Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Secret Slasha 2004

Absolute Power
By Netgirl, for Linda Marie, Ethan/Oz, R
All Quiet
By Twinkledru, for Kat F., Angelus/Xander, R
And All That Could Have Been
By Kat M., for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Ethan/Giles, PG
An Atlas Of The Beautiful World
By Croupier, for Don't Make Eye Contact, Cordelia/Tara, R
By Doyle, for Lost Girl, Giles/Wesley, PG-13
Better Than
By Kate, for Maggie, Devon/Xander, NC-17
Bilateral Symmetry
By Lunarwolfik, for Amy, Fred/Lilah, NC-17
The Boys' Own Christmas
By glossolalia, for K, Gunn/Oz, R
bright eyes
By Serena Kitt, for Andrea, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Broken Things
By Wendy, for a Secret Slasha Dropout., Dana/Faith, NC-17
Cherry Red
By Robin tCJ, for Daniel, Faith/Willow, NC-17
Christmas Bonus
By Dolores, for Lunanne, Angel/Lindsey, R
Christmas In Nairobi
By Josey, for Calendae, Oz/Xander, PG-13
Colors Of The Night
By [R], for Arokkai, Oz/Other, PG-13
Come Undone
By Dolores, for Wolfling, Angel/Doyle, PG-13
By Wolfling, for [R], Buffy/Faith, PG
Couldn't, Shouldn't, Wouldn't
By Arken Blood, for Kristina, Angel/Wesley, NC-17
By Claire, for Dariclone, Cordelia/Willow, PG
Desert Plants Are Strange Indeed
By Elizabeth Scripturient, for Lasair, Buffy/Tara, R
By RabidX, for Wyrdchaos, Angel/Xander, NC-17
The Eighth Greatest Story Ever Told
By Cameron Fry, for Serena Kitt, Oz/Xander, NC-17
Faith Can Keep You Warm
By Minervacat, for Rheya, Faith/Lilah, R
By Adrian, for Lunarwolfik, Lindsey/Wesley, NC-17
By Ari, for Valancy, Faith/Buffy, R
Five Things That Never Happened To Gunn And Wesley
By Charles, for Mosca, Gunn/Wesley, R
For The Widows In Paradise
By Calendae, for Maybe Dark Pink, Oz/Xander, PG-13
Four Acrostics
By Rebecca Lizard, for RabidX, Oz/Xander, G
By Maggie, for Francis, Buffy/Tara, G
By Lucas, for Delaney, Gunn/Wesley, G
His Word Is Sweet
By Lar, for Kate, Oz/Lindsey, PG-13
A Holiday Tradition
By Moosesal, for Delwyn Cole, Angel/Wesley, R
house with unlocked doors
By K, for Charles, Graham/Xander, PG
If A Lonely Man
By Valancy, for Robin tCJ, Angel/Wesley, NC-17
By Lasair, for Doyle, Buffy/Kennedy, PG-13
In The Aftermath
By Kaz, for Lucas, Connor/Riley, NC-17
In The Business
By KindKit, for Kat M., Anya/Fred, R
In The Rain
By Amanda, for Ari, Fred/Willow, PG-13
Left Behind People
By Lisan, for Dessert First, Oz/Xander, R
Lost And Found
By Kristina, for Insane Vampiress, Dawn/Kennedy, PG
By Bitter Sweet, for SA, Dawn/Tara, PG
Merry And Bright
By Amy, for Bear, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Mistletoe And Silk
By Arokkai, for Willocwen, Graham/Riley, PG-13
Moon Stung
By Voleuse, for Bitter Sweet, Dawn/Kit, R
By Kat F., for Miranda, Angel/Wesley, PG-13
My Goodbye
By Lunanne, for Amanda, Buffy/Faith, PG
By Miranda, for Rebecca Lizard, Dawn/Willow, PG
One Night In Italy
By Lost Girl, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Dawn/Faith, NC-17
On Mercury
By Bear, for Adrian, Angel/Wesley, G
On The Unifying Properties Of Greenery
By Dessert First, for Arkenblood, Spike/Xander, NC-17
Out With The Doggy
By Thomas, for glossolalia, Oz/Xander, NC-17
By Willocwen, for Elizabeth Scripturient, Ethan/Giles, NC-17
Pure Chance
By Rheya, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Ethan/Giles, NC-17
Queen For Good
By Voleuse, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Buffy/Faith, NC-17
Queering The Key
By glossolalia, by Marissa, Dawn/Faith, R
Rather Be In Copenhagen
By glossolalia, for Josey, Angel/Spike, NC-17
By Cassie, for Netgirl, Anya/Tara, PG-13
Running Men
By Linda Marie, for Dolores, Oz/Riley, PG
The Secret Game
By Dale, for Thomas, Buffy/Tara, NC-17
The Seduction
By Maybe Dark Pink, For Voleuse, Lilah/Tara, PG-13
By Andrea, for Wendy, Dawn/Tara, PG
So Much History In A Kiss
By SA, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Dawn/Tara, PG-13
Spin The Bottle
By Faithtastic, for Lar, Lindsey/Xander, R
Still A Slut
By Marissa, for Cassie, Faith/Willow, R
These Chains
By Wyrdchaos, for Lisan, Spike/Xander, R
They Make Solitude And Call It Peace
By Mosca, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Buffy/Willow, PG-13
Too Expensive
By Delaney, for Minervacat, Cordelia/Lilah, PG-13
Towards Acceptance
By Francis, for KindKit, Gunn/Wesley, R
Unrequited Love
By Insane Vampiress, for Cameron Fry, Cordelia/Willow, PG
Un-Still Life, With River
By Twinkledru, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Graham/Riley, PG
By Morrighusout, for Faithtastic, Faith/Tara, R
What Can I Give Him?
By Dariclone, for Moosesal, Oz/Xander, G
What The Future Brings
By Don't Make Eye Contact, for a Secret Slasha Dropout, Dawn/Willow, NC-17
Wish Me A Wishverse
By r8thir, for Morrigushout, Xander/Lindsey, Xander/Oz, NC-17
You Ain't It
By Croupier, for Twinkledru, Buffy/Lilah, R