Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Secret Slasha 2002

After School Activities
Principal Snyder/Xander for Goddess Heather by Angelika.
And Janus Dances
Giles/Oz for Isabeau by Sascha.
Andrew/Warren for Immicolia by Kay Tee.
The Art Of Deception
Angel/Wesley for The Brat Queen by AlyKat730.
Angel/Xander for Kay Tee by LindaMarie.
Beggars Would Ride
Angel/Spike for Katie Chambers by Wiseacress.
Beyond Surviving
Angel/Wesley for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Princess Twilite.
Big Sister's Clothes
Buffy/Faith for Bastet by TrplPisces.
Bitter Irony
Connor/Wesley for Criss Moody by Hilary.
Bleeding Rose
Angel/Xander for Soft Princess by [R].
Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Anya/Willow for Mosca by Lar.
Oz/Spike for Amykins by Fairfax.
Xander/Spike for Juliatheyounger by Ahestele.
Christmas Surprise
Angel/Xander for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Mys.
Cold Comfort
Angel/Wesley for Angie by Estepheia.
Conjugal Visits
Faith/Lilah for Briar by Goddess Heather.
Buffy/Faith for Francis by Kate Bolin.
Buffy/Faith for k8 by Lamia Archer.
Deep End
Connor/Gunn for Kassie by Lisa Martin.
Do You Hear What I Hear
Spike/Xander for zus by James Walkswithwind.
Drahý Sestra (Beloved Sister)
Drusilla/Willow for Calle Dybedahl by Rune.
Drawn To The Fire
Angel/Spike and Buffy/Faith for Lamia Archer by Angelina.
Ethan/Giles for Sascha by El-Gilliath.
Drowning Sorrows
Anya/Willow for AlyKat730 by zus.
Dawn/Faith for Honoured Fool by Don't Make Eye Contact.
Emotion Sickness
Angel/Wesley for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Raquel.
Empty Solace
Angel/Xander for a Secret Slasha Dropout by WesleysGirl.
Everybody Got Their Something
Cordelia/Lilah for Jennifer-Oksana by The Brat Queen.
Evil Hand
Angel/Lindsey for Mae by Kate Bolin.
Buffy/Willow for Beth C. by Amberina.
Family Traditions
Angel/Spike for Raquel by DarkChilde.
A Far Better Fate Than Wisdom
Gunn/Wesley for katyd by Mosca.
Fitful Selves
Xander/Spike for Charmin by JainieG.
A Game Of Thrones
Angelus/Spike for Wiseacress by Mad Poetess.
Ghosts Of Sunnydale
Giles/Oz for Kate Bolin by James Walkswithwind.
Girls Like...
Dawn/Kit for Angelia by Immicolia.
Groundhog Night
Angel/Oz and Cordelia/Joyce for Dolores by Sajinn.
Having A Bit Of Fun
Spike/Wesley for JainieG by Alex Morgan.
Faith/Tara for Netgirl by Mia.
Honolulu, Calcutta
Wesley/Xander for Pixiestyxs by Jennifer-Oksana.
Into The Darkness
Faith/Willow for Don't Make Eye Contact by Trixx.
It's A Very Merry Christmas
Ethan/Giles for manic by Briar.
Keeping Busy
Spike/Xander for Estepheia by Andrew Bowles.
The Lady Has A Scar
Drusilla/Willow for Twinkledru J. by Francis.
Less Immaculate Conceptions
Cordelia/Faith for Angelchase by Buffonia.
Little Miss Muffet
Faith/Glory for Patricia RD by Kyra Cullinan.
A Little Spark
Dawn/Faith for Elina by Beth C.
Lonely Together
Anya/Willow for Cas by Velvet Crypt.
Long Nights
Tara/Willow for Casey by Patricia RD.
Making An Offer
Faith/Lilah for Slayage by k8.
Merry Christmas, Luv
Spike/Xander for Alex Morgan by Charmin.
Never Been To Me
Cordelia/Faith for Mia by Katie Chambers.
Never, Why?
Darla/Faith for Andrew Bowles by Pixiestyxs.
Not Conversing With Dead People
Spike/Xander for Bonster by Buffonia.
Oedipus Rocks
Spike/Xander for Hilary by Katyd.
Of Incubi And Inversion
Spike/Xander and Angel/Spike for Trixx by Minim Calibre.
On The Balcony
Spike/Xander for Ahestele by Amykins.
One Girl
Buffy/Faith for Jay by Anonymous.
One More Day
Angel/Wesley for James Walkswithwind by Criss Moody.
Pale Shelter
Angelus/Spike for Sajinn by Dolores.
Panama City
Fred/Tara for Gillian by RabidX.
A Piece Of Work
Spike/Xander for Rune by Twinkledru J.
Faith/Veruca for a Secret Slasha Dropout by slayage.
Connor/Wesley for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Raaven O'Quinn.
Buffy/Faith for Amy by manic.
Price Of The Key
Angel/Xander for Buddy by Just Human.
Spike/Xander for Darkchilde by Cas.
Buffy/Cordelia for C-N by Kassie.
Recalling The Sea
Ethan/Giles for Reema by Bonster.
Return Home
Angel/Lindsey for Lar by Elina Shadowheart.
The Right Person For The Wrong Reason
Spike/Xander and Gunn/Wesley for LadyCat by Buddy.
Road's End
Drusilla/Faith for Te by Calle Dybedahl.
Short But Sweet
Wesley/Xander for Samantha by Angelia.
Significant Powers Of Persuasion
Spike/Xander for Mys by Gillian.
Silent Night
Cordelia/Faith for Lisan by Jennifer-Oksana.
Spike/Xander and Angel/Wesley for Lisa Martin by Rod.
Slumber Party
Buffy/Cordelia for Princess Twilite by Mae.
Angel/Giles for Raaven O'Quinn by Kate Bolin.
So Am I
Anya/Willow for Buffonia by C-N.
Something Damn Manly
Giles/Xander for LindaMarie by Sam.
Angel/Spike for Lawrence by Loki.
Spike's Christmas Prezzie
Giles/Spike for Wolfling by Casey.
Stroke Of Midnight
Spike/Xander for Fairfax by LadyCat.
The Stuff Of Life To Knit Me
Giles/Wesley for Just Human by James Walkswithwind.
Taking A Risk
Spike/Xander for Velvet Crypt by Louise.
Taking Control
Cordelia/Faith for [R] by Lisan.
Tell The End
Angelus/Xander for Phoebe by Te.
Things To Do In L.A. When You're Dead
Angel/Wesley for El-Gilliath by Hyacinth Girl>
Tis The Season
Oz/Wesley for RabidX by Amy.
Ethan/Giles for Hyacinth Girl by Corona.
True Colours
Dawn/Tara for Kyra Cullinan by Soft Princess.
True Love
Ethan/Spike for Angelika by Isabeau.
Spike/Xander for Tequila Worm by Lawrence.
Unconditional Love
Buffy/Dawn for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Wolfling.
Anya/Willow for Loki by Juliatheyounger.
Buffy/Faith for a Secret Slasha Dropout by Scy.
Wasted Today, They're Wasted Tomorrow
Angel/Wesley for WesleysGirl by Jay.
What You Need
Gunn/Wesley for Minim Calibre by Angelchase.
White Christmas
Dawn/Tara & Anya/Willow for Amberina by Tequila Worm.
Riley/Xander for Rod by Bastet.
Why We Fight
Cordelia/Faith for scy by honouredfool.
Faith/Willow for Mad Poetess by Reema & Masha.
Window Of Innocence
Lilah/Tara for Trplpisces by Netgirl.