Harmonic Reflections
by DanKnight

Harmony walked into Cordelia's hospital room. As the blonde vampire entered the small room she wondered why exactly it was she came. She hadn't been to see Cordelia since she went into her coma. It wasn't that she was afraid to see her. Truth was she wasn't that interested.

Harmony looked down at the body of Cordelia Chase. The girl who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. The girl who was briefly even something more to her. And she marveled at it. The person who had been so much a part of her life was lying motionless in front of her, with tubes stuck to her, and it didn't bother her. It was actually kind of neat.

When they were little girls, The two were inseparable. They would play with Barbie dolls, watch cartoons, and of course tease boys. Always together. Harmony used to bug her father all the time, "Dad when is Cordelia's mom going to bring her over."

Of course that eventually led to high school. Wonderful high school. The highest point of status in Harmony's living or undead life. She and Cordelia became popular together in those days. They had all the boys wanting them and all the girls wishing they were them. They ran the school and decided who was hot and who was part of the nerd patrol.

Then there was the picking on them, always the best part. Harmony loved it, picking on the Xander Harrises of the world was her favorite hobby back in those days. Of course, no one was better at that then Cordelia. Harmony used to love watching her brunette cohort in action when she was tearing into some geek at school. Cordelia was never more sexy than when she was putting some dweeb in their place.

Not that there was ever a time Cordelia wasn't sexy. Even here in the bed, pale and not wearing any makeup she was stunning. Of course Harmony would never let those feelings out. People didn't know about her homosexual tenacities, or was it tendencies? Well whatever, if people knew Harmony occasionally pictured Cordy and her naked together, and not to change clothes at the latest fashion boutique, she would have so been out of the popular group.

The blonde vampire thought back to that one night. The night when she and Cordelia were alone in her room watching television. It was one of those "true Hollywood" newsmagazine shows. The two cheerleaders were nothing if not kept up on the latest celebrity gossip. It wasn't as good as Sunnydale High gossip, but it came close.

Anyway, the girl hosting the show was mentioning the latest on Anne Heche and Ellen and the next thing Harmony knew they were talking about what it might be like to kiss a girl.

Then Cordelia dropped a bomb. She said maybe they should try it, just to see. A smart girl would see the opportunity presented and play it cool. Harmony agreed so fast Cordy bareley finished the question first. She was never that smart. Cordelia and her kissed that night, a kiss that was just a little bit longer and more intense than one would expect an "experimental" kiss to be.

Then it was over. For a minute Harmony actually believed there would be professions of love from the brunette, followed by even more kissing. Instead Harmony got Cordelia saying that was "different". Then immediately changing the subject. Like it meant nothing. Apparently to Cordy, it didn't.

It meant something to Harmony though, and having Cordelia act like it didn't mean anything broke the blonde's heart. At first Harmony convinced herself that the object of her secret crush was pretending. That the kiss did mean something to Cordelia but she was just afraid to show it. But in time even someone as oblivious as Harmony had to face the truth. Cordelia didn't feel the same about her. The one and only time Harmony kissed the girl of her dreams, Harmony was the only one who felt anything. She was just Cordelia Chase's experiment.

It hurt a lot when she realized that, but not nearly as much as when Cordelia soon after fell into the arms of that lameo, Xander Harris. It was one thing to be rejected by Cordelia but to not stack up to Xander Harris... unimaginable.

Of course stupid Xander was too stupid to hold onto her, like he would ever get anyone like Cordelia again. It served Cordy right though. Cordelia and Harmony were never friends after Xander. Harmony spent the remainder of her time in high school lashing out. Paying Cordelia back for rejecting her. Well, that and ensuring she stayed popular once Cordelia Chase fell from her throne. Because you know, staying popular is way more important than love.

The interesting thing was that as she stood here over Cordelia's hospital bed, none of that seemed to matter anymore. One would think that seeing the person you used to care about laying motionless, looking so fragile, would hurt. But it didn't. It wasn't because of the anger from what Cordelia did to her in the past. Harmony just... didn't care. It was the funny thing about becoming a vampire. You lose your soul and suddenly your old life's problems don't matter anymore.

Now when Harmony looked at Cordelia she wondered why she ever let it bother her so much. Even as hot as Cordy was she never had the meanness or sex appeal of her old "Blondie Bear". It was a kiss, not like it was mad sex or anything. And hey, Harmony could always kiss someone else. What was Cordy compared to anyone else?

It was the side effect of what she now was. She had no human emotions. Not that she used them much when she had them. Still, Cordelia was just a human now. So what if she was in a coma, or if she died, she was just a human. Harmony actually considered herself lucky. After all what really was better, that love struck ditz who cared that her friend didn't know a great kiss when she had one planted on her. Or becoming undead and seeing how week Cordy truly was. Besides, she would just bug Angel to fire her if she was conscious. What good would that do?

So Harmony had come here just to see if she really didn't care that her former best friend was lying here. She briefly thought on her way over that maybe she should sire Cordelia, make her one of her own. Sure she wouldn't have her soul, but she would never miss it. None of her kind ever did. But why bother?

After all It's just Cordelia Chase.

So Harmony left, finding out what she wanted. As she reached the door to Cordelia's room she looked back. "Have a good night's sleep Cordy. Hopefully you'll never wake up."

Harmony then turned to walk away and for the first time her cold feelings were genuine. Sure, if Cordy woke up the vamp would pretend to care, put on a show. Get in good with her boss's old squeeze. But it would all be an act. When she told Cordelia she hoped she stayed in her coma, it was the first time in her entire life she ever told Cordelia how she felt about her, and didn't lie.