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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Taking Control
By Lisan
For [R]

It was a perfect autumn night, the kind made for driving around with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair. Earlier, Cordelia Chase had decided that she needed to get the hell out of Dodge. People lying to her, no idea who to trust... running seemed a perfectly logical option, and when she had seen the Cadillac sitting in the back parking lot... well, if a girl is gonna run, she should do it in style. With the radio up loud, the heat and setting sun igniting a fire in her veins, she was looking for Something. Finally tiring of driving, she pulled over into a shadow filled parking lot. A faded sign hanging on the wall identified it as belonging to "The Cartwheel," a dive like any other, but it would do. She found herself reconsidering as she walked through the door however, there was a small but busy dance floor and just enough atmosphere to make things interesting.

Smiling to herself, she squared her shoulders and began to saunter to the bar, knowing that every pair of eyes in the place was riveted on her. Bold red leather heels drew their eyes up the long tanned expanse of her leg, to the shamefully short flared hemline of a blood red dress that would be illegal in 15 states. Soft as silk and hugging her curves like a second skin, it left nothing to imagination as the bodice barely contained her and the thin spaghetti straps seem almost to disappear against the lushness of her tan. Oh, and she knew how to move in this dress; her hips swayed enticingly as she moved. Crossing the floor, her hair bouncing around her face, her eyes circled the room, marking potential partners in crime.

Sliding onto the cool leather of the bar stool, she crossed her leg high across her thigh and asked the bartender for a single shot of tequila. No use wasting time tonite, white wine wasn't going to get the job done. Reaching across the bar, she grabbed a single slice of lemon and caught a startled pair of eyes in the mirror. She can't make out much in the dimness of the bar, but she saw a flash of something there. For a moment she almost felt as if she knew those eyes, but rather than sit patiently and try to figure it out, she took hold of the shot glass as the bartender slid it across the bar to her. Reaching into the tiny purse at her side, she took out a bill and gave it to him. Shaking her head just once as he moved to get her change, she simply said "Run a tab, and keep them coming."

Licking her lips once, she considered going back and trying to find out more about who she really was, but just then a man slid onto the bar stool next to her and she caught the quick once over he gave her as he ordered. Cocking her head to one side, she felt a flash of deja vu as a quick rush of adrenaline hit her system. This was what she needed... whatever else Cordelia Chase might have been, she was damn good at playing this game. Suddenly filled with confidence, with a quick, sure movement, she picked up the shot glass in one hand and the lemon in the opposite. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath, and opened them again. Yes, he was still watching. Exhaling in one smooth rush, she raised the shot glass, flicking her tongue out to take some of the salt on the rim into her mouth first. Then she downed the shot in one smooth movement, tipping her head back slowly, allowing her eyes to drift closed as the golden fluid slid down her throat. Allowing every drop to drain, she returned the glass to the bar and raised the lemon wedge to her lips, sucking gently at the succulent fruit, its cool juice soothing her. Sliding her eyes to the man next to her she smiles slightly. The game had begun and Cordelia had no intention of losing.

She sat for a moment, allowing the warmth from the alcohol to seep through her, warming every cell until she felt like a small sun contained in a mortal shell. Not willing to sit and wait for things to happen she slipped off the stool, being careful to "accidentally" brush against the man as she made her way to the dance floor. With hardly any effort at all, she was in the middle of the floor and she let the beating drums and bass line flow through her. Dancing wasn't quite the word to describe it as her body wove sinuously between the people around her, shimmying and arching her back, tossing her head and weaving her arms through the air. She lost track of time as she danced, she paused every now and again to return to the bar for another shot. And each time she returned to the dance floor there was another partner waiting... men and women, and she danced with them all. This was a power she knew how to use, and she knew for a fact there were no lies in the faces and bodies surrounding her.

Suddenly a woman dressed in black leather pants and a red tank top sidled up to her, stepping in closer than anyone else had dared, her hips and shoulders matching Cordelia's moves perfectly.

"Never thought to see you in a place like this Princess, someone cut your leash?" The brunettes voice was hard with anger, but there was also curiosity there.

"Excuse me? Look, did I know you before? Because if so, I have to say, so far I am not real keen on renewing our acquaintance. So why don't you take your biker chic somewhere else?" Cordelia turned to move to another part of the dance floor but the brunette followed, moving with the grace of a panther as she intercepted her easily.

"What, you mean you don't remember me? Oh, I am all broken up now. Come on Princess, Angel send you after me to find out if I reformed before I broke out?"

"Angel? Dammit! I should have known. I don't want anything to do with Angel. And I don't think I want to have anything to do with you either!"

Storming off the floor, Cordelia grabbed another shot off the bar and slid into one of the nearby booths. The encounter with the brunette had bothered her on some level and she wanted to get back to the haze she had been floating in before. Throwing back the shot she began to play with the glass as she thought about whether it would be better to just leave before things got worse.

Sliding onto the seat next to her, the brunette from the dance floor allowed her arm to brush against Cordelia's shoulders as she draped it across the seat behind her.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I, ah, well I can be a bitch sometimes."

"Duh, like I hadn't noticed," Cordelia leaned her head back on the wall as she sighed. "I'm Cordelia Chase. Although you seem to know that already. I'm guessing we know each other from somewhere, but to be honest with you, I don't remember anything about my past right now, and I am sick and tired of being lied to by people who are supposed to be my friends, so unless we were blood enemies or something... not really in the mood for a heart to heart right now."

"I always did like that 'bout you C," the brunette had a husky laugh that set Cordelia's nerve endings tingling. "You always speak your mind. This is your lucky day Princess, as a matter of fact, we were enemies. Hell, I tried to kill the lot of you. Couple of times even. Course B put a serious kink in those plans... but you know how uptight she was. Well, actually guess you don't, do you? Man, who'd ever believe this one? Anyways, I'm Faith."

As they continued talking, Cordelia felt herself relaxing in Faith's presence. Oddly enough, the vibes she was getting off Faith were straight and true, nothing hidden. And annoyingly, she was warming to her more and more. She wasn't really paying attention to what Faith was saying, between the tequila and the heat in the bar she felt like she was floating. And her eyes kept being drawn back to Faith, her skin, slightly pale but firm and glowing, was flushed ever so slightly with a pink blush that drove Cordelia to distraction wanting to see just how far down her body it went.

"Your name is Faith?" Shaking her head to stop that train of thought wasn't the best idea Cordelia decided as the room swam slightly. Best to get out of there quick. "Ok, sure why not. Listen, I really am not in the mood for small talk right now. And I definitely don't want to play old home week with you. So why don't you just leave?"

"Well Princess," Faith's voice was breathy and low as her hand moved out to stroke along Cordelia's arm, "Who says we have to talk?"

Faith grabbed a hold of Cordelia's hand and pulled her to her feet. Not stopping to ask, Faith led her back to the middle of the dance floor. Wrapping her arms around her, Faith pulled her close. Cordelia found herself surrounded by the scent of Faith... the faint smell of cigarettes, cinnamon and spices, familiar and yet exotic. Faith began moving, taking the lead, guiding Cordelia around the floor. Cordelia was vaguely aware of the music playing, it didn't really matter though, all that mattered was the feel of Faith's palm warm against the skin of her back, the whisper of her dress swirling around her legs, the smooth glide of their bodies as they danced and didn't stop, song after song, not saying a word, but bodies whispering to each other of desire and of the need between them.

Faith watched Cordelia carefully, noting the tremors that pass through Cordelia when her breath caressed Cordelia's neck, searching for the faint intake of breath when she changed directions unexpectedly. Eventually Faith became bolder, her leg slid between Cordelia's, and she allowed bare thigh to burn against leather for a fraction of a second too long. She nipped at Cordelia's shoulders lightly and slid her hand down the long line of Cordelia's back to rest on her ass, pulling her closer and closer again, until they were moving as one body. Suddenly she stopped, in the middle of the floor, and looked deep into Cordelia's eyes. She tilted her head slightly and then kissed her, hard and deep.

Pulling away she caught a flash of Cordelia's startled eyes, then she saw the flames rise even higher as Cordelia took her hand and lead her off the floor and towards the door. Faith didn't resist at all, seemingly amused by Cordelia's sudden aggression. As soon as they cleared the door, Cordelia turned and pulled Faith against her, kissing her violently. However Faith noticed the looks they gathered from people milling in the parking lot and she broke the kiss, smiling wickedly at the moan of protest from Cordelia.

"Well looks like someone made up her mind," Faith taunted, pressing her body full length against Cordelia's for a moment before she pulled away again. "As much as I am enjoying this Princess, I am not big on fucking against a cold wall with an audience. You got a car?"

Cordelia just nodded and grabbed the keys out of her purse. She turned towards the parking lot and started walking without even glancing back to see if Faith followed. A quick look around assured her they would be unnoticed, the car was parked behind a small storage building and there weren't any other cars nearby. When she reached the car she slid into the driver's seat and turned the key to the accessory position long enough to hit the button to raise the convertible top. As it clicked home she took out the key and stepped back out, pulling the seat forward so Faith could slide into the back. Pulling the door closed behind her, Cordelia half kneeled, half leaned against the still folded up drivers seat as she seemed unsure how to proceed. Faith solved the dilemma by reaching out and tracing the skin of Cordelia's thigh. Cordelia gasped and moved forward, sliding onto the seat next to Faith and began kissing her again.

Soon they were tearing at each other's clothes, pressed mouth to mouth, the time for control long gone. Barely able to move around in the back seat, soon they were both naked with Faith kneeling in the foot well in front of Cordelia. She ran her fingers up the insides of Cordelia's legs, and then trailed kisses across the still tingling flesh. Unable to wait, she reached out confidently, parting the dark curls before her and sucked at Cordelia's wetness. She heard Cordelia cry out once, and the sound echoed and redoubled as she ran her tongue lightly over Cordelia's clitoris. Rising quickly Faith captured her mouth in a searing kiss again, and they both dropped back onto the seat.

Soon the car began to shake as they gave in to their desires. In the dark their bodies blended, a thigh riding between two others, bodies pressing against one another, not able to differentiate between the two. A finger pressed into moist waiting flesh, a mouth sucked and nipped at a nipple until it was hard and erect, hips pistoned against each other, a head was thrown back in ecstasy, lungs labored to draw in breath as bodies shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through them. Mouth, lips, hands, nipples, thighs, and voiced mingled over and over as the night traveled on. Until they could only lie there in a tangle of limbs, sated and satisfied over and over. Cordelia found herself curling her body tenderly around Faith's and as she kissed the back of her neck gently before drifting off to sleep, she thought perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if she never got her memories back after all.