Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Juliatheyounger
For Loki

Anya sighed and hung another bauble on the now overflowing tree. Here she was, stuck at Buffy's house, alone, decorating the tree while the others were all out celebrating lovely rampant commercialism by doing last minute Christmas shopping. It wasn't fair. And then they'd all be back and it would be awkward again. Xander was being very nice but you couldn't tell Anya things were normal with him. How was she supposed to get over him when he kept doing things like apologising and wanting to get back together?

The door opened then and Anya saw Willow come in with an armful of shopping bags.

"Hey!" she called. "I'm back!"

"Hello," replied Anya. "Did you purchase appropriately expensive gifts?"

"Oh! You've got to see what I've bought everyone!" cried Willow hauling the bags into the lounge room. "Dawn is so going to love the present I got her."

Anya came and sat beside her on the lounge.

"Oh I know everyone will like what I bought them," she said confidently. "Except perhaps Buffy, but she can be so sensitive."

"You bought presents? Wow, I mean, gee, that's nice. I- I bought you one too."

"Well, that's a relief." Anya said. "I thought it might be one of those awkward situations where I bought everyone presents but no one bought me any and then I'd have spent all that money and I really should have just bought the necklace I saw for myself."

"No, don't worry, we bought you gifts," Willow said absently, as she rifled through the bags and drew out the first present. "Ok this is for Xander."

It was a CD.

"Oh, are you sure he likes that band?" Anya asked.

Willow frowned. "They play his new favourite song," she said. "He told me he liked them- why? Did he tell you he didn't?"

"Oh, never mind. I suppose his tastes may have changed in the past year," Anya said helpfully. "I'm sure he'll like it."

Willow shot Anya a slightly dark look.

"Ok, and moving along. This is for Buffy."

"Oh! That's pretty!" exclaimed Anya. This seemed to be a more appropriate response because Willow smiled then. Anya wondered why she cared if she said the right thing around Willow or not. Apart from jealousy over Xander, until Willow had come back from her forced retreat in England with Giles, Anya had never had much time for her really. Willow and her magic addiction and her destroying people's livelihoods and her lesbian relationship problems. Anya had not been able to relate to that - how could you wreak vengeance for a woman scorned if there was no man and only another woman, equally scorned. Personally, Anya had considered Tara the wronged party in that little situation. She'd seen the same situation time and time again and in Anya's opinion Tara did exactly what she would have encouraged any woman to do with an addicted partner, failing evisceration that is. But then of course, Tara had left Willow and that was always grounds for vengeance. It had made Anya pause though, and consider the strange concept that maybe this was a break up where really there was no one to take revenge on. She shook her head, trying to clear the puzzling thought from her mind. It was beside the point anyway, they had gotten back together and then Tara had died and then Willow had become quite vengeancey herself. If she hadn't been so destructive and inconsiderate of certain innocent parties, then Anya would have been quite impressed.

"And this is what I bought Dawnie," Willow continued, holding up a small delicately carved wooden box.

Anya looked at the box carefully.

"Its very nice," she said. "Will I have an unpleasant surprise if I open it?"

"No, silly, its just a jewellery box, the presents inside - here," Willow opened the box and drew out a delicate silver and ruby necklace in Celtic designs. She placed it carefully on Anya's hand. Anya studied it closely.

"Well it seems perfectly harmless. I agree, Dawn will love that present."

"Anya! As if I'd buy Dawnie something magical-"

"I'm sorry, I just don't trust jewellery around that girl. There have been a number of previous incidents."

Willow sighed. "I know. But this is definitely harmless. I checked."


"Yes, magically. I didn't want to take any chances."

"Well that's all right then."

"I got this for Giles and I've arranged with the women at the coven to deliver it to him. I just set up the site and they do the magic. I'm trying to keep the whole frivolous magic doing to a minimal."

"That's good to hear, I suppose. Although what I wouldn't do to be able to zap off to Paris again." Anya looked at the bags on the floor. "That's everyone else, so that means that bag has my present in it. Ooh an expensive store. I'm looking forward to receiving it."

Willow smiled and kicked the bag under the couch. Then she sighed a little sadly.

"Yeah, the group seems smaller now."

Anya looked sympathetically at Willow. "You're thinking of your dead girlfriend aren't you?"

"Yes," Willow sighed. "And Joyce and Giles won't be here, and there used to be Riley and Angel."

"Yes but two years ago Dawn wasn't here and neither was I or Spike."

"Oh! Spike! I didn't get him anything-"

Anya shrugged. "Well I think he will be hurt if you don't, but I imagine he' s not expecting anything."

"But that's exactly why I have to get him something. I mean he's semi one of us now. It would be awful to exclude him."

"I agree, that's why I got him a present. Besides I had sex with him so it's only polite to exchange gifts."

"Yeah I caught the broadcast," said Willow dryly.

Anya shrugged. "We were mostly clothed and in very good taste." She caught Willow's eye and smiled. Willow smiled back. Anya wondered if that was a moment. Now that Halfrek was gone, she didn't really have a good female friend anymore.

"Willow," Anya said. "I have an idea."

"Oh, what is it?"

"Why don't we be best friends!"

Willow got the little crinkle in her brow that Anya thought was quite attractive.

"Oh, uh, ok, I mean, I can have a lot of best friends."

"No, no, I mean Best Friends. We can have coffee and go on shopping trips and talk about boys. Or girls, if you prefer. I'm very open-minded."

"Uh, oh, ok, I mean, yeah we can do that. But Anya, you know Xander and Buffy are also my best friends."

"Oh them - they're too busy with their lives. They can't relate to us anymore."

"Yes they can," protested Willow.

"Well to a degree, but neither of them really know what its like to have to give up power like we did."

"Well, Buffy has, a little bit, and Xander.I've been through so much with Xander - wait what am I saying, Anya, I don't need to choose between you. We 're friends already. I mean if you want to start hanging out more that would be great."

Anya smiled. "Ok, I'll accept that's how you feel, but officially you are my new best friend."

Willow shook her head and smiled. "Ok."

"Good, now that's settled." Anya sat back comfortably. "Do you need assistance wrapping your gifts?"

"Um, ok, yeah, but up in my room - the others will be home soon and I don't want them to see what I bought them - it will be all surprise spoilery."

Anya tied a ribbon on the present for Buffy.

"There, all finished," she said. She handed the present to Willow and smiled. Willow smiled back. Willow really was attractive, Anya thought. The idea of lesbian sex had been occurring to Anya quite a bit lately. She couldn't say the concept was unappealing. In fact Anya was beginning to be rather intrigued with the thought of having sexual intercourse with another woman. Particularly with Willow. Now, being here with her, in a bedroom, alone, the idea was occurring more and more.

" we are," she said.

Willow smiled politely and nodded. "Yep, here we are." She glanced at the bedside clock. "I wonder where the others are, it's getting late. I hope nothing bad has happened to them."

"Oh they'll be fine," said Anya reassuringly. "Besides Buffy can handle anything."

Willow nodded. Then she smiled brightly.

"Hey, would you like to do each others hair? I mean, I know its girly and everything but it could be fun?"

Anya smiled brightly. "Ok. I'll do yours first." Willow got her comb and hair clips and Anya sat behind her.

"I've always liked red hair," she said as she combed Willow's locks.

"Mmm, I haven't. Being called carrot top - which never made sense because the top of the carrot is green, and carrots are orange anyway and my hair isn't orange is it?"

"No, that insult never made sense to me either," agreed Anya, piling Willow' s dark red hair on top of her head. She considered how elegant Willow's neck looked. Gently she brushed her fingers over the soft, fair skin, over the delicate dusting of hair. She felt Willow tense.

"Anya?" Willow asked softly.

"Mmmhmm?" Anya's fingers ghosted down the curve of Willow's neck.

"Um.nothing." said Willow and Anya felt her shiver slightly, but relax into her touch. Anya moved closer to Willow, until her body touched the slim form in front of her. So very different to the hugeness of Xander, and even Spike. And then Willow pressed back, a shot of desire radiating through Anya. Her hands ran down Willow's shoulders, then up, over that lovely neck, to slide through silky red locks. Desire blossomed through her at the thought of this body being naked and doing naughty things.

"I think I would like to try lesbian sex," said Anya matter of factly.

"Oh," was Willow's response, more of a squeak and Anya felt confused, worried that Willow was nervous about this or put off. "I mean, um, oh?" Willow tried again.

"Yes, and well, you are very attractive and a lesbian, so I was hoping that you would be interested in having sex with me."


"Of course I understand if you aren't attracted to me, heavens knows I look nothing like Tara, I'm much skinnier for a start -"

"Um, please don't - don't talk about Tara-"

Anya mentally kicked herself at Willow's tone and sudden stiffness.

"Oh! Sorry - I only meant-" she shook her head and wished for Xander to be there to point out when she was starting to say the wrong thing. "Just me saying the wrong thing again," she said self-deprecatingly.

"No, no, it's just - it's a bit of a passion killer to be reminded that you' ve got a broken heart. That's all."

It was Anya's turn to pause. "I.I know what you mean," she said. "Every time I see Xander, afterwards I'm unhappy for days. No matter how cute another guy is, I just think of him." She tentatively put her arms around Willow and was surprised when Willow pressed back into her embrace and covered her arms with her own. They sat there for a while, holding each other. Anya decided that this was nice, even if they didn't have sex.

Willow's mind raced as she sat on the bed, Anya pressed against her, their arms entwined. She had never considered.ok, so maybe a couple of times the thought had crossed her mind that Anya was hot. And had a great body and would probably be really uninhibited in bed. And then there was the dream she had of the Anya, Xander, Willow threesome, when she hadn't been able to look at her two friends for days without getting all hot and bothered. But she'd never considered actually acting on those thoughts and feelings. And now Anya wanted to experiment with her, introduce her to the love that dare not speak its name. Talk about pressure. But it did make her feel a little special, and important. The teacher in Willow was also relishing the idea . She found her hand reaching down to brush over Anya's thigh and she tilted her head just slightly so that her cheek pressed against Anya's. Willow's hand did another lap of Anya's thigh and her other hand shifted Anya's upwards so that it rested on her breast.

"I'm getting very turned on," said Anya breathily.

"Me too," said Willow looking at Anya's lips.

"Good," said Anya and slid her hand, the one not on Willow's breast, down to Willow's leg. "Will we have sex now?"

Willow giggled. "Um, ok, and surprisingly that's a turn on. Maybe I like dirty talk?"

"Oh! I'm very good at that. Well Xan- someone, said I was good at it."

Willow turned around in Anya's lap. "Ok, do whatever you feel comfortable with, ok? Just let me know if you don't want to do something and we can stop. And tell me what you like too. I'm good at the listening."

Anya smiled and pulled Willow towards her and they both fell back onto the bed. Willow smiled down at Anya.

"Ok?" she asked.

"Yes, very," said Anya, so Willow bent down and kissed her.

Anya was intrigued by Willow's kiss. It was softer and gentler than all the men she'd ever kissed. And the feeling of breasts bumping against her own was very erotic. Sinking into the kiss she reached up and cupped Willow's smaller bosom, comparing the size and shape to her own, finding it odd to be touching breasts disconnected from her own body. Willow's gasp however as she brushed the taut nipples with her thumbs indicated that they worked much the same way. And then it was her turn to gasp and moan into Willow's lips as soft, small hands reached under her shirt and found the swell of her own breasts. And then they were rocking together, caressing each other's bodies and devouring each other's mouths. Willow now lay fully on Anya, their legs entwined as they sought contact for the heat between their thighs. Anya unbuttoned Willow's blouse, freeing the intriguing breasts that lay beneath, studying them with her fingers, constantly surprised by her own arousal from this as much as from Willow's activities. And then to her dismay, she lost contact with Willow's lips, only to moan happily when she felt them close around her own exposed nipple. She arched her back, pressing her breast up for Willow's attentions.

"That feels incredibly wonderful," she said.

Willow pulled up and grinned at her.

"You like?"

"Yes, a lot. Can I do the same to you?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Willow replied wickedly. They both pulled up into a sitting position, and Anya cupped Willow's breasts with her hands and rather seriously leant in and began licking and nibbling her right, and then left nipple. Willow bucked against her.

"You're very good at this," she gasped, holding Anya's shoulders tightly as shots of desire went straight to her groin.

Anya leant back and Willow caught her mouth, tumbling them back on the bed again. Both of Willow's hand fell to Anya's thighs, running upwards under her skirt. Anya lifted her hips and Willow eased down her panties, now very wet with Anya's desire.

Willow pulled back.

"Lie back, let me," she breathed and then moved down. Anya's back arched again as a small hand stroked between her legs and soft lips teased her nipples. And then Willow moved down lower and Anya discovered the slight nuances of difference between a woman going down on her compared to a man. In only moments she was shaking with pleasure as the orgasm that had been building shuddered through her. And then Willow was beside her and she tasted the familiar taste of herself on those soft lips.

Anya was very good at removing jeans, she'd done that a lot, so she did that with Willow, pushing them down around her thighs and boldly reached down to touch another woman's private parts. Willow moaned at the touch and spread her legs as wide as possible, hindered by the jeans. Still kissing and enjoying the feeling of much more naked skin against her own, Anya's fingers delved into territory familiar, yet alien. Willow's panted gasps and bucks grew more urgent as Anya's fingers slid into her warm depths until her orgasm rushed through her.

Willow lay back panting.

"I so needed that," she sighed.

Anya lay beside her.

"It was very pleasurable," she said. "In fact, I'm still horny, do you want to do some more?"

Willow laughed, a good sound. "I won't say no to more orgasmy goodness."

Suddenly they heard the front door slam.

"Willow? Anya?" It was Buffy.

Willow looked at Anya, guilty excitement in her expression.

"Guys?" called Buffy now on the stairs.

"Um, I'm wrapping presents!" called out Willow. "Don't come in!"

"Oh! Pressies!" cried Buffy. "Can't I have a peak?"

"No!" cried Willow. "You'll spoil the surprise."

"No you must go away Buffy, viewing presents before Christmas is strictly forbidden."

"Ok, you guys are no fun."

"Ok, be out soon."

They heard Buffy go downstairs again and heard the sound of her talking to Dawn and Xander.

Willow looked at Anya. Anya looked at Willow. Willow had her shirt open, bra unclasped and her jeans around her knees. Both Anya's shirt and skirt were hitched up and her panties were on the floor somewhere.

Willow leant forward and kissed Anya.

"Shh," she said, a naughty look in her eye. "If we're quiet, I think we can manage a quickie."

Anya nodded seriously. "I can be very quiet. Xan - someone - was always so paranoid about other people hearing."

Willow kicked her jeans off completely.

"Want to 69?" she asked.

About ten minutes later, they emerged, very neat and tidy looking and with armfuls of wrapped gifts to put under the Christmas tree. Later, when Buffy and Dawn had gone to bed and Xander had gone home, Anya and Willow remained sitting in the lounge room. They looked at each other.

"So I suppose we should clarify our relationship," said Anya.

"Um, you.I mean.I want.I want to do more of the naughty orgasm stuff with you - if you want?"

"Oh, it was very enjoyable, I do want. Do we want to have just orgasms or should we be girlfriends?"

"Well we're already friends, um, do you mean like go on dates and stuff?"

"I suppose so. I like dates. I've never been a lesbian before though."

"It's - I don't know, I guess it wasn't any different to me. I loved Oz and I loved Tara." Willow shrugged.

"I don't love you yet," said Anya in a matter of fact manner. "I think I should tell you that."

"That's ok, I don't love you either, I mean as anything more than a friend."

"Oh of course, platonic love. I do love you platonically. And I've enjoyed having orgasms with you."

Willow smiled. " you want to date?"

"Dating sounds good. That includes orgasms right?"

"Oh definitely." Willow grinned. "You know, Anya, you're getting really good at the whole lesbian loving thing."

Anya shrugged. "I am quite good at sex," she agreed.

"Um, so, you want to go upstairs?"