If You Only Knew
By Me

I'd like to say I didn't love her but that would be a lie. And I can't yet bring myself to that conclusion. As I sit alone in the warm sun I think to myself how my life began to fall apart.

Did I really need to act on a feeling -- why couldn't I have been like my brother -- no what am I saying he let himself get hurt -- I wasn't going to stand for that. Not me, not Isabel Evans the "Ice Queen".

Granted I am an alien and whose to say I'm not entitled to these feelings. But I know in my mind I'm kidding myself I guess we all where. Max had his "love" for Liz.

Michael was Maria's but they each let that go nowhere and they ended up alone. In away I think that maybe it had something to do with me but I'm not worried about that.

I'm worried about her she's lost everything first Nasedo then Max, sometimes I wonder how she remains so strong. Yet I know it's her way -- it's her mask she puts on for the world. But I see through it though. Some nights when she just wants to talk I see it in her eyes those big blue eyes that yearn to be fixed on something. Those eyes that comfort and love in a way she can only give. I still don't get Max how could he let her slip away only to give his heart to a human.

Sometimes I wish I could be him just so I could tell her how I feel. And thats when I realize this is all the part of being what I am. My emotions run rampant one day I can't decide between a human guy and alien guy. Then I can't rember why I even care.The only one I really want is her but I'm just kidding myself no matter how much I try she'll never see me the way that I want to be seen.


Try as I might I can't get her out of my head. I think my little game worked to well. She now seems to think I'm in love with her brother but I could care less for him.She's the one I want the one I can't be with out.

Sometimes at night I go over to her house just to see her before I go to bed. I like holding on to that image of her soft and vunerable. Unlike the facade she uses to keep the world at bay. Sometimes I want her to let me in. So I can tell her what I feel. If I could have one chance I wish I could have been Michael or Alex. I would have looked into those brown eyes and told her how much I love her. But some times I think my to myself Tess why didn't you use your powers to show her.

And then it comes to me as if she whispered it to me. "Larenuf Era Neralfun"

Thoughout Eternity I will be there to love you.

Closing my eyes I lay down to rest.As I turn off the light I say "Goodnight, Isabel."


Turning down the sheets on my bed I slide into the embrace of the covers. As I blow out the candles I say goodnight to a stranger across town. "Goodnight, my Tess."


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