Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

After School Activities
By Angelika
For Goddess Heather

Xander shrank behind a corner. Down the corridor came his nemesis, the principal from hell. Whenever the boy saw this stocky figure with its huge bald head, his stomach did a little backflip and shivers ran through his body. Well, small wonder, hadn't the Scooby gang figured out that Snyder was evil? Starting right off with his motto that "kids today need discipline"? Right. So it was perfectly legit for Xander to be...fluttery and nervous in his presence? Afraid of him. Right.

Snyder had caught someone doing something or other, maybe chewing gum or laughing out loud? Not clear, but Xander used the opportunity to cross to the other side of the corridor and disappear in the classroom. Still, he had the impression that Snyder had seen him. Eyes at the back of his head, well, it wouldn't be surprising. So, where was he? Ah, a classroom. Xander saw Willow give him a little wave and gathered he was in the right place. Smiling gladly, he dropped down in the chair next to her and let the next few hours of lessons wash over him.

After school, he had planned to do their Christmas shopping with Willow and Buffy, but they both had had something come up, and Xander was secretly relieved about this. He hadn't looked forward to shopping with the girls anyway, but this time he was also dangerously short of cash and did not want to confess it to them. To kill some time and avoid going home to his parents too soon, he took the long way out of the school, across the sports grounds. They were deserted, no training going on so shortly before the holidays, so Xander decided to practice for his own personal Christmas, and had a lie down on the lawn.

Just as he was about to drift into some sweet fantasy about Buffy jumping out of the stocking he'd put up for Santa, dressed only with a red ribbon round her waist, a hissing noise rudely awoke him.

"Harris, just what do you think you are doing here".

When Xander realised he was being accosted by Principal Snyder, his warm fuzzy dreams vanished into nothingness to be replaced by the now familiar queasy feeling inside. Still too dozy to get up, he could do nothing but blink sheepishly at the man who stood above him, legs spread, arms crossed, and an evil grin on his gnome's face. Xander tried to get up, but his long legs where squeezed in tightly between Snyder's feet, and he did not think it wise to risk kicking the principal in his nether regions.

"Just resting, sir" finally came out of Xander's mouth.

Snyder looked at those quivering lips, and his grin grew broader. He noticed the squirm in the young limbs between his own, and how uncomfortable his position made Xander feel, and his lips stretched so far that they revealed pointy eyeteeth.

Xander could not bear to look Snyder in the face, so he sat up, legs still stretched out on the ground. Too late he realised his mistake. Instead of looking at the face of the man, he now had another part of his anatomy in full view, and the alternative was even more unsettling than the sneering leer he had wanted to escape from.

"You know very well that there are things I will not tolerate, like students loitering on campus after school ..."

Xander got really frightened now he saw, up close and only too clearly, the huge bulge in the principal's pants. He thought of quipping something, but his mouth had dried up, and only a tiny, inaudible croak escaped from his lips.

The already sizable bulge suddenly started to move and grow, upwards and outwards and towards him, until Xander could not bear it anymore. He scrambled violently up from his embarrassing position, forcing his legs out from under the menacing midget, and ran away without looking back. Let Snyder scream and put him on detention and whatever else he could do, but Xander would not endure another second face to face with his school principal's erection. He'd said it before, he'd say it again - "whatever happened to corporal punishment". Give Xander the good old days anytime, rather than unsettlingly carnal teachers.

He was still out of breath when he arrived home, where he spent hours numbly staring at the TV screen, not really taking in anything. He went to bed early, and kept tossing and turning restlessly until well after midnight. That's when the nightmares really started. Xander saw himself running down empty corridors that were growing longer and longer, and he was unable to reach the exit door. He did not know what he was running from, but he knew he was absolutely terrified. It was vital to get out of the hall, out of the building, away from school, but the harder he tried, the harder it got. His feet seemed to move slower all the time, his legs grew heavy, his breath laboured. The school corridors stretched endlessly into the distance, but when Xander looked behind him, he was still at the start of the row of lockers.

And then he saw. It. What he was running from. There was a gigantic...thing, a huge shape, something deformed and threatening, and it was right behind him. Like a huge mushroom with a rather small cap, the legless thing still managed to come closer. It wriggled and wiggled strangely and determinedly, like a fat, erect snake that takes its own sweet time with its victim.

Xander finally stopped moving. It was no use trying to run. He'd been there before. Paralysed, he stared at the ugly, pulsating thing as it closed in on him. As he watched, the uniform surface started to shift, out of the stem of this weird monster mushroom sprouted arms, the lower part slowly split in two and formed legs, and then the round cap grew ears and eyes and they opened up and Xander once again stared at principal Snyder.

And at that point he screamed so loud and hard and long that even his parents heard it, and they actually came into his room, and he had some explaining to do, but all that did not matter, since it meant he no longer was in that corridor, and he no longer had to face this monster of his dreams.

The next day, Buffy and Willow started to get seriously worried about their friend, so remote did Xander appear. He had large circles under his eyes, and a haggard look to his normally fresh young face. When asked repeatedly what was wrong with him, he came back as if from another dimension, gave them a shaky grin and mumbled "Just thinking about what I'll get you for Christmas", which caused the girls to exchange sceptical glances.

"Xander, y-you really don't have to buy me anything, you know", Willow earnestly said to him.

"Yeah, it's the thought that counts, not the money spent", Buffy chipped in.

Xander did not know if he should be offended or relieved, and so he mutely nodded.

A too-familiar shape rounded the corner, and he jumped up and wordlessly stumbled away from his friends. Just as Buffy and Willow were going to get up and follow him, the stocky figure of their principal stood in front of them, effectively blocking the way.

"So, what are you up to now - I can sense it's nothing good"

"What are you on about!" Buffy shot him a dirty look. "It's lunchtime. We are sitting here. Eating. Food. Alright, this stuff might be stretching the definition of "food", but I thinks that's more your fault than ours".

"Ah, Miss Summers, obnoxious as usual"

Despite saying that, Snyder seemed unusually preoccupied. Willow cocked an eyebrow at Buffy, who only looked back at her puzzled. When the principal then simply walked away, they burst out laughing, and did not notice the direction he was taking.

Snyder had seen Xander leave, as he noticed every move of the boy, or rather young man. He was not sure of the reason for this himself, as Harris was neither exceptionally good nor outrageously bad. A poor student, who did not excel at any sports, but also had never been noticed for bad behaviour - that is, until Buffy Summers had arrived. And since then, Snyder had become acutely aware of this particular pupil. The gangly limbs, the lost look in those large dark eyes, the awkward walk at odds with the already broad shoulders and manly height of his body. His eyes betrayed his boyishness, though. Snyder knew that Alexander Harris had never been with a woman before and with a man neither. It was delicious to behold.

"Harris" he called after Xander. "Just look at you. Shoelaces undone, shirtsleeves hanging out, pants down to your knees", Snyder let his eyes wander there, "and then that mess on your head! I want this school to be a tight ship...clean, orderly, quiet, and you are none of these things. Into my office, now."

As the next lesson wasn't one of Xander's favourite subjects -- well, that actually covered pretty all of them -- he did not mind overly much to miss it. Though when Snyder firmly closed the door to his office behind them, his stomach did the butterfly again, even though he knew that Snyder could not really do anything to him.

The man just stood there, leaning against his desk, looking at him. Unnerving, very.

"Can I just mention that detention is a time-honoured form of punishment", Xander volunteered.

Snyder hid a smile. The boy was much taller and stronger than he was, but so unaware of it, all his exciting strength just doing peacefully whatever Snyder wanted. So be it.

The shorter man grabbed Xander's shoulders and pushed him onto his knees. His hands started to caress the broad young shoulders. And Xander did what he was used to - he fidgeted a bit and looked away, as if turning his head would change anything, make his acquiescence less real.

Snyder's hands were strong and seemed larger than he remembered. Their grip on his body was so demanding, so matter-of-course, that Xander let them take -- not comfortably, over course, no way-hey - over for him. Which they did.

His head was forced upwards, and when his eyes reluctantly fell on Snyder's face -- just to avoid that already familiar bulge in front of his nose -- what he saw there made him really shiver. He was used to being afraid of the principal, as a figure of authority as well as someone probably involved with the bad guys. But that look was new and scary in a different way. There was hunger and something like softness in the broad features, but not enough to cover the will of steel apparent in the cold eyes and the mocking mouth.

The mouth that just now grew larger as it came closer, and closer still, and as Xander stared wide eyed like a mesmerized rabbit, a tongue snuck out and licked the broad lips, and then they were on his, and that same tongue tried to get in, and Xander's lips refused to part, he could not be forced to do that, even if he knew what exactly he was supposed to do, well, he knew in theory, but now he only felt like panicking, surely this was not what it was supposed to be like!

Snyder's mouth practically devoured his lips, engulfed them completely at moments, attacked only the corner next. Those foreign lips were hot and hard and very insistent, and a too strong tongue kept probing and licking and caressing until Xander's now burning mouth openend slowly and slid in.

Snyder's tongue seemed huge and felt so strange inside Xander's mouth, and it moved about making him feel really funny and then it started doing things with his own tongue...and Xander felt nothing else in the world anymore, not that he was kneeling on the hard floor, not that the school principal gripped him by the shoulders, no part of his body had any sensation apart from his mouth. Some unknown instinct took over, and Xander tentatively started to kiss back. He moved his tongue a little and then a lot and then he was also sucking and chewing and licking the other man's lips like he did not know he could. He felt hungry and thirsty and did not know how to quench or still these feelings...other than letting the other man do what he did.

Snyder's hands had moved to Xander's head, digging deep into the thick black hair, which made the man suddenly glad he had not enforced crewcuts for the male students after all. His strong fingers caressed and stroked the head in time with his tonguework, roughly and insistently, and all those oh so unfamiliar sensations made Xander swoon. He lost all sense of time as well, simply feasted on the mouth of this man like he was starving, and he knew that no food or drink could ever help him, nothing would ever taste and feel as good as this, no sensation could rival this wild, wet, hard, soft, teasing,

Xander heard a zipper open, and he realized his mouth was left empty, and longing, still wet with juices not his own, so hungry -- but when he opened his eyes this time, he really stared at a snake, the proverbial one-eyed one, and it was thicker than a human penis should be, he could hardly believe the sight.

And then Snyder's hand came down, his thumb moving across Xander's lower lip, then forcing him open again, and when Xander -- too late, much too late -- wanted to protest, to shout, he was already entered by that massive cock.

His mouth involuntarily closed on it's head, and Snyder let out a hissing sound, part pleasure, part pain. Xander wanted that piece of flesh out of his mouth, out, he wanted to cry and run away, but Snyder's hands were on his head once more, and he could not get that cock out of his mouth, it was just too big, it seemed stuck!

Xander started to sputter and choke, he was sure he was going to suffocate, but Snyder still did not let him pull back. Instead, his thumbs started to caress the youth's throat, the fingers massaging the smooth neck at the same time. While it may have looked like he was strangling him, the effect could soon be felt.

"Relax, Harris, just relax", droned the mocking voice. "You'll like it in a minute. Don't you like the feel of this? It's even better than the tongue, don't you think? Try to swallow, that's good. Breathe through your nose, you won't die from this, you know?"

Invisible laughter shook the man, which made the penis in the boy's mouth move a bit and made Xander relax ever so slightly in turn.

"Move your tongue a bit, like you did before!... uh...oh"

Xander tought it best to obey. At the same time, Snyder pulled back a little, though just when Xander thought he would be released, Snyder pushed himself forward again, much deeper into the boy's mouth, which had relaxed in the meantime. It was delicious, how that usually smallish, puckered carpmouth, that could spread so wide when he laughed with his friends, could spread even further under his principal. Snyder's own lips spread at his thoughts, and he let out a groan of enjoyment, digging into Xander's scalp at the same time, never letting go of the younger man.

"Get that saliva going. See, it's already much better, isn't it" The last words came out in a purr.

All the while, the strong strong fingers had been working at the boy's throat, unclenching muscles, softening the passage, and when Snyder finally pulled nearly out of Xander, he thought his...his ordeal over. But then the man moved in again, and further, and this time his penis entered Xander's mouth completely, or rather as far as it could go, and it touched his mandibles and came still further...and Xander's lips were stretched as far as they could and the thick warm pulsating flesh touched everywhere, the roof of his mouth and the sides and his quivering tongue stuck underneath and he knew he'd faint...but what he felt instead was his own cock rising, a massive erection coming, and the irrational thought came into his head that he hoped it was as big as Snyder's. And how lucky it was that he wore his usual baggy pants, so Snyder could not see. Just because he did not want the principal to think he enjoyed this, no other reason!

Snyder grabbed his head and forced it to move closer to the base of his cock. He was too far gone to care about any choking sounds now. In and out he thrust his cock, enjoying the tightness and the spasms, the shivering, the twitching, all those little movements arousing him further, in and out, harder, faster, his cock so sensitive that a gulp in Xander's throat made him come.

Xander felt something run down his throat, and his head was spinning from excitement and lack of oxygen and excitement, and he felt like wetting himself, or maybe coming himself, he was not sure, and it was all so mixed up, and maybe he did come a little bit but he was sure Snyder did not notice, coz the principal now had his eyes closed and was busy getting his breath back, just like Xander. What a strange picture they must present, Snyder leaning back onto the desk behind him, Xander sitting in front of him, on his haunches now, hands in his lap just in case, but there were no tell-tale signs this time, not like last night.

And then both their eyes opened at the same moment, and they really looked at each other, and Xander found the other man's look inscrutable, but before either could react they heard footsteps, their sounds echoing down the empty corridor. In a second, pants were zipped up, clothes straightened, and when Giles entered the room, he only saw a student sitting sullenly at his desk, and a principal stiffly walking towards the window.

"Ah, Mr. Snyder. I wonder if I could borrow Xander for a moment, I could use a hand in the library", Giles said in a way that seemed polite, but always grated on Snyder's nerves.

"Yes, yes, go ahead, take him away", he said irritably. "You can go, Xander, time's up anyway".

But as the boy left with the other man, Snyder felt inexplicably bereft. He covered his feelings up quickly, like he always did.

With a mumbled "stuff this", Snyder grabbed his case and also left. Maybe it was for the best. Best to quickly forget all about it. Might have made a spectacle of himself otherwise, but this way, he would simply stay the evil head teacher.

Lost in dark thoughts, the stocky figure walked out of the building.

He never noticed that a pair of dark eyes was watching him from the library windows.