Forbidden Pleasures
by DarkSlayer

It all started 'cause I was having a bad day. Well more like a bad year, but that Saturday was the day I finally decided that I have had enough. I was going to head out and take my life back! I mean, being a seer and being able to help the hopeless is great, but I still deserve to have a personal life, right? I was certain that even the Powers That Be would agree that I had more than earned a little time off.

So I went home promptly at eight and got all dolled up in a short strapless number that showed off my long legs beautifully. The dress was bright red, not my favorite color per se, but I wanted to be noticed. And checking myself out in the mirror, I had no doubts I would be. Hey, there is nothing wrong with admitting you look gorgeous.

I drove out to the far side of town in my beat-up two-door Ford. The old car wasn't much, but Angel had gone out of his way to buy it for me and that was all that mattered. It showed how much he cared and for that I was grateful.

I contemplated calling Angel and asking him to join me but then thought the better of it. I wanted to be normal that night, and going out with a souled vampire who can never experience a moment of true happiness didn't quite equate normal, even in my fucked-up life.

I drove around aimlessly without a destination since I wasn't sure where I wanted to go. I had no idea where the cool, non-demonic hangouts were in town. It wasn't like I went out enough to have any usual haunts or had friends who were into the whole clubbing scene. It wasn't like I had any friends besides my colleagues, period. It was times like this that made me wish I was back to being the queen bitch of Sunnydale. Well, almost anyways.

Somehow I ended up in West Hollywood, not intentionally of course, but yet there I was. I spotted a trendy-looking dance club and before I realized what I was doing, I had pulled over, hopped out, and was making my way towards the line- up.

There were quite a few people waiting to get in, young men and women alike, but I must have caught the female bouncer's eye since she ushered me in almost immediately. It struck me as kind of odd but I sure wasn't about to complain. Guess it was one of the perks of being dressed to kill.

I slipped into the jam-packed club after flashing the bouncer a bright smile. The interior was very dark, lit only by strobe flashes and color spotlights reflecting off rotating mirror balls, and it took almost a full minute for my eyes to adjust to the dark. Several partygoers attempted to push past me, obviously familiar with their surroundings. Swept up by the human tide and heavy techno beat, I allowed myself to be lead onto the busy dance floor.

Techno really wasn't my thing but the beat radiating from the booming speakers and the cover of darkness gave me a strange comfort. I felt myself move to the music, knowing that it was too dark for anyone to recognize me afterwards, even if my dancing skills have seriously eroded from lack of practice. I kept my eyes closed, not really caring who was around me. For a few brief moments, I was free, just another normal girl on the dance floor, completely lost in the music.

But then I felt a warm body push up behind me, dancing a little too close for comfort. I opened my eyes and was about to turn around to protest when soft hands found their way around my body. They blazed a trail of warmth over my taut stomach and up towards my breasts, all the while holding me close as we danced.

Disturbed by how quickly the touching was progressing towards illegal, I pulled myself away from the stranger behind me. It wasn't easy, not because he was trying to hold me back, but because his touch was electrifying and the non- thinking part of me just didn't want to pull away. It had been entirely too long since anyone had touched me sexually. But my ever-cautious brain won out in the end and I freed myself of his soft caress. Having been impregnated by a demon once has taught me the dangers of surrendering to my darkest desires.

I felt, rather than heard, the stranger sigh in resignation. I was slowly turning to face him when I finally took a look at the dancing couples around me and cursed myself for not noticing anything before. Within an arm's length of me, two girls were swaying together seductively and two young men were practically making out with each other on the dance floor. Then there was another transvestite couple of unspecified sex. With a start, I realized that I had accidentally stumbled into one of Los Angeles' patented gay bars, which I suppose shouldn't have surprised me since I was in West Hollywood. But I was shocked and more than a little disturbed by the blatant display of homosexuality in front of me.

By the time I had turned around, whoever it was touching me had retreated into the mass of people. Try as I might, I couldn't catch a glimpse of the tall, handsome man I had envisioned walking away, just the swaying hips of a sexy leather-clad brunette fading rapidly into the crowd.


I left the club quickly after my random encounter. After taking several deep breaths to calm myself slightly, I rushed back to the safety and comfort of my cozy apartment, far away from the dark and scary world I had just experienced for the first time. One would think that nothing much would spook me after all I've gone through in recent years, but opening my eyes and realizing that me, the great Cordelia Chase, was enjoying a rare night out in a shady gay bar freaked me out more than a pack of vampires, demons, and werewolves combined. Bars like that were so not for proper rich girls like myself.

Okay, so I was no longer rich, but I still had high standards for myself. I had people to impress and a reputation to maintain, one that did not involve me being seen as the new Anne Heche. I supposed I should have been glad that none of the women mistook me for some dyke. Well, maybe I did catch the bouncer's eye, but hey, I'm gorgeous, and bound to occasionally attract some unwanted attention. Besides, who am I to criticize anyone for looking?

My thoughts soon drifted back to the stranger I unfortunately never got the chance to see. I really wasn't used to anyone approaching me that boldly, but I had to admit I really did enjoy the attention. I wondered if he was cute and then wondered what the hell he was doing hitting on a single girl in a gay bar. Then a disturbing thought crossed my mind and I found myself wondering if it had been a man at all.

'Don't be silly', I told myself, 'Of course it was a man.' I tried hard to convince myself of this because I refused to think that another woman's touch could have unleashed my deepest, darkest desires. No, that would've been too much for me to ever admit, especially to myself.

So I took a long, hot shower to cleanse myself and headed off to bed. I fantasized about meeting the perfect man, falling head-over-heels in love, and living happily-ever-after on an island paradise. That was the life I had always wanted, living out every normal, rich girl's fairytale with Prince Charming. After all, I was just another girl-next-door, the occasional head-splitting visions be damned.


I must have drifted off to sleep because suddenly I was back at the Wild Coyote, moving to the beat of the music on the dance floor. Everything seemed the same as it had earlier, except for the music. It was no longer the harsh beats of techno but a sensual, almost seductive blend of trance. I found it hauntingly beautiful, in ways that words could not describe.

I began moving to the music, letting the soft rhythm guide me. I felt oddly wonderful, like I was floating amongst the clouds, without a care in the world. For the first time since Doyle gave me my gift, I was free of all the pain and suffering I had been forced to endure.

I thought about my mystery man, remembering the gentle urgency of his soft touch. Dancing alone amongst heated bodies on the dance floor, I longed for the feel of his lean body pressed up behind me, his hands running freely over my scantily-clothed body. Although I had never even seen this man, I had never wanted anyone, not even Angel, quite so badly.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long for the man of my dreams. I sensed his presence behind me even before he danced in close, grinding his hips against my firm buttocks in perfect rhythm to my sensuous movements. We shared a seductive dance, one that I enjoyed immensely but quickly left me longing for more. I knew then that I was his for the taking that night. I simply didn't have the willpower to push him away yet again.

A soft moan escaped my lips as strong arms wrapped themselves around me and caressing hands began to explore my curvaceous body. Firm hands slid up to cup my shapely breasts, squeezing them softly with an alternating rhythm. My soon-to-be-lover teased my sensitive flesh with trained fingers until my nipples hardened into sharp peaks, clearly visible through the thin fabric of my skimpy dress and lace bra.

"My, my! Ain't you a hot lil' firecracker!" a sexy, seductive voice drawled in my ear and I just about melted into a puddle of desire on the dance floor. The voice was everything I had imagined, with a low, sultry tone which was as sexually thrilling as it was powerful. I felt myself collapse against the object of my desire, grateful for the lean but muscular arms holding me close, supporting my slight weight almost effortlessly in their embrace.

"I want you," the heartfelt words sprang out as though they had a mind of their own. I was struck by how bold and sexually-charged my voice sounded over the music, and became vaguely aware that my desperate desire was so great that I had all but lost control over my bodily responses.

Grinning widely, my soon-to-be-lover turned me around to face her. My eyes widened slightly in pleasant surprise as they took in the gorgeous young brunette who stood before me, a confident smirk on her shapely face. She was more beautiful than any Prince Charming I could have dreamed up, and I was mildly surprised by how comfortable I felt even as she reached up to caress my face with the gentlest of touches. Staring down at her full, pouty and oh-so-kissable lips, I decided that maybe kissing another woman might not be such a terrifying thought after all.

The younger girl reminded me of someone I probably should have recognized, but getting lost in her deep brown eyes which were alight with desire, I realized that it was pointless to try to remember the past when I should be living for the moment. The voice of reason that had long been shoved into the back of my mind screamed at me to break the spell before it was too late, reminding me that the great Cordelia Chase would never surrender herself to a woman, no matter how sexy and beautiful that woman was.

But I knew from the fire burning deep inside of me that it was already too late. I had gone too far to stop. I wanted the object of my desire more than anything, and with our all-consuming passion threatening to explode, I could care less if the whole world stood by and watched while my female lover screwed my brains out in the middle of the jam-packed club.

Wrapping my arms tightly around the shorter brunette's neck, I reveled in the warmth and comfort of intimacy as we pressed our bodies together, swaying in time with the rhythmic beat. Her supple breasts rubbed against mine as we danced, coaxing a soft moan from my lips.

Smiling ever-so-slightly, my brunette lover stretched up to capture my parted lips with her own, initiating a lazy kiss that quickly turned more passionate. Before I fully realized what I was doing, I had boldly pushed my tongue into her mouth to tangle leisurely with hers.

I was no amateur when it came to kissing, but I could honestly say that I had never shared a kiss quite like that one. It was fiery and passionate, bold yet tender. We were quite content to just kiss for several long minutes before we broke apart to catch our breaths. There was no doubt where we were headed but there was no need to rush the proceedings.

But soon the desire grew to be too much and I found myself wanting to do more than make out on the dance floor. I felt more ready than I have ever been and I could scarcely resist the temptation to reach down and touch myself. Sensing the increasing urgency with which I grinded against her, my chosen lover lead me through the crowd to one of the surprisingly lavish and undoubtedly popular bedrooms in the back of the club.

Normally, I might be disturbed to think about all the illicit encounters that must have occurred on the very bed I was about to slip onto. But my horniness was seriously impairing my judgment and I was tearing at my soon-to-be-lover's clothes even before the door was fully closed.

Soon I had divested the younger girl of her skimpy tank top and worn leather pants to reveal full supple breasts and shapely curves. She was not wearing any underwear, and running my appreciative gaze over her perfect body, I felt a fresh wave of wetness drench my aching center. Already my panties were soaked. I don't think I had ever been that wet.

Experienced hands reached around to unzip my dress, peeling it from my body until it slid down my slender legs to the floor. My lacey bra was next to follow and my exposed nipples hardened instantly under my lover's hungry gaze. Reaching down, she slid my panties downwards until I was able to step out of them, leaving me as naked as she was.

I shuddered with anticipation as she took me gently into her arms, pulling me into another passionate embrace. She slipped her thigh between mine as we kissed, rubbing it firmly against my scorching center and drawing a series of moans from my lips. I grinded against her urgently, yearning to feel her deep inside of me.

I gasped loudly as my lover's finger pushed past my pussy lips to tease my hardened clit. Her finger slid smoothly over my slick folds and plunged easily into my dripping wet channel. As I hung onto her desperately for support, she pumped her finger in and out of me, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. Encouraged by the loud moans escaping from my throat, she soon slipped in a second finger, pumping quickly as she massaged my clit with her thumb to drive me to the brink of orgasm.

I grinded my hips almost violently against my lover's hand, matching the quick rhythm of her thrusts in an attempt to drive her deeper into me. I could feel a familiar warmth radiating rapidly throughout my body, and was slightly surprised and embarrassed by how quickly I was getting to the edge.

And then I was coming, hard, harder than I ever had before. I felt my body spasm with the throes of passion as my firm muscles clenched and jerked uncontrollably. Although I had never been a screamer, a deep, throaty scream was ripped from my throat as I howled my desperate release. It was so incredibly intense that I almost passed out from the pleasure.

Even as I was riding out my first wave of orgasm, I could hear myself moaning for my lover to continue her masterful ministrations. I wanted her fingers to continue plunging into me with reckless abandon, her expert tongue to dive in to explore my depths. I wanted her to make me come, over and over and over again, until I could no longer remember who I was, or distinguish between where she was and where I began. I never wanted this perfect moment to end.

My brunette lover was happy to oblige and soon I felt her soft lips latch on hungrily to my hardened clit and began to suck gently, drawing another eager moan from my lips. It felt so good that I couldn't bring myself to care that she was a woman or that it was most non-Cordelia Chase of me to be begging someone to fuck my brains out. Trivial things such as my reputation and possible consequences just didn't seem all that important when I was having the time of my life.

Somehow we ended up on the floor and I spread my legs wider to allow my lover better access, locking them tightly around her powerful shoulders to pull her deeper into me. Her tongue flick teasingly over my sensitive bundle of nerves and I heard myself whimper. I had never been so desperate for someone's touch.

Unforgettable minutes stretched into hours as my lover continued to please me. Her talented tongue and fingers drove me to the brink time and time again. She did things to me that I had no idea I would enjoy and brought me to levels of sexual ecstasy that I never thought imaginable. Time and space just faded away until she was all that was left in my world, fueling the fiery pit of desire deep inside of me. Then, the long fingers that have been plunging tirelessly into me curled to massage my G-spot and I lost all control. I came for the seventh time that night and finally passed out, feeling exhausted but more satisfied than I ever had in my life.


When I finally woke up, it was already morning. I looked around the familiar surroundings and realized that I was back in my bedroom. I was lying stark naked on my bed, my long limbs entwined with soiled sheets.

Slowly, I raised my head to look around. I was relieved though a tad disappointed to find that I was alone. I examined my room carefully but nothing struck me as being out of place. 'It must've been some sort of nightmare,' I decided, shuddering slightly as I recalled how much I had enjoyed the attentions of the mysterious brunette. Now that I was finally awake, I had the sense to be freaked out by my late-night phantom encounter. It had felt so very real and I had enjoyed it far too much, even if it had only been in my head.

I analyzed my dark fantasy some more and ultimately decided to dismiss it as a side-effect of all the homosexual energies I had been exposed to at the club. After all, there was no way I was even remotely lesbian. I was the fuckin' poster child for the straight and narrow, for God's sake. The kind of girl every normal guy fantasized of having. Well, except for Zander, but then he never really counted as normal, did he? I mean, what kind of fucked-up loser would cheat on me with Snow Willow, screw Faith, and run around with a totally tactless ex-demon? But still I want him back, if only so I could have the great pleasure of dumping him. Yes, I am still occasionally that shallow.

For some reason, my thoughts drifted to Faith and I found myself thinking that despite her poor make-up technique and slutty clothes, the dark slayer was actually kinda sexy, not unlike the brunette from my dream. But I immediately shut down that all-too-disturbing line of thought because fantasizing about Faith was like 'Eww! Scary much?' After all, she has only tried to turn me and every one of my so-called friends into demon food at our high-school graduation and de-flowered my lame-ass ex-boyfriend. Not to mention messing up my model good looks with a vicious elbow, and kidnapping and torturing Wesley to the brink of death. I mean, Faith was the very personification of a soulless, fucked-up psycho killer, and there was no fuckin' way I would be lusting after her, even if she was oh-so-hot, oh-so-sexy, and just oh-so-god-damn-fuckable.

Nope, I had absolutely no sexual interest in Faith. I just hoped that I would never have to see her again 'cause God knows what would happen between us.


The erotic but thoroughly disturbing dreams kept me awake throughout the next week. They would come every time I laid down to sleep and leave me wide awake several hours later, still shuddering after the high of several mind-blowing orgasms. And I'd lie in bed for hours afterwards, trying to decide whether or not to return to sleep. God knows I needed it, the sleep that is, but I can't shake the freaky sense I had that part of me wanted to go back to sleep just so I could live out my erotic fantasy yet again.

I told myself that that was silly, that I wasn't enjoying myself the least bit and that I would do anything to be rid of the dreams. But yet I never went to discuss my predicament with Angel, even though I knew about the drug-induced erotic dreams Angel had of Darla. Some might suggest that I didn't really want the dreams to end, but that was obviously totally absurd since there was just no way that I would be secretly longing for another girl, no matter how incredibly hot and sexy she was.

And that brings us to the real problem, the fact that I was living out my sexual fantasies every night with a woman. I wouldn't mind a few sleepless nights if my dreams involved a gorgeous faceless man, but for some reason I had to dream of loving another woman, one that constantly reminded me of psycho-killer Faith no less, and the possible implications had my stomach tied in knots.

My lack of sleep was having its toll on me and even Angel and Wesley were starting to notice. I could barely stay awake at work and a couple of times I had rushed up to a vacant hotel room for a quick nap because I just knew I was going to fall asleep from boredom and I really didn't need the guys around to witness my dreams.

Finally, Saturday rolled around again and I headed back to the Wild Coyote. I was literally dying from physical exhaustion and I just knew I had to go back and find the woman from my dreams before I could finally be set free. I chose a light blue two-piece dress this time, hoping I would still jump out and catch her eye.

The club was even more packed than it had been the previous week. It didn't take long for me to realize that I would never be able to find the faceless brunette in the crowd so I moved onto the dance floor and waited for her to come to me.

Soon enough, a warm body moved into place behind me and the now familiar hands reached around to cup my breasts, squeezing them softly, affectionately. A deep moan that I did not intend escaped my throat and I leaned back into sensual embrace, allowing the other woman to touch me as she pleased.

No words were spoken as my dream lover softly brushed aside my hair and leaned forward to snuggle my neck. Her hands slipped under my skintight top to caress my bare breasts. Her expert fingers tweaked my hardened nipples slightly and I heard myself squeal with delight. Good thing I decided to forego underwear, I thought.

Suddenly a blindfold was slipped over my eyes, obstructing my view. I was about to voice my objections when my lover's hand found its way up my bare thigh and under my short skirt to cup my hot, wet center and drove all logical thoughts from my mind. I knew then that she was going to fuck me right there on the dance floor for everyone to see but I was just too horny to care. I desperately wanted to feel her inside of me.

I gasped audibly as my lover slid a long finger in to explore my wetness. "My, you're wet!" she purred in my ear. I felt my knees weaken at the sound of that familiar deep and husky voice. It was the sexiest thing I've ever heard.

Suddenly my lover spun me around to face her and plunged two fingers deep inside my slick channel without warning. I gasped loudly with a mixture of surprise, pain, and pleasure. After giving me a brief moment to adjust, she began thrusting into me quickly, burying her fingers up to the knuckles with each thrust while curling them slightly inside of me to massage my G-spot. She rubbed and pulled at my sensitive clit with her other hand, quickly turning the initial discomfort into uncontrollable pleasure. I bucked wildly against her hands, my knees somehow finding the strength to support my body as my lover continued her carnal onslaught.

I could sense the hungry, envious gazes of the other women on the dance floor as my lover drove me to the brink of ecstasy. I was moaning uncontrollably at this point, loud enough for all those nearby to hear, but I didn't let such trivial matters faze me. All that mattered to me then was the rapid thrusting of fingers deep inside of me marking their territory and the soothing warmth which was radiating through my lower belly. I knew then that I was getting close.

Then my lover forced a third finger into me and drove with over the edge with a final thrust. I screamed as the mind-blowing orgasm overtook me, my nails digging painfully into my lover's back as I struggle to stand on shaky legs that were no longer able to support my weight.

My lover continued to stroke me gently until my orgasm slowly began to subside. Letting out a sigh of contentment, I collapsed against the shorter brunette, grateful for the long, powerful arms that scooped me up and carried me off to bed.


I laid in bed for what seemed like an eternity, slowly trying to recover from the moment of perfect bliss I had just experienced. For the first time in my life, I felt the kind of pleasure that had caused Angel to lose his soul with Buffy. Despite all my previous protestations about turning into Anne Heche, I knew I would gladly sacrifice my soul and switch bods with Ellen Degeneres if it meant being worshipped by my brunette lover each and every night for the rest of my life.

The young woman never said a word, though I could tell by her soft breathing that she was crouched by the end of the bed. She had taken the liberty of removing my clothes, and despite my blindfold, I could feel her appreciative gaze drifting over my body, taking in every sensuous curve, every inch of silky smooth skin which was glistening with the sweat of desire. I didn't mind her looking, since I was well aware that I couldn't look much better than I did, aside from the scar, of course, a constant painful reminder of my past.

I flinched slightly when my lover's reached up to trace the scarred flesh with cool fingertips. "Shhh..." she soothed as she kissed the scar ever-so-softly, "We all have our scars." Her smoky voice took on a reflective quality and I briefly wondered what she meant. But then she slid up my body to place a soft kiss on my pussy lips and all coherent thought was driven instantly from my mind. Her tongue slipped between my folds to explore my wetness and invoked passions so intense that I nearly passed out from shear pleasure.

My lover did things with her tongue that I never even thought possible. Before long, I was screaming out as yet another powerful orgasm overtook me, flooding my willing lover's mouth with my warm juices. There is definitely a huge upside to having an inventive and uninhibited lover.

"That was amazing," I sighed contentedly when my breathing finally returned to normal, "Thanks."

"Well, don't thank me yet, there's something I gotta tell ya," my lover replied, her tone surprisingly serious.

I frowned and sat up. "Urr...think we can do the formal introductions first? I'm Cordelia, how do you do?" I offered, still looking to figure out just who my mystery woman was.

The coldness of her reply stunned me, "I know all I needa 'bout you, Queen C. And now that I've proven what I've always known, I'm five by five."

I shot up straight as an arrow, my heart suddenly pounding hard in my chest. Before my lover could stop me, I tore the blindfold from my eyes and found myself face to face with perhaps my worst enemy.

"Faith!" I screeched.


Coming face to face with a psycho-killer is a scary ordeal. Coming face to face with the psycho-killer who seduced your boyfriend, tried to turn you and your friends into demon chow, and broke into your apartment and gave you a nasty shiner is infinitely more frightening, even if you didn't just let her fuck your brains out like there was no tomorrow.

Faith stared at me with her dark, predatory eyes and it infuriated me to no end just how much I still wanted her. More than ever, in fact. I knew I should be running full-speed out the door, streaking across the crowded club, and racing back to the Hyperion where Angel could protect me from our common enemy. But yet I stayed put, trapped by the dark bottomless pits that were Faith's eyes, eyes that were now filled with the slightest hint of sorrow and regret.

"Aren't you supposed to be rotting in jail?" my voice rang out sharply, shattering the strained silence between us. My tone was harsh and bitter, much more so than I had intended. For the briefest of moments, hurt flickered across the other girl's soulful eyes, but then her defensive walls sprang up and all that was left was the patented victorious smirk, completely devoid of emotion.

"I repaid my debts," Faith replied icily, her eyes hardening into cold flints. They betrayed nothing, not even the lust she had previously held for me, and it hurt me to think that she never truly cared. Hell, I couldn't even be sure if she ever truly wanted me or if she had played me the same way she had played Zander. I suddenly felt so stupid and ashamed. I wanted the ground beneath me to open up and swallow me whole.

"Hey, don't take it personal," Faith said suddenly, reaching out with a strong arm to pull me to her, "T'was a job, for my freedom. Needed to...distract ya. 'Sides, you liked it."

I was vaguely aware that Faith was trying to make me feel better though it was most definitely not working. Comforting words were obviously not the slayer's strong forte.

Then her words hit me. "What do you mean, distract me? Distract me from what?" I demanded to know. I had a bad feeling about this whole seduction thing then. Guess my seer senses were finally kicking in.

"From the master plan," Faith replied cryptically.

I pressed her further but she divulged no further information, only that I should not head back to the hotel that night. But of course I was never one to listen and I raced back to the hotel as soon as Faith had allowed me to leave.

I had anticipated the worst but nothing prepared me for the horrific scene that greeted me as I arrived at the Hyperion. The enormity of what has transpired in my brief absence hit me like a stake in the gut as I came to the painful realization that it was all my fault.

To Be Continued...