Dear Buffy
by John O'Connor

"Dear Buffy,

"I wish I could convey how horrible I feel for you now. Losing someone as loving and supportive as your mother... I just can't imagine how much pain you must be feeling. I wish I could help in some way.

"All I can say is that I will miss your mother too. I don't know if she told you but she became a major part of my life during our senior year. She was kind and supportive and... I loved her too. And I will miss her."


The little bell tinkled as the front door of Sunnydale's art gallery was opened. Joyce Summers looked up hoping for a customer. It had been a slow week.

"You looked disappointed to see me," Cordelia Chase said as she flounced up to the counter, her cheerleader outfit adding a glaring flash of school colors to the more restrained decor.

Joyce quickly shook her head, "No, honey. It's not that. I was just hoping you were a customer..."

"Sales still down? That sucks." Cordy went over to a small figure carved out of dark wood. "What's this?"

"An African love fetish. It was hand-carved from teak from the Congo region."

The figure was a pencil-thin woman with very large, pointed breasts and a jutting buttocks. She stood looking up with her arms outspread.

"Baby got back," Cordy giggled as she hefted the figure. "She'll need support when she's older or those babies will be bumping her knees."

"Cordelia, please. I love how much help you've been around here but..."

In truth, Cordy had been a big help to Joyce. She had a knack for sales and how to display merchandise to the public. And, while she knew little about antique tribal art, she did know more about modernistic western art and the occasional antiques that came into the shop than anyone at Sunnydale High could've guessed.

Venturing into the gallery on a whim late in the summer, Cordy had been fascinated by it all. When she found out the owner was the mother of her nemesis, she decided to hang out there more often, if only to irritate Buffy.

But the second time she came in, she realized she hadn't said anything to Buffy, Xander, or Willow. Or any of the Cordettes. Somehow, without being consciously aware of it, Cordy knew this could be her own private sanctuary from the rigors of being the queen bee of the high school and the all-too-often absence of her own parents.

Now, several weeks later, Cordy found herself really looking forward to going by the gallery and hanging with Joyce. Today she cut practice short just to come into the shop.

"That piece is over a hundred years old and quite valuable, Cordelia."

Joyce reached out to take the statue from Cordy and their fingers brushed. A strong electric shock passed from one to the other then back.

Both women gripped the statue in their surprise. Cordy's fingers being held by Joyce's soft but strong hand.

The two stared at each other without knowing what to say. Their gazes showed each felt the same unspoken need. The desire for the other woman.

Joyce had experimented in college with her roommate. And once had agreed to a threesome with Hank as one of their last-ditch efforts to save their marriage.

In each case, she thoroughly enjoyed the other woman. In the case of the threesome, poor Hank got off early and was left limp and watching his wife and his secretary making love on their bed.

But much as she enjoyed the activities themselves and relished the memories, Joyce'd never felt the need for a woman so strongly.

And Cordelia, who had experimented with French kissing with Harmony, felt herself becoming so aroused she couldn't think straight.

'Think straight? Hardly!'

The younger woman giggled at that thought even as she realized that Xander had been right when he said Joyce was definitely a MILF. She had hit the poor teenager when he explained the term but now she couldn't agree with him more.

The older blonde and the younger brunette moved closer to each other. Cordy's free hand tangled in the curly blonde hair as she pulled Joyce closer to her mouth.

Joyce ran the backs of her fingers across Cordy's soft cheek just before their lips met in an open-mouthed kiss.

For a second, they merely shared their breath. Then Cordelia slipped her tongue into Joyce's mouth just as Joyce was pushing her tongue forward.

The two supple muscles met and slid alongside each other - each exploring, caressing and thrilling the other. The dancing tongues moved from Joyce's mouth to Cordy's and back.

The two women were practically fused at the lips as they shared their passion, need, and hunger for several long moments.

Finally, Joyce pulled back, panting heavily. Her face was flushed and her expression was a mix of surprise and lust.

Cordy was equally winded, her breaths coming rapidly and deeply. She felt flushed as well but even more she wanted this woman in front of her.

The love fetish was still held firmly by both women, unnoticed.

"Joyce...I want you. I need you."

"Oh Cordelia..." Joyce sighed. "I shouldn't. You're a teenager and..."

Cordy grinned wickedly, "And you still want me, don't you?"

Joyce hesitated, licked her lips then nodded. Her light curls caught the light as they bounced.

"Then let's go in back and...discuss this."

Joyce nodded again. Then she looked down and saw the statue. "I need to put this down before..."

Cordy released the statue and stepped forward. She pressed her lips to Joyce again, her tongue just teasing along the woman's closed mouth. "I'll just be in back..."

Joyce nodded and licked her lips again as her eyes followed the younger woman's tight ass into the back. Then she took another shuddering breath, set the statue back in place and went to check the front door.

"Well, it's not closing time yet but..." Joyce mused aloud as she flipped the lock and turned the sigh so "Sorry...We're Closed" faced the outside.

As she walked towards the back of the store, she glanced at the statue. 'Could it have... Nah!' she thought as she went to her lover.

'Not everything that happens in Sunnydale is supernatural, after all,' Joyce thought. And she was quite correct in this case.

The room in back held an antique French desk and a small dresser that she used for her 'office'. With a large mirror, these were pieces from a set of 16th century antiques Joyce couldn't part with once the consignment was delivered. And, fortunately she had gotten it for such a low price that the sale of the balance of the consignment made up for her self-indulgence. The mirror was set across the room from the desk and an old, comfortable couch.

Cordy had already settled on the couch. Joyce was thrilled and a bit alarmed to see that the young brunette had tossed her cheerleader panties on her desk.

In a very Sharon Stone-ish manner, Cordy crossed her legs, her bare mound easy to see under the short, brightly-colored skirt. Joyce found herself swallowing nervously as she gazed at the damp flesh between the teen's thighs.

Joyce fell to her knees before the younger girl and leaned forward, kissing Cordelia. This kiss was as passionate as the first in the gallery.

Both women felt their heads spin and their pulses race as they thrilled to the feeling of the other's tongue caressing them.

With both hands now free, Joyce began to fondle the cheerleader. One hand combed through the long, dark hair and the other started on Cordy's neck with a gentle caress. This moved to her shoulder and down over the large, covered breasts under the cheerleader garb, pleased to find the girl didn't bother with a bra that afternoon.

Cordy's hands were busy too. One was twined in the dark blond locks, holding Joyce's face to hers. The other had moved down to grasp the woman's firm, round ass.

Thrilling to the feel of the girl's hand on her ass and the girl's nipple poking through the soft cotton jersey, Joyce sucked on Cordelia's tongue, holding it in her mouth as she stroked it with her own tongue.

Cordelia pulled Joyce's body to her, holding the older woman tightly to her as she moaned into Joyce's mouth. The woman's mouth on hers and her thumb pressing Cordy's hard nipple was making her wetter than she ever had been. The eighteen-year old had never been this turned on in her young life.

As they kissed and kissed again, portions of clothing slowly made their way to the floor or Joyce's nearby desk. After several minutes, Cordy was sitting on the couch, completely naked but for the cheerleader skirt. Joyce knelt before her, her damp panties the only clothing she still retained.

Joyce relinquished Cordy's luscious mouth and began to lick the girl's large breasts. She buried her face in between them, kissing the skin of Cordy's cleavage. Then, using her tongue, Joyce licked a spiral path up on breast, kissing and suckling the firm flesh.

At the apex of Cordy's tit, she licked several teasing circles around the dark areola before licking the very tip of her now rock-hard nipple.

As Joyce suckled and licked one breast, her fingers were toying and pinching the other hard nipple. Then she moved back into Cordy's valley and repeated the teasing, circular path to the treasure at the peak of the girl's other breast.

For several long, delirious minutes, Joyce feasted on one breast then the other. The more she sucked, the more she wanted.

Cordy had always been proud of her ample endowments but never really understood what the attraction was to men. The boys she had dated, who she allowed to even touch her breasts, were clumsy and inept. The teenager rarely got more than pain from pinching fingers.

Joyce, on the other hand, knew what she was doing and Cordy was thoroughly enjoying the woman's mouth and fingers exploring her chest. No boy had ever gotten her wet between her legs when they were mauling her.

"Oh Joyce..." Cordelia moaned, her head thrown back as she cradled the woman's head to her. "So good. Soo gooood..."

Knowing she could probably get the girl off just by what she was doing, Joyce did want more. And she knew Cordelia would enjoy that even more.

The hand that had been needlessly supporting the breast Joyce was suckling moved down. The fingertips grazed softly over the flat stomach, tickling the girl's navel causing Cordy's moan to mix with a giggle.

The moan resumed when those fingers lightly ran along the inside of the girl's thigh. Then along the other. Each time, the hand stopped just as Joyce felt the heat radiating from Cordy's center.

With just her index finger, Joyce traced the outer edge of the girl's labia. The spongy flesh was almost hot to the touch and dappled with Cordy's essence.

The finger traced up one lip and down the other, then just the tip slipped between the lips.

'This girl's on fire!' Joyce thought.

As the older woman thought that, she began to lick down from Cordy's cleavage until she reached the girl's navel. Her tongue moved in a circle around the depression then pushed inside.

Joyce slowly thrust her tongue in and out several times. Cordy shuddered as this was happening.

Joyce squatted on her heals and lifted the cheerleader skirt to get a close look at Cordelia's sex.

The labia were engorged and the girl's dew was sparkling in the small triangle of hair above the slit.

"So pretty," she muttered.

Leaning forward, Joyce inhaled the musky aroma of Cordy's arousal. 'Mmmm...' was her sole thought.

The older woman leaned in and began to collect the stray droplets in Cordy's pubic thatch with her tongue. The taste was much as she remembered it but it seemed fresher somehow.

'Just my imagination,' Joyce decided as she thoroughly explored the girl's fur.

After combing through the tight curls with her tongue, Joyce traced the outline of the fur from the top of the neatly trimmed triangle, down one side, to come upon her real goal.

Teasingly, she blew on Cordy's wetness then teasingly ran the tip of her tongue along the outer labia as she had with her fingers. Joyce traced the outer lips, tasting fresh muskiness, then slipped her tongue into Cordy's wet heat.

Cordy was moaning and groaning, mainly inarticulate sounds with only occasional "Oooo Joyccccce..." utterances. She had never felt anything like this.

The young woman had thought the sensations when Joyce was sucking on her breasts was the single best feeling ever. That was soon eclipsed by the woman's eager, questing tongue on and in Cordy's sex.

"Ooooo..." Cordy sighed, her hands twined in Joyce's curly tresses. "Sooo good! Ooooh Joyssss..."

As the woman's named faded into a sibilant hiss, Joyce smiled as she continued to taste and enjoy Cordelia.

She could feel the wet heat pulsate around her tongue. When she probed deeper into the girl's sex, she quickly found Cordy's special spot. As her tongue touched that point, Cordy squealed loudly.

Joyce ran her tongue tip over that spot again and felt the girl's passage tighten around her probing tongue. She had brought Cordy her first lesbian orgasm as the head cheerleader screamed her orgasm into the air.

Joyce didn't let up but renewed her assault on the girl's labia, drawing the succulent lips into her mouth. From the edge of her vision, she could see Cordelia's clitoris pushing out of it's protection. She smiled around the girl's lips as she eyed her next target.

Cordy was moving her hips up and down as Joyce continued to tongue her. Her back still arched, she wanted to tell Joyce to stop but, after her orgasm, she had no ability to form words.

When Joyce began to suck on her lower lips, she fell back onto the couch. Her hips continued to move up and down and to the side but Joyce's mouth would not relinquish her prey.

A few moments work and Cordy didn't want her to. Her hips continued to move but now it was from the renewed pleasure she was feeling.

After nibbling on the girl's tasty netherlips, Joyce moved her mouth up and captured the little morsel throbbing above.

As soon as Joyce's mouth surrounded her bud, Cordy groaned loudly, "Nnnnnngooooddd Jooooycccceee!!!"

Gently at first, then with slowly increasing vigor, Joyce suckled the nubbin. She held it very lightly with her teeth as her tongue flicked the head then caressed the very short length of the organ.

As Cordy quaked under her oral treatment, Joyce added one more stimulus. She ran a finger between the girl's tight asscheeks and caressed her anus, pushing lightly against the tight muscle.

Cordy couldn't take any more. Her body lifted and locked rigidly as her new orgasm exploded through her body. Her squeals echoed in the small room and out into the gallery.

The girl finally fell back onto the couch, limp as a rag doll. Her breathing was labored, more so than any athletic endeavor she had ever attempted.

Copious amounts of the teen's nectar flowed out and over Joyce's tongue into her mouth. She swallowed all she received and was thrilled that she had caused such wonderful sensations for her young friend.

'And lover?' she wondered as she savored the last salty-sweet drops.

Joyce dropped that line of thought and pulled back for a moment before gently, sweetly kissing Cordy's thighs then the flat, though heaving abdomen above her pubic fur.

Finally the teenager sat up straighter and looked down at her pleasurer who's face shone with Cordy's own essence. "My God... I don't... I..."

Words failing her, the brunette pulled the older blonde up and kissed her hard and passionately. Her tongue spoke volumes to Joyce as it invaded the woman's mouth.

"That's me?" Cordy asked after she finally, reluctantly broke the kiss. Joyce nodded and Cordy licked the woman's cheek and down around her chin. "Mmmm..."

The teen continued on to the older woman's breasts, tasting each hard nipple before suckling deeply on each.

Joyce, still kneeling before her new lover, threw her head back and moaned. The girl may be new at making love to a woman but she seemed to know just what to do. What she didn't know was more than made up for by her enthusiasm. "Oooh Cordy..."

Smiling, the girl looked up and gazed at the aroused woman. She moved her head up again and kissed Joyce, still able to savor her own essence in the woman's mouth.

"Do you taste as good as me?"

Joyce couldn't help but laugh, even as she missed the girl's mouth on her tits. Incorrigible as ever, even after a couple of shattering orgasms, the girl was still Queen C. "I don't know. Kind of like the old saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own unique...flavor."

The next words were the ones Joyce was hoping for. "I think I want to find out."

Cordelia got up, yanked the last vestige of her uniform off, and helped Joyce to her feet, pushing the woman's soaking panties to the floor. As Joyce stood upright, she glanced at their reflection in the old mirror. Two beautiful lovers. 'Although,' Joyce thought as she regarded her tousled curls, 'my hair has looked better.'

The two women kissed again, their bodies molding together from tongues and lips to their knees. Their legs shifted to bring each woman's mound into contact with the other's thigh. A slow humping started as they continued to kiss. The motion actually accentuated their oral contact.

Cordy moved slowly, as if in a dance, being careful not to loose contact with her lover. She turned the duo until Joyce's back was towards the sofa.

Finally, the two women pulled apart and Cordelia held Joyce's hands in hers as she helped the older blonde sit down on the couch. Still holding Joyce's hands, Cordy knelt in front of her and leaned in for another passionate kiss.

Cordelia bowed her head and pushed Joyce's thighs apart, kissing the tender flesh of the woman's inner thighs as she gazed at the core of her.

"So pretty..." Cordy whispered, unconsciously repeating Joyce's similar statement of her. She moved her face closer and licked the outer lips quickly.

"Tangy..." she muttered. Then, looking up at her lover, Cordelia said, "I think I like it. I think I want more."

Joyce gazed at Cordy through slitted lids and nodded, "Please..."

Cordelia began to explore Joyce more thoroughly. She tried to follow what the woman had done to her but soon found her own rhythm as she tongued the hot, wet flesh of Joyce's sex. She found she liked pushing her tongue into the woman and licking her vaginal walls as far as Cordy's tongue could reach. When she did this, her nose brushed Joyce's clit, sending thrills through the older woman.

Joyce glanced at the antique mirror across the room, enjoying the view it reflected back to her. She was seated on the couch, her legs splayed open and her breasts riding high on her chest. Between her legs, she could see Cordy's head with her long, dark hair hanging down towards the teen's beautifully shaped ass. Just above that fine ass, that Joyce had plans to explore soon, was a tattoo in a sun design. For the first time in her life, Joyce found a tattoo sexy and exciting.

'But Buffy better not...' she thought before her conscious mind blanked out as Cordy found a nearly perfect rhythm with her mouth on Joyce's core.

The teen began to lick up and down the outsides and insides of the woman's lips. Then she'd plunge her tongue deep into the woman, wiggling it around to reach as much inner flesh as she could. Then Cordy would move up and swipe around the now-erect clitoris before resuming her track around the hot, excited labia.

Joyce's body slid forward and Cordy, pulling back for a moment to adjust her angle of 'assault', saw the woman's asshole peeking at her. Unable to resist, the teen leaned down a bit and flicked her tongue over the tight rosebud then up across the perineum and back to the swollen flesh in Joyce's mound.

"Oh Cordy!" Joyce gasped out loudly.

Encouraged by the exclamation, Cordy adjusted her tactics to include a loving swipe of the tight ring of muscle as she thoroughly pleasured the woman sitting before her.

Joyce watched in the mirror as Cordy's head moved up and down and from side to side as the girl created such exquisite feelings coursing through her. She ran her fingers into that silky soft hair, holding the head near her as she came nearer and nearer to her climax.

Cordy's tongue began to delve into Joyce's anus as she reached that point in her travels but not nearly as far as she did into the woman's sex. It was more than enough though.

The girl's tongue felt the flesh quivering beneath her and shoved deep into Joyce as her nose pushed against the hard nubbin.

Grabbing handfuls of brunette hair, Joyce wrapped her legs around the girl and screamed out in her bliss, "COOOOooodddeeeEEELEEEAAAAaaa..."

As her vision returned, Joyce saw her reflection. A thoroughly sated woman sat on the couch and right next to her was a beautiful young brunette who was holding her gently, cooing softly into her ear.

Joyce turned to look at the real girl. She saw the love she felt for Cordy reflected back at her and was so happy. They kissed, long and lovingly, as the afternoon waned.


Cordy's memories had flowed so strongly that she had dropped her pen and was staring into space. She smiled as she felt her own moistness. Thinking of Joyce always did that to her. Then she felt like sobbing out loud as she realized she'd never see that wonderful, loving woman again.

Blinking rapidly, Cordy tried to decide what to tell Buffy of her mother. Should she tell her about the afternoons of love in the back of the gallery? The evenings at her parents' estate? The times Joyce came to LA on buying trips and stayed in her haunted apartment?

Maybe someday. Maybe when she acted on her still-unvoiced desire to have Buffy as her lover and they were cuddled and talking after making slow love together.

She sighed, sadness and hope mingled, as she picked up her pen and continued:

"She was a wonderful, giving woman and I feel privileged to have been even a small part of her life.

"You may feel she lied or cheated you by not telling you about me but I asked her not to. We never really got along in school and I didn't think you'd understand. I'm still not sure I do.

"Someday I hope to sit and talk with you about Joyce. About what a great and positive influence she was for me. How much she made up for my lack of parental control and love. How much she made me realize I really was, and am, worthwhile.

"I'm not the same shallow girl that you remember from SHS. And I owe that to your wonderful mother.

"Please call me if you ever need anything. It's the least I can do for her memory.

"All my love, sympathy and prayers,