Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Into The Darkness
By Trixx
For Don't Make Eye Contact

Willow sat under the trees on the college campus, reading her psych book, trying to catch up on the things she'd missed since Oz had left. Nothing made sense. Nothing. The sunlight was suddenly blocked by someone. Willow glanced at the two dark boots standing in front of her, following them up shapely legs that flared to rounded hips, where the dark jeans ended an expanse of tummy was exposed that led to high rounded breasts, still moving upwards, Willow's eyes met Faith's.

"Hey Bookworm... still a little nerd I see..." Faith smirked down at Willow, her eyes flashing.

"More than that now... what do you want?" Willow's voice filled with fear.

"Just stretching my legs... you know being in a coma for a year... your muscles shrink... they die on you... they need to be... exercised back to health." Faith's eyes traveled over Willow, "Wanna help me exercise Red?" Faith's lips quirked in a salacious grin. "Wouldn't mind popping your cherry..." Faith grinned as Willow blushed bright red.

"Go away... stretch somewhere else." Willow stuttered out, only looking down once, before boldly meeting Faith's eyes.

"Whoa... little nerd got herself some back bone!" Faith grinned before plopping herself down on the ground beside Willow. "What'cha reading?"

"Psych... I think it would be a little beyond you Faith..." Willow smirked at the stunned look on Faith's face.

"Pretty much anything concerning school work is beyond me Red... give me a weapon any day... they're much easier to figure out." Faith snerked at Willow, "Almost as easy as men... speaking of which where's your wolf boy?"

Willow's eyes quickly filled with tears, they fell silently down her cheeks, her eyes turned a luminescent green, shimmering, catching the light like jewels. "Gone... he's gone." Willow sniffled softly, before trying to gain some control.

"Sorry Red... I honestly didn't know... hey... don't cry... I don't know how to handle tears..." Faith patted Willow's shoulder uncomfortably.

Willow made a concentrated effort to regain some control. "You didn't know... sorry for crying..." Willow sniffled softly wiping the tears away from her face. "I wish he hadn't... I wish I could do to him what he did to me..." Willow looked at Faith and the idea was there... she couldn't resist the impulse... she couldn't resist...

Faith's eyes widened in shock as Willow's eyes fastened on her mouth. She watched as Willow leaned in pressing their lips softly together... she was even more surprised by the heat rising between them.

Willow drew back slowly, pressing her fingers to her lips, her breath coming hot and fast. "I... I'm sorry... I don't... I..." Willow trailed off as her face flushed red at the look of heat in Faith's face.

"Don't apologize Willow... I'm not screaming in fear." Faith leaned in and kissed Willow sweetly once more.