Xander & Anya LIFE



Anya stroked Xander's hair away from his ear. His eyes fluttered but remained closed. It was cute. Everything about Xander was cute ... especially his muscles, which reminded her that she was supposed to be giving him a massage. She was sat astride him, his naked back laid out beneath her, head to one side. She started gently stroking his tired muscles, trying to knead the hardness and stiffness out of them. "You do have a lot of tension, don't you?" she said. Xander responded with a half-hearted affirmative grunt. "I think you're working too hard," she added as she moved further down his back. "No wonder you're so tired."

Xander snorted, and she worried that she had sounded too annoyed with her last comment. She hated fighting with him, but that was all they had done since he had got back from work - late, which had been the first cause of argument as the dinner she had spent whole minutes microwaving had gone cold. Then, later, on the sofa, after eating their meal in a silence only matched in coldness by the food, she had started to idly stroke his thigh, the way she knew he liked, only for her attentions to be met by a stern gaze and a snapped, "I'm tired, Anya." It was completely unfair of Xander to be so hot, to make her want to have sex with him so much, and then not want to himself. Completely unfair. But he had accused her of being unreasonable, saying that he wasn't a machine and when he said he was tired, he was tired ... Men! If she had still been a vengeance demon ... but she wasn't. Xander had retreated to the bedroom in what would probably have been a stormy mood had he been able to summon up the energy for one.

She had sat alone in the living room a little longer, and as she looked round at the nice flat full of nice things that Xander had bought for her using his wages, she decided that maybe it was worth him being so tired occasionally. She had shouted through, offering him a massage, and he had, slightly grudgingly, she thought, accepted. So now here she was, rubbing her hands over his sexy back, easing the tension from his gorgeous body, and getting turned on again. It was very frustrating, but she would be patient.

Xander relaxed under Anya's soft touch, beginning to drift away into sleep. As the warmth of her hands continued to slide over his back, though, he felt his cock beginning to stir, growing larger and pressing into the mattress. He came back from the edge of sleep, thinking about the feel of Anya's skin beneath his own hands, her beautiful body, all the while becoming harder and stiffer. His eyes were open now, and he began to drool.

"Roll over," Anya murmured. Xander did so slowly, and looked at his girlfriend kneeling over him, completely naked. She must have stripped before coming through from the lounge. No longer pinned against the mattress, his member sprang up, growing even harder at the sight of her fantastic body. She pretended not to notice, and started to massage his chest in slow, circular motions, paying particular attention to the nipples, which began to harden with arousal. Eventually, she moved further down, rubbing her hands over his belly, until finally one hand flicked downwards to stroke his cock.

Xander gasped in response, and Anya smiled lasciviously. Gripping him firmly in her hand, she began to move back and forth in a steady motion. Xander said nothing, but the lustful look in his eyes was communication enough. Smiling even wider, Anya dipped her head down and took the head of his cock in her mouth, flicking her tongue deftly around his glans. She released his manhood from her hands and slid her lips down his shaft, adjusting her position on the bed so that she could take him into her mouth entirely. He moaned with pleasure as she drew her tongue up and down his length.

Just as Xander thought he was about to come explosively down Anya's throat, she slid herself off him and returned to her previous position astride him. He came back from the brink of orgasm, but still felt amazingly turned on. His arousal increased as Anya stuck her fingers in her mouth, and slid them down, with a quick detour to one nipple, to the russet hair between her legs.

Xander's eyes widened as he watched his lover stroking herself. His cock was getting even harder and he felt wild with lust, as though he was going to come just from watching. He began to stroke himself but Anya caught his hand and guided it to her core. He could feel her wetness and heat even before he actually made contact with her swollen vulva. Anya gave him a look of pure desire and he began to stroke her sex, rubbing her entrance before moving his finger upwards to circle her swollen clit. As she got even more turned on, he began to slide a finger inside her but she snatched his hand away and instead moved until her cunt was only a hair's breadth from his the bulging head of his quivering cock.

Xander's cock twitched upwards, straining to reach her, to be inside her, but Anya kept moving to maintain her distance from it, taunting him, until eventually she settled herself over him, just a centimetre or so of his huge length inside her. Xander panted with arousal as he felt her heat enclosing the top of his cock.

Anya looked down at her boyfriend, saw the look of love and lust in his face, drank in the sight of his sexy chest and gloried in seeing how big and hard his cock was. She knew it was all because of her. Resting her hands on his chest, she plunged herself downwards onto him, eliciting a groan. She moved up and down on top of him, simultaneously stroking his nipples with her hands. His hands ventured upwards to do the same to her and she revelled in the sensation of his hands cupping her breasts, the thumbs stroking the nipples. She slid herself up and down his shaft ever faster.

As Xander's cock grew even bigger inside her, nearly ready to come, she stopped sliding herself over him and instead ground herself against him, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock, turning herself on so much she felt she was about to faint. As she continued, she felt Xander releasing her breasts. He moved his hands down to grab her buttocks, and began to thrust himself inside her, arching further and further away from the bed as he got deeper and deeper. She screamed at the amazing sensation, and intensified her grinding motion. Eventually, she felt the heat spreading through her as Xander came with an almighty spurt, triggering her own orgasm, the muscles of her cunt closing around his member, keeping it firm a little while longer. "Oh, oh, oh, Xander!" she yelled at the top of her voice.

As the orgasm faded, she collapsed down on top of him. His cock, shrinking rapidly now, fell out of her slit as she did so. The two lay, panting and exhausted, one on top of the other. Xander freed a hand and stroked her hair with it. "I love you, Anya," he told her.

"I love you too," she gasped between long breaths. Then she added, "You are such a good fuck. Not that that's the only reason why I love you of course," she went on rapidly.

"I know, Ahn, I know," he said, continuing to stroke her hair. There was a period of silence while each simply enjoyed the closeness of the other. But then a stray thought crossed Xander's mind and he asked, "Ahn, did you plan this all along?"

Anya lifted her head from his chest and looked at him, with a wide grin on her face. "Yep," she told him.

Xander Harris grabbed his girlfriend's cheeks and pulled her to him, kissing her long and hard.