Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

The Right Person For The Wrong Reasons
By Buddy
For Ladycat


Wesley pushed open the screen door and wished he smoked for about the hundredth time that day. The night was pleasant, a warm breeze drifting across the lawn, tumbling petals from flowers and lifting the hair from his brow, cooling the light sweat that had formed there and brought him out of doors. He had come here out of respect for this woman, Slayer above Slayer's. She had sacrificed much to save this troubled world and now finally her own life.

The weight of everyone's grief pressed heavily on his chest and despite the stony look on Angel's immoveable face and the stricken look on Dawn's, it was Giles' he felt the heaviest; he looked as though he had aged a decade and he walked with a stoop. Willow had a vacant look on her face and she looked surprised whenever Tara touched her arm. Anya simply hovered looking like a lost child and as though she wanted to be anywhere but here.

There was no sign of Xander; he'd disappeared a while back. Wesley had been surprised that the others had missed Spike putting in an appearance. He may have loved Buffy, but he doubted that he would want to be in the same room as his Sire, at least not at Buffy's funeral. He hadn't missed the way Angel's eyes had flickered to the door every time it had opened though.

He could hear something moving in the darkness, probably a cat or a stray dog. No fear it would be one of the undead, they knew this was the home of the Slayer and they didn't know of her demise. The noise was a little louder now and to Wesley's affection starved ears it sounded like pleasure, and more than a little desperation. He made his way cautiously down the steps to the clump of trees that hid the garden from the neighbours and peered into the gloom.

He was startled at first because here was Xander, propped back against a tree and he wasn't alone. The moonlight reflected off pale white hair, revealing the identity of his companion, whose face was buried in his chest. Xander ran his hands through gelled locks, liberating them from their confines and then pulled Spike's face up to his and kissed him gently. Wesley stepped back, turned to go and then stopped. There was something compelling about this and despite his better judgement he wanted to see more.

He couldn't see the tears that tracked down Spike's cheeks, but he could hear the quiet sobs that he forced into Xander's mouth as he kissed him. Xander had parted his lips as though to catch the desperation pouring from him and he deepened the kiss, gripping the back of Spike's head and pulling him closer. Then he pushed Spike's duster off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. His hands roamed the expanse of Spike's chest and he tore at buttons to get to skin.

Spike held his hands for a moment and looked at his face searching, Wesley didn't know for what, but Spike must have find something he was looking for because he let Xander's hands go to grab his arms and pulled him to the floor. Xander shrugged his own coat off and forsaking buttons, pulled his shirt over his head. Spike's hand fluttered up to his chest as he leaned over him but Xander batted them impatiently away and reached for his belt buckle. Wesley felt his mouth go dry, he should really leave here, this was--private,...erotic and he was rooted to the spot.

Spike lifted his hips so that Xander could push his trousers down over his thighs. He kneeled between his legs and paused for a few moments to stroke one hand up the pale hard length of Spike's erection. Wesley bit his lip; did it feel cold to the touch? How soon could a human warm a vampire's member, with strokes or an eager mouth? Xander must have wondered too because he dipped his head down and teased the crown before engulfing the whole length greedily.

Spike fisted handfuls of hair and then pulled Xander up so he could kiss him again. Xander lowered his own zipper and freed his cock, and Spike quickly covered it with his hand. He pumped him slowly as Xander reached between his legs to fondle his balls. He pulled Spike into a sitting position and sat back on his hunches as though he was suddenly uncertain. Spike wrapped trembling arms around his shoulders and leaned his head against his chest.

"Don't quit on me now, I need you inside me, need to feel something other than the pain."

He looked up and without taking his eyes from Xander's confused face morphed and bit into his own wrist. He smeared his fingers with blood and coated Xander's cock, and then turning away from him, raised himself up on all fours. Wesley felt himself harden and tried unsuccessfully to move away, they could look up at any time and see him. Xander positioned himself at the cleft of Spike's ass and then he was pushing his way in, slowly, letting out a satisfied gasp as he buried himself to the hilt.

He held Spike hips, thrusting slow shallow movements at first until Spike started to push back against him, trying to increase the speed and the friction. Xander draped himself over Spike's back and reached for his cock. Spike grunted in pleasure, fucking his hand whilst Xander fucked his ass. Wesley's mouth fell open, this looked...beautiful. He'd never seen anything like this, never done anything like this, and he was so hard, and he really had to go now; and then twin pairs of eyes were on his and he fled.

Straight into Angel's outstretched arms and solid chest wall. He snapped himself back from him sharply and put out his arms to steady himself.

"Whoa, what's the rush Wes?"

"No rush, I erm...I'm just taking in the night air."

"We have to go back. Cordelia had a vision, Fred's in danger. Say your goodbyes we have to leave now." Angel turned away from him and started to walk away.

"Fred? What kind of danger?" Angel looked at him impatiently.

"Mortal danger, in our line of work is there any other kind?"

"Angel wait a minute. Have you said your own? Goodbyes I mean?"

Angel turned back to him and his face failed to maintain this usual shuttered look. He reached out a hand towards him and then let it fall before it connected with any part of him. He spun on his heel and walked away.

"We don't have much time, don't take too long."

Wesley sighed heavily, would any of them ever know any kind of peace? He doubted it.


Los Angeles.

Spike filched another plate of spicy chicken wings from the table and searched for Xander out of the corner of his eye. As he wandered the room full of family and well-wishers he knew that he wasn't close by. He would be able to smell him, hear the way only his heart beat, and he would be aroused at the scent of his blood.

He managed to avoid the approach of Fred's broken-hearted parents by sneaking into an open door and locking it behind him. Couldn't do the condolence thing any more today, his nerves were on edge and if he didn't find Xander soon, make him listen, he thought he might manage a bloody rampage, chipped or not.

He put the plate down on an old desk and looked around; he'd stumbled into a library. Not massive or filled with books by any means, but enough in here to give the Watcher a hard-on. Bloody great place! Trust his ponce of a Sire, somewhere so big and labyrinthine was possibly the only thing he could find bigger than his inflated ego. Even Obelisk Brow needed to feel at home somewhere. He wandered over to the door at the back of the room. See, a bleedin' labyrinth, a bloke could get lost in here.

He tried the door but it was locked, must be where Angel hid all the good stuff, whiskey, and books on dark magic, torture instruments; maybe Xander was hiding in here? Spike twisted the handle and broke the lock. It gave with barely a tired snap and he pushed the door open slowly. He walked along a short corridor and the smell of cedar wood and leather invaded his nostrils before he had time to acknowledge the wood panelling that surrounded the room or the plush leather couch partially obscuring his vision of the two men in front of it.

He grinned, a flash of old Spike, dropped to his knees away from their view, and scooted round to the side of the couch so he could watch them undiscovered. Perhaps old Wesley had learned something after Buffy's funeral afterall, and he wasn't going to miss this, not even to go and get Xander so he could watch with him, remind him what he was missing. Gunn stood before Wesley with such a torn look on his face that for a minute Spike felt even more sorry for him.

Wesley knelt at Gunn's feet and slid his hands up the outside of his thighs. His naked, very smooth thighs, and looked up at him. He was unshaven and his skin looked as though it would revolt and declare war if he so much as tried to put a blade near it. He was naked too and his pale flesh looked like it could benefit from a blood transfusion, preferably some time soon.

The dark shadows around his eyes made his skin look so pale he could be one of the undead. Spike knew he wasn't though, he could hear the rapid beating of his heart, the blood rushing through his veins to that part of the anatomy that could turn males and females into whores. The smell of arousal was so strong that Spike felt an involuntary twinge stiffen his cock.

Then Wesley's face was obscured as he leaned forward to lick up the length of Gunn's cock and hands reached out to keep his head steady. Spike crawled forward in time to see Gunn's cock disappear into Wesley's mouth. Wesley slid his hands around and dug his fingers into his ass cheeks, sliding his mouth slowly, teasingly over the head and down to the root. Gunn's knees buckled slightly and he sank gracefully to the seat of the couch.

"This isn't really what you want is it Wes? I know what you want." His voice was thick with grief and lust.

Wesley let his cock slip from his mouth and pushing him back, climbed on top of him, pushing his own engorged member near his lips. Gunn was pinned by Wesley's weight, his knees biting painfully into his shoulders, but he still parted his lips willingly to take him in. He couldn't manoeuvre his head easily but that didn't matter as Wesley shifted his legs to the side and started to thrust lightly.

Spike stared mesmerised, he should have gone back to find Xander, but then he wouldn't be here watching this now. Didn't know the ex-Watcher had it in him. He was thrusting harder now, unmindful of Gunn's gag-reflex, unaware if the truth were told and as Gunn reached around to insert one finger into his puckered opening he stilled for a moment before filling his throat with come.

He collapsed against the back of the couch and Gunn leaned over the side and spat onto the floor. Wesley didn't have time to recover his equilibrium before Gunn had him on his back and was pushing his knees up to his head. He pushed into him, no preparation, putting his hand over his mouth to stifle any noise that may escape. He thrust into him for a while and Spike's nose was hit with the smell of fresh blood. His features rippled and he had to fight to keep his demon at bay.

Gunn let go of Wesley's mouth and leaned forward to kiss him hard, biting along his bottom lip and thrusting his tongue in until Wesley gagged. He seemed to realise what he was doing then and slowed down. Wesley stared up at him, not taking his eyes off his for a second.

"Don't stop Gunn, I need to feel her, I need to, just don't stop." His voice cracked on a sob.

Gunn speeded up; ploughing into him and Spike felt his balls tighten at the sight of chocolate coloured flesh disappearing into the creamy globes off Wesley's ass. He crawled away and then shot out the door as fast as he could. He was not going to get off on other people's grief no matter how erotic it appeared to the illicit onlooker. He reached the library door before he heard Gunn's strangled shout as he came.

Xander was standing in the corridor looking expectantly his way.

"I thought you must have been this way, I could s--" He broke off and looked at the floor.

"You could what Pet? Smell me, sense me?" His voice dropped to a whisper,

"Did you ache for me?"

Spike sidled up to him before Xander had time to even think of escape. He snaked his arms around his waist and pulled him to him. He put his face inches from Xander's and simply waited. Xander felt the involuntary twitch of his mouth and licked his lips before licking Spike's and then pushed inside them to taste him. Spike deepened the kiss with relief. Xander broke away after a while gasping for air and Spike looked at him with a mixture of exasperation and adoration.

"Can we stop muckin' about now Love? Life's too short for you mortals. May as well take what's on offer."

"What exactly are you offering Spike?"

He clasped his chin lightly and peered into treacle coloured orbs, his own flashing blue ice. His dead heart filled with warmth and he wondered if Wesley and Gunn would ever find this much peace.

"Companionship, great sex, someone to drink beer with and watch those sappy black and white movies with that you like so much,"

"...and love."