French Roast
Roast recently moved to Rosewood from France with her best friend, Bordeaux. Currently unemployed, she lives off the generous allowance from her parents. She is a little naive and sheltered, but has a killer sense of style.


Champagne Cocktail
Cultured, educated, and posh, Champagne is everything her expensive education molded her to be. She has a bachelor's degree in art history, but prefers to spend her time doing charity work and going to parties. She despairs of her younger brother Gothic ever living up to the family name and making their mother, Flaxen, happy.

Flaxen Blonde
One of the leading citizens of Rosewood, Flaxen takes the responsibility of being old money very seriously. She tries to project a sleek, streamlined image and has raised her son, Gothic, and her daughter, Champagne, to handle money as casually as she does. Elegant and eloquent, she is the perfect hostess.


Sunset Blaze
Blaze is one of Ruby's friends. Bright, vivacious, and flirtatious, she is very popular with the ladies. Although she has a good heart, she often breaks other people's when they overestimate the depth of her commitment. She just doesn't see the harm of playing around a little bit.




Cashmere Blonde
A hometown girl done good, Cashmere is now a big star in Hollywood, the highest paid female actor. She hasn't forgotten her birthplace and often comes back to help with fundraising and to see her childhood best friend, Champagne.

Golden Brown
Resourceful and fun-loving, Golden has turned her resemblance to Jennifer Lopez into a lucrative career, standing in for the actress at signings, openings, and other events that the actress herself can not attend. She is also Ms. Lopez's body double for all her movies.

Dark Red

Intense Dark Red
The oldest and most pragmatic of the three Intense sisters. Although she tends to be very rigid about the way things should be, Dark Red takes very good care of her free-spirited younger sister True. Her job as accessories editor at a leading women's magazine keeps her very busy.

Intense True Red
A neo-hippy, flower child, True (or as she prefers, Moonstar) drifts through life with the innocence of a lamb-an innocence aided by several mind-altering drugs and a liberal dose of patchouli. She doesn't believe in limiting herself in any way and is therefore bisexual.

Intense True Red

Crystal Brown
An old friend of Blackie and Red, Crystal's moved out of Rosewood to start up a new life in Las Vegas. She still tries to keep an eye on Blackie, and calls her regularly.


Venus is Auburn's older sister, and like most older sisters, she has protective feelings towards her sibling. When Auburn moved to Rosewood to pursue a modeling career, Venus was scared she'd get hurt. Of course, soon after Auburn arrived, she started dating Camel, got hooked to drugs, and cut off all ties with her familes, so Venus was probably right to worry. When not out of her head with grief and a desire for revenge, Venus is a loyal and loving person. She is a PR rep for a large state university.


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