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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Making An Offer
By k8
For Slayage

The Weaten Women's Correctional Institution - 12:02 AM



"30257!" he male voice echoed through the silent cell block, causing some groans and shouts as inmates were awakened.

"What the fuck do you want? It is after lights out!" said a groggy but familiar female voice.

"Your lawyer's here." He answered.

"I don't have a..." She was abruptly cut off by the sight of a familiar face and a sharp business suit.

There she was, blond hair perfect and eyes gleaming. She looked like some old movie star, like one of those women who walks into a private investigators office and makes him think "This dame is trouble." Faith eyed her unflinchingly. Lilah wasn't sure if she was sizing her up, staring her down, or mentally undressing her. Actually Faith was doing all three at the same time.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Mrs. Lilah Morgan, Esquire."

Lilah gave her a sharp look and cut her eyes at her. She seemed to not want to have her name mentioned.

Faith looked gave her a crooked smile and leaned against the bars. It was dark in the cell and only the dim light in the walkway in front of the long row of bars lit her face and figure. She looked a bit thinner, a bit more toned, and slightly older around the eyes. Her hair was cut a little shorter and pulled back in a pony tail, which didn't quite suite her face. She was dressed in an ugly orange prison issue shirt and from what Lilah could gather, nothing else.

Lilah remembered that smile. Sarcastic, cocky, and disarmingly sexy. Even without makeup, just woken up, and in prison, Faith still looked good.

"It's a little late for a meeting, Counselor." Faith said dryly. Trying to seem unfazed by seeing Lilah again, but failing to bottle the curiosity.

"Here to offer me another deal?"

Lilah ignored her and turned to the guard.

"Can we have a conference room? I think you will find all the paperwork is all in order for this special meeting." Lilah was all business. She hardly even acknowledged Faith, concentrating instead on her manila folder full of legal documents.

"You mind if I put on some pants for this 'special' meeting or do you want me as is?" Faith said with another dark smile.

Lilah tried not to let Faith's seductive looks faze her.

"Get dressed and bring what ever personal items you want to keep." Lilah said shortly, then she turned and walked away, leaving Faith and the guard to watch her as she exited the hall and wonder what is going on.


Conference Room #6 - 12:15AM

Faith walked around the table like a tigress prowling around her prey.

Lilah looked through her papers, trying to look busy and in control. It was a strange sensation, nervousness. Very few people made her nervous.

"It says here that you have been a model inmate... except for a few fights."

"They started it... but I was a good little superhumanly strong girl and I only gave them a slap on the wrists."

"Three broken ribs, a cracked collarbone, a ripped off finger?" Lilah's mask of calm cracked a bit reading that one.

"She messed with my lunch." Faith said with a shrug, walking over and looking out the small window on the door.

"I'll have to remember not to do that." Lilah relied, writing down some notes.

There was a tension in the room that made Lilah very uncomfortable and make Faith feel a lot more in control.

"Here is the deal. I want to say first that this is my deal, not Wolfram and Hart's deal. I can get you out of this prison right now, in return you will be my personal paid bodyguard and special projects assistant."

"Special projects?" Faith raised her eyebrow and gave Lilah an wink.

"The political climate at Wolfram and Hart have changed slightly since you last worked with us. I find that lately I have need of someone... outside the partnership to aid me in my projects." Lilah said, ignoring the wink.

"You mean you are scared someone inside your is going to whack you and take your position." Faith reasoned.

"Something like that. So? Can I count on you in this matter?" Lilah said, looking her in the eyes for the first time.

Faith walked over to the window on the opposite wall. The moon was just visible between silvery gray clouds. She could see the glow of LA lights in the distance. The slipped her fingers between the metal bars over the windows and sighed deeply.


"No? I hope your not trying to bargain, because frankly I am holding all the cards..."

"You think I couldn't get out of here if I wanted to?" Faith asked, not looking back from the window.

Lilah looked at her curiously.

"Then why haven't you?"

"I don't think you would get it... and I doubt I could really explain it with a straight face anyhow."

"Try me."

Faith still looked longingly out the window.

"I don't want that life anymore."

"Prison is better?"

Faith looked down.


Lilah swallowed hard. The sudden fracture of everything she thought about Faith left her speechless. She had everything planned for this acquisition, but she could have guessed this would be Faith's answer.

"I see. Your sure about that? I am not asking you to..."

Faith snorted and cut her off.

"We both know exactly what you are asking be to do. Be your muscle. Bodyguard when you need one and when someone gets in your way..."

Lilah bit her bottom lip. It wasn't like she was heartless. She had known what it was to want to get out of the life. She even thought about doing it a few times. She put her briefcase on the table and opened it, then placed Faith's file into it. When she looked up, Faith was staring into her eyes. Straight into her soul. For a second Lilah couldn't pull away from the gaze.

"Well if you change your mind, you know how to reach me."

"You know how to reach me if you ever change yours."

"What is that supposed to mean."

"You know what it means. I have worked both sides hon, I know what real evil looks like, what it smells like."

Lilah frowned and stood up from the table.

"Oh yeah and what do I smell like?" She said snidely.

Faith smiles and let out a little snort of a laugh. She walked over to Lilah, causing Lilah to instinctually tense up.

"I smell expensive perfume." She said, sniffing in the air around Lilah.

Lilah's eyes were wide as she cautiously tottered between looking a bit frightened of Faith and trying to look like it wasn't phasing her.

"I smell money." She said, getting closer.

"I smell fear." She moved even closer, now only a foot away, putting her hand on the table next to Lilah's.

"I smell a woman used to getting things her way, used to fighting and acting tough." Lilah was still motionless, holding on to the handle of her brief case, listening to Faith's words.

"I smell a lingering scent of lust. I can't tell if it was from the power rush you were getting by thinking you were about to own me or from the way you were starring at my legs before when I was in the cell." Faith said, with her voice low and steady. She moved over and put her hand on top of Lilah's on the briefcase.

Lilah stiffened even more. The physical contact caught her off guard. Faith moved in even more, until her lips were right next to Lilah's ear. She seemed to be enjoying making Lilah uncomfortable.

"Why did you pick me as your bodyguard?" Faith asked, letting her crooked smile return.

Lilah fumbled with her words for a second, her mouth was dry and she seemed to be trying to pretend Faith's proximity to her wasn't bothering her. She was failing miserably.

"You seemed to be capable. The whole Angel fiasco aside. Plus you don't really have any connections inside of Wolfram and Hart so you will be perfect as my personal insurance against any aggression from inside the partnership."

"Your secret little helper, huh. Did you have a room set aside in your house for me too?" Her tone was both mocking and seductive all at once.

Lilah opened her mouth, but no answer came out.

"You like girls Lilah?" Faith whispered, letting her hot breath drift across the skin of Lilah's neck.

Lilah jumped a bit with the question. She became aware of how hot it was in the room and suddenly she became uncomfortable in all of layers of cloths.

"That has nothing to do with this." Lilah voice was still steady.

"You didn't answer me." She said with a smile Lilah couldn't see, but could feel.

"It-it isn't any of your business." Lilah winced as stuttered.

"You woke me up in the middle of the night. I think it is." Faith's lips were right up to Lilah's ear now, she was whispering with a growl at the edges of her words.

"I thought you went good?" Lilah said, slightly breathless.

"Good as in 'no more killing people' not as in 'no more fucking tight little lawyers until they beg for more'"

Lilah's knees gave in a little.

Faith let out a dark little laugh and let her bottom lip just touch Lilah's earlob. Lilah pulled away slightly, but Faith's hand went to her hip, holding her in place, then pulling her closer.

Lilah let out a gasp as Faith's lips pressed on her neck. Faith kissed the clean, smooth skin hungrily. She was standing behind Lilah now, her hands on Lilah's hips, kissing her neck and pressing against her. Lilah's back arched with the contact. Kissing up her neck, Faith felt Lilah's head turn, until she met with the lawyer's lips and the two women kissed for the first time.

Lilah had never been kissed that way before. There was no powerplay here, no games, this was just lust. She didn't even see it coming. One minute she was packing to go, the next minute she was hypnotized by Faith's words, and then her lips.

As they kissed, Faith's hands moved up from Lilah's hips, up until she cupped her breasts. Lilah gasped between kisses as Faith kneaded her breasts and let her fingers hone in on the now hardened nipples.

Faith suddenly, turned Lilah around and pressed her against the edge of the table. She looked her in the eyes, smiling at the smeared lipstick all over her lips and chin. Faith moved her hand back up to caress Lilah's breasts again, this time watching the reaction on her face. Lilah's mouth opened slightly and she let out a moan. Faith's smile widened and she moved one hand down and started pulling up Lilah's skirt.

"The guard..." Lilah whispered.

"Is watching anxiously." Faith continued. "We wouldn't want to disappoint him."

With that, she pulled the skirt up to Lilah's waist and then lifted her up and sat her down on the table.

Outside, the guard watched with wide eyes. He had seen a lot of things in working a woman's prison for 8 years, but nothing like what he witnessed that night.

It was an hour and a half later when he escorted the inmate, who was wearing the biggest grin he had ever seen anyone wear to her cell, and the lawyer, whose shirt was ripped and her face covered in the remnants of her lipstick, to the exit.