The Brink Of Love
by FemVamp

Cordelia Chase realized almost immediately that something was wrong. Even with her eyes closed, she knew she wasn't in her own bed. She was somewhere other.

Open your eyes and find out where you are.

Don't wanna


Hey what's that?

Cordelia felt an arm around her stomach. It was a warm arm.

That leaves out Angel.

Am I naked?

Cordelia opened her eyes and saw Kate Lockley lying down beside her. That's when the night before came back to her.

So it wasn't a dream.

Cordelia smiled. The night before had been what dreams were made of. It started like any other night. Kate and Cordelia had gone out for dinner and then Kate walked Cordelia back to her apartment. Cordelia asked Kate in for a nightcap, and this time -- for the first time -- Kate said yes.

Cordelia had introduced Kate to Dennis that night.

She actually took it rather well. I wonder if I should be worried.

Then there was a little bit of trouble. Angel called needing Cordelia at the office. Kate went with her. It was just a minor inconvenient. Wolfram and Hart were at it again. Just a strategy session. Nothing more. Cordelia and Kate eventually made their excuses and left around midnight. They ended up at Kate's apartment.

Then one thing turned into another and well.....

Cordelia smiled at the memory of making love to Kate. The memory of Kate's lips on hers. Kate's body on her own. Cordelia had never felt like that in her entire life. She felt at complete peace. She felt.......

"Good morning, Cordelia." Kate smiled.

Cordelia smiled at Kate, "Good morning, Detective."

Kate laughed, "You still insist on calling me Detective, huh?"

Cordelia kissed Kate, "You got a problem with that?"



Cordelia and Kate kissed again, this time passionately, this time longing for more. Cordelia moved her hands from Kate's stomach, finding their way to up to her breasts.

Then the phone rang.

"Damn. This better be good." Kate grumbled and picked up the phone. "Lockley."

Cordelia listened as Kate talked on the phone. She knew almost immediately that it was Angel. He had an uncanny ability to call at the worst possible moment and this was his all time best. If Cordelia didn't love him so, she would have been tempted to stake him.

"We'll be right there."

Kate turned around and smiled awkwardly at Cordelia for a moment. "Angel wants us at the agency."

"What's it this time?" Cordelia said, already getting out of bed.

"Something about a ..... a demon of some sort."

"I just hope I don't break another nail. You know how expensive these things are?"

Kate and Cordelia left Kate's apartment a short time later. They decided it was too nice a day to drive to the Detective Agency, and although no one walked anywhere in L.A., the women decided to do it. anyway.

"Give me your money!"

Cordelia turned around with a start and saw a man standing behind her with a gun. Everything after that was a blur. One moment they were talking about having dinner and the next, Cordelia felt her stomach hurting. She felt herself falling to the ground. The only thing clear in her head was Kate's scream.

"Cordelia, no!"