Black Licorice

Black Licorice
Part of the Goth royalty in Rosewood and Spice's roommate, Licorice enjoys brooding, sighing, and dancing, as long as she looks good doing it. Despite her gloomy tendencies, she's been known to smile once in a while. She's also very friendly once you get to know her.

Carribean Mahogany
Proud member of Delta Eta Gamma and volleyball varsity captain, Mahogany believes wholeheartedly in school pride. She's loud, loves to shop, and has been known to get drunk at a happy hour or two with the Zeta Lamda brothers. Although she appears to be the typical sorority girl, she also has a GPA of 3.75 and is a staunch supporter of her sister, Cherry (though she usually hates her girlfriends)


Espresso is a part-time law professor at Rosewood University and partner in the law firm of Espresso and Bronze. She is poised, polished, and always prepared. Dedicated to the legal system, she has almost no social life, leading to speculations on just how close her relationship with her co-partner in the law firm, Bronze Shimmer, really is.

Recently transplanted from France, Bordeaux is an associate professor of art history at Rosewood University. She lives with her best friend, Roast, and has an eye for men who look good in dresses. Bordeaux is charming and sophisticated, with a sly sense of humor.


Red Ember
Red Ember is also a professor of Art History at Rosewood University, and was responsible for Bordeaux getting her associate professorship. She knows what she likes, and isn't afraid to flirt.




Malaysian Cherry
When she was six, she wanted to front a punk rock band. That's the best indicator of Cherry's personality. Sassy and loud, she hates to be ordinary and loves to go against the norm. Her dads are artists, and it shows-she treats herself as a work of art, always changing the canvas. She also loves to polish up diamonds in the rough -- thus explaining her infatuation with Rose.



Indian Poppy
Loud, incredibly outspoken, and far too fond of speaking before thinking, she's one of the more activist-minded girls at Rosewood High. With Cherry and Mango nearby, you can always count on something happening.


Luscious Mango
Mango is just that -- luscious. Friend of Cherry, and usually seen with Poppy nearby, Mango's one of the three loud riot grrl lesbians in Rosewood High. Not quite as crass as Poppy, but definitely known to speak her mind.



Rose's "best friend", Sangria is more concerned with keeping up appearances that actually offering friendship. As long as Rose is popular, Sangria will be her friend. Sangria is ruthless and knows her place in the high school hierarchy-on top.


Pomegranate is the slightly quieter member of the Rose & Sangria clique. It's suspected that they're just using her for her car, but she knows how to dish it out as well as they do.



Clear tries to keep herself out of the social scene at Rosewood High as much as she can, but her moral convictions falter when it comes to her place in the school heirarchy.

Frost And Glow
Glow is the guidance counselor at Rosewood Community High School, a position she considers somewhat below her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. Somewhat bitter after her husband's coming out, Glow tries to maintain a positive outlook but usually fails miserably. She is working on her first novel and has two daughters, Cherry and Mahogany.

Frost and Glow

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