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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Unrequited Love
By Insane Vampiress
For Cameron Fry

She didn't want this to be the end. She wanted this to last forever, but as all know: Nothing gold can stay. She was leaving to become a star she told herself, not because of the redhead she could never have. It wasn't that much trouble for her to go to L.A. and start a new life -- it wasn't like she had much to pack anymore -- and this would be for the best.

...But could she leave without telling Willow goodbye? No. And that was why all of her belongings were packed and she sat in the car in front of the Rosenberg residence. Man, was it cold for a California night -- especially for one in summer.

After about an hour, Cordelia decided it was time to go in. She started to open the door and someone from outside finished the action. The brunette looked up to see Willow looking down at her. "How long were you planning on sitting here, Cordy?"

"I was just getting out, wasn't I?" the ex-cheerleader told her as she stepped out of the car. She straightened her skirt in the most dignified way possible, as if it wasn't weird at all that she was sitting in the other girl's driveway at...she checked her watch nonchalantly, two a.m.

Willow saw the suitcase in the passenger's seat. So, Cordelia Chase was leaving Sunnydale at last -- how nice that she didn't hide the fact that she hated it here long before she could travel on her own. The redhead looked at Cordy again and grabbed her hand, "Come in before some vamp makes you his frozen snack." She dragged the girl towards her house.

Cordelia shook her hand free from Willow's. "I can walk."

So the two made their way to the house side by side, occasionally the redhead would glance at her companion, but the brunette kept her eyes locked on the front door.

As Willow's hand reached to open the door, Cordelia's words stopped her. "Come with me." The redhead stared down at her own hand for a moment, her fingertips lightly gripping the knob. The other girl repeated herself, "Come with me. Please, Willow."

"Where?" the witch whispered.

Cordelia touched her arm and she looked up, "Everywhere." She paused, "God, how cliche was that!"

Willow opened the door, her gaze kept on her path now. "Very. Follow me, Cordy -- you don't want to stay outside longer, do you?" She started walking in and, suddenly feeling compelled to do as she said, the brunette followed. At her bedroom, the redhead grabbed her companion's hand again and pulled her in quickly.

"What--" Cordelia was stopped by Willow's hand over her mouth.

"Sh!" the redhead told her, and she pushed the ex-cheerleader into the closet.

Sheila Rosenberg walked into her daughter's room. "Willow? Why aren't you asleep yet, you know the rules. I don't care if you're eighteen, you haven't moved out yet and you are still under your father's and my jurisdiction until you do."

"Sorry, mom. I had to get some water." Her mother looked around her room suspiciously. "I have to get back to sleep now, mom. Goodnight." Sheila left, as slowly as possible.

Willow closed the door. "When are you going to come out of the closet, Cordy? Well, you know what I mean."

The brunette stepped out, and the redhead kissed her. In shock, it took her a moment to respond. "Willow..." she whispered into the other girl's lips.

Quickly, the witch pulled back. "I-- I didn't mean to do that," Cordelia looked down, "but I wanted to. I can't...I have Oz, I can't do that to him again."

The brunette nodded and looked Willow straight in the eyes, "Goodbye." She kissed the witch, a gesture that shown the emotions -- a gesture of love.

The redhead said the words Cordelia wanted to hear, "I love you," followed by the ones to break her heart, "but we can't be together."

Again, "Goodbye, Willow." She left, this was the closest she'd come to closure. Sudden and final, this was their beginning and end, halted by loyalty.

Watching the car leave from her window, minutes later, the witch whispered under her breath. In her car, the ex-cheerleader was thinking about the redhead, when her memories disappeared and she could only think of unrequited love.