by Kate Bolin

Cordelia looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. "When did I get so big?" she said, turning around and glaring at herself critically.

Willow stepped up behind her wife and wrapped her arms around her waist. "'re not big..." She stood on her tiptoes and peeked over Cordelia's shoulder. "And besides, you did just have a baby..."

"Six months ago! For crying out loud, what am I paying that trainer for?"

"Nothing as near as I can're spending all your time playing with the baby...Ow!" Willow said as Cordy gently slapped her wrist. "Cordelia, darling, you look fabulous. And if we don't hurry, we'll be late to your premiere. So can we go?"

Cordelia sighed and turned around, looking down at her wife. "Hmmm..." she said, staring at Willow in that vaguely critical fashion look of hers. She reached up with her hand and brushed an errant lock of hair away from Willow's face. "There we go...." she said cheerfully, before frowning again. "Well, no,'re missing something..."

Willow's eyebrows raised. "What?"

"This." Cordelia leaned down and kissed her wife tenderly. After a few seconds, she pulled away, her hand going up to Willow's mouth to wipe at the smudged lipstick. "Now we're ready to go."

"But..." Willow whimpered.

"No," Cordelia said matter-of-factly. "We're going. I'm the lead, and if I'm late, it'd look bad." She looked at Willow again and sighed. "Despite the fact that we haven't had a night to ourselves since the baby was born." She stared at her wife for a bit longer, then shook herself. "Okay, we're going. We're out the door."


From Entertainment World, September 16th, 2012:

"We're here at the premiere of A Doll's House, a movie that has suffered its fair share of controversy since filming. With the choice of Cordelia Chase for the lead character Nora, director Nancy Falconetti opened herself to criticism from all sides, from the Moral Majority to the Harvard University Literary Guild.

"But all of the controversy has led to this night...and we talked to Cordelia Chase before the premiere!"

*Cordelia Chase, dazzling as ever, smiling at the camera*

"Miss Chase, are you excited to see how your movie turned out?"

"I already know it's going to be wonderful. Nancy's such a good director and with such a great script and cast -- Brendan was wonderful as Torvald -- I'm just glad to have been a part of such a wonderful thing."

"How do you feel about the protests arranged against this movie?"

"If they feel the need to do it, then I guess they have to do it. I don't know why, though..."

"And how do you feel, Miss Rosenberg? Excited to see your wife's new movie?"

"Oh, I'm excited to see her in anything...I'm just glad people love seeing Cordy as much as I do."


Willow and Cordelia sat down in the theater, waiting for the lights to dim. Cordelia turned towards Willow. "Hey, did I ever tell you about my first acting job?" she said, her voice low.

Willow looked at her wife with a slightly raised eyebrow. "No...I don't think so..."

Cordelia chuckled. "It was A Doll's House, actually. A small terrible theater, which fit perfectly because I. Could. Not. Act. I couldn't remember my lines, I couldn't do anything..."

Willow giggled. "And you're telling me this to warn me about your performance in this movie?"

Cordelia glared haughtily. "No..." she said in mock annoyance. "I'm just saying took the love of my wife to turn me into something resembling a good actress..."

Willow softened visibly. "Oh Cordelia..." she said, her voice soft and just a bit fragile. She squeezed Cordelia's hand. "I love you."

The lights dimmed and Cordelia leaned in close to Willow. "I love you too," Cordelia whispered before kissing her wife tenderly.

Willow giggled, then gently pushed her wife away. "Cordy..." she whispered. "We're in the middle of a movie theater....We can't..."

Cordelia nuzzled the redhead's neck. "Oh come on, Willow..." she said between planting kisses up and down Willow's neck. "Like anyone will notice..."

"You're the lead actress in this movie!" Willow hissed. "People will notice!"

Cordelia sighed and slumped against her seat. "Okay, okay," she whispered back. She sat there for a few minutes, fidgeting every once in awhile. After a few more minutes, she relaxed, leaning back in her seat, her hand dangling down past the armrest.

Willow frowned as she felt Cordelia's hand sliding up her skirt. "Cordelia!" she hissed again.

"Shut up and enjoy it," Cordelia said through closed teeth.

Willow grasped Cordelia's hand and set it back on Cordelia's lap. "Be-have," Willow said, in a voice generally reserved for their toddler.

Cordelia sighed heavily, slumped in her chair again, and watched the movie, obviously bored. After around an hour of watching the movie, wincing occasionally at bad lighting, she looked back at her wife.

Willow sat there, watching the movie avidly, but squirming slightly in her seat. Cordelia smiled widely, then leaned over to whisper in Willow's ear. "I'm going to the bathroom...come with..."

Willow frowned, but followed her wife out of the theater and towards the small balcony bathroom. Cordelia walked into the bathroom and then pulled Willow into the closest stall. "What the--?" Willow said loudly.

"Shhhh...." Cordelia said, pushing Willow up against the stall door. "If you're quiet, then no one will come in..."

"But---" Willow was silenced with a long kiss. When Cordelia finally let her come up for air, she began protesting again. "But Cordy...anyone can..." She gasped for breath when Cordelia's hands slid up under her blouse. "Anyone...can...come in...oh..." Willow shuddered slightly when her wife's hands unhooked the front clasp of her bra and pushed it aside.

"Let them...they won't know it's us..." Cordelia mumbled against Willow's skin, licking her way down Willow's chest. "We...*kiss*...haven't...*kiss*...gotten...*kiss*...a moment to ourselves...*kiss*...since Alex was born...*kiss*" Cordelia lifted her head and looked directly at Willow. "Let me have this moment, baby. I've been wanting it for so long..."

Willow kissed her wife slowly, sliding her arms up around Cordelia's neck and pulling her down to deepen the kiss. Cordelia continued the kiss, then slowly, elegantly, dropped to her knees.

Willow bit her lip to hold back a moan as Cordelia lifted up her skirt and gently placed a kiss on her inner thigh...


The couple, giggling slightly, made their way back to their seats just as the final scene began. They sat, watching the movie with faked interest, far more interested in stroking each other's hands. As the end credits rolled and the lights went up, they smiled politely at the applause, then exited the theater.

"Miss Chase! Miss Chase!" the reporters shouted at them. "How was the movie?"

"It was great...great..." Cordelia said, nodding appreciatively. "Gorgeous movie..."

"Miss Rosenberg!" one reporter yelled. "What did you think about the movie?"

Willow smiled. "I was especially impressed with Cordelia's..." she paused, glancing over at her wife with a large smile. "Performance."