Xander & Anya LIFE


Heavenly Shades Of Night Are Falling
Francis Quina

He's snoring, she sighed to herself, resting her against the contoured hard ness of flesh rising and falling as she breathed. Nights like these came farther and farther apart, what with Spike shacking up with her Xander. It was bad enough they had to contend with his parents, now having a vampire who just sat around was worst in so many levels.

"Anya?" he suddenly blurted still deep in sleep. Anyanka, mortality-bound girl, looked up suddenly mistaking the out burst for him actually calling her.

"Xander?" she asked a little hesitant, nudging him . He grunted briefly then returned to the regular program of snoring. Loud snore between whistling inhales. A smile, imperceptible, crossed her face at the realization that her boyfriend, the word still strange and new, was dreaming of her. Only her and not the redhead or that slut Cordelia. Just her like she had dreams of him the summer she went away.

She returned her head to his chest, ear against the beating of a heart that belongs to her day, night and even in twilight.