by Carol Clarke

Curiosity is not always a good thing. For detective Lockley it was the double edge of the sword of her life. She had just taken the confession of a seventeen-year-old girl. A hardened killer with an unbelievable story. A story that Kate knew in her heart must be true. Had to be true, otherwise the last 9 months of her life would make no sense at all. There really were vampires; they had killed her father.

And now that she had taken this incredible statement, she would need to do the legwork, follow up. And this story needed a follow up. They had enough evidence to hold her without bail. She had done enough damage in the week she was in LA. The creep that picked up underage girls off the buses coming to town had ID'd Faith as the girl that put him in the hospital. Her prints were all over his apartment.

But that was only assault and battery. The girl had confessed to murder. Three in fact. Those charges would need to be investigated. The Sunnydale police had just handed the case over to the local LA DA. They seemed to be happy not to have anything to do with it or the girl. Kate had been a cop long enough to know that that alone was just plain strange. Cops were like bulldogs, once they sunk their teeth into a case they didn't let it go without a fight. Come on LAPD had her for assault and battery; Sunnydale PD had her for murder one.

Yep, Kate was going to have to visit Sunnydale. The only question left was if Cordelia would be willing to be her tour guide. She really didn't need a guide, it was just she and Cordelia had been going through a lot of rough spots.

First she had found out Cordelia's boss was a vampire. Damn Angel. Then her dad got killed. Cordelia started getting these bad headaches and when she asked her about them, the former cheerleader wouldn't tell her anything. She just acted weird after she had them. Always writing something down and taking off to find Angel. Sure it was something supernatural, Kate wasn't an idiot but Cordelia would never talk about it.

So for the last four months, all they seemed to do was fight and keep secrets from each other. Phantom Dennis didn't even like her to enter Cordelia's apartment.

"Vampires and Ghost, some tough cop I turned out to be." Kate said to an empty room.

"What?" Cordelia answered from the bathroom.

"Nothing... No actually I need to ask you something." Kate said moving out of the living room into the doorframe of the bathroom.

"Ask or tell me?" Cordelia said hoping that whatever it was they could still have their evening together. The brunette really did care for the detective.

"I need to do some follow-up on a prep who confessed to a lot of crimes, most happened in Sunnydale. Well since it was your hometown, and the motel room is paid for, well you said you wanted to visit your parents. I mean they don't have to know about me, I just thought you might like to spend a few days there while I'm working and then you could show me around in the evening, or we could just hang out and watch TV together or something." Kate was actually shaking; sure she could fight big bad guys, even vampires without fear. But asking her significant other, which she hoped was her girlfriend though they never talked about it, to go away with her for a few days. Frankly it scared the hell out of her.

Cordelia looked at Kate, God she reminded her of a butch Willow with Buffy tendencies. Just looking at the woman, the seer could tell she was in internal babble mode. That was Kate, tough cop on the outside, shy little girl on the inside. "I have to ask Angel, which means yes. Angel is a push over. But only a few days, I really do have a job to do.

Kate breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks"

Cordelia finished her nightly ritual, then looked at her lover, "Detective Lockley I believe you promised me a full cavity search this evening. So arrest me already."

"Maybe I should take you out to dinner first. You look really good in that dress." Kate answered. She loved the way Cordelia dressed. She had a real feel for clothes. Face it Cordelia was just hot in or out of clothes Kate thought as a smile crossed her face.

Dinner was excellent. Kate pulled in a few favors and had managed to get reservations at one of LA's happening dinner spots. She knew how much Cordelia liked to watch the stars. Cordelia did love the spotlight and glitz of Hollywood. The meal was expensive but Kate didn't mind. Outside of work Kate really didn't do very much and had fairly good savings in the bank. Besides Cordelia looked so good in her blue silk dress and high heel pumps. In Kate's mind this was where Cordelia belonged, among the rich and famous of LA and not in the darkened streets following a vampire around looking for redemption.

They kissed at Cordelia's door. Deep and passionate with promise of more to come. Cordelia's back firm against the door. Kate barely had time to keep Cordelia from falling as Dennis opened the door. In his defense Cordelia did forget her keys quite often.

Laughing they stepped through the door and Dennis closed it before knocking over several books and papers as his way of protesting. It was clear Dennis didn't like Kate. Neither women noticed the ghost as Kate and Cordelia continued kissing and caressing, overtaken by passion. Hands needing to touch as much flesh as possible.

Finally Cordelia stepped away pushing Kate back. Slowly she reached around and unzipped the back of her blue silk dress. Taking her time, she needed Kate to want her, desire her. She was good with this effect; she could see the lust dancing in Kate's eyes. Cordelia continued to tease Kate as she slowly lowered the dress revealing her blue silk bra and matching panties. Wet silk panties, she wanted Kate in the worst way.

Kate held her breath. She didn't like giving in on her tough cop image. She didn't like giving in period but she wanted her. Wanted to touch her, lick and suck her whole body. All the veteran cop could think to do was stand there in awe holding her breath.

Cordelia smiled, she knew she had Kate in the palm of her hand. She carefully moved her left hand to the front of her bra while her right hand found it's way to her panties. Slowly and carefully she unclipped the front clasp on her bra while her right hand rubbed the outside of her underwear. Stroking over the wet black curls between her legs. She wanted Kate to see just how wet she was.

Dropping her bra to the floor she walked toward Kate. Kate took a deep breath as her skin flushed with need. Cordelia reached her grabbing her shirt hard and pulling Kate into a kiss. Cordelia's kiss this time was rough and forceful, she liked to play rough sometimes. With her free hand she reached around Kate and began pulling off Kate's jacket. Her gun and hostler soon hit the floor.

Then Cordelia pulled Kate's cuffs out of her pocket and pulled away from Kate. First waving the cuffs in front of Kate she turned and walked toward the bedroom.

Kate followed pulling her shirttail loose and beginning to unbutton it as she walked. Cordelia stood at the end of her bed, one leg bent on the bed her arms crossed. Kate followed quickly undressing as fast as she could. Kate knew Cordelia's policies; not a stitch of clothes or you could just go home. Kate wasn't going home.

Once Cordelia was satisfied that Kate was ready to begin she uncrossed her arms and waited with a look of pure evil dancing in her eyes. Kate walked over and got down on her knees. Kissing Cordelia's knee, she slowly moved her hands to Cordelia's panties. She slowly began to lower her blue silk panties down her leg. If she did it too fast or not fast enough Cordelia would just pull them back up and make her start again. One night she had to start from the beginning seven times before Cordelia let her remove her underwear.

Even from the edge of the top band, Kate knew the silk was soaked and the smell of the musk was driving her mad. Lowering them down to Cordelia's ankles Kate carefully kissed her legs as she lowered the garment. Cordelia lifted the first foot and Kate kissed each of her toes before pulling the panties free. On the second foot she spent a little more time sucking the tips of Cordelia's toes before her panties were completely liberated.

Cordelia touched her chin and she stood up handing Cordelia her wet panties. Cordelia turned the panties around and stuffed the wet crotch into Kate's mouth. Then over the top of her panties she placed a red muzzle. Slapping Kate across her ass playfully she pointed to the bed. Kate crawled into the center of the bed and rolled over on her back. Moving her hands above her head Kate grabbed the bars on Cordelia's headboard.

Cordelia quickly cuffed her hands between the bars. Next Cordelia strapped Kate's legs wide open, spread eagle with sheepskin lined restrains attacked to the legs of her bed. Angel wasn't the only person she had to chain up in her life.

Now she had Kate where she wanted her. Reaching into her top dresser drawer Cordelia pulled out two yellow rubber gloves. She took her time snapping them for effect. Kate shivered on the bed in anticipation.

"I believe it's time for that full cavity search." Cordelia then laid down next to Kate rubbing her whole body against the detective's frame. Kate just moaned under her muzzle. Cordelia ran her hands roughing over the whole of Kate's body poking and prodding, in a few places slapping and pinching. Examining all of her body clinically. Commenting on each freckle or scar. Cordelia took her time and pinched both of her nibbles turning them hard. She opened the secret folds between Kate's legs and ran her fingers between her labia and outer wall. Kate thought she would nearly die when Cordelia roughly examined her clit and poked it with her index finger only to move on to another area.

"Well that is your outer skin lets move on to your cavities." Cordelia stated before she unbuckled the muzzle. Pulling the muzzle and panties free she poked Kate's cheek and said, "Open up."

Kate opened her mouth and Cordelia stuck a rubber-covered finger in. She ran her finger around her mouth and across her teeth for a few seconds. Then she removed her hand and squatted over Kate's face. Lowering herself over her lovers' mouth. Kate immediately began to kiss the sides of Cordelia's inner thigh working her way up to Cordelia's core. Kate took her time licking Cordelia's lower lips, teasing her lover. When Cordelia began to moan and move herself so that Kate would reach her more sensitive areas, Kate thrust her tongue suddenly deep into Cordelia's vagina. Moving her tongue in and out as fast as she could. She was pleased with the sound effects coming from Cordelia's lips.

Just as the two of them began to form a rhythm of movement Kate ran her tongue up to Cordelia's clit and licked it hard. Cordelia's hips jerked and Kate leaned up and sucked the little nub into her mouth. She continued to suck hard while working her tongue around it. She felt Cordelia jerk and come. Kate tried to continue to suck her prize but Cordelia moved away.

"You are a bad bad girl," Cordelia said smiling before she pinched Kate's nipple twisting the end hard and making Kate squirm. Cordelia then took her blue panties and wiped away the wet sticky fluid between her legs. Stuffing them back into Kate's mouth she returned the muzzle. Kate knew her jaw would ache in the morning.

"Now let's see where to search next." Cordelia ran her rubber-covered hand down the length of Kate's body. Sometimes Cordelia would play with her pubic hair for hours driving her mad with the teasing but today was not going to be one of those days. Cordelia hopped off the bed and slipped a pillow under Kate's hips raising her for examination. Then she tightened her leg restraints pulling her legs even wider apart. Running her hand from her knee Cordelia simply slid the whole of her hand deep into Kate's pussy.

Kate had not been ready from the sudden invasion and yelped into the wet panties in her mouth. Cordelia didn't waste time with foreplay. She began to trust her fist hard between her cop lover's legs. Cordelia did enjoy playing rough. "I wonder what I'll find in here?"

Kate tried to relax her body. She wanted to beg Cordelia to touch her clit. To go softer and harder all at the same time. Her body was on fire but her bonds held her in place on the bed. If Cordelia would just touch her clit she would come. She moaned through her gag, and tried to wiggle free. Her whole body was on fire as Cordelia's tiny fist plagued in and out of her cavity.

"One more cavity left to search" Cordelia said her eyes glinting. Kate's eyes showed only panic and lust. Holding two fingers up she continued to plunge in and out of Kate's body. Kate just tried to breathe as she watched the two fingers Cordelia held up. Cordelia then moved her left hand down. Kate lost sight of her hand seconds before she felt those same two fingers pressing at the entrance of her back door.

While continuing her workout of her pussyhole, Cordelia began to circle the rim of Kate's anus. Kate moaned and squirmed just before Cordelia's fingers pushed past the tight ring of muscles guarding her rectal opening. It always amazed Kate that this invasion made her pussy fell so full. It was like it focused the whole of her attention on that one little area. And it felt odd but good even if it also hurt a little. As Cordelia began to work her fingers in and out to finish her body search she also pulled her thumb free of Kate vaginal opening and began to massages her clit.

Kate's muffled sounds came loudly as she squirmed under her bonds. Cordelia had learned to muzzle Kate after their first sexual encounter. If the neighbors complained about her ghost, it was nothing compared to the fuse they made over Kate in bed. Kate was now moaning and wiggling like crazy fighting her bonds. Cordelia knew her poor little wrist would be bruised from the cuffs but Kate insisted on using them. Cordelia quickened the pace and was rewarded with the feel of Kate's muscles contracting around her fingers. Cordelia slowed her pace as Kate finished coming but did not stop, instead she waited until she was sure Kate was through her climax before inserting a third finger in her ass and fucking her cavities with all her might. She always liked being a bitch. She did this four more times before she released a very tired Kate.

Kate lay in the bed rubbing her wrist still trying to catch her breath. Cordelia just opened her dresser drawer pulled out a dildo and began to strap it on Kate. "My Turn" was all she said before mounting the detective.