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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

True Colours
By Soft Princess
For Kyra Cullinan

Sweet smiles, silly jokes, playful and innocent. Tara saw through it all. It was her gift. One she treasured and one she knew one day would get her into trouble.

Just as she'd seen through Faith's act and alerted Willow to the body switch with Buffy, she'd seen through Dawn's. Auras were a tricky thing, but they never lied. Dawn's was black, so strong that Tara knew an unknown power lay there that could only spell all kinds of trouble. But she mentioned nothing.

What proof did she have?

So she watched. And waited. Because sooner or later, Dawn would let her true colours show. Tara just hoped she'd be able to stop her in time.


"H...happy birthday Dawn." Tara smiled, handing over the gift Willow had picked out. Dawn squealed like a teenager and tore the paper apart. Buffy, Willow and Xander stood by with smiles, all of them oblivious of the tension between the two girls. The look on Dawn's face was betrayed by her eyes. She knew.

"Thanks so much you guys." Dawn said, hugging Tara tightly then moving onto Willow.

"Tara helped me pick it out. I wanted to get you a history book to help you with school, but she told me some people don't actually enjoy studying." Willow grinned.

Dawn grinned. "Tara, you're a life saver."

Tara smiled and moved over to the safety of Willow's side.

"God, this is like the best birthday ever. Thanks." Dawn gushed, gathering her presents.

"Dawn, we have to go patrolling now, are you going to be okay with Tara?" Willow asked.

"What?" Tara asked, her face whitening.

"Sure, Willow." Dawn smiled. "We'll have lots of fun."

"Willow...I..." Tara began, nervously. "You didn't ask me."

"Sure I did." Willow said. "Last night, I said Buffy needed me to help her tonight and if you could look after Dawn."

"I'm so sorry." Buffy apologised. "I know this is kinda last minute, but I need Willow, Xander and Spike with me and Anya's busy. I asked Willow to ask you days ago."

Willow smiled sheepishly. "And I kinda forgot Ītil last night."

"No, it's, uh...fine." Tara said, throwing a glance at Dawn. "Just don't be too long, okay?"

"Promise." Buffy said, turning to leave. "Sorry about this, Dawn. This is kinda important. I swear we'll spend time together tomorrow."

Dawn nodded. "Sure, that's fine."

Buffy gave her a half smile and walked to the front door, Xander trailing behind her.

Willow gave Tara a goodbye kiss and left too, various happy birthdays' being called out for Dawn.

The moment the door shut, Dawn looked at Tara, a smirk playing on her face. "You look nervous."

"I...I'm just...thinking about tomorrow. I have to get up early." Tara stuttered.

"You wanna go to bed? I can take of myself you know." Dawn smiled. "I don't mind."

"I think I might. I mean, if you're okay?" Tara asked, backing away towards the door.

Dawn smiled. "Don't worry about me, I'll find something to amuse me."


Tara sat on her bed, not sure what she was waiting for, but doing it anyway. She heard nothing from downstairs and it made chills run down her spine. She was alone in the house with a girl so evil and powerful, she doubted Buffy could take her on and live. She saw the hate in Dawn's eyes and it scared her. Now she was alone with her, wishing Willow would return quickly.

After a few minutes, she gained the confidence to change out of her clothes, ready for bed. She wasn't tired, it was still early, but if it meant avoiding Dawn, she'd gladly do it.

As she pulled her sweater over her head, the door opened from behind. Dawn stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame with a fixated look in her eyes.

Tara didn't notice.

As she undressed, Tara felt eyes bearing into her back and spun round. Covering herself quickly, she barely managed to stop a scream. "D...Dawn, w...what are you d...doing here? I'm trying to get undressed." Tara stuttered nervously.

"They don't see what you see do they?" Dawn asked, cocking her head. "You see more. They're blind."

"I...what? Could we do this when I'm wearing clothes?" Tara asked, trying to sound annoyed rather than frightened by the intrusion.

"Do you think they'd believe you, if you told them?" Dawn asked, walking closer.

Tara reached down and grabbed her discarded sweater and tried to cover herself. "What?"

"If I killed you right now they'd never believe it was me." Dawn said, proudly. "Because they don't see."

Tara feigned confusion and moved towards the door. "I don't know what you mean, could you please leave?"

A hand shot out and grabbed Tara's wrist, pulling her back towards Dawn. "Where you going? You're supposed to be looking after me, you know. Keeping me amused. I'm not amused Tara. You're not doing your job."

Tara swallowed nervously and tried to pull free to no avail. "Dawn, let go. You're hurting me."

"Good." Dawn smirked as she reached out and yanked the sweater away from Tara's other hand.

Exposed, Tara tried in vain to cover herself with one arm. "Dawn!"

"I'm not real, Tara. They look at me and they see a sixteen-year-old girl. They don't see what you do."

"You're crazy." Tara whispered, holding back the frightened tears.

"That's not all I am." Dawn laughed, letting go of Tara's wrist and moving towards the bedroom door. "I'm the key. I don't open anything anymore, but it doesn't change what I am. I'm an object of great power and evil and you're the only one who sees it. Just a shame no one's ever going to believe you."

Tara turned to the wardrobe, desperate to cover herself completely before taking on the crazy teenager blocking her path.

"Do you like me, Tara? I'm pretty, right?" Dawn smiled. "I think you're pretty too. And Willow...she's very pretty."

Tara spun around and glared. "Stay away from Willow."

Dawn laughed. "And who's going to stop me? You?"

"If you hurt her I'll..."

"You'll what? Hit me with your magic? Guess what?" Dawn asked, holding her hand out. "Already got that covered."

Sparks flew out from Dawn's hand, hitting Tara's bare skin. She fell to her knees, the pain taking them from under her. She tried to scream but nothing came out. As they stopped, Tara tried desperately to get up and away, but she was pulled from where she stood and thrown onto the bed.

Dawn climbed onto the bed and crawled over to where Tara lay, throwing one leg over the weakened body. "So pretty..."

"Dawn, stop..." Tara pleaded, her muscles in too much pain to even fight back as Dawn ran her palms up Tara's arms, before holding her hands above her head.

"No one's going to believe you, because you're not one of them. Buffy'll kill you before she blames me for this. And you know it. They don't trust you. Not like they trust me."

"I won't say anything, please, just don't do this. Let me go." Tara begged, tears now falling down her cheeks.

"I know you won't, because if you think this is all I got, you're seriously underestimating me." Dawn threatened, her hands releasing Tara's. "This is just a warning. If you try anything stupid, it'll be Willow next. Do you want that on your conscience?"

Tara shook her head. "No, I w...won't say anything, I swear."

Dawn smiled and patted Tara's head softly. "Good girl. Now don't worry, as long as you play nice, this isn't going to hurt."

"No!" Tara screamed as Dawn's hands moved over her breasts, her thumb brushing across her nipples before squeezing them painfully.

"No talking." Dawn warned, moving back until she straddled Tara's legs. Her fingers trailed down Tara's stomach before slipping inside, rubbing against the clit. Tara bucked under her, half of her trying to get away, the other half moving into the pleasurable contact.

Dawn's other hand caressed the older girl's breast, watching with a satisfied smirk as Tara's body argued with her head.

"Dawn..." Tara groaned desperately. "Please don't do this."

"Why? You seem to be enjoying it." Dawn said, adding pressure to the already swollen clit beneath her finger

"Willow." Tara said, between her struggled breathing.

"She'll never know. Unless you tell her." Dawn pointed out as she idly pressed Tara's nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Tara gasped and stopped trying to squirm away while Dawn played with her, alternating between soft and harsh. She didn't feel Dawn's other finger dipping lower until it was too late.

Driving inside with brute force, Dawn's finger made Tara cry out in shock and minimal pain. It was soon joined by a few more, until Dawn was almost fucking her with her hand.

"Stop! Please." Tara begged, trying to pull away.

"Don't you like this kinda thing, Tara? Isn't this what Willow does to you?" Dawn mocked, thrusting deeper into her. "Think Willow would enjoy me doing this to her?"

Tara felt the tears running down her cheek as the pain and helpless humiliation continued. She began choking on her tears, her body shaking as Dawn assaulted her.

"This is fun, I should have done this a long time ago." Dawn commented, pulling her hand away then placing her finger back onto Tara's clit. The rubbing began again and Tara whined with unwanted pleasure. "I'm going to enjoy playing with you Tara."

Just as Tara's body went to betray her mind by allowing her to orgasm under the touch of a monster, Dawn pulled away.

"Just remember what I've told you and I won't hurt your precious girlfriend. You on the other hand..." She smiled cockily and moved off the bed. "Good night, Tara. Sweet dreams."

Shaking and crying, Tara pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, listening out for the sound of the door shutting. The moment she was alone, she began to cry harder, feeling the true extent of Dawn's words...and actions.

And when Willow returned, Tara would smile and feign a headache before falling asleep beside the girl she loved. Because Willow couldn't know. They'd never believe her.

Because they didn't see what Tara saw. Dawn's true colours.