Death Of An Angel
by hellish_bhoe

Faith took her ritual midnight patrol through the streets of Queens. One thing about New York was that even in the middle of the night, it was still alive. Not like Sunnydale where everyone was locked inside closed doors at 9:00PM leaving the streets completely deserted.

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of her neck stood with anticipation mixed with excitement. There was a vamp around. She could feel it. Standing completely still, she used her advanced hearing to listen for anything that seemed a little off. Picking up what seemed like a whimper, she dash towards the sound.

The closer she got, the more her adrenaline rushed and the faster she ran. Spotting the vampire at a distance, she did a flip in front of him blocking him from him and his prey.

"Whoo!! What a way to start the night." She said with a huge smile on her face. She absolutely loved this.

"FAITH?!?" The voice from behind her yelled. Faith quickly turned around to see Cordelia staring at her with surprise. The moment she turned around, the vampire kicked her back sending her into a wall.

"Son of a bitch!!" Faith yelled while she turned around and tackled the vampire that hit her punching him in the face over and over again.

Cordelia stepped back away from the violent scene in front of her. She had heard that Faith was out of jail and rehabilitated, but that's not what it looked like to her. Finally Faith grabbed a stake from behind her jacket and stabbed the vampire in the heart.

"Motherfucking vamp. Did you see that shit C? Damn." Faith said after getting up and stretching her back trying to ease the pain where the vampire hit her.

"Uh..yeah." Cordelia replied nervously. Faith just smiled widely enjoying the way she easily intimidated the ex-cheerleader. Taking a step closer to the girl, Faith's eyes took on a mischievous look.

"So C, whatcha doin here? Last I heard, you were in L.A. fighting alongside everyone's favorite vamp Angel."

Cordelia's face immediately took on a very emotionless expression at the mention of the name and it kind of worried Faith.

"Angel's dead." With that, Cordelia turned around and began to walk away. Faith tried her hardest to sort her thoughts. Angel was dead? Wanting to ask Cordelia more about what happened, she finally realized that the girl had left.

Faith had stumbled into a club and headed straight for the bar. This was fucked up. Who the fuck would want to kill Angel? The more she thought about his death, the angrier she got. Why hadn't she been there to help him? He offered her a place to stay after jail but she ignored his offer saying that she had to build her own life. Because of that, she wasn't there when he needed her.

Drowning another shot of tequila, she headed out into the dance floor and began to dance. The music was loud and the pounding hurt her head. She could feel the alcohol start to kick in and the more she danced, the wilder she got. Within seconds, she had guys surrounding her. Grabbing one by the shirt, she dragged him outside into the alley.

"So honey, what's your name?" The guy asked while kissing Faith's neck.

"Shut up." She replied. The guy simply shrugged and continued his attack on her neck. The guy's hands went under her shirt and began to massage her breasts.

"You are so hot." The guy whispered in her ear.

"I said to shut up." Faith replied angrily. She really wasn't in the mood to listen to this asshole talk. The guy nodded and obeyed. He began to massage the bulge that appeared in his pants with one hand and Faith's breast in the other.

"What the fuck are you doing?" A voice asked from her left. Faith turned to see Cordelia standing there with her hands on her hips. The guy lifted his head from Faith's neck to look at Cordelia.

"Who's your friend? She into threesomes?" The guy asked excitedly. Faith growled in frustration and pushed the guy away hard.

"I told you to shut up." She then walked towards Cordelia grabbing her arm and guiding her around a corner.

"You're a real slut, you know that Faith?" Cordelia asked. She shrugged her arm free from Faith's grasp and stood her ground.

"Yeah, I know." Faith replied. From the surprised look on Cordelia's face, she could tell the girl wasn't expecting that as an answer. "How did it happen?" Faith's asked in a soft voice.

Cordelia was surprised to see Faith like this. She just stood there in silence staring at Faith as tears started falling from her eyes. Faith was crying? Faith whatever-her-last-name-is was actually crying? Staring at Faith like this, she realized that the invincible mask that the other woman constantly put up was just that, a mask.

Cordelia lifted her hand and began to wipe away Faith's tears. To her surprise, Faith collapsed in front of the other girl crying harder than before. Cordelia was more that shocked. She didn't expect such an outburst from the emotionally reserved slayer. Furthermore, she didn't know that Faith even cared about Angel.

Sighing, Cordelia kneeled on the ground and began to stroke the girl's hair. "Shhh..Faith, it'll be okay."

Faith looked up and Cordelia saw the pain in the other girl's eyes. She reached over and gave Faith a hug. They stayed like that for a long time until Cordelia finally stood up bringing Faith with her. "Come on, let's get out of here." When Faith nodded, Cordelia grabbed her hand and headed off to her apartment.

To Be Continued...