Intense Red Copper
Red runs The Dye Bar, a regular haunt of not only Ruby and Copper, but Misty and Gothic also while away many a night there, while Cola and Spice are there virtually every night. She's a former lover of Ruby, and happily friends now. She's business-savvy, and currently talking to Ruby and Copper about starting a restaurant within the bar.

Bleach Blonding
Blondy is the cute-assed, hopelessly gay, beauty-school-dropout bartender of The Dye Bar. He has a quick wit and a complete taste for camp. He occasionally sleeps with Cola, but it's on a purely physical sort of level, helping his best bud along during his crisis crush on Gothic.

Dark Red
Dark is the other bartender at The Dye Bar. Dark is an Executive Transvestite (ref: Eddie Izzard), and always two things: A sarcastic comment for anything, and an eye for the ladies.

Soft Black
A woman with a dark past. Just got out of prison for a crime no one dares mention, Blackie is rough, tough, but with a heart of gold. Has a past with Red that no one else knows about...and no one is brave enough to ask.

True Gold

True Gold
A regular at the Dye bar and Blondy's mom, Goldie is spending her alimony with style at the poshiest shops in Rosewood. Most of the time, she can be found in the Dye Bar, bothering Blondy about finding a good man, settling down and taking care of his mother.

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