Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Secret Slasha 2001

A Dark Night
By Netgirl, for Heather Exum, Spike/Xander, R
Addiction As Metaphor
By Jennifer-Oksana, for Lar, Angel/Lindsey, NC-17
Against My Nature
By Merrie, for Jennifer-Oksana, Angelus/Wesley, NC-17, Dark
All The Girls Hate Her
By Jessica, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Cordelia/Faith, PG
Anya Woke Up Gay
By Roxanne, for Netgirl, Anya/Tara, PG-13
By benaresq, for Wendy, Cordelia/Fred, PG-13
By Eros, for Samantha, Gunn/Wesley, NC-17
Better Not Shout
By Slayage Summers, for Tami, Spike/Xander, NC-17
By Tinkerbell, for Benaresq, Oz/Xander, R
Bitter Wind
By Tami, for _-SuN-_, Cordelia/Fred, PG
Breaking Skin
By francis, for Zoe, Spike/Xander, R
Browser Memory
By Lar, for Briar, Cordelia/Kate, R
Chocolate Toffee
By Nancy, for Isabeau, Gunn/Welsey, R
By Jo-Jo, for Kira-Nerys, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Christmas Eve - A Beginning
By Anne Bonnell, for windzweaver, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Christmas Party
By DarkChilde, for Estepheia, Spike/Wesley, PG
Christmas Treat
By Sheena, for Juliatheyounger, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Christmas Wishes
By Lisa Martin, for Annie, Wesley/Lorne, PG
Circlet Razor
By Scynneh, for Dolores, Angel/Oz, PG
Claim Innocence
By Rebecca, for Gillian, Faith/Tara, NC-17
Closing Time
By Jainie, for Mercutio, Lorne/Spike, R
By Isabeau, for LindaMarie, Ethan/Oz, R
Don't Think
By Amy Mayr, for Chris, Angel/Wesley, R
Entertaining Mr. Fett
By Samantha, for Immicolia, Andrew/Warren, R
By Seana Renay, for Darlean, Spike/Wesley, PG
First Time, Last Time
By kira-nerys, for Kate, Angel/Lindsey, R
Fit To Be Tied
By windzweaver, for Anne Bonnell, Spike/Xander, NC-17
By Pet, for Francis, Ethan/Giles, R
Food Fight
By Zoe, for Alex, Spike/Xander, PG-13
By Kassie, for Rebecca, Cordelia/Fred, PG
Fun And Frolics
By Spiked, for Cyberjibara, Devon/Oz/Xander, NC-17
By Kate Bolin, for Scynneh, Cordelia/Faith, R
Graveside Ritual
By Annie, for Pet, Angel/Spike
Happy Guy
By Chris, for DarkChilde, Xander, PG
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
By Gigi Devilkitty, for Merrie, Angel/Spike, G
By Cosmic, for Spiked, Spike/Xander, R
By Willow, for annabel, Buffy/Faith, R
By Mary Borsellino, for Bex Stormcrowe, Angel/Doyle, PG
just feel
By shelly, for Jainie, Riley/Spike, NC-17
Just Five More Minutes
By Ella, for Nancy, Spike/Xander, PG
Midnight Kiss
By Immicolia, for Lisa Martin, Spike/Xander, PG
By Prophecy Girl, for Mary Borsellino, Buffy/Faith, R
By Juliatheyounger, for Katyd, Spike/Xander, R
Monstermagnet Has Logged Out
By wyrd, for ames, Oz/Xander, PG
Movies And Research
By Faithtastic, for Prophecy Girl, Cordelia/Fred, PG
By Kate, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Buffy/Faith, NC-17
Never Argue With Cordelia Chase
By Darlean, for Slayage Summers, Cordelia/Faith, R
New Year's Resolutions
By Gillian, for JoJo, Gunn/Wesley, G
Of The Good
By Mercutio, for Jessica, Buffy/Faith, PG
By katyd, for Kate Bolin, Giles/Oz, R
Second Chances
By Alex, for Cosmic, Angel/Lindsey, R
Sentimental Value
By _-SuN-_, for Ella, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Settling For Perfection
By Karen McDonald, for Kassie, Cordelia/Fred, PG
Soldier Boy
By Bex Stormcrowe, for Eros, Forrest/Riley, R
State Fair
By LindaMarie, for Karen McDonald, Spike/Xander, R
Stranger Things Have Happened
By Estepheia, for Roxanne, Angel/Spike, R
Thank You
By Dolores, for Seana Renay, Fred/Tara, PG
The Alley
By ames, for wyrd, Angel/Xander, R
The Christmas Effort
By Wendy, for Criss Moody, Anya/Spike/Xander, NC-17
The Voice Of Your Eyes
By Olwen, for Gigi Devilkitty, Willow/Tara, R
Those Ain't Exactly Visions Of Sugarplums
By Cyberjibara, for shelly, Spike/Xander, PG
To Forget, Divine
By annabel, for Olwen, Angel/Wesley, R
True Tales Of Hair Gel
By Criss Moody, for Amy Mayr, Angel/Wesley, G
By Heather Exum, for Faithtastic, Cordelia/Lilah, PG
By Briar, for Tinkerbell, Angel/Spike, NC-17