Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Spike's Christmas Prezzie
By Casey
For Wolfling

Spike strolled down the street with a swagger in his step. He was back! No chip, no soul, no conscience. It was his Christmas prezzie from his Dark Goddess. She wanted him back and whole again. Too bad he dusted her as soon as he knew it had worked.

Spike was planning on having himself a 'very scooby' Christmas this year. He had big plans on what he was going to do to them all. He figured he'd start with the watcher. He was the closest anyway.

Rupert Giles didn't know that he had signed his own death certificate by opening his door that night but he had. If only he had accepted the invitation to Buffy's Christmas party instead of staying home with a good book and a bottle of brandy.

"Ello, Rupert." Spike greeted the man as he pushed his way inside the apartment.

"Oh please do come in, Spike." Giles muttered sarcastically to the vampires back. He watched as Spike crossed the room and picked up the brandy and poured himself a glass. "Join me for a drink, Spike?"

"Don't mind if I do." Spike smirked at the ex watcher and tilted the glass to his lips. One thing he had to say for ole Rupes, he had good taste in booze. "So, where are the kiddies tonight?"

"Buffy's having a Christmas party. I declined to attend." Giles sighed and sat down in his armchair. "Why are you here, Spike?"

Spike bashed Giles over the head with the brandy bottle and watched as he fell to the floor. "Easy mate, I'm here to kill you. But first, I think I'll have a little fun."

Spike whistled Christmas carols to himself as he stripped the man down to his shorts, gagged him and tied him up. Once he was satisfied that he couldn't escape he slapped him hard across the face. "Wakey, wakey Rupert. Time to play."

Giles opened one eye and saw that Spike was indeed there in front of him. He knew this day would come sooner or later. He had hoped it would be later. "Just kill me already Spike. I won't play whatever sick little game you have in mind."

Spike chuckled. "Oh you will, Rupert. You have no choice." That said, Spike hauled the still disoriented man to his feet and dragged him to the dining room. He flung him face first onto the table and ripped away the last item of his clothing. "You and that wizard used to shag, yeah?" When Giles didn't answer, Spike shrugged his shoulders and unzipped his jeans. "Makes no difference to me, though it might be easier on you if you had."

Giles began to struggle as he felt the cold blunt head of Spikes cock at his entrance. He tried to scream but it was muffled by the gag. He felt his nose break as Spike slammed his face into the table. Then he did scream as he was entered savagely in one hard thrust.

"Oh yeah, love it when you struggle. Haven't taken a man this way in longer then I care to remember. You should feel honoured mate. I don't bugger just any old bloke, wouldn't shag Harris with Angelus' cock." Spike continued to pound into Giles as he spoke. Of course he lied about Xander, he planned this very thing for him as well, for all of them truth be told.

Giles could feel the blood pouring from his nose, it was pooling all around his face on the table. His nose was shattered, his body was racked with pain, from both his nose and his ass. He felt light headed, dizzy. He prayed he would pass out soon, hopefully Spike would kill him before he came to again.

Spike felt his orgasm approaching. He leaned down and bit into Giles throat as he shot his cold cum into his ass. Giles groaned in pain and tried to pull away. It was useless. In minutes, he was nothing more than a empty shell.

Spike wiped himself off and then tucked himself back into his jeans. He walked over to the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. He began to remove all of the ornaments and lights. It took a while but he had a plan after all.

Once the tree was bare, he dragged it into the kitchen and left it on the floor. He then returned to the dining room and collected the dead watcher.

Spike wrapped Giles' body with the Christmas tree lights and tinsel. He then stood him against the wall in the corner where the tree had been. Reaching into his duster he pulled a couple of rail road spikes from one of the pockets. He drove one through each of the dead mans shoulders and into the wall behind him. Satisfied that the body would stay upright, Spike returned to his decorating.

Spike stepped back and admired his handy work. Giles had been wrapped in two sets of twinkle lights, a long silver tinsel garland, glass ornaments had been attached to his body by the metal hooks that held them onto the tree, and last but certainly not the least ironic, the angel from the tree top was placed upon his head. Spike plugged in the lights and walked out into the night.

"A beautiful sight, I'm happy tonight. I killed me a tight-arsed, watcher man."