Fascinated When You Pass My Way
by Met Nater

I don't wanna think right now.

I don't want to worry.

I just want to watch my angel as she sleeps. Weird thing, this love.

Who would have thought that Cordelia Chase would end up with a cop, huh? And a female one, none the less?

And a fur ball of a retriever named Dorian? Ok, granted, she's cute, but you know, pretty demanding sometimes. Though every time I complain about her, Kate just kisses me and says that she knows that I love the brat, and all of a sudden I can't remember what I was complaining about in the first place.

We're moving back to Sunnydale soon. Kate got a job from the Watcher's Council, just monitoring evil and stuff. To help Faith, so she knows what she's slaying at all times.

Yeah, I can totally imagine it, Kate looking through heaps of books, researching some big bad with Dorian running around her legs all the time.

But right now, I don't have to share her with anyone. Except Dorian, of course. But that doesn't count.

She's really exited about the job, and I know she'll do great, and I know Faith needs some support, and in one way, I think Kate is the only one who could give her that. Kate was the one who gave her a chance when everyone else had given up, or just didn't bother.

I lean over and kiss her lips, so soft she won't wake.

We both have tomorrow off. Figured I'd do something productive. Like making love to the love of my life. I wanna see how long I can keep it going before she wakes up.

Right. Buffy. She died. Again. Kind of getting used to it now. I bet you my Gucci shoes on that she'll be brought back or revived this time too. She's Buffy.

People like her just don't stay dead.

That's a more reliable rule than gravity.

I'm pulling the sheet down ever so slowly, revealing her firm, yet soft, full breasts, watching the nipples harden at the cool air.

I trace one finger around one of the stiff points, never touching, just nearly.

I know what Buffy and Faith did the first time she showed up in Sunnyhell.

I mean sure, they fucked like bunnies, but they had something special, some kind of bond. Like they always knew what the other felt or something.

They cared more for each other than any of Buffy's precious gang ever saw.

I saw it at once.

Not that hard, when I saw them in a dark alley, Buffy holding Faith up against a wall, Faith had her legs wrapped around Buffy's waist, and her pants was pulled down enough for Buffy to have the access she obviously demanded.

I pull the sheet longer down, exposing her milky white tummy, then down her thighs, past the blonde curls. I lean over and suck gently on her nipple, feeling it harden even more.

Buffy thrust her fingers into Faith hard and fast, all the time alternating between kissing, sucking and biting her neck and kissing her open mouth. One hand caressing the full breasts through her shirt.

Faith clutched Buffy's shoulder's, panting, small whimpers escaping her every now and then, her eyes closed.

I watched them, fascinated.

They were pure lust, but there was love too, right beneath the surface, in Buffy's eyes as she watched Faith come, Faith was biting her finger, I was amazed she didn't scream, she just inhaled sharply a couple of times.

I let my hand explore the soft skin on her stomach, and I feel the muscles contract under my barely-there touch. As I get further down, she spreads her legs slightly, still sleeping, and I wonder if I can make her sleep until she comes. Her breath is a bit laboured now, and I continue to love her breasts, still just suckling softly and light scrapes of my teeth, my fingers closing in.

Afterwards they kissed and straightened their clothes, walking hand in hand out of there. I don't think they ever noticed that I was there.

Later they went by the Bronze, and Buffy placed herself on Faith's lap. Really. It was all there. You just have to know what to look for.

She's wet already, ready and open. Her clit is swollen, begging to be touched, and I just love the way I get to tease her. I stroke her outer lips a little, smearing the wetness over her thighs, just to feel that's she's this ready for me.

She's whimpering softly, and her head's tossing slowly. I slide one finger into her, I never get enough of how I make her, and I never get enough of her.

I start a slow rhythm, while I'm still caressing her breasts, and I know she won't last long, even in her sleep she's moving her hips to my rhythm. I add another finger and her breath hitch slightly. I rub her clit with my thumb, and she's starting to clench around my fingers.

I lift my head, and I fuck her harder, rubbing her clit.

She's whimpering louder now, her head tossing violently, her breath coming in short gasps.

And then I push her over, her inner walls clench around my fingers, trying to draw them further in, her eyes fly open as a scream escapes her, her hips bucking.

She wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her, whispering into the kiss.

Whispers that she loves me, that she'll always be mine.

I know I'm crying as I whisper back.

"Always fascinated when you pass my way."