By Francis Quina

He broke her heart again, it was getting to be a habit for Michael and so with Max, though the last time someone’s heart got broken, she did it. At the request of his future self, to save the universe no less. Things were always complicated as always for the two of them, Maria and Liz, earthbound girls thrown into the entire fray by the circumstances.

It was what drove them together eventually, that night when Maria saw Michael and Courtney in the Crashdown, that was the proverbial last straw for her. Maria easily found herself gravitating towards Liz Parker.

Her Liz. The Liz that was always there when she needed someone, wanted someone. She was always there. Good old Liz Parker.

"Maria?" Liz asked, startled by the figure sitting in her bedroom.

"Present," the long-haired goddess answered. Liz held her breath in anticipation, a thousand things racing through her mind that second. She wondered if she was here for her and only her, not because stupid Michael had broken her fragile heart.

"I thought you were going home?"

"I was, but I need to be with someone who loves me," she sighed looking at Liz with eyes that had grown too tired to cry. " Do you love me Liz Parker?"

She stood there for a minute or so in complete silence, smiling a smile that answered the question and a million more. "Of course, I do," she walked to her bed, carefully putting herself din front of Maria. She reached with cold hands and touched her cheeks, ran her thumb around and followed the lines to her lips. Full lips that she wants between hers.

"Kiss me now," Maria told her in a soft whimper, her eyes closed as she felt every small movement within her, on her face. Then there was the sensation of soft lips against hers at first, then opening slightly to take hers in them.

Liz felt as the coarse sweetness of Maria’s tongue slid against hers, she found the courage to move against it, to compliment the favor. When she pulled away she saw her goddess smiling, unbuttoning her puke green uniform and she knew that the night was still beginning.

That things were deeper now than they seemed.


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