Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project


Is Secret Slasha happening this year?
Secret Slasha is no longer running after Christmas 2010. Thank you to all our authors for participating after the past 10 years.
How does all this work out?
It's pretty simple. You sign up. We collect all the sign-ups, and, then on November 24th, we cut off all applications. On November 27th, you get your assignment – the person you're writing for, two pairings that they would like, and one character that they don't really care who they're paired with. Everything will be slash – homosexual/homoerotic/homoromantic relationships here, and only that, so it'll be easier than you think. On December 17th, you email in your story, and on the 24th, it goes up – but without your name, because it's secret santa, of course. On December 31st, your name goes up, and we wait until next year to start it all over.
When is my story due again?
December 17th, at Midnight, PST. That's 3 am Eastern time, and 8 am GMT. Any stories sent after that won't be accepted.
What happens if I can't finish my story?
If you don't finish your story in the time given, a back-up will replace you. There won't be a story for you, someone else will get all the credit, and you will be publically named and shamed. It isn't cool to slack on Christmas.
How long does the story have to be?
It doesn't matter how long is it, but try to make it more than two sentences, okay?

Can we add in other pairings, menage a trois, etc.?
We'd prefer that you stick to the pairing you've chosen, but we can't force you to stay with it. Just keep the pairing you've chosen as the primary pairing.
Can I send in more than one story?
We'd prefer just one story, so that each person has a story. If you feel like writing another story, why not see if a pinch hitter is needed?
Can I post this story to my site/a list/etc?
Not immediately. We'll be archiving the story on this site on December 24th. It'll be on this site anonymously until December 31st, when we'll re-upload it with your name on it. After January 1st, you can do what you like with it.
Can you forward something to my recipient? I want him/her to see something before I post.
We'd prefer not to, because it's complicated, but if you're convinced it's positively necessary, then email us and we'll look into it.
I never got my Secret Slasha! What happened?
If you never got a story, you should have received the appropriate email telling you what went wrong. If you never received a pairing or any emails, then, at some point, the following must have happened:
  • Your email address bounced at least once.
  • You chose an inappropriate pairing (heterosexual, non-BtVS/Ats, etc.)
  • You did not check the agreement button.
What about...?
Any more questions? Email us!