Midnight Mist
A vicious cruel woman with her heart set on walking the poshiest catwalks in Europe. But right now she's a catalog model. Misty knows what she wants and does absolutely anything to get it. She recently broke up with Gothic, but it's all part of her scheme to make her way to the top.

A tortured artistic trust-fund soul, Gothic has never had to worry about anything. A relatively good person, he's easily led astray by his spoiled upbringing, careless with anything, from his photography equipment on the set of the latest catalog photo shoot, to other people's emotions. He was dating Misty, who uses his photographic skills to pad her portfolio, but is now dating Cola.


Cherry Cola
A highstrung artist, Cola has the talent and the grace to be one of the most revered fashion designers in the world, but refuses to tame his avant garde designs. Unfortunately, the bills have to be paid, so he is forced to take a job designing faux high fashion for discount catalogs. Cola is madly in love with one of the photographers around the discount fashion scene, Gothic, but Gothic only spends time with Cola to be there whenever Cola makes the fashion scene.


Light Auburn Red
Young, naive, and always out for fun, Auburn didn't really understand the difference between right and wrong -- and she paid the price.


Raven Sunset
Surprisingly down to earth for a model, Raven manages to combine elegance with common sense, and as a result, will be doomed to a life of small-time fashion shows and catalog work. She doesn't mind, though, because she also has an eye for talent, and considers modeling young designer's works to be the best thing she can do in her life.

Misty's sister Currant is living the life Misty can only dream of: she's one of the highest paid models in the industry. Although Currant doesn't have Misty's manipulative skills, but more than makes up for it in diva attitude.


Cola's twin brother is everything Cola isn't. Rum is sleazy, flashy, and a player, always surrounded by beautiful women. He's a stylist and takes great pleasure in making the star of his photo shoot the star of his next sexual exploit. And everyone will know about it, because Rum loves to brag.


Auburn's boyfriend/drug dealer. Generally very sleazy, but attractive enough to slide his way through life. A former model with a long string of "girlfriends" behind him.

Red Ember

Red Ember
Miss Ember (as she's known to her models) is one of the best known modelling agents in Rosewood. She was a high-fashion model in her teens, but the high-fashion lifestyle of eating disorders and drugs soon took their toll on her, and she spends more time trying to get her girls to live sensibly instead of outrageously. Because of this, her models may not get the best jobs, but they survive for a lot longer.

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