You Did What!
by FemVamp

Kate Lockley was wandering around Cordelia's apartment looking at old photographs. Most of them Cordelia looked happy. Kate only recognized one of the people in the picture. Buffy Summers.

Kate wasn't sure how she felt about Buffy. The one time they had met wasn't under good circumstances to say the least. Buffy had shown up because of Faith. Buffy wanted Faith to pay. Kate knew there was something behind it, but when she asked Cordelia, Cordelia just shrugged and said 'bygones.'

Kate looked through the pictures until saw Cordelia's highschool diploma. It was all burnt. Kate wondered why. Most people, at least the ones who cared, kept their diplomas neat and most even framed them. Cordelia had just tossed it on the mantelpiece.

"Ready to go Kate." Cordelia entered the living room.

"Why is your diploma burnt?" Kate asked.

Cordelia just frowned, "A tough graduation."

"What happened?"

Cordelia paused for a moment and Kate worried that she might be getting one of her headaches, "We blew up the school."

"You did what!" Kate asked horrified.

Cordelia smiled, "We didn't have much of a choice. It was either school go boom or world go boom."

Kate frowned and shook her head, "There had to be another way."

"There wasn't, trust me. We looked."

"Who are the other we?"

"Is this an official interrogation." Cordelia asked.

"No." Kate paused realizing how her questions sounded, "I'm just curious."

Cordelia paused, "The gang."

"Gang?" Kate asked wondering how much she didn't know about Cordelia.

Cordelia smiled, "Things were different in Sunnydale. I had to do a lot of things I wouldn't normally do."

"Like what?"

"Well...uh.." Cordelia paused, "Xander and I once broke into an army installation to steal a bazooka."

"You did what!"

Cordelia laughed, "It's not that big a deal. We returned it. Only used it once."

"I really don't want to know do I?"

"Probably not."

"Look me and the Scoobs, we did what we had to do to stop the baddies."

"And you committed crimes to do it."

Cordelia paused, "Yes."

Kate paused for a moment. She really didn't know Cordelia all that well. They had talked about a lot of different things since they began dating but they never really talked about their lives. Kate wasn't sure if it was for her benefit or not. The truth was that Kate really wanted to know about Cordelia. She was just afraid to ask.

"Your headaches?"

Cordelia smiled, "I'm a seer."

"A what?"

"A seer. I can see into the future. Well sometimes. I just get headaches when I do."

Kate thought about that for a moment. It did explain a lot. Every time Cordelia got a headache she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something down and then called Angel. Kate had always wondered why.

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"Well umm." Cordelia paused.

"What?" Kate was sure she wasn't going to like it.

"I moved in with a ghost."

"You did what!"