Laying Down The Law
by John O'Connor

Summer in Los Angeles, hot and humid with a gritty quality to the air from all the particulate matter floating in the smog. As a result, the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel was stuffy due to the inability of the ancient air-conditioning system to adequately cool off the large structure.

Cordelia Chase grumbled under her breath about the heat as she got caught up on paperwork. With Angel and the rest out of the office for the day, it was easier. Usually someone came barging in and...

"Alright, where it he?" Kate Lockley demanded as she stormed into the former hotel's lobby.

"Where's who? Oh...and knock much?" Cordy smiled bitchily at the attractive LAPD Homicide detective.

"Ms Chase, I have a series of unexplained crimes that are a royal pain in my ass. I do not need some actress-wannabe adding to that. Where's Angel?"

"Jeez, just 'cause you have a badge and all, it's not reason to be rude. How about 'Hi, Cordy. How are you? Have you seen Angel lately?'" The beautiful brunette smirked as she said this.

"Listen missy, I'm looking for your boss, not a lot of lip from you. Keep up with this...uncooperative attitude and I'll arrest you for interfering with an officer of the law."

Cordy looked at the slightly older blonde in disbelief. "You wouldn't dare!"

Kate came around the counter and pulled Cordy into the office behind them, slamming the door. "Sit down in that chair and talk to me Chase."

"Hey, Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, or whoever you're channeling now, don't try these strong-arm tactics on me. I know how to defend myself." Regardless of her words, Cordy did sit in the old wooden office chair.

Kate smirked, it was not a friendly look. "Ilsa, eh? Okay, we can work with that."

She walked behind the chair, jerked Cordy's arms behind her, and cuffed the brunette with the chain going through the slats of the chair. Kate moved to the front of the chair, pulled another pair of cuffs out from under her jacket and shackled the speechless Cordelia's ankles.

"Now, you want more?"

Finally, clearing her throat hoarsely, Cordelia said, "What's the big idea? This is not funny, Detective. Unlock me right now!"

"Mouthy little bitch, aren't you? Gonna have to put a stop to that." Kate hiked up her skirt, then slid her panties down to the floor. She grabbed Cordy's jaw with one hand and shoved her panties in the girl's mouth with the other.

She looked around for something to secure the gag with and saw a trench coat on a hook. She grabbed the belt and wrapped it around the brunette's head, tying it off in back.

Kate stood back with a small, evil grin on her face as she tapped her lower lip with her index finger. "Hmm...what else would Ilsa do? Oh, I know..."

Stepping forward, the cop grabbed the front of Cordy's designer blouse and tore it open. Buttons bounced around the room.

"Not enough," Kate muttered. She opened the desk drawer and found a pair of scissors. "Perfect," she said as she snipped the black, demi-cup bra between Cordelia's large mounds.

The brunette tried to scream around the panties at the outrages her wardrobe was suffering. But, instead, she tasted something beyond white cotton. It was tangy and not exactly unpleasant.

Kneeling, Kate lifted Cordelia's ass off the seat then yanked the skin-tight jeans down her legs. They gathered near the brunette's cuffed ankles. Grabbing the scissors again, she cut the black lace panties at the crotch and pulled them away.

"Hmm, a bit damp down there. Seems you like this rough stuff, Chase," Kate said as she stood and punched the girl's stiff nipples.

Cordy's eyes rolled in her head as she made some incoherent noises through the gag. She was wet and it embarrassed the hell out of her.

"Well, to continue this in proper SS fashion, I guess I better get my night stick from the car." Kate walked to the office door and, with a wicked smile, added, "Don't go away."

Cordelia sat there totally restrained. All she could do was pray that neither Angel or any of her coworkers returned to the hotel anytime soon. That would be worse than the time... She shook her head, refusing to remember that particular event back in Sunnydale.

Too late for that though. She had gotten noticeably wetter as a result of the half-formed memory of she and Willow trapped in a supply closet in the high school.

Kate walked into the hotel whistling a jaunty tune. In the office doorway, she stood and smiled, her hands behind her back. She saw the small puddle between Cordy's thighs. "Getting excited, Ms. Chase?"

Cordy squeezed her eyes shut as she shook her head. But her body belied her actions as her nipples hardened in the warm room and her pussy leaked even more.

Stepping forward, she knelt and in a swift motion, shoved something hard and cylindrical into Cordelia. The brunette's wetness made entry easy but the shock and surprise caused her to yelp into the gag.

Looking down between her legs, Cordy saw the end of a old-fashioned police night stick protruding from her brown-fringed mound, the type before an additional grip was added at right angles to the main shaft. The other end, with the grip carved into it, was held by the broadly smiling detective.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Cordy managed to shake her head slightly.

"How 'bout this?" Kate asked as she slowly turned the stick. She smiled when she heard Cordy moan.

Taking a firm grip on the black-painted stick, Kate began to pull it out as she turned it. Then, still turning the shaft, she pushed it back into the aroused girl.

Slowly fucking Cordelia with the antique billy club, Kate looked deep into her brown eyes. The younger girl's eyes were dilating from the pleasure she was feeling. Kate's eyes were alight with arousal as well. The feeling of control as she took the beautiful brunette was exquisite.

But she was even more excited to know she had more planned.

"Cordelia, I think you need to learn how to exercise that snappy little tongue of yours, don't you?"

Cordy shook her head, her eyes wide with apprehension. Kate ignored that. Still keeping a firm grip on the billy club, deeply seated inside Cordelia by now, Kate pulled her skirt down one-handed over her hips until it landed on the floor. Her blonde pubic fur was dark and matted with her own arousal.

"Hold this," she said to Cordelia in a mocking tone. Kate let go of the night stick and was pleased to see it didn't drop or even sag. She patted Cordy's cheek, "Very good, my dear."

Undoing the belt's knot behind Cordy's head and tossing it aside, she then pulled the balled-up panties from Cordy's mouth. Putting one foot up on the seat of the chair next to Cordelia's bare hip, Kate leaned in and ran her fingers through the long, dark locks of Cordy's hair.

With Kate's wet mound practically staring her in the eye, Cordy tried to protest, "What do you think you..."

The rest of her protest was lost in the folds of Kate's sex as the cop pulled the starlet into her crotch.

As if by instinct, Cordelia's tongue began to trace random patterns on the older woman's netherlips, occasionally slipping inside the blonde's heated core.

"Oh yeah! That's right! That's what your tongue is for... Right there..."

Kate moaned on and on, a combination of words and inarticulate noises. She held Cordy's face tight to her crotch. She managed to maneuver the brunette's nose to brush her clitoris as her tongue delved deep within.

With a loud groan, the detective climaxed all over the former high school queen's face. She staggered back and sat on the edge of the desk, her breathing labored.

Finally, she looked at Cordy, who amazingly hadn't said a thing the entire time Kate was recovering. It was quite an arousing site.

The girl was still there, shackled in the chair. Cordy's face was wet from Kate's cum and her blouse and bra were hanging open exposing her naturally beautiful breasts while her jeans were still laying at her feet. The wet spot on the chair had grown and the night stick was visibly wobbling as Cordy tried desperately to hold it in.

"I suppose you'd like some help with that?" Kate asked between panting breaths.

"Y-yes, p-please. I don't know if I...can hold it much longer..."

"Alright, since you did such a good job." Kate knelt between Cordy's legs and grasped the shaft, turning it in the girl. Then she pulled it out. Kate licked her lips unconsciously as she watched the girl's dripping opening slowly contract. Then she lowered her head...

Cordy felt the detective's tongue on her achingly aroused pussy and dearly wished she could grab the blonde and force that smirking face tight against her wet heat. Instead she had to deal with the light, teasing touches of the woman's tongue. It was deliciously cruel torture.

Squirming in the chair, her asscheeks squeaking in her arousal, Cordy begged the cop to give her release. "Please. Let me cum. Oh God, I need it so bad... Please..."

But Kate refused to listen. When she felt Cordy on the verge, she sat back to savor the girl's flavor. After nearly a minute, she'd return to licking the girl's mound, thrusting her tongue inside Cordy on occasion.

Finally, after following this routine for nearly thirty minutes, Kate gave the girl the release she was craving.

"Ooooo.....Gooooddddd! I'mmmm cummmiii-eeeeEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNGGGGG!!!!"

The last came out as an incredibly high-pitched squeal as the brunette thrashed around in the chair. Kate managed to keep her mouth sealed on Cordy and swallowed as much of her cum as she could.

Several minutes later, Cordy managed to open her eyes to see Kate sitting on the edge of the desk slowly stroking herself.

"Hey," Cordy said in a weak voice.

"Hey yourself," Kate replied.

"Think you could let me go now?"

Nodding, Kate found her skirt and retrieved the cuff keys from the pocket. She released the wrists first then knelt again at Cordy's feet to lift the denim and uncuff her ankles. Then she leaned forward and kissed the girl.

Cordy hungrily returned the kiss, her tongue delving as deeply into Kate's mouth as it had into her sex.

Finally, pulling back and adjusting her blouse, Cordy said, "You know, you could go easier on the wardrobe. This blouse wasn't cheap."

"I could..." Kate agreed with a wicked smile. She had pulled her skirt on and leaned over to kiss Cordy once more before she left.

At the door to the office, Kate looked back longingly and asked, "So, see you tonight? We can do the prostitute and the vice cop?"

Cordy beamed and nodded eagerly. "You better believe it. And for later, I have the scarves ready. You know, you get off lucky, scarves are much easier on skin than those cuffs..."

"Oh you love it," Kate countered.

Cordy smiled and nodded as Kate stepped out into the lobby. She had to admit she did.

"Hey! When do I get to play bad cop?"

Kate paused and smiled. "When you get a badge, sweetie."