Tea Parties & Fun Games
by Anne

"You have got to be kidding me." Faith shot her girlfriend a look of pure horror.

Cordy rolled her eyes and walked over to Faith. "Grow up because I'm so not kidding. Geez Faith it's not that bad."

Faith snorted in disbelief. "Yes it is. Your a slumber party girl. I'm not. I don't do slumber parties and I sure as hell ain't doing one with Red."

Cordy slipped her arms around Faith's waist and grinned when Faith leaned back against her. "Look Faith, me & Willow are friends now and her and Anya are coming to LA tonight to get magical thiniges for Giles and I said they could stay with us. It's what friends do and I'm not backing out now. And It's not really a slumber party."

Faith pouted a little. "Yes it is. A slumber party is where girls all sleep at the same house and do stupid girly things."

Cordy placed a light kiss on Faith's neck before laughing softly. "Well by that definition me and you have a slumber party every night."

Faith nestled even further into Cordy's embrace. "Maybe but am I gonna be getting sex outta your slumber party."

Cordy dropped another kiss on her neck as she snorted softly. "Sure you wanna have sex with Willow or Anya, be my guest honey."

Faith wrinkled her nose in distaste. At the thoughts and the visuals she was getting and at the sappy nickname.  "Fine" She heaved a big sign and than she smiled. A big Faith smile. Cordy was worried. "Can I bring someone?"

Cordy raised her eyebrows. "Who?"

Faith smirked. "Jealous Cor?"

Cordy laughed. "Yeah right. Your mine and you know it."

Faith smiled. "Yep that I am and your mine so I guess we're even. So can I?"

Cordy nodded. "Yeah sure. So who? Kate?"

Faith just grinned wider. "Nope and I'm not telling. I'm gonna go run patrol. See ya later C." She kissed her quickly and was out the door before Cordy could ask her anything else.

Cordy went and sat down at her desk, opening the computer and finishing some work before she left. Angel walked in and sat on her desk. After a few minutes of staring at her in silence Cordy got bored.

"Yes?" She raised an eyebrow. "Do I look different today or something?"

"Huh?" Was Angel's reply.

"Hello! You're staring at me. It's wiggin me out so stop."

Angel smirked. "Sorry. So what did you do to Faith?"

"What do you mean?" Cordy gave him a confused look.

Angel grinned again. "I mean, she walked out of here muttering something about slumber parties and needing a wicked staking soon. So what did you do to her?"

Cordy waved her hand in the air. "She overreacts that's all. Will and Anya are coming up here tonight and they're gonna crash at my place. Sorta a girl's night in thing."

Angel gave a dry laugh. "A slumber party?"

Cordy let out an exasperated sign. "No a girl's night."

"Slumber party."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is." Angel argued.

"Whatever. Fine a slumber party. Happy now?" Cordy leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms.

Angel smiled again. "Yep. So can me and Spike come?"

Cordy burst into laughter. "Yeah right. Umm NO."

Angel pouted a little. "Why not?"

Cordy gave him a look of disbelief. "Slumber party. A girls night in. You guys aren't girls and I can't fit all these people in my place."

Angel shook his head. "Fine. I guess me and Spike will have to entertain ourselves." With that he walked out of the office tossing a "Have fun" over his shoulder.

Cordy finished her typing and glanced at her watch. She had to hurry so she turned everything off and locked everything up and went on home. Hoping Faith was there, she walked into the dark apartment and flipped on the lights. No Faith. She changed into jeans and a sweatshirt and starting setting up junk food. She walked over to a cupboard and starting searching for alcohol. It was a slumber party after all. And what was a slumber party without alcohol? Finding a bottle of unopened Tequila Rose, she set that on the coffee table too. Deciding everything was good, she plopped down on her couch and started channel surfing.

A few minutes later, Faith came bursting through the door. She was all muddy and scratched up. Cordy jumped off the couch and ran over to her girlfriend. Brushing her hair back, Cordy looked her up and down.

"My God what the hell happened to you?" Cordy was worried.

Faith slipped off her jacket and tossed it on the chair. "I'm fine. really it looks worse than it is. Demon got me pretty good but I kicked his ass and Poof all gone." Her eyes sparkled her victory.

Cordy grinned as she leaned forward and kissed her. A soft but passionate kiss that left the dark slayer breathless. "Miss me?" Faith breathed out.

Cordy smiled softly. "Always."

Faith smirked. "I gotta shower. Wanna help?"

Cordy grinned as she kissed Faith once more. "Can't. Will's gonna be here soon."

Faith pouted as she peeled off her shirt and tossed that on the chair as well. Next came her pants, and than she smiled wickedly. "Sure about that C?" Off came the bra and she slipped her fingers into the waistband of her underwear...

"Don't you dare. Go into the shower now." Cordy shot her a look.

Faith pouted. "Sure you don't wanna join me?"

Cordy grinned. "Oh I do but I can't. Now get in the shower Honey." She picked up Faith's clothes and handed them to her as she pushed her towards the bathroom.

Faith pouted as she went into the bathroom. 20 minutes later she stepped out of the bathroom all dressed and clean. Walking into the living room to find Willow and Anya playing cards with Cordy.

Slipping onto the couch next to her girlfriend, Faith laid down resting her head on Cordy's lap. "Hi guys. So what ya playing?"

"Hi Faith." Willow and Anya said.

"Poker. wanna play?" Cordy ran her fingers through Faith's wet waves.

'Strip?" Faith raised an eyebrow.

Willow and Cordy giggled. "Nope just regular."

Anya pouted. "I wanted to play strip and they didn't want to."

Faith laughed aloud. "Want some girl to girl action A girl? X man not good enough?"

Cordy pinched Faith lightly in the side.

Anya shrugged. "He's ok. I just figured strip poker might be more fun."

The debate might of went on a little longer except there was a knock at the door. Faith jumped up and smiled. "My guest is here."

Cordy looked at the door. Still wondering who it was and than she burst into laughter when she saw who it was. Dru, Spike and Angel all walked into Cordy's place and said their hello's.

Angel grinned at his seer. "Faith invited me so I can stay right?"

Cordy dragged her girlfriend into the kitchen. "Are you nuts? Angel and Spike I don't care about but Loony Dru? are you nuts? What if she tries to kill us?"

"Chill Cor. Dru is cool. Really plus she has the hots for Katie and I think its cute in a morbid sorta way." She placed a light kiss on Cordy's lips and continued talking. "Besides willow and anya? Not too much fun but those 3 vamps? come on we can have some fun."

Cordy pouted a little but gave in anyway. They walked back into the living room and angel gave them a look. Cordy rolled her eyes. "You can stay you big undead brat."

Angel and Spike both smiled. "So what are we playing Pets?" Spike looked at the deck of cards. "Ohh strip poker?" he asked.


"Okay. So what are you ladies playing than?" Spike looked around the living room. "You're all sober still." He pointed out.

Faith and Anya burst into laughter and Cordy rolled her eyes. "Yeah so?"

Spike shrugged. "Just pointing it out Luvs."

Faith opened the Tequila Rose and starting pouring shots. She handed one to Dru and looked at her questionably.

Dru took the shot glass and sniffed it. "Hmm Spells like fruit and yummy goodness." She tipped back the  glass and downed it. "Yum. It taste like the stars. Goddess, it tastes like Grandmummy and the stars and fruit." She said in a sing song voice.

Cordy rolled her eyes and shot Faith a 'you're paying for this later' look. Faith just grinned. She liked Dru. Dru drank some more and than picked up the empty bottle. Placing it in the middle of the floor she jumped up and clapped her hands.

"Let's play spin the bottle. Won't that be fun?"  Dru looked at everyone excitedly.

Willow shrugged and Anya agreed. Spike and Angel both looked at Corody. Faith grinned softly, whispering in her ear. "It could be fun." Finally Corody shrugged as well.

They all sat in a circle as corody got up to get another bottle of something. She was gonna need it to make it through the night. Coming back into the living room, they played for a bit. When they were sure that everyone had kissed everyone, they decided on a new game.

Faith grinned wickedly. "How about truth or dare?"

They all agreed and than Angel looked in the corner and raised his eyebrows. "Delia when did you get a karaoke machine?"

They all turned to look at the object in question. Cordy shrugged. "Umm last week I think. Faith likes to sing."

Everyone turned to Faith. "What?" She asked a bit defensively.

"She's really damn good." Cordy defended her girlfriend.

They all let the subject go and started truth or dare. Faith went first since it was her idea. She picked Spike. Daring him to kiss Willow for 5 minutes straight. Willow shot her a look and she just smiled.

Willow went next and picked Angel. Daring him to kiss Cordy for 5 minutes and 3o seconds. Faith shot willow a look this time and willow just stuck out her tongue. After quite a few dumb dare and pointless truths, they were all pretty much buzzing and Angel dared Faith to sing a song and do a strip tease with it.

Faith jumped up onto the coffee table and grinned. "What song?" She asked.

Angel walked over to the dreaded machine and handed Faith the mic. Looking through the tapes he grinned as he popped one in and smiled.

No matter where I go, no matter what I do, no matter how I try I just can't get you off my mind

Faith sung the song perfectly, swaying on the coffee table. Pulling her shirt up and off she tossed it to Angel and she continued singing to Cordy.

When I first saw you I couldn't believe cause no one shines like you and when I met you my heart was at ease. But I wonder if you feel this way too. dont wanna stop this feeling

Next came off her shorts and she danced closer to her girlfriend

It scares me it's true. Cause no one makes me feel like you do. no matter where I go no matter what I do no matter how I try I just cant get you off my mind

Faith jumped off the coffee table as she slid onto her girlfriends lap and started kissing her passionately. Ignoring the song and only paying attention to Cordy's lips, she dropped the mic onto the couch.

Angel flipped the machine off and started laughing. "I knew that song was perfect for you. Can't get you to concentrate on anything when Delia's around."

Faith finally pulled away and jumped back up and continued her little dance. Stripping off the bra and panties she grinned. "It's my turn soul butt and you in for it."

Angel looked worried. Cordy tossed Faith her t shirt and gave her a look that plainly said she wasn't playing anymore unless she put it back on.

Angel wasn't sure if he wanted truth or dare but knowing Faith he went with truth. After hearing the question he blushed bright red and changed it to dare. Faith smirked and ran into the bedroom. Coming back out she tossed Angel a red lacy nightie.

"Model for us Dead boy." Faith grinned wickedly.

Angel scoffed at her and tossed the nightie back. Faith stood up and shoved the nightie at Angel."A dare is a dare." When the rest of the room agreed. Angel stalked into the bathroom.

Coming out a few seconds later. the entire room burst into laughter. Angel was sulking and brooding. "Can I change back now? Please?" He begged. Faith nodded and he disappeared into the bathroom in relief.

Angel came back out and grabbed Spike. "Well, ladies this was fun but we better be going." He dragged Spike towards the door.

Spike grinned. "Laters Pets. He's just mad cause he's afraid of what else Faith might make him do."

Angel and Spike left and Dru started singing and dancing all over the room. Faith looked at the other three girls in the room. "How much has she had to drink?"

They all shrugged. "Dru are you drunk?" Faith asked.

Dru smiled. "No I'm swimming. Im swimming and it's warm and fuzzy. I'm gonna go see Katie poo. She might want to go swimming with me." With that Dru flounced out the door still singing.

Willow and Anya both smiled at the wacky vampire. "I like her." Anya said.

"Me too." Willow agreed. "But I'm tired and gonna pass out soon. Can we go to bed now?"

Cordy and Faith laughed as Anya and willow went into the guest room.

Cordy and Faith started picking up the remains of the mess and Cordy grinned at her girlfriend. "Come on admit it. It wasn't that bad."

Faith shrugged as she picked up the last of the mess. "It was ok but I still think you owe me." She grinned her trademark Faith smile.

Cordy took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom. "Well come on than. You know I can't stand to have debts. They're so tacky."

Their lips met in a passionate kiss and then the 2 girls disappeared into the bedroom for the night. Maybe longer who knows how long it was gonna take Cordy to pay off her slumber party debt?