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Slightly Left of Venus is a Roswell femslash fanfiction site.

Any fanfiction submitted must be about the female characters in Roswell in homoerotic, homosexual, or homoromantic relationships.


Although these aren't seen on the fanfiction pages, submissions to Slightly Left of Venus require these basic headers:
Title - the title of the fic
Author name - your name
Email address - an email address available for feedback
Summary - a short, complete summary. "Sequel to" or "Random silliness" does not count as summaries. Think in terms of complete sentences.
Pairing - which characters are in your fic
Rating - use the MPAA ratings (G, PG, etc.) instead of the television ratings

Grammar and spelling
Always check your spelling and your grammar. if you're not certain, find someone to read your fanfiction for you.

Make sure your story is appropriate for the site
A seemingly basic concept, but it's necessary. This site is strictly female/female slash fanfiction. No male/female/female threesomes, no male/male, no female/male.
We accept all ratings and all femslash pairings.

Save as plain text
In your text editor, go up to "save as" and save as "plain text".
Be certain to remove "smart quotes" and "smart ellipses", plus any exotic characters. To remove "smart" punctation:
In Word:
Go to Tools. Go to AutoCorrect. In the first tab, there is a list of autocorrect items. Delete the ellipses. Then go to the next tab, and de-select the smart quotes.
Save as plain text. If you want to double-check, open the file in Netscape or IE and see if there are any strange characters.

Copy/Paste into an email, and send to And that's it!
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