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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Against My Nature
By Merrie
For Jennifer-Oksana

You'd think I'd be used to this by now. You'd think I'd have accepted this as my lot. But this is not my nature. That's the mistake everyone makes again and again. They think everything is under control, but it's not. It never has been.

I've spent more years that I care to contemplate in this prison. But I'm still here! I never left.

Fuck these chains are tight. Not complaining though. I like it. That, coupled with the smell of blood surrounding all of us is like sweet ambrosia. But they're asleep now, and I'm bored. He can sense my ennui even in his sleep, and he's shifting around trying to placate me. You wanna make me happy? You can start by taking off these fucking chains. But he's justified the need for them. I can't believe he's still here, and in any control at all. By now I should have turned him into a quivering shadow of his former self. This isn't how it happened last time. What the fuck went wrong?

Let's see. He was sitting, reading a book by the Christmas Tree. Heh. Those assholes always thought he read Walden or Updike or shit like that. Let's be realistic here folks! He read porn. Oh, excuse me. Erotic fiction. How many times did I tell him to just go out and fuck some nameless whore? But no, instead he let the fantasies rot in his brain, and when everyone was gone but the two of us, he'd sit in the lobby or the office or the bathroom and jerk off. Now that was fun. I always watched, and I know he sensed my presence every once in a while. His hips would rise off the lid of the toilet and he'd fuck his hand raw. I think he liked the thought that I was watching. Made him harder, hornier. He'd even play game s, like jerking off in a glass and playing with the sticky liquid, all for my benefit.

Oh yeah, the books. The past few months it was gay porn. He was so engrossed in reading about some guy's puckered hole being fucked that he didn't see him come in at first. I did though, I knew he was standing at the door, watching his friend grope his crotch and mouth things like 'oh fuck yeah!'. Watching and getting a hard on. Shirt lifters, both of them.

"Ahem, um, Angel?"


HA! He threw that book across the room and started at the prettyboy on the steps. His cock twitched and leaked at the sight of Wes. He could smell the man's anger and arousal. Wes opened his fly and tugged out his cock making his intentions pretty obvious, even for someone as blind as Angel. But Angel still chided me, demanding to know why I didn't tell him we weren' t alone. I ignored him and watched Wesley with intense concentration.

"What is it about you? I get near you and I'm hard as a rock!" Wes stroked and talked and walked all at the same time. Gotta give him credit, most times the man couldn't put one foot in front of the other without falling on his tight ass. And speaking of carnal matters so lightly? I figured he'd been drinking.

And what did Angel do? Did he whip out his prick and start pumping? No! Did he grab Wes and fuck him through the floor? NO! He stood and watched as the human strolled across the room, picked up the book and started reading it out loud; WHILE pumping his hands over his pre-cum slickened cock.

"Let's see what you were reading." His British accent annunciated every word with annoying perfection. "'With each inward thrust, Adam's cock brushed against Shane's most sensitive bundle of nerves, and they watched the mirror in front of them closely as they rutted like animals. Shane spread the lube that dripped out of his ass and down his legs over his own cock and performed for his lover.' My oh my Angel. I always assumed you had no issues with men fucking each other, but this is more than I hoped for. You' re seeking it out!"

I screamed at the Vampire. "For fuck's sake! Do something already, don't just stand there drooling! Take him! Come on, you and I both know you want to swallow that cock down your throat and fuck that ass raw!"

I think I thanked God for what happened next, but it didn't matter since God never listened to me anyway. Angel ripped his pants off and threw Wes on the couch. And that's when I took over. It was almost time. I'd been sitting behind Angel's soul just waiting for a moment to step forward. And Angel trusted me! See, I'd been trying to work with him ever since that Witch cursed us again. Figured I might find a way to slip past that spell, and if the opportunity ever presented itself to me I wanted Angel to be caught completely off guard.

Wesley screamed, pansy fairy. He didn't expect to look at the head between his legs and see me, he expected to see Angel. But it still wasn't time, not yet. So I licked that cock from base to head instead of biting it bloody, and Wes relaxed. Squeezing the base, I pulled the head between my lips and set to a rhythm of pumping and sucking. He thrashed around, pressing his hips into my face and trying to get me to release his cock a bit. Come was bubbling in his sac, and if I let up that pressure he'd shoot immediately.

But I couldn't control myself completely. I let one fang slide across his cock and pulled away to watch the blood form in the slit. Wesley cursed and bared his teeth at me. "That bloody hurt!"

"Sorry Wes, it's just, you're so delicious and I slipped." So I licked up the blood before it could drip onto the couch. It was sweet and hot and salty and made me crave more. I was so close to sinking both fangs into the throbbing flesh in my mouth.

He must have sensed it, because he suddenly burst into action. Pushing me off him with all his strength, I went down and my head hit the floor with a crack. His hands were under my shirt and he pushed it up, sucking my nipples. Then hands slid down to my waist and slipped over my thighs, avoiding my cock at all costs. I let him have the upper hand for now, there would be time to dominate him later. He placed bites much too gentle to be painful, but too rough to be playful over my chest and stomach.

What a sight we must have made. Me on the floor on my back, my cock jabbing into Wes's stomach, naked other than the shirt he was trying to divest me of. And Wes fully clothed, but his cock jutting out of his fly and rubbing on my thigh. I assumed we looked thoroughly debauched, and from the scream coming from the front door, I knew I was right.

"Fred! Oh God, it's not, we're not, I mean..." Wes moved up and looked at the tender young woman cowering behind her hands.

"I'm so sorry! I'm leaving!" She turned and ran from the hotel, leaving me with just enough sense to act embarrassed.

"She'll recover Wes, don't worry." I reached out and stroked his cock, realizing that the blood stain it sported would probably scar Fred for the rest of her life. It jumped back to life in my hands and I spread the quickly drying blood over the tip, giving it a macabre appearance. "We can continue this in my room if you want."

I flipped over onto my hands and knees, giving Wes an up close and personal view of my ass. From the increase in his heart rate I could tell he liked what he saw. After grabbing my clothes and the book, I pulled him to the elevator. We made it to my room in record time, the sound of my hard cock bouncing against my stomach and thighs making a wet slapping noise.

Once inside the living room, I stood up before him and put my hands on his waist. My nipples were hard and flushed with stolen blood, and he set to nibbling and sucking them for a moment. I slid down to my knees and slowly slipped his slacks down over his ass. His cock thrust out straight and proud from his body. All reticence went, and I slipped my lips over that young shaft and sucked and tongued it. He groaned and moaned, and as I tongued the tip he writhed with pleasure. Then he pulled me off him and up.

It was his turn, and he dropped in front of me. He nibbled my cock roughly, all the time squeezing and massaging my ass. Moving down to my ankles, he licked and kissed his way up my legs and slipped his smooth young lips over my cock. It filled his mouth and he gagged a bit but sucked long and deep. I didn't know how much more of that I could take. I was pumping slowly, fucking that sweet mouth. He stopped and stood up. Pulling my head down he kissed me, our tongues probing and touching. Then he led me inside further to my bedroom.

I open a drawer in the bedside cabinet and took out a plastic bottle. Pouring the contents into my hand, I started to rub his cock. It was scented oil. I rubbed it all over his cock and balls, and down between his legs.

After lying us both onto the bed, I lifted my left leg and rubbed oil into my ass. Probing the hole caused me to moan.

"You enjoyed watching that, didn't you?"

"Yes," he replied in a horse whisper.

He moved and positioned himself between my legs. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started to rub oil into my cock. It felt great and I closed my eyes with pleasure. I felt his finger at my ass and it probed inside; no that was no finger. I open my eyes and looked at Wes. He had a look of pure pleasure on his face as he slid hid cock into me. He thrust in time with the rubbing of my cock, and each thrust produced a deep satisfied moan.

I thought he was going to cum, but no, he pulled out of me. He climbed up and sat on my stomach. He rubbed my throbbing rock hard cock, which was behind him and against his ass. Then he lifted himself and positioned my cock against his own hole. Slowly he lowered himself, but as it pushed in he froze and moaned, this time with pain.

"I want it, please I want this!" He pushed down again, but as soon as I was a bit more in he stopped and I could see the expression of pain on his face.

"Don't worry Wes, we can stop if it hurts too much."

"But I want it, and the pain is good as well as bad." There went that decidedly British wink, and he pushed down some more. I was almost in when he stopped. "Ohhhh!"

I could see it was really hurting, but he would not stop pushing down. This one would make a wonderful minion, relishing in the pain and the pleasure equally. I could also feel just how tight he was. He pushed once more and so I took ahold of his hands. As I felt his pressure go on, I thrust up with my hips as hard as I could. He yelled, screamed, and I slid into that tight ass.

"Oh God, thank you," he said and fell onto my chest.

I slowly drew out and thrust again, he moaned and barely moved. I repeated the thrust and withdrawal and he sat up. Now he was moving, up and down, pushing so hard he almost had my balls in him as well. Up and down, up and down, moaning and groaning and writhing in pleasure. I came forward again, flashing my eyes, my TRUE eyes at him. The gold and red bore through his body, and his heart raced.

He pumped up and down, faster and faster; then with a mighty down-ward push that nearly sent me through the bottom of the bed he shot his burning juices all over my chest and face. He fell forward onto his own come and rubbed it in with his body. He licked my face clean.

Slowly he rose from off me. He licked my body clean of his come, slowly working down to my now dripping rampant cock. His lips closed over it, and he sucked long and deep. My hand slid between his legs and I played with his now soft cock. In no time he was hard again and he eagerly sucked me, and I fucked his mouth. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

"Angel, is there any reason we should worry, about, Angelus?" he whispered my name with a frightened reverence. I wanted to scream, 'you just fucked Angelus, boy!' but instead I kept my control.

"I have chains in the dresser." WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM? Chains? God fucking damnit! That soul, that bleeding heart, mightier than thou soul answered the human.

Wes mistook the anger that rippled across my face for a need to come, and scrambled to get the chains. That fucking soul held me in check as he bound me to the wall, my cock red and angry and swollen, jutting from my body.

Without another word, Wes knelt between my legs and stroked me, dipping barely lubricated fingers inside of me. "Where's the lube?"

I was lying on the tube, but I wanted the pain so I told him I used it all and we'd have to make due without.

He turned and left the bed, walking over to the small fridge. I had blood inside, and Wes retrieved a packet, throwing it into the microwave.

Returning to me, he opened the package and poured some of the contents over his cock. Saints preserve the fucking British!!! He knelt over me and let some of the blood drip from his cock onto mine. It was warm and thick and ran down my shaft in rivulets. I think I howled, I couldn't help it. He was feeding almost all my needs and obsessions! Wes poured the rest of the blood down his body until he looked like a murder victim. He ran handfuls of it through his hair and made slurping noises as he fucked his blood soaked fists.

The sight was unbelievable! It was hot and maddening at the same time. I wanted to do more than see this, I wanted to be the cause of it. His bloody cock rested against my hole and pounded inside with one hard thrust.

I came. That soul I share my body with couldn't take it and pushed things too far. Thick ropes of stringy come blasted onto Wes's chest, mixing with the blood and creating a gruesomely deathlike piece of art. Wes set to a rhythm of fucking that would have made me blush were I alive. He bumped my prostrate and pulled on my soft cock with anger and anguish and need.

This wasn't about love, or friendship, or feeling. It was about not feeling. His face was twisted and there were tears fighting to escape from his eyes. I let him fuck me and lifted my legs higher. It wasn't slippery enough, and the pain of each thrust echoed through my body and in my howls. There was a change in the scent around us, so slight that I could barely discern it from the blood Wes poured on us. It was more blood, fresher blood. I looked and saw that Wes's hands had half-moon shaped cuts in them from where he'd drawn blood by making a fist. Those cuts were old though, and he'd only reopened them just now.

I didn't have enough time to think about it, because he brought those bloody hands down and dug his nails into the backs of my thighs, filling me with his come. He grimaced and screamed, "I HATE YOU! I BLOODY FUCKING HATE YOU! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!"

When the last drop of come was squeezed from him, he collapsed on me, pounding my face and neck with bruising kisses and bites. It was hellishly perfect and I let him continue. So much anger and hatred in him, I wanted to taste it.

But he calmed and shivered, his mouth still whispering his diatribe of hate. And that's when I felt it. I was so busy relishing in Wes's pain that I'd forgotten that friggin' soul. It was lamenting! I was pushed away as that soul took possession of the body and mind of our oh so ungracious host.

"Tell me what happened."

Wes vomited his words. "My father. He's gone to the Council and convinced them to send a committee to retrieve me, attempt to rehabilitate me. He wouldn't listen, and my visa has been revoked. If I don't go willingly, I' ll be deported."

Wesley stood and paced the room, his naked body turning brown with the drying blood.

"I don't want to return. Angel, whatever it takes, please." His eyes radiated anguish and helplessness. But instead of giving me a chance to make things right for him, he insisted he needed to sleep and curled into the mattress next to me. Those chains were strong, my souled half having them laid with sways in the event I ever reared my head with too much strength. Rather than try to fight, I let my body sleep, and that soul slip back into comfort.

And so here I am, inside my host, my dear Angel, waiting for them to wake up. It's been four hours and they're finally starting to come out of their sex-induced stupor. And awww, how sweet. Wesley is kissing me.

"Angel, please I don't want to leave. But as long as I live, I'll be chased down. Couldn't you, please, switch with me. Turn me and curse me. Let me serve you, love you, be your slave. Anything."

Hmm, funny, that soul's not answering. I'm waiting for the long lecture about how it's so wrong! And it can't be allowed to happen! So why isn't it trying to comfort Wes?

Woah, I'm in charge? But, I know that soul is still here, so why am I in charge of this? Ah, I see. It's too weak. It loves this human, and wants him to be happy. It wants to give Wes exactly what he's asking for. And that means, me!

"Unchain me and let me take care of it for you."

"Will you turn me?"


Gonna change you Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. Gonna fuck you bloody, then gonna change you. He's looking at me with fear, that's right, ME! Me, the demon, cause that soul is deep down buried behind me, begging me to be gentle and comforting. Well FUCK YOU! I'm gonna do this MY FUCKING WAY!

I'm laughing! I haven't anticipated this much fun since that slut sent that soul packing!


That soul is begging me to be loving, or to stay quiet and just turn him. I can't help but laugh even more. They're both fools. I'm in control, and I have absolutely NO intention of letting go any time soon. That soul has fucked me over for so God damned long, gonna make it pay! Gonna make them ALL pay.

Let's see. Let's start by chaining you up, nice and gently. Don't want you to bolt from the room, want you to feel safe with me. But your not. Okay. Those chains are on and are nice and tight.

"Um, do I need to be chained on my stomach like this? Shouldn't I be facing you?"

"Nah, don't need to Wes. Anyway, it's more fun to fuck you like this!" Smell that? That's fear! HA! That's blinding fear. He knows something's wrong, and he thinks Angel's soul is gone. Nope, just not in control. And I tell him that. I tell him Angel isn't here right now to answer the phone, but he'll be back. He's just letting me borrow the keys to the car for now. And don't bother leaving a message!

I pull Wes up on his knees and start fucking him brutally. Notice I didn't say anything about lube? That's cause I didn't bother to use any! Oh, scream Wes, scream for me. I love that sound! Scream louder boy!

"Angel! P-please stop! HURTS! OH BLOODY FUCK HELP!"

Oops, something just ripped. Hmmm....must have hurt. Aw damn, now its getting slippery down there. Look at all the pretty bright red blood coming out of that hole, dripping down our balls and legs. Smells so good, oh so hot and tight! Gonna come!

Wesley's screaming in pain, I'm screaming in pleasure, blood and come are pumping, it's a beautiful day!

Ah, now that was lovely. Maybe I'll drain him now. Well, no, I think I'll just let him bleed some more. He's all curled up like a baby, crying and sobbing, snotting on my pillows. "What's that? It hurts? Here?"

Let's see. Finger in Wes's ass, what lovely presents can it find. Oh, there's a tear. Nasty tear at that. Oh! Another one! My my Wesley, you' re gonna lose way to much blood like this. And what's that I smell now? Still fear, but there's something else. Death.

That soul is fighting me! It's trying to regain dominance and force me to turn Wes. Oh, I know, I better do it soon little soul, cause if I don't, this good ol' boy's gonna die. Don't worry, I'm getting there. Gonna turn him.

"Ready Wes? Time for me to make you mine forever. All you have to do is drink a little bit of my blood. Ready?"

Well...I'm waiting for the answer. Heart's still beating, albeit slowly, but there's still life in the man yet.

"Come one Wes, you have to answer me. Are you ready?" Cause I wouldn't want to force anything on you that you didn't really want, right? So relax soul, just being a nice guy.

Mmmmm, eau de death.

Woah! That soul is pitching quite the fit! What's wrong? Am I moving too slow? Oh fine. Let's just open a vein here, there we go. And now, here you go Wes, drink up.

"Hey, why aren't you drinking? Come on! You have to drink before you die, or it's not gonna work."

Oh, I just can't help the laugh inside me. That soul is in absolute anguish. It is too late. Here lies Master Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, demon hunter extraordinaire.

WOAH! Ok, ok, so go ahead and take control of our host! Bastard soul's in charge again. And we're crying and screaming and shaking Wes's dead body around like a wet bloody rag.

Damn it felt good to kill him, but you know what felt the best? Making that soul believe that I was trying to help. It's in the soul's nature to believe that there is a bit of good in every creature. But I'm a demon, and it just learned it's mistake the hard way. You'd think that after 200 years it would know, this demon doesn't have a single drop of good. Look at all the decades spent fucking with people's minds before killing or turning them! What made it think it was protected from my nature?

OUCH! OH FUCK! What the hell? Too much for it to take. The soul wants to be released, AH FUCK! That hurts! Fine! Go ahead, stake us. Send your precious self on to heaven and me back to hell. That's where I want to be anyway! It's your own fault for trusting me. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Fred crouched down into a ball in Angel's room, her eyes unable to tear themselves from the bed. There was blood everywhere, and the scent of death was heady and strong. She rocked back and forth as she realized there was a fine sheen of ash covering Wesley's naked bloody body, and her soul screamed in her head, running and hiding behind walls and doors until it couldn't see or hear or feel anything anymore.