Cordelia whispered as Willow began to cry, "Its alright. It'll all be alright."

Cordelia looked into Willow's tear soaked face and kissed her gently first on the forehead and then on the lips. Cordelia half expected Willow to look at her in horror when she finally pulled away from the kiss but all Cordelia saw in Willow's face was pain. The kind of pain that comes from great guilt.

"It'll be alright Willow." Cordelia smiled.

"How?" Willow asked almost childlike.

"With time."


Cordelia smiled at Willow and took her into her arms and smiled as Willow put her head in her lap, "Everything will get better Willow. You will heal."

"Well that was an interesting way to fix the cituation, Cordelia Chase."

Cordelia smiled to herself. It was an interesting way, and very arousing as well. As she assended back to her current plane of existence Cordelia thought about Willow. It was strange in a way, the way things ended up. They both grew up in the same town, with the same people, but had chosen vastly different paths.

Willow's path lead her nearly to complete destruction.

Now however there was hope. It wouldn't be easy, but then again. Nothing worth it is ever easy. Cordelia had learned that the hard way. At least in Willow's case there was once again hope.

"We help the hopeless." Cordelia smiled to herself and then said outloud to the voice, "will I ever see her again?"

"You have accomplished your task. You will return to the mortal realm."

Cordelia was about to speak but thought better of it. It would be good to see Angel and the others again. She wasn't sure how long she had been gone but it didn't matter. As she felt herself return to herself she wondered if she would see Willow again.

Somehow she knew she would.