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Midnight Ruby
Midnight is sharp, precise, and no-nonsense. She knows what she wants and she works hard to get it. Right now what she wants is for her catering company, Midnight Snack, to be number one in Rosewood. Although she can be somewhat demanding of her, she genuinely loves her daughter, Milk.

Bronze Shimmer
Just as driven as her law firm partner, Espresso, Bronze spends most of her time researching arcane law cases to establish precedent. She is a brilliant defense lawyer, but her apparent lack of social life and the fact that she shares a house with Espresso has led to much speculation on just exactly how close their relationship really is.


Reddish Brown
Reddish has been with Shimsion Catering since it first got its start. A former roommate of Copper's, she's spent several years learning how to work with her slightly scattered boss.

Surprisingly good natured for a parole officer, Dolcetto was just given the cases of a variety of the more colorful citizens of Rosewood, including Blackie. She has a tendency to talk before saying, and she does have a tendency to make snap decisions, but she is very tolerant, and actually has something of a romantic side.



Grenadine is the local hairstylist for most of the GLTB community in Rosewood, so she's always busy and always up on the latest gossip.


Brazilian Brown
A regular at the Women's Center, Brazil runs the new age bookstore in downtown Rosewood, selling soaps, spellbooks, and aromatherapy. Having attained a expansive level of oneness with the higher powers, Brazil has a sort of otherwordly quality that draws people to her. However, she prefers to keep herself above earthly matters and is celibate.






Milk Chocolate
Gentle as a kitten, Milk is a little idealistic when it comes to life- that's why she went into group therapy practice. She's convinced that with enough therapy, tempered of course, with love and sympathy, that anyone can get well. Although she's very soft most of the time, people who try to interfere with her girlfriend or her mother, Midnight Ruby, will encounter her will of steel.


Soft Black
Softie is the music therapist at the Women's Center. Blessed with a soft heart and gorgeous blue eyes, Softie shares some of her girlfriend Milk's idealism, but knows from a hard childhood that life isn't always perfect. She's a sucker for stray cats and dogs, and plays a mean guitar.



Lightest Auburn Blonde
Shy to a fault, Lightest doesn't say much, but listens very carefully. She's trying to come to terms with her mother being gay. If you can get past the blushing, she's a very loyal and caring person.





Deep Plum
Plum owns the Plum Oasis, the hottest gallery in Rosewood that exhibits all the trendy new artists. She's friends with Ruby and Copper, and wants to help new artists coming up in the world. She has a streak of ruthlessness that has helped her get ahead in the art world, but may have cost her a few friends. All in all, though, she's a decent person.


Velvet Brown
One half of the "New Shades" performance art troupe, Velvet is a woman with vision. That vision always seems to include her lover/best friend Starry Night. The two of them have a risque piece and have been arrested for it many times.



Starry Night
The other half of "New Shades", Star also enjoys pushing the norm. To pay her and Velvet's bail, she works at the local Goth club as a doorperson. She also sings torch songs at Creme every Friday and Saturday.


Natural Dark Brown
Brown is Cherry's biological dad, but he shares his parenting with his partner. Together, they've raised up Cherry to always speak her mind, and, also together, they work on a variety of art projects, currently a series of paintings.

Natural Dark Brown

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