cordyslash: stories: Just Like Always

Just Like Always
by Tiki

I'm laying on my piece of shit bed in the dark when I hear them; footsteps padding down the corridor to my cell. The lights come on and there stands Ralph in his uniform shirt unbuttoned, utility belt loose around his hips.

"Visitor," he says gruffly, but that little smirk betrays him.

Then she steps into the light, her stiletto heels echoing on the stone floors. Fuck, she's beautiful as ever. Her hair is mussed like she just woke up, and her mascara is smeared, but somehow it looks good on her.

Ralph unlocks the door and pushes it back, allowing her entrance. He unfolds an old metal chain and seats himself in front of my cell. He lets her in, he gets to watch. It's part of the deal.

She stands there, hands smoothing out the folds in her rumpled, silvery skirt. She's uncomfortable, ashamed, but trying not to betray it. I let her off easy.

"Couldn't sleep, Princess?" Shit-eating grin. Mocking. This is how it always starts.

Then I see that spark in her eye that always comes when I give her than smile. Something inside her wakes upÉ maybe it's raw lust or maybe she just wants to scream that she's still fucking breathing. Whatever it is, it's powerful.

"Quiet," she growls before lunging and pinning me to the bed. She kisses me, not gently, but bruisingly, grinding her lips down on mine. The springs creak under us, and the whole damn cellblock is probably awake by now. But, just like always, I don't give a fuck.

It's late, so I just skip the subtleties. One hand finds it's way to her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipple hard. She gasps just a bit and tries to slap my hand away, but she knows it's no use. She knows I'm strong enough to do anything to her. Anything I fucking want.

My other hand finds it's way under her skirt to find her bare. I smirk and press my hand against her. She tosses her head back and moans, grinding slightly. Slip slide slip slide and I don't even give a fuck about Ralph anymore. It's just us, the buzzing of the halogen lights and soft sounds of pleasure and humiliation from the girl above me.

Her rocking gets more frantic, and I bend a finger so the knuckle rubs against that spot, and then she's coming, moaning, collapsing against me.

She lies still for a second before she realizes what she's done and jumps away from me, straightening her skirt. She glares and I grin. Just like always.

Ralph knows the routine well. He gets up from his chair and lets her outÉ the bulge in the front of his pants is not well hidden.

"Enjoy the show?" I taunt. "Probably 'bout time for you to be getting home to the wife and kids, eh Ralphy?"

"Fuck off," he spits, and closes up the cell again. He turns the lights off, and all is silent. I sight and lay back on the bed, rubbing my fingers together. I can't help but smile. Sure she's just using me, but in this case, I don't mind.

And, I know she'll be back. Queen C always comes back.