Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Merry Christmas, Luv
By Charmin
For Alex Morgan

"Merry Christmas, luv," Spike purred, blowing out a plume of smoke. The blond vampire had trailed Xander Harris home from his patrol with Buffy. He was tired of being treated like a weak, neutered puppy by the Slayer and her friends. He hadn't told anyone about the chip being fried when the demon in Africa restored his soul. But now, the pity had gotten too much for him to handle. The soul was still too new in his body to have gained dominance over the demon. In fact, the demon delighted in torturing the soul even more, especially with acts like he was about to perform. Of course, killing the boy was not something he could do. The soul nearly folded in on itself when he killed some random passerby. While a treat for the demon, he was well aware that killing the Slayer's boy would make the soul withdrawal completely and that would be no fun in the long run.

"Spike! Christ on a cross, you scared me," Xander yelped. He wasn't expecting the blond to come back to the apartment so early in the night. Normally, he was out until just before dawn, doing whatever it was that he did at night.

Spike grinned, "Sorry about that, pet. Let's go inside. Got something I wanna give ya." He motioned to the door and when Xander unlocked the dead bolt, he followed him inside. Shutting the door behind him, he locked the dead bolt with a very loud *click*. He sauntered toward Xander, smirking evilly. The brunette backed away, cautiously. Something was up, but he wasn't sure what. "What's wrong, luv? Frightened of me?"

"What? No!" Xander backed into the couch and fell on to it. "Why would I be afraid of you? You can't do anything to hurt me. Chip." The vampire smirked more and just shook his head.

"That's what you think, pet." He took another step closer to his prize. "Don't you want your pressie, Xander?" He fingered the buckle of his belt.

"What are you doing, Spike," Xander asked nervously.

"Just giving you what you deserve." With that, Spike grabbed Xander by the upper arms and pulled him roughly up. He dragged the protesting boy to his closet/bedroom and threw him to the bed. "OK, pet, so this is more of a present for me than for you, but a pressie is a pressie." He unfastened Xander's pants with preternatural speed and yanked them off, his shoes coming off at the same time. "Hmmm, Snoopy boxers… won't be needed those, now will we, boy?" Spike ripped the boxers off as well. Xander tried to fight back, unsuccessfully. "Yeah, pet, fight me. Makes it all the better."

"Spike, stop," Xander whimpered as the vampire grabbed a fistful of chocolate brown hair with one hand and opened his jeans and pulled out his hard cock with the other. He pressed Xander's face to his groin and he tried to turn his head.

"Now, now… be a good pet and suck my cock," Spike hissed. When Xander refused, he punched the boy across the jaw. His anger rising, "I'll give you one more chance, boy. You gonna suck on my dick?" Spike let his voice soften, "Just a little while, Xand. Don't worry, I won't cum in your mouth. I want to save that for your arse." Xander refused again and the sickening thud of fist hitting jaw sounded repeatedly in the room. "Could have had this the easy way," Spike ground out with a final blow. "Looks like you want to make it hard on yourself."

Spike turned Xander around and bent him on all fours on the bed. The boy whimpered and tried to crawl away. He wanted to shout at Spike. Yell and scream and try to get the attention of his neighbors. When he attempted to open his mouth, he all he found was searing pain. He was sure his jaw was broken. Suddenly, Xander felt cool hands spreading his ass open and something wet being dribbled down his crack. He thanked all that was holy that this monster behind him was using some sort of lubrication and he sobbed in the slight relief that gave.

"Now, you might want to brace yourself. I've been told that I'm a might big," Spike chuckled. He pressed in and Xander wailed at the intrusion. The blond set a blinding pace, pounding into the human, nearly splitting him in two. "Yeah, you go ahead and scream for me. Your arse is so tight. Oh, fuck yeah! 'M gonna cum," Spike roared as he spilled his seed in Xander's tight channel. He released his grip on the boy's waist and let him fall to the bed. Spike laid down on the bed next to Xander and lit a cigarette. When he started to move, the vampire spoke once again, "You were beaten by a Fyral demon. You don't know why they stopped before killing you, they just did. I found you lying in a heap and brought you home, got you cleaned up, which I will, then we'll call Red." Xander whimpered at the name of his best friend. "Oh, don't worry, she won't know you put out for me and you won't tell her. If you keep your mouth shut, which shouldn't be a problem with that broken jaw, nothing will happen to her. You open that fucking trap of yours and not only will she get it, but so will the Slayer and the Nibblet. Of course, you'll get it worse next time. Understand me?"

Xander nodded solemnly and headed for his bedroom. He locked the door once inside, thinking it would keep the vampire out long enough to get to his emergency supplies. Just as he uncorked a vial of holy water, Spike knocked on the door. "Let me in, pet. Gotta get you cleaned up." Xander opened the door, threw the contents of the vial in the vampire's face and watched in satisfaction as Spike began to sizzle and scream. He dropped like a ton of bricks. Xander went back and grabbed a stake, plunging it straight through to the vampire's cold, dead heart. Satisfied at the cloud of dust and ash at his feet, he went over to the computer to e-mail Willow.

'Spike beat and raped me. Spike is dust. My jaw is broken. Come help. Xander'


"No!!!" Spike woke up screaming again. "Why are you doing this to me? I'd never hurt the boy," he sobbed.

Xander heard the scream and anguished cry from the vampire's room. It was the same thing, day after day. It had started around Thanksgiving. About two weeks later, the vampire told him what the dreams were about, after much prodding. It was now Christmas Eve. The night the encounter was supposed to happen. He'd promised that he would go out and spend the night at Buffy's house, not letting her know the real reason why, of course.

He knocked on Spike's door, "I'm going now. Don't do anything stupid, like dusting yourself on my new sofa." Not getting a response, Xander cautiously opened the door. Spike was rummaging through a trunk and finally appeared with a set of chains.

"Here, chain me up. Come back in two days and unlock me. By then, either the dreams will have stopped or I'll be too weak to act on the urges. Either way, you'll be safe." Xander gave him a look to ask if he was sure, Spike nodded grimly.

Xander chained him up and on a sudden whim, kissed the blond on the forehead. "I'll be back in two days, Spike. Don't worry, everything will be just fine."