Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Lawrence
For Tequila Worm

"A heart attack? That's what the vet said? I'm sorry, baby." Spike rubbed Xander's hair as his lover laid across his lap.

"I had Tweety for nearly all my life, Spike. I hardly remember life before him." Xander whispered, through sobs.

"I know, pet. It's rough, but it'll get better. Promise." Spike kissed Xander's head, murmuring sweet nothings.

"How? I loved my cat." Xander whispered.

"All I can say is sorry, pet. But it will get better."

Something started to poke Xander. "You're hard? From me lying on your lap?" Xander smiled through the tears.

"Just being around you makes me hard. In case you didn't know, I'm in love with you." Spike looked straight into his lover's eyes, fearing rejection.

"You're in love with me? I love you too. Now get those clothes off, mister." Xander leered, feeling heady from the proposal of love.

"Yes Sir!" Spike saluted, a grin stretched across his face. Xander laughed, and began unbuttoning his lover's shirt, while Spike began unzipping the dark haired human's pants. The vampire began to stroke the boxer-covered erection, eliciting moans from his lover.

"Spike...need you...want me." Heavy breaths came from Xander, as his pants were pulled around his ankles.

"Sorry luv, not yet. I've got a plan for you." Spike winked, as Xander groaned in frustration. Spike jumped off of the sofa, heading for the kitchen. Xander was about to call out for his lover when Spike reappeared.

Xander stood, wrapping his arms around Spike's waist. "So what are you hiding behind your back?"

"Maybe I'm just happy to see you."

"Or maybe you've got an evil plan to destroy my innocence." Xander grinned, pulling Spike in for a light kiss. Spike succumbed to his lover, producing a jar of chocolate body paint.

"Innocence? You? Oh luv, you're so full of it." Spike smiled, placing a chaste kiss on Xander's nose.

"I'm gonna ignore that since you've got body chocolate in your hands." Xander moved in for a kiss, but at the last moment, snatched the chocolate body paint and ran into the bedroom.

"Oi! That's not fair!" Spike ran to the bedroom door, finding the door locked. "Come on! Let me in, luv!"

"No! You've got to wait!" Xander shouted the reply, laughter breaking his words.


10 Minutes later

"You can come in now!"

Spike burst through the door, literally a second after Xander had issued the invitation. He stopped dead as he saw that Xander had done.

Lying on the bed completely naked, Xander had managed to use the whole jar of chocolate body paint, not a patch of white skin to be seen on his legs, chest and genitals. "God, I knew you were beautiful..." Spike walked to the bed, transfixed. Slowly, he pulled off his clothes, teasing his lover as he saw Xander's chocolate covered cock grow larger. "Careful, luv. Someone might think you find me attractive."

Xander's voice was barely a whisper. "Always."

Overcome with desire for his lover, Spike growled, jumping between Xander's legs, and lies on Xander's chest, smooching the chocolate between them. "God, I love you, pet."

"Feeling's mutual." Xander grinned up at his lover. "Haven't you got something to eat?" A risen eyebrow suggests Spike should follow through on Xander's carefully planned chocolatey plan.

With a small laugh, Spike licked a line from Xander's navel, to his nipples, silently pleased at his boyfriend's moans.

Kneeling, Spike turned around, then lay back down, his legs on opposite sides of Xander's head, his own head between his lover's legs.

"Got something planned here, Spike?" Xander asked, following it by licking Spike's thigh.

"Like you said, always." Spike licked and nipped away at the chocolate body paint, millimetres away from Xander's balls. All the time Xander's hard cock poked at Spike. Gently sticking his tongue out, Spike lapped up the chocolate resting on Xander's balls, causing Xander to thrust his hips.

Licking the underside of Xander's cock, Spike yelped when the same action was played out on his own cock.

"Wow, Spike...didn't know you'd like that." Innocence was plastered all over Xander's face.

"Like hell, luv." Spike teased his lover by licking Xander's chocolate covered head, deep throating him when Xander again did the same thing on Spike's cock. Pulling off of Xander's cock, Spike's lips were coated with a mixture of chocolate and pre-cum. Seconds later he swallowed the cock he loved to worship in front of him, and fondled his lover's balls with his hand.

As Spike felt Xander's balls tense up, he began to lick the head of Xander's cock, treasuring the moment when Xander would spend himself in his mouth. Seconds later Xander did exactly that, his cock slipping out of Spike's mouth, shooting the rest of his cum onto Spike's chest.

Xander took Spike's cock into his mouth, only to have Spike pull out, and move his naked body to lie next to his lover, side to side.

" didn't..." Xander blurted, frowning in confusion. Usually Spike would do all he could to get his orgasm.

"Tonight is all about you, baby. It's always about you." Spike placed a kiss on Xander's mouth, so chaste and loving, Xander shivered. "I'm so sorry about your cat, luv. I know you loved him."

Xander's answer was to shuffle down the bed, hug Spike, leaning his head against the vampire's chest, and fell asleep.