Xander & Anya LIFE




Best Revenge
Xander lives well.
By Kate Bolin. G
She Needs Me
Xander decides what's most important in life.
By Kate Bolin. G
Xander leaves behind a list of what it means to be human.
By Insomnitic. G
Be All You Can Be
Xander finds out that Uncle Sam wants him.
By Don Bentley. G
Good Answer
Anya is torn between her old life and her new one.
By M. Scott Eiland. G
Anya tries to build up the courage to make a phone call.
By Mystfaery. G
Thank You
Anya reflects on her new life.
By Saturn Girl. G
Catching Sunlight
Anya looks at her ring.
By Victoria P. G
Anya realizes something.
By Mary Borsellino. G
Talking Helps
There's a slow summertime silence when a Slayer dies. Anya attempts to deal.
By Kate Bolin. G
Not Like This
Life isn't always like what's been planned. Unfortunately.
By Annie. PG
Pancakes In The Morning
Anya remembers what's best about being human.
By Liz Harris. PG
The Gentle Cycle
Anya decides vengance can be clean.
By Insomnitic. PG
Princess Dress
Anya dreams.
By Bluebell. PG
Xander tells Anya about his relationship with his father.
By Saturn Girl. PG
Heavenly Shades Of Night Are Falling
Anya and Xander at night.
By Francis Quina. PG
Anya deals.
By Annie. PG
Xander finds what he wants.
By Annie. PG
Anya, cigarettes, and history.
By Kate Bolin. PG
Comes A Time
The right time comes for Anya.
By Nepthys. PG
Let Me Go
Two things are certain in Life: death and Xander. Take away Life, however...
By Matt Giles. PG
Anya goes to see Xander after she finds out about Tara.
By Emily. PG
The Getaway Car
Xander and Anya leave before graduation.
By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Only Love
Anya contemplates love, Xander and humanity
By Emily. PG-13
Xander wonders about Anya's past.
By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Slow Night With Vengeance On My Mind
A particular demon hits a particular karaoke bar before a particular wish is made.
By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Summer Holiday
Xander and Anya take a holiday in Vegas.
By Adam Windsor. PG-13
Summer Holiday 2
Xander and Anya's holiday continues.
By Adam Windsor. PG-13
Word Games
Anya ruminates over her relationship with Xander.
By Elena B. PG-13
Break Away
Xander and Anya disintegrate.
By Meg. R
Ever After
Living ever after ain't all that it's cracked up to be.
By Nepthys. R
Sex With Vampires (Don't Do It)
Anya doesn't understand why Xander's so upset about Buffy and Cordelia.
By Jennifer-Oksana. R
Anya gets rid of some of Xander's tension.
By Slashcat. NC-17
Great Pink Bug
Xander and Anya explore the world without shrimp.
By Adam Windsor. NC-17