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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Significant Powers Of Persuasion
By Gillian
For Mys

"Right then dough ball boy, on your stomach, I can't do this with you lying on your back." Spike impatiently snapped his order at Xander's horizontal form. The mortal man had been putting this off for far to long, he was just making it worse for himself.

"Listen Fangless," Xander swallowed audibly, "I'm not sure I want you doing this to me."

"What's wrong with me!?" Spike exclaimed, fighting to keep the hurt he felt from showing in his usually snide voice.

"D'you want the list?!" Xander snapped back. "Sorry," he quickly followed up with an apology, "I'm just really nervous..."

"Which is why," Spike smiled dangerously as he approached the bed, "I'm the one who should be doing this to you; I've had a hundred years of practice, with Dru, with Angelus. I'm good I am."

Xander was not put at ease by the dropping of those names; he wanted Spike to be gentle. "Yeah, I bet dead boy senior was hard to please."

"Oh yeah, Angelus was a difficult bugger to satisfy, but I always could." The vampire choked down a snigger as he watched Xander slowly shuffle away from the edge of the bed Spike was approaching, towards the headboard. It took all of Spike's significant willpower to not just pounce on Xander, flip him over and do it. It had taken an age for him to talk the whelp into letting him do this, and he was going to have to use all his significant powers of persuasion to convince Xand to go through with it.

"Look--I really think I'll be alright on my own," Xander said, an edge of panic creeping into his voice.

"Don't be silly," Spike assured as he reached forward and gently caught hold of Xander's ankles preventing any further escape. He was careful to be gentle; he didn't want to startle the brunette, who was surprisingly strong for a mortal, "Last I checked this was definitely a two man job."

"Ok," Xander granted, realising how ridiculously he was behaving: lying back on his bed in nothing but his boxer shorts, ankles held either side of Spike's hips, having a panic attack about something that was a perfectly natural part of life.

"Finally." Spike leaned over, his t-shirt, which must have gotten shrunk in the wash again, had ridden up several inches to reveal taunt pale skin and a fine line of brown hair which disappeared alluringly into tight jeans. He used his grip on Xander's legs to guide the larger man onto his stomach. "Now this is no good," said Spike as he slid up to kneel over Xander's thighs, looking at the mortal's tightly wound back and shoulder muscles. "Pet, you won't enjoy this unless you relax."

"Ok, ok, I'll try." Spike noted that Xander's muscles did uncoil slightly.

Xander was trying to relax, but he wasn't helped by the sound of Spike squirting something, the oil presumably, onto his hand and spreading it over his own skin. This was going to hurt like hell; Xander knew it.

"Do you want a drink, in case it hurts a bit?"


"Maybe I should get you something to bite down on," Spike thought out loud, eyeing a hairbrush on the bedside table.

"Spike, if we're going to do this, could you get on with it? I want to get it over with!"

"Fine, if that's the way you want it...."

"Arrrrggghhhh!!!!!!! Spiiiikkke!"

Spike stopped immediately, "What, too rough?"

"Get off me, I've changed my mind."

"Xander," Spike said, placing is hand on Xander's back and using preternatural Vampire strength to stop the younger man throwing him off, "you brought this on yourself."

"What," Xander stopped struggling but twisted his neck so he could look up at Spike, "do you mean?"

"Well luv, if you hadn't insisted you could take that Virician demon by yourself you wouldn't have pulled a muscle in your back, and wouldn't need me and my magic massages to put you right."

Xander dropped his face back onto the pillow, knowing he was beaten. It wasn't really his fault he'd been hurt; he'd had the demon on the defensive--he'd just been distracted slightly by the six breasts.

"Don't know what you were thinking anyway," Spike continued. "You should've waited for me an' the slayer--hell, even the little bit could've taken that thing..."

"Right, that's it, off." Xander valiantly tried to find a bit of the vampire to push off him, "I'll suffer in silence! Get off me!"

"Now, now, Xand, the sooner we get that back of yours sorted, the sooner we can get back to shagging the arses off each other." Spike grinned widely as his lover instantly calmed and allowed him to work at his sore flesh. "I hope you appreciate this, luv, this massage oil was expensive, and I nicked it with something much more fun than this in mind...."