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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Christmas Treat
By Sheena
For Juliatheyounger

Xander breathed deeply, taking the night air into his lungs and keeping it there for a few seconds before releasing it back into the atmosphere. ╩The night was chilly but not overly cold as some had been in past years. He liked the biting chill to a cold December day, but on this one night he was happy it was semi-warm. He didn't relish the idea of staying out under the stars and freezing to death.

Christmas Eve held no special meaning for Xander Harris, other than his yearly camping trip in his backyard, or if the family was too loud, the closest unoccupied crypt. The family was quiet this year though, so why was it that he found himself walking through a dark cemetery in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, pretty defenseless against the baddies of Sunnydale, laden down with sleeping back, pillow, various snack items, a cooler, and the traditional Charlie Brown's Christmas video? Because he knew someone else that would be alone on this supposedly hallowed night, and he was in the mood for a little company.

As he neared Spike's crypt he could see the glowing end of a lit cigarette. Squinting his eyes, Xander could make out Spike's form, leaning nonchalantly against his crypt door, just looking up into the sky.

"What are you doing here?" Spike asked gruffly.

Xander jumped a little at hearing the vampire speak, then rolled his eyes at himself. "Decided to save you from a boring night of stargazing and myself from getting eaten by something in my own backyard." Xander responded, not even waiting to be invited into Spike's home, but instead walking right past the blonde and into the crypt.

"I brought you a Christmas pressie too." Xander said, moving the blood bags from the cooler he'd brought, to the small refrigerator in one corner of the crypt. Xander wasn't about to tell the blonde vampire why he'd really come that night. That he hadn't wanted Spike to be alone. That he'd had a crush on the vampire since before he'd been chipped.

Xander was broken from his thoughts of a naked Spike, when chipped black polished hands grip his hips. Xander yelped and stood up straight from where he'd been bent over storing the blood bags. When he was standing up straight, his back was flush with Spike's chest, Spike's hands still on his hips.

"Is that all you came over for? Or was there something else that you wanted?" Spike asked in a whisper, the air brushing sensually against Xander's ear and neck.

Xander's heart sped up. What was Spike doing? "What are you doing?"

"What we've both wanted." Spike said, sucking Xander's earlobe into his mouth and sucking gently.

Xander couldn't suppress the moan that escaped him. His eyes closed and his head fell back against Spike's shoulder as a fire was being kindled inside of him. Spike placed kisses gently behind Xander's ear, beneath his jaw, across his jaw line. ╩Xander was in heaven, or more likely Hell considering the fires that were consuming his body.

Spike's hands wandered from Xander's hips, one farther up, grazing flesh beneath Xander's shirt. The other moved further inward, cupping Xander's growing heat. Rubbing and squeezing it to fullness even as the vampire ground against him, bringing his own to fullness.

Spike removed his hand from Xander's stomach, and Xander groaned in protest of the loss of contact. Spike chuckled as he rounded Xander, moving to stand in front of the boy, still peppering kisses along his neck.

Xander thought he would melt into a nice puddle of goo when Spike began to suckle softly at the hollow of his throat. No one had ever done that to Xander before, and now that he knew how good it could feel, he never wanted it to stop. Spike's hands were doing things to his body that he'd never dreamed he could feel.

"Spike." Xander moaned when he felt the blonde's hands creep around to squeeze his ass, pulling the boy's hips closer to his own, grinding their erections against each other. Xander gasped into Spike's mouth at the sensation.

Spike growled low in his throat before attacking Xander's mouth, plundering it. Owning it. Feeling out every part of the mortal and keeping a taste for himself. Xander was quick to comply, meeting the vampire's tongue in a sensual duel as old as the dawn of time.

Xander stumbles as Spike pushes him backwards, backing him up against the wall of the crypt. He grapples at the other man's shoulders, feeling as if he would fly away on these waves of pleasure that were threatening to drowned him. Blindly, Xander fumbles for the buttons of Spike's shirt, wanting to touch him. Needing to touch the cool flesh before the fires inside him completely consumed him. He was too hot. He would melt soon if he didn't get to the cool flesh.

Xander whimpered when he couldn't get the buttons to release their purchase, becoming so desperate as to rip the shirt apart, scattering buttons everywhere, and then growled in triumph as his hands found the cool skin he craved. He ran his hands over the flesh, mapping out in his mind the chiseled chest before him, even as his tongue mapped out the caverns of the mouth on his.

Spike lifted the hem of Xander's shirt, forcing his mouth away from the dark haird child's in order to remove the offending cloth. He wanted nothing between himself and the warm skin of the mortal before him. He moaned as Xander's hands found his nipples, squeezing and twisting them to pertness. Spike arched his back into his touch, wanting more.

He let his hands travel over the expanse of golden skin he'd uncovered, palming the small brown nipples until they stood erect, reaching towards his touch. Spike gloried in the sounds of pleasure Xander made as he brought his mouth to the firm disks and laved at each one in turn, tasting the mortal sweat and skin. But it wasn't enough.

Fumbling hands shaking with desire find their way to waistband of Xander's jeans, even as the boy worked furiously to rid him of the remainder of his clothing. He wasted no time and quickly had the button undone and zipper pulled down. His hands dove inside to touch that which had been burning him even through their layers of clothing.

Xander cried out as Spike's cool hand came into contact with his over heated flesh. It nearly sent him over the edge into orgasm, as Spike's hand surrounded him, pumping him. Teasing touches and firm flirtation. Bringing him to the edge only to pull him back before he could fall.

"Please...Spike, I need...please." Xander whispered, not sure what he needed, but knowing that Spike would know and would give it to him.

"I know, luv." Spike whispered back, even as heated skin found it's way into his own jeans. He shivered at the heat, scorching him even as it gave him pleasure. He involuntarily thrust into that hand, needing the sweet friction, but still wanting more, yearning for it.

Spike quickly divested himself and the mortal boy of their remaining clothing. Not even taking the time to admire the beautiful flesh that was his for the taking. No time for that. Too hot, much too hot. Too close.

With another growl, Spike bent down, grabbing Xander under his knees, supporting the rest of the boy's body with his. Xander wrapped his arms around Spike's neck as the vampire wrapped his legs around his waist.

Kissing his neck and any skin he could reach, Xander allowed Spike to carry him to the concrete tomb set to the back of the crypt. He yelped a little as the cold slab hit his back, but the yelp turned into a moan when Spike's hands and mouth went to work on his body once more.

"I need lube, luv. I don't want to hurt you." Spike said, panting for unneeded air, matching Xander's fast paced breaths.

Xander groaned. Lube? He hadn't expected this. He'd never done this. How was he supposed to know to bring something like that to a Christmas type thing?

"I don't have any. Don't you have SOMETHING here?" Xander whined. He knew he was whining. But he wanted, damnit. He wanted very, very badly.

"Got it. Just hold on a second." Spike said, hurrying off. Xander couldn't hear what he was doing, the blood was rushing in his ears to loudly for that. He was just grateful when Spike returned, kissing him deeply.

Spike settled himself between Xander's legs, pulling one up over his shoulder. "Tell me to stop if it's too much." Spike said, then started to press one finger into Xander's hole.

Xander winced at first. It stung slightly, but he forced himself to relax. Then Spike set up a nice rhythm and he could feel his muscles strain, then stretch, then relax. It went much the same with the second finger. The pain was more with the third, but was over shadowed by undeniable pleasure when those wonderful fingers hit something inside him.

Xander nearly leapt off the table, arching his back and screaming in pleasure. Spike made sure to hit that spot several more times. By the time he removed his fingers, which Xander loudly protested, Xander was flushed all over, panting for much needed air, and begging for more.

"Easy pet, just relax." Spike said, and Xander couldn't think he could get more relaxed.

He sucked in a breath on a hiss of pain as something much larger entered his body. It was only the slight burn of stretching muscles, but added just enough pain to bring him back from the edge, and for that he was grateful.

Spike buries himself in the velvety heat of the man under him. Basks in the tightness. He holds himself there, giving the mortal time to adjust, with his head nuzzled in the crook of Xander's neck, breathing in his scent.

Xander moaned at the uncomfortable but nice feeling of being completely filled. He never thought that it would be like this. That he would enjoy it this much or that it would feel this good. But he wanted more, and Spike wasn't giving it to him.

Xander thrust up against Spike, causing the vampire to moan and slide out of his slightly. Spike thrust back in before pulling out and thrusting in deeper. The heat was calling him back every time he left. Xander's muscles clamping around him tightly, trying to keep him there.

Xander knew he wasn't going to last long. It just felt so good and Spike was thrusting faster and faster, and he was countering every move, begging him to move faster, deeper, harder. Wanting more and more of the vampire above him. Xander scratched at Spike's back, reveling in the sounds of pleasure coming from the vampire, each one bringing him closer to the edge, until he teetered there, ready to fall over the edge, begging for it.

Spike thrust harder, closer to the edge of unbelievable pleasure. Reaching around Xander's legs, he gripped the other man's hardness, jerking in time with his movements. He thrust once and then again, then he felt Xander's seed spilling over his hand, onto the mortal's chest.

Xander screamed out his pleasure as his orgasm ripped through him, tearing him to pieces and putting him back together, only to do it all over again. Bright lights flashed behind his tightly closed eyelids, sparking like fireworks on the fourth of July. His whole body convulsed with the pleasure wracking through him.

Spike couldn't hold back anymore when he felt Xander convulse around him, heard him shout out his completion. Spike let go, game face slipping to the fore and he slammed back into the mortal for the last time. He howled as he emptied himself in Xander, flooding the heat with cool semen. The contridiction bringing him more pleasure, as Xander's body milked everything he had to offer.

Xander held on to Spike as he tried to catch his breath, welcoming the coolness of his body as Spike let his body fall gracefully on top of his. He tried to blink the fuzziness from his eyes, and clear his head to form a coherent sentence. The only thing he could come up with was, "Amazing."

"My thoughts exactly, luv." Spike said, chuckling even as he nuzzled his head deeply into the crook of his lover's neck.



"What did you use as lube?"