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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

So Am I
By C-N
For Buffonia

Willow was sitting comfortably on her bed, reading a treaty on ecological magic when Anya stormed in through the door.

"I need help! Your help." Anya looked expectantly at Willow and held out a piece of paper, dangling it in front of the witch.

"Something tells me that it is not about learning to knock?" Willow cocked her head and peered at Anya from behind the paper.

"No. It says here that I have to pay taxes. Again. I already did that last year. It is most unreasonable. Do your computer-internet thing and make it go away." Anya smiled encouragingly, nodding slightly, as if the gesture would entice Willow to agree. "Please."

"Oh, yeah. How can I refuse such a gallant cry for help?" Willow chuckled and took the paper from Anya, giving it a once-over before casually putting it down on the bed by her book.

Anya looked at Willow and to the paper and then back again at Willow. "So you'll help me?"

"Uh, no. That would be illegal, Anya."

"So is trying to destroy the World. I am certain that I read that somewhere. This is merely money. Not that there is anything 'merely' about having money. You just have to stop them taking away my money." Anya sat down next to Willow while animatedly waving her arms about.

"Well, Anya, yes. It is probably illegal to try to destroy the World, but hey, I'm all with the sorry here. And the blame and the guilt."

Anya suddenly looked crest-fallen. "Oh, I am sorry. I... I..." Her words faltered as she felt her own pain suddenly and without warning flare up. It felt like a hot knife deep in her stomach.

Willow sighed and leaned towards Anya and hugged her. "Don't worry, Anya. I might not be the best person to tell you this, but it will be all right. I promise you. I can look into your taxes and see what I can do."

"It's not really that important." Anya surrendered to Willow's embrace. It felt so nice to be near somebody and to not be alone. The red head's arms momentarily made her forget the pain and the vengeance and Xander and Giles leaving and everything. She could feel Willow breathing, and it made her feel alive. For several minutes neither of them spoke a word, they just sat in each other's arms, thinking.

Anya broke the silence first. "Mmm... Willow, you're nice... I... I could..."

She suddenly paused.

"Hey! You're trying to seduce me!" Anya broke the embrace and scooted away from Willow on the bed and folded her arms, striking an indignant pose. "But it is never going to work because my willpower is too great! And I am not gay."

"Uhhh... what?" Willow was all bewildered as she was trying to get a grip on the situation. "I am so not trying to seduce you, Anya! You're... you're Xander's girlfriend. I mean, Xander's ex-girl friend. You were almost his wife! And you're straight, too, and I am only trying to help you! You know, with the comfort." She looked pleadingly at the inscrutable almost-her-best-friend's-wife-ex-demon.

"Yes. And like a typical lesbian, you're trying to move in on the dumped straight girl, trying to convince her that girls are better. I've seen your type a thousand times." Anya pointed accusingly at Willow as she spoke. "You're all look-at-my-luscious-lips-and-my-dreamy-eyes-... and..."

She leaned forward somewhat.

"... and look at... at my-soft-skin and... uhh... and your luscious eyes... and your beautiful smile and..." Her voice trailed off and she licked her lips while she was looking longingly at Willow.

Anya blinked twice. "Oh my God! It's working! You're putting a spell on me!" Anya shook her head and rose suddenly from the bed and walked towards the door. "You want to turn me back to the dark side, to go all vein-y and vengeance-y again."

"Not with the magics like that anymore," the red head said sarcastically as she stood up as well, facing Anya. She continued in a more serious tone. "And since when is being gay the same as the 'dark side'? I thought you of all people should know that it is the actions of a person that defines who they are, not their preferences of some kind or the other."

"I didn't mean that." Anya answered defensively. "You just came in here..."

"Well, it is my room. Which you came storming into, come to think of it."

"...with all your good looks and your nice body being all close to me. It got me all hot and bothered."

"You think I have a nice body?" Willow's mouth curled into a small smile. "Thank you." She whispered more to herself than aloud when Anya continued her rant. It had been a long time since Willow had heard somebody say that to her.

"And then I started to think about your hands and what they could be doing instead of just, you know, being there, and your lips and what they would taste like and... and... But I'm on to you! So stop trying to get me into bed, because it is never going to happen!"

"Anya, I can admit to that I think that you're good looking, but I don't try to seduce every girl I like to look at. And... and you're sort of off-limits anyway."

"Oh yeah. I get your game, Willow Rosenberg. And, by the way, what do you mean, 'off-limits'? It's been almost a year since Xander dumped me at the altar. I am a free woman, free to do as I please, and if I wanted to be seduced, I could very well be."

"But you just said that I tried to exploit your..." Willow stopped talking as Anya approached her, standing very close. Willow couldn't deny that the woman in front of her affected her, even though it felt somewhat weird.

"But even if you tried a thing like this, I will stand adamant." Anya spoke as-a-matter-of-factly while she took Willow's right arm and put it round herself, placing the hand on the small of her back.

"I feel nothing, standing here... even though your... warm and soft body is so close to mine." Her words faltered somewhat as she took a small step to get even closer to Willow. The two girls stood facing each other. Anya was looking into Willow's eyes with an intensity that made the Wicca's breath grow shallow. "I'm sure... that this doesn't... do a thing for me." Anya's words were but a whisper as she leaned in towards the red head, her eyes half closed. She tilted her head slightly just as hers and Willow's soft lips touched briefly.

Anya was breathing quite heavily when she opened her eyes again and looked into Willow's. Her voice was slow and detached. "See. I am totally unaffected by your... your guiles and your... inviting lips." She leant forward again, kissing Willow with more passion this time, as Willow pulled her body closer. With her free hand, the red head grabbed Anya by the back of her neck and urged her on, their tongues duelling softly.

The bed creaked as they both sat down at the same time, still kissing, with Anya holding Willow's head in her hands. For several minutes, neither of them dared to stop, nor to look up, afraid that the other would break off. Then, Anya opened her eyes and broke the kiss, her face but a few inches from the red head. Willow stifled a small moan and opened her eyes too.

"I... " Willow began, her lower lip trembling with desire, but was interrupted by Anya.

"Your lips are very soft and you are making me very hot. Kiss me again. Now." The ex-demon lay back on the bed and closed her eyes again, shivering with the anticipation of Willow's body against hers. "And touch me. All over."

Willow hesitated but a fraction of a second as she looked at Anya. She could see the faint outline of Anya's nipples stiffening slightly under her blouse. When she put both her hands on the ex-demon's stomach, a whimpering moan escaped Anya's parted lips.

"Yes. Touch my body. Kiss me. Feel me." Anya couldn't be quiet as Willow's hands roamed across her wanting body. "God, that feels..." Willow silenced her with another passionate kiss, and the two embraced with Willow on top, hands exploring.

"Oh, God, yes." The feeling of soft, but demanding lips on her ears and neck made Anya pause and almost cry out, and while Willow kissed her way downwards, unbuttoning the blouse while feathery fingers teased Anya's breasts through the fabric of her bra, she couldn't help but urge her on. "Yes, Willow. Kiss me and touch me more." Anya tried almost involuntarily to spread her legs when Willow's mouth reached the top of her skirt, but it was a bit too tight for that. Willow quickly unbuttoned the skirt, pulling it down over Anya's legs while the ex-demon raised her hips to hasten everything. "Take it off me. Quickly"

Willow discarded the bundled-up skirt and took in the view before her. Anya lay on her back, her blouse lewdly unbuttoned showing off her skimpy bra, and her legs splayed widely with Willow kneeling between them. The red head could see Anya's panties straining against her nether lips, a small wet spot forming. She could also smell her. The musky scent of the girl's arousal floated in the room, reminding Willow of all the times when Anya and Anya's ex had had 'inappropriately timed sex' thinking that nobody noticed. Now, however, it was Willow that caused Anya to flow, and that was a thought that made her insides tingle.

"Make love to me. Please?" There was a whimpering tone to Anya's voice as she looked pleadingly at Willow. The witch moved slowly over Anya's half naked body, breathing small puffs of air across her skin, eliciting even more inarticulate sounds and gruntings. "Uhh... yes. Make love to me. I'll do any.."

"No, I won't." Willow's tone was rather stern when she levelled with Anya's head, interrupting the other girl. Their faces were but a breath apart and she looked into Anya's eyes. "That will come later. Now, I'm going to fuck you." Saying that she eased her right hand down between their bodies and into Anya's panties, quickly feeling the willing pussy before firmly inserting a wet finger in amongst the folds. Anya couldn't do anything but writhe beneath Willow's hands, lips and fingers. Small moans and encouraging words escaped her lips repeatedly as Willow got rid of Anya's underpants.

With her index finger teasing Anya's outer lips, Willow smiled and then descended upon her wet centre. Inhaling deeply, revelling in Anya's scent, she buried her head and began exploring and tasting the ex-demon, her hands roaming where ever she could reach as she kissed and licked the slick folds.


"Yesss!" Anya clenched her teeth as the orgasm washed through her under the ministrations of Willow's fingers and tongue. She felt it ripple in her, repeatedly as her muscles shook and her breathing stopped. "Yes," she cried again, as another spasm coursed through her and she felt her body going limp, "that was amazing. I think... I think..." Her breathing returned, ragged and uneven.

"Don't think. Do." Willow's commanding tone tore Anya back to reality, where Willow was sitting up, leaning against the back of the bed, her hair all messed up and her face all damp. "I'll guide you."

At those words, Anya, still a bit woozy, moved up towards Willow and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She then trailed the same way Willow had done earlier, downwards. "I'll guide you," Willow repeated, but the words were ignored, and as she felt Anya's hands, Willow quickly realised that the ex-demon didn't need any pointers.


Willow awoke with a start. She felt Anya snuggling tight and revelled in the feelings this elicited. "Good morning, sleepy-head," she whispered as she caressed Anya's head, "I hope you've slept well."

Anya just draped herself more across Willow, not wanting to wake up, or leave the bed.

"Wnt t slp." The words were muffled by Willow's neck and hair. Suddenly the memories of last night's debauchery came back to Anya and her eyes flew open in a flash. "Willow!" Anya was obviously wide-awake now.

A million thoughts flashed through Willow's brain before she had the chance to answer. She regrets what she did - she thinks I bewitched her - seduced her - and she wants no part of me anymore.

"It doesn't have to mean any thing, I mean, mean anything more meaningful, than what it means. I - uhh... we - it was just a thing, not a meaningless thing, but..." She trailed off when she saw Anya look at her intently.

"I want to have more orgasms with you." Anya moved in and kissed the breathless Wicca, who could only reciprocate.


Later in the evening that day, after Anya had snuck out with a kiss and a caress and a promise of more to come when she later returned, Willow, Dawn and Buffy were sitting in the kitchen, talking.

Dawn spoke with a teenager's fervour. "I am telling you, he is sooo good-looking. I just want to cuddle him and kiss him and go to the dance with him and..."

"Too much knowledge, thank you. He was in my office today." Buffy looked at Dawn sharply. "You're not under a spell again? Because if you are, I... does he have a jacket? It could be a spell then and love spells are..."

"No, I don't think she is under a spell; I can totally relate." Willow smiled bemusedly at Buffy as she interrupted her. "I mean, when you're so into somebody like that, love is just like a spell. You just want to hold and kiss and cuddle her." Willow got a faraway look in her eyes as she spoke, and Dawn and Buffy both exchanged a surprised glance. "And hug her and snuggle up in her embrace and..."

"Willow," Buffy asked slowly, "is there something you want to tell us?"

"Have you met somebody?" Dawn looked at Willow with wide eyes and a large smile. "Who is it, who is it? Have we seen her? Is it someone we know? Are you taking classes together? Is she pretty?"

"Are you seeing somebody?" Buffy asked Willow, her interest definitely piqued.

Right at that moment, Anya entered the kitchen through the back door and interrupted the Slayer's question with a cheerful "Hi! Please continue your conversation!" She sat down next to Willow and beamed at Buffy and Dawn and then at Willow, draping her arm around the red head's waist.

Willow blushed a little and chuckled at Buffy and Dawn's chocked expressions. "Yup, I can't deny it, can I? I am seeing somebody." She gave Anya a quick sideways glance.

"So am I." Anya continued, while looking at the sisters before turning back to Willow, stage whispering. "I want to go to your room. With you. Now."