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Tess, mostly over the summer, and Courtney. By Gale Dumont. PG-13
Au Revoir
Isabel attempts damage control in school. Fifth in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Kate. PG-13
Isabel and Tess rekindle their early friendship, then grow closer. By Debbie. PG-13
Because I'm Supposed To Hate Her
Liz and Tess start to understand the way they feel about each other, even if they're not ready to admit it. By Erin. PG
Becoming One
Isabel and Tess come together. By Jenn. PG-13
Better Than Ice Cream
Tess, Isabel, and a late night snack. By Gale Dumont. R
Liz finds out what Isabel is made of.
By Pilar. NC-17
Isabel deals with the aftereffects of Tess. Fourth in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Kate. PG-13
Liz gets Tess to wear that top. By Kate Elizabeth. PG-13
Channelling (Last Dance with Mary Jane)
Fun with Tess in Max's body. By Nicole Anell. PG-13
Cherry Kisses
Maria invites Isabel over for movies. By Watchmedrown. PG-13
City Of Dreams
Tess finds more than she bargained for in Las Vegas. By Minnie. PG
Tess contemplates all the colors which make up Liz Parker. By Debbie. R
Maria finds herself in a new place. By Francis Quina. PG-13
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (When You're Fast Asleep)
Maria tries to make a choice. By Caroline DeLuca. PG
Dreams of Glass
What does Isabel dream of? By Meri Lomelindi. PG-13
Maria muses on being the ex-girlfriend while being with the other ex-girlfriend. By Joy Elizabeth. PG
The Fifth Sense
Tess is a master of touch. By Debbie. NC-17
Fighting Fire
Liz looks back on the events that have shaped her life.
by Sara. PG
Space Monster

First Kiss
An old journal entry tells the story of Liz's first kiss. By Debbie. PG
First Time
An old journal entry tells the story of Liz's first time. By Debbie. R
Freedom: Revelation
What would happen if Liz was forced to reveal what happened at the end of the world to Tess? By Demoira. PG-13
Tess does not have an identity problem. By Morphea. PG-13
Maria discovers she's stronger than she realizes.
by Elizabeth. R
The Gutter And The Stars
Love sucks.
by S.T. Shimi. R
Maria has a dream. Or does Tess.
by Gale Dumont. PG-13
Honeyed Reflections
Maria finds herself in a surprising situation. By Persnef. NC-17
If You Only Knew
If Tess only knew... By Me. PG
In A Spin
Maria's in a spin over Isabel. PG-13
In This Quiet Moment
Isabel comes to terms with her feelings for Tess and the events of the previous night. By Amber. PG-13

Life In General
Liz ponders what could have been and what could be.
by Jade. PG-13
Lost And Found
Liz and Maria go to Alex's grave. By Amberina. PG-13
Love Is Just Another Four Letter Word
Tess goes through Roswell. By Elizabeth. PG-13
The Lucky One
It's easy to love Liz Parker. By Elizabeth. PG-13
Midas Touch
Isabel has the power to turn Maria's life into gold. Poetry. By Livia. R
More Than Friends
Liz and Maria tell Max and Michael about their relationship. By Amberina. PG
My Baby Girl
Jeff Parker thinks about what he saw his daughter doing. By Kate Bolin. PG
The Next Big Thing
Maria explains herself after being caught out. By Pilar. NC-17
Normal Complications
Isabel is wondering what normal is. By Joy Elizabeth. PG-13
Not That Strong
Tess tries to make amends. By Amberina. R
Isabel and Maria visit the pod chambers. Sequel to "Pursuit of Happiness". By watchmedrown. NC-17
Tess remembers what life was like before she had a destiny. By Elizabeth. PG-13
The One I Love
Isabel and Tess realize what is going on between them. Third in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Jenn and Jessie. PG-13
The One I Need
Isabel knows who she needs. Second in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Jenn. PG-13
The One I Want
Isabel realizes who she wants. First in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Jenn. PG-13
Space Monster

Liz does a little bit of dream analysis. By Pilar. PG-13
Pursuit Of Happiness
Isabel wants something more in life. Sequel to "Cherry Kisses". By Watchmedrown. PG-13
Reading Japanese
Isabel tries to explain her relationship with Tess to Michael and Max. Sixth in the "Sugar Cubes and Alien Liaisons" series. By Kate. R
It's easy for Liz to love Isabel. Sequel to "The Lucky One". By Elizabeth. PG-13
Silver Words
Liz and Tess finally take that first step. By Erin. PG-13
Notes from the underground. By Gale Dumont. PG-13
Summer Of '47: This Queen You Think You Own
Rosemary goes out for a drink, and comes home with a possibility.
by Gale Dumont. R
Survivor's Guilt
Isabel and Maria accept their fate together. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Sometimes destiny has nothing to do with what you want. By Pilar. R
To Put Right What Once Went Wrong
The story Tess has heard all of her life. By Kate. PG-13
Warm Leatherette
Liz has a new look and a new love.
by Pixiedude. R
Welcome To The Club
Liz and Tess join the Mile High Club.
by Debbie. NC-17
You Have Me
Tess finds a friend in Liz.
by Jade. PG.

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