Do You Remember?
by amaluv2000

I was tryin' to remember what my life was like before you blew into it. You were like this force of nature that wouldn't be denied. I tried not to love you, but what can ya do, especially against a force of nature?

Anyway, I do remember being kinda lost, more so roaming really, like waiting, but at the same time, not knowing exactly what it was that I was waiting for, and I sure as hell didin't think anything was ever gonna really come. Maybe you saw that in my eyes, that look of someone who's lost. Is that what drew you to me? Or was it because I was wicked hot?

I didn't know what to make of you. In the beginning I didn't think we'd end up here ya know. You are the only one I'd ever cling to. The only one who comes to me like sumthin' outta dream. The one who leaves my head spinnin'. Like I can never get enough of you.

Did I ever tell you about those dreams I had about you before? Well they never could live up to how it is between us now. I think it's because we know each other now. I know every inch of you, from head to toenail and it's been like that since the first time. Do you remember the first time? I think that was the day I was reborn.

It rained that night. I remember the smell in the air. God how I love that smell. I thought to myself this is perfect. When you opened that door, my knees almost gave on me. You were so beautiful. The way that white satin blouse hugged your breasts ever so slightly, and that black skirt with the slit that gave me a peek of the outline of your calf. How your hair covered a part of your eyes. All I wanted to do was brush it back with my finger just so I could touch you. You were so damn beautiful.

When you grabbed and hugged me, I knew right at that very moment, I just knew you were it. You were what I was waitin' for. The room was lit up with like a gazillion candles, and smelled all flowery. Do you remember that kiss? How you leaned in and ever so slightly, ever so softly, parted my lips with your tongue, and pressed your lips against mine. You were so damn smooth.

It was perfect. Everthing else seemed so natural. God, how I loved peeling you out of those clothes. My tongue couldn't get enough of you. That long neck of yours, I just wanted to lick it for hours. And your back. How long did it take us before we made it to the bed? I was so scared, but I wanted you in like the best and worst way. I can still feel the firmness of your nipples as I sucked on them. That trail of sweetness that led to the smoothness of your stomach. It was all I could stand. All I could think about was that your scent would be all over me, and how your moans would be always ring in my ears like the sweetest of music. I wanted to touch you until my fingers became numb. I wanted to taste you, until you were all my tongue could remember.

Oh and the things you did to me. Oh my god! How you layed me down on the bed, and touched every inch of me. Your hands felt like pure electricity. The feel of your tongue down my spine, on my stomach, my neck. How you kissed me like you were possessed or sumthin'. You were relentless. I can still hear the beating of the rain against the window. You straddled me and I just melted into you. I was so caught up in your rhythm. The grinding of your hips pressed against mine while you rubbed my tits. All the while, kissing me. You were an animal. And you were all mine.

You took me to the edge. We were pure molten lava just burning up the bed. Ahhhhhhhh...And that wasn't even the best part. Naw, that didn't come 'til later. The best part was the feel of your limp body, all breathless, and heavy, draped over mine . Being tangled up in the sheets with your legs wrapped around mine. Yeah, that was the best part. Falling asleep in your arms. Only to wake up the exact same way, as if time didn't move.

You were so fuckin' beautiful. Watching you, in your nakedness, totally vulnerable, I could help but cry. And you know how I feel about crying. But that only made me want to hold on to you just that much tighter. Made me want to kiss you over and over and over again. To never let you move and I prayed for time to stand still as I fell back to sleep. Not that you let me sleep, though. At first I thought I was dreamin' until I felt your nails dig into my skin. Until I felt your hair graze the insides of my thighs.You took me to heights I never imagined existed

Somehow you were different. All firey and possive. Well whatever it was, I gladly gave in to it. And it was in that moment that I completely surrendered to you all that I was and would ever be. From that moment on, I belonged to you.