Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Secret Slasha 2005

And A Globe
By Ari, for Kate Bolin, Giles/Oz, G
Black Holes Where The Stars Should Be
By WesleysGirl, for Toes, Angel/Doyle, PG-13
By Copper, for Netgirl, Anya/Tara, NC-17
Both Into And Away
By Voleuse, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, NC-17
Candy Cane Fetish
By Mary Ellis, for Sham, Angel/Wesley, G
Come Back Wrong
By Cas, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Buffy/Dawn, NC-17
Covert Ops
By EntreNous, for Mary Ellis, Graham/Xander, PG-13
By Amy, for Voleuse, Jenny/Lilah, R
The Debt
By fish_23, for Wolfling, Angel/Doyle, PG
By Serena Kitt, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Spike/Xander, R
Dirge Without Music
By Jadelennox, for Ari, Fred/Willow, NC-17
The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
By Lasair, for fish_23, Angel/Spike, PG
Empty Choices
By Beth C., for Tania, Angel/Spike, PG-13
Eyes That Were Stars
By Voleuse, for Beth C., Buffy/Nina, R
By Trekker, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Giles/Xander, NC-17
Five Golden Rings
By Thomas Madden, for Amy, Kennedy/Willow, NC-17
From Eternity To Here
By Spikendru, for Lar, Angel/Lindsey, NC-17
Grey Area
By Bitter_Sweet, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Harder Faster More
By Kate Bolin, for alizarin_nyc, Angel/Lindsey, NC-17
By Faithtastic, for k, Cordelia/Fred, PG
How Angel Saved Christmas
By Dolores, for Korey, Angel/Oz, R
By Don't Make Eye Contact, for Serena Kitt, Connor/Lindsey, NC-17
The Key
By Raaven, for Thomas Madden, Buffy/Dawn, NC-17
By LindaMarie, for Maggie, Giles/Xander, PG
Lessons In Obedience
By Dariclone, for Maren, Buffy/Darla, NC-17
Let It Snow
By Maggie, for Raaven, Wesley/Xander, NC-17
Libraries And Hallways
By Dolores, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Giles/Xander, NC-17
Like Thunderstorms
By Lostgirl, for LindaMarie, Drusilla/Faith, NC-17
Make Way For Librarians
By glossolalia, for Lostgirl, Giles/Xander, R
Malibu Barbie, Meet Smurfette
By Moosesal, for Twinkledru, Buffy/Illyria, R
By Toes, for RabidX, Jesse/Oz, R
By Morrigushout, for Trekker, Angel/Giles, NC-17
The Official "Willow's Ex-Boyfriends" Club, Membership 2
By KindKit, for Jadelennox, Oz/Xander, PG
O Holy Night
By alizarin_nyc, for WesleysGirl, Angel/Spike, R
Over Swedish Meatballs
By Kate Bolin, for Moosesal, Giles/Oz, PG-13
By Croupier, for EntreNous, Lindsey/Xander, NC-17
By Maren, for Don't Make Eye Contact, Gwen/Tara, NC-17
Primal Therapy
By Wolfling, for Charles, Angel/Oz, R
Ris'n With Healing (In His Wings)
By Lar, for Copper, Angel/Wesley, PG
By Tania, for Cas, Anya/Willow, PG
Shoulda Gone To Europe
By Wendy, for Morrigushout, Spike/Xander, PG-13
Silent Sounds Like This
By Rheya, for Maybedarkpink, Giles/Oz, R
By RabidX, for hold_that_thought, Gunn/Spike, R
Steps Ascending
By Kat M., for Spikendru, Angel/Spike, PG
By Maybedarkpink, for Faithtastic, Buffy/Tara, R
There Is No Revolution Without Boots And Song
By k, for Bitter_Sweet, Buffy/Faith, PG-13
These New Years
By Pesha, for Lasair, Angel/Wesley, PG
They Say Hell Is
By Netgirl, for A Secret Slasha Dropout, Darla/Drusilla, R
By Charles, for Dolores, Angel/Oz, PG
By hold_that_thought, for Pesha, Angelus/Spike, NC-17
By Pesha, for Kat M., Faith/Kennedy, NC-17
By Croupier, for Rheya, Cordelia/Lilah, PG-13
Whatever Lola Wants
By Serena Kitt, for Dariclone, Faith/Tara, PG-13
What Happens Down In Mexico Stays In Mexico
By Korey, for glossolalia, Buffy/Nina, NC-17
Wild Things
By Sham, for Wendy, Dawn/Faith, NC-17
A Year In London, Give or Take, And The Exploration Of Certain Guidebook-Reported Sites And Reactions To The Same
By Twinkledru, for KindKit, Giles/Oz, G