Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Amberina
For Beth C.

Christmas Eve 2012

Willow and Buffy sighed happily into each other as they cuddled up on the couch together. Willow snuggled into her lover's arms, strong but deceptively dainty. Buffy wore pink cashmere, an early Christmas present from Cordelia, and it was soft and warm against Willow's skin. Willow wore scratchy, olive-colored wool, but Buffy was enjoying the snuggling as well.

"Do you realize," Buffy started, "that I'm the oldest, and happiest Slayer in history?"

Willow grinned. "Yeah. Faith was pretty old and happy when she died, though."

Buffy nodded. It had been eight years since the death of the other Slayer. Faith had been twenty-two, a ripe old age for a Slayer by any account, and had been involved in a rather happy relationship with Cordelia Chase, who acted as her seer. Cordelia had been devastated, and it still hurt her to speak about it.

Willow went to snuggle in closer, but Buffy glanced at the clock. "Ooh, gotta patrol."

Willow sighed and got up, stretching. "Do you have to? I mean, it's Christmas Eve. I was hoping for some holiday nookie in front of the tree."

Buffy grinned and kissed her lover sweetly. "Well, maybe a little before I go. But don't think you're getting off the hook - you still gotta make sweet, post-Slayage love to me afterwards."

"Deal," Willow agreed, running her hands through her lover's shoulder-length blonde hair. Buffy leaned into a kiss, and Willow obliged, touching her lips to hers softly. Buffy's tongue lightly caressed her lips, and she opened them to allow her access.

Buffy leaned back and helped pull Willow's sweater off. "This so has to go."

Willow agreed, and discarded the sweater quickly. Buffy stopped for a moment to admiire Willow's body. Her hands slowly crept around her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Buffy let her hands graze Willow's chest, but touched her nipples only slightly, making them stand up and sending an electric vibe throughout Willow's whole body. "Mmm," Willow moaned, but Buffy pulled away to pull off her own clothing, and started to unbutton the jeans she was wearing.

Willow quickly dropped her own pants and soon all clothing was discarded. Buffy captured her lover's lips in a passionate kiss. Willow moaned into the kiss, letting Buffy's hands roam freely over her body. Willow's own hands were softly making their way along Buffy's backside.

Soon they were sprawled out on the floor, a rug under Willow's back, fake snow and little peices of broken garland littered about and sticking in her hair and to her damp skin. Buffy touched her only gently, just a little flick of her tongue, just a light caress of her fingertips, hair barely brushing across her body. Willow moaned in want, pushing her body up towards the woman that was straddling her.

Buffy's eyes glowed with amusement and desire. She loved making Willow beg more than anything. She lightly scraped her nails up Willow's flat, pale stomach in light little patterns. Willow closed her eyes, a soft moan escaping her lips. Buffy leaned down and licked across Willow's erect nipples, leaving them wet and hard. She blew on them softly, and Willow was squirming in pleasure. Buffy grabbed Willow's wrists and pinned them down to the floor, as she licked up the side of Willow's neck.

"What do you want me to do, Will?" Buffy asked, her mouth next to Willow's ear, her hot breath coming out on it, making the hairs on the back of Willow's neck stand up. "Say it."

"Fuck me, Buffy. I want you to fuck me."

"Tell me, Will, tell me. And be specific."

Willow moaned and looked straight up at Buffy, her green eyes glittering with lust and arousal. "I want to sixty-nine, Buffy. I want to eat your hot little pussy while you fuck me with your tongue."

"You make me so wet," Buffy said softly. "Are you as wet as I am?"

"Wetter," Willow promised. "But how about you find out for yourself?"

Buffy seemd to be rolling this around in her head, as her hand slowly snaked its way down Willow's taut body. "You want to sixty-nine?"

Willow nodded, her heart beating rapidly. "God, Buffy, yes. Please."

Buffy's considered this, her head cocked slightly to the side. Finally, she shook her head, amusement glowing in her green eyes. "Nope, don't think I want to."

"Buffy - " Willow gasped. "I . . . "

"You - ?" Buffy asked. She stood up, and flashed Willow a great big smile. She kneeled, placing her knees on both sides of Willow's head, and Willow moaned in want as Buffy lowered her wet heat to her mouth. As Willow's warm tongue began to explore Buffy's pussy, Buffy leaned over and brought her own mouth to Willow's center. Willow rasied her hips up to meet Buffy's mouth, which Buffy was grateful for. Buffy flicked her tongue over Willow's wetness. Willow moaned into Buffy's pussy as she began to suck gently at the Slayer's folds. As Buffy began to flick her tongue in and out of Willow's heat, she felt Willow's hands firmly grasp her ass. Buffy's teeth scraped over Willow's clit lightly, causing the witch to shudder.

"You like that?" Buffy asked softly, as she licked Willow's juices off of her lip. She leaned back down and lightly nibbled on Willow's swollen clit.

Willow tried to concentrate on pleasuring her lover, but it was getting hard to think straight. Willow pulled her tongue out of Buffy and the Slayer was about to protest, but Willow slowly licked Buffy from her pussy to her ass, swirling her tongue around her hole. Willow's hands found their way into Buffy's hot cunt, massaging the slick walls.

"Oh, God! Willow. Like that . . . mmm . . . " Buffy moaned as she began to suck on the witch's clit. She too got her fingers involved, teasing her slit before plunging three fingers in all at once.

Willow felt that familiar current in her abdomen intesify and she knew she was nearing her orgasm.

Willow slipped her tongue into Buffy's ass gently, causing the Slayer to moan louder. She began to quicken her pace as she pounded her fingers in and out of Buffy's dripping pussy. She was about to come and she wanted Buffy to reach her crisis as well - by the sound of Buffy's panting, she was as close as Willow was.

Buffy searched the depths of Willow's heat with her fingers, finally finding Willow's most sensitive spot. With one stroke of her finger against it, combined with her oral administrations on the witch's hard nub, Willow was over the brink of orgasm. Buffy brought her tongue to Willow's oipening, licking up the juices.

As the electricity buzzed through Willow, she sped up her pace, flicking her tongue in and out of Buffy's ass quickly as she fucked her with her long, thin fingers, and soon Buffy was coming too, her screams of pleasure echoing through the house.

Buffy lay there a moment on top of her lover, breathing hard. She finally climbed off and kissed Willow gently on the forehead. "God, I love you, Will."

Willow smiled contentedly. "I love you too, Buffy."

Buffy began to get dressed, slipping her clothing back on quickly. "I so wish I didn't have to go, but you know I have to."

Willow nodded. She understood. "Could you hand me that blanket?" She pointed to the couch, and Buffy brought the blanket over to her, covering her up with it.

Buffy leaned down and kissed her lover sweetly. "Merry Christmas, baby. I'll be back."

"I'll be waiting," Willow assured her, before snuggling up in the blanket and closing her eyes.

Buffy watched Willow for a moment, and marveled at how angelic she looked, her red hair fanned out around her head, the content smile on her face. Buffy grinned and headed out to patrol.


The demon struck fast, quickly beheading the Slayer without a pause. It growled loudly as her head hit the ground with a firm 'thunk,' her body crumpling to the ground in the next instant. Buffy didn't even have a chance to register what was happening - she was dead before she even knew the demon was there.


Willow stirred, waking from her dream with sweat coating her body. She sat up, her eyes darting about the house rapidly.

"Buffy," she said softly, and when there was no answer, she got up and checked the clock. There was no reason Buffy should have still been out. It was only an hour or so til daylight. By this time, Buffy was usually home and making love to her.

"Buffy," she called out again, hurrying to get dressed. "Buffy, are you home?"

Okay, breathe, she instructed herself. It's not like her dream was real, right? The caller ID, she realized. See if she's called. But one look at the caller ID said that there were no new calls since she fell asleep.

Willow flipped the lightswitch on and the harsh yellow illumination hurt her eyes. Previously the only light she had had was from the multicolored Christmas tree lights. She squinted and took one last glance around the house, looking for any sign that Buffy had come home. Upon not finding one, she ventured out.


The wind whipped Willow's hair around. It was rather cold for California. Willow felt chillbumps rise on her arms and grasped her arms closer to her chest, wishing she had worn a jacket. As she walked down the sidewalk, she tried to think of where Buffy was in her dream. It might be way off, but it was the only thing she had to go on.

Finally, she stumbled upon a park that seemed to be the one. She couldn't remember what the park had looked like exactly in her dream, but she had a feeling it was the right one. That feeling scared her.

Willow wanted to call out her lover's name, but knowing that would not be a smart move, she bit back the urge, and let her intincts take over. As Willow made her way closer to where her instincts were leading her, the feeling of impending doom was getting stronger, and it was starting to make her feel sick.

Her nausea transformed to vomiting as she saw what she came to see, but hoped she wouldn't - Buffy's mangled body, her head detached and thrown to the side, staring up at her with empty green eyes.

"No!" Willow gasped, backing up as far as she could from the . . . the body. "Oh, God, no." Her voice was coming out as a whimper, tears frozen in her throat. "Please, no. Buffy - Oh, God."

Willow continued to back up, uncontrollable tears streaming down her face, and bumped right into a solid object. Willow, thinking it's a tree, and too upset about her lover, doesn't turn around. The demon kills her as quickly as it killed Buffy, snapping her neck in one fluid motion, beheading her and leaving her twisted beside the dead Slayer.

The demon doesn't really know what it has done, doesn't really register what has happened. For the demon isn't evil, no it's just primal, and it wants to eat. It doesn't understand about the Slayer and her lover or love or what a tragedy it is to have both beautiful women mangled and fallen together on the cold, slightly damp park ground on Christmas. No, the demon is just hungry.